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America's vital water grid is literally collapsing into the earth.

New white paper shows you how to protect your loved ones.

How Much Lead and Other "Junk"

Is In Your Water?

This pipe is only 40 years old...

Dear Fellow Forward Thinker,

The U.S. water grid is crumbling and no one is talking about it. 

Think about all those water pipes, made of iron, that have been sitting underground for decades just collecting rust other waste. The pipe above is only 40 years old.

The sad fact is that this country is run by bureaucrats who are motivated by fame and power. When they think about fixing the U.S. infrastructure they think about having bridges and highways named after them. Water is the least "sexy" part of our infrastructure. You don't get your name on a new water lines after anyone.

Besides, government only reacts to problems. It is NOT proactive.

Just ask the people of Flint, MI...

Hi, I'm Lee Bellinger, Founder of Independent Living News. I help people over 50 live the life of their dreams.

As a former Washington insider, I worked alongside President Reagan and others to protect the vision of our Founding Fathers.

You probably know this already but our entire medical industry is run by bureaucrats who are more interested in the bottom line than "doing no harm." The less you rely on their system, the better (in my opinion).

This special report is one of hundreds I produce for my subscribers.

Founder and Publisher, Independent Living

Protect Your Family Today

This Special Offer is Ending Soon!

We always think "it'll never happen to me"...until it does. And by then, it's too late.

In my white paper America's Coming Water Grid Collapse I spell out in step-by-step detail...

  • How America’s murky water-grid cartel has created an alliance of inaction, passively exploiting America’s 155,000 creaky and tired government-overseen water systems
  • Why the 850 water main breaks that occur daily in North America work to the advantage of regulators, helping them retain political and economic control over the water that reaches you
  • The name of the high ranking cabinet official who predicts that anti- American terrorists will “contaminate the water supply in major cities”
  • Steps you can take immediately to assure your family’s water security when the tap runs dry or turns toxic

Normally $27

I Can Only Give You So Much – The

Next Step Has to Be Yours

I am crossing my fingers and hoping you make the right decision. I want you in my family of readers and have done everything I can to bring you on board. I am certain no stone has been left unturned. This is all I can do.

So you know I want you to join us. The rest must be up to you. It is now your responsibility to act, or not.

No matter your decision, please do take extreme care as you move forward; both for the health of you, and your family. And good luck to us all!

Yours in Health,

Lee Bellinger

Founder and Publisher, Independent Living

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