Renegade Publisher & Inventor
Lee Bellinger Unveils Your Family’s


For Uncertain Times.

The Rock-Star Off-Grid Device That Showers Your Family with
Himalayan Health Waters, Easy Off-Grid Cash and Respect, Too

IT’S HERE! A bold new category of security for your interests. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Set to spark envy of you in some, admiration from others.

Here’s an early peek at my water-grid collapse survival device that wily planners are quietly obtaining as a “hard-dollar” safety hedge.

I urge you – use this moment to HEDGE AGAINST the coming wicked cross-fire between Donald Trump and the all-powerful Deep State. Here’s how my interests are set to ride out public sector gridlock that’s coming at us fast.

PLUS, get my brand new, must-read, no-holds-barred 100+ page personal water security manual (cover price, $49) yours free just for hearing me out. (Includes the EPA“smoking gun” revealing how local water utility managers are trained to issue pre-scripted answers in any water emergency crisis.)

UNVEILED: My New “Well on Wheels” Water Device Lets Your Family Exploit a Weird Government Deception ...

Dear Valued Reader:

It’s almost hanging in the air, isn’t it? An epic national show-down is here, ready or not.

You have my personal commitment – my warrant – my word … that just for reading this letter you are set to secure your family from a looming public threat – PLUS reap an unheard of off-grid “back-stop” that’s quite literally your PLAN B for all that lies ahead.

It’s a big promise and I keep it.

You and your family need this very sensitive news – of my invention inspired by crumbling infrastructure like California’s Oroville Dam… by lead-tainted water knowingly piped to Flint, Mich. families ... by creaky 125-year-old water mains … and scores more examples.

Lee Bellinger here – publisher for 25+ years of Independent Living (my privately circulated newsletter) and “renegade” inventor of self-reliance essentials for thousands of upscale households. With a message to all like-minded Americans … a new way forward in smart survivalism. Just so you know – this may come down to a private call between us at some point.

You get another immediate payoff just for reading this bulletin; I’ll tell you how to obtain a FREE first-edition copy of my brand new research paper, The Prepared American’s All-Risks Water Supply Assessment and Family Water Security Mega-Manual – yours just for reading this bulletin to the end. Available nowhere else and totally worthy of your time and attention.

Get This 100-Page HOW-TO Water Security Manual Free Just For Hearing Me Out Today – Limited Supply for First Respondents Only

Get This 100-Page HOW-TO Water Security Manual Free JustFor Hearing Me Out Today – Limited Supply for First Respondents Only

My newest invention is over a year in the making – with half-a million dollars in R&D alone – and created just for the Trump era – a “surprise” that my Independent Living readers learned was in the cards a full seven months before Election Day.

Before laying out my vision for you – I want to make sure you don’t dismiss me as a braggart or know-it-all. These are not likeable people especially if they are right!

Bragging or putting on airs is not what’s happening here – that would be demeaning to me and disrespectful to you. There are big things you must be briefed on. You must be 100% confident that I am the real deal – seeing through political and financial B.S. is what I’ve always done.

Even my wife admits that my advanced research is a game-changer in our lives – all rooted in healthy self-awareness and pretty much unafraid. It’s this simple: I have no one to answer to but my readers.

MY OTHER BIG PROMISE TO YOU: There’s nothing to lose – I Shalt Not Waste Your Time! You walk away from this letter far better off than when you picked it up. No action needed – just take what you learn here based on my hundreds of hours of research on personal water security, put it in your hip pocket and smile.

This Weird Gaping Federal Mess Sets You Up for Greater Personal Health and Off-Grid Cash, Too

My Off-Grid Water Machine is made for your family to exploit a weird regulatory loophole … I stumbled over it while researching personal security solutions for my own loved ones.

Look, I am not telling you to go in business for yourself … just that you could … or merely hold your Off-Grid Water Machine as a financial backup, a cool paying hobby or just to improve your health and save money big-time.

NO JOKE! “Well on Wheels” Gets Free Liability Coverage Courtesy of EPA

My water device lets you and yours safely enter – and take your easy share of – a quite legal, mostly unregulated and rather popular way to make money. (Which makes this device tax-deductible if you follow my research suggestions.)

Look, you are far from alone if most survival ideas turn you off – but worry not. You are at a smart new starting point. And you don’t have to do anything but collect critical information right now, which I provide for you here on these pages.

Big stuff is coming up that you don’t want to miss. Your time isn’t going to be wasted here.

So please don’t lose this letter or forget where it is. If you don’t want to hear any more, we are good. For now I must move on and talk to other excellent candidates, though.

Just remember, you don’t have to take any action. The more self-reliant individualists like you who see these exotic findings the better – you win no matter what … this is great stuff to know.

Take In My Research on Family Water Security and Walk Away Ten Times Better Off

You are right to wonder – what is all this water machine hubbub really all about? After all, Trump and both sides of the aisle in Congress want to fix the nation’s infrastructure, right?

Of all the BIG, POWERFUL REASONS I jumped into an Off-Grid Water Machine invention there are three at the top …

1. A Protected Special-Interest Water Grid Cabal Sucks Away our Health and Key Life-Giving Resources – Let’s Stick Together Because We Must. Talk about the Deep State – this century-plus old water cartel is NOT worried about Congress. Their hidden mega-mess is far more dangerous to your family – my findings prove this, so read on. Bottled water is not the safe refuge from city water they would have you believe … at least half comes from city water faucets. It’s all tied together – see how shortly.

2. Severe Financial Turbulence is Coming and Precious Metals Owners Need an Additional Catastrophic Insurance Plan. Boost home physical security and stand ready to get off-grid financial backup if ever needed. Deeper self-reliance with amazing tax and regulatory advantages help your family with an off-grid revenue option. If nothing bad happens, you still get to spend more on your retirement fun. My Off-Grid Water Machine does BOTH and much more. (Big claims, yes, but I back them up.)

3. Stand as a Respected Pillar Known for Your Imagination, Foresight and Sound Moves. Imagine having the only trusted water purification plant for miles around. You alone decide who knows of it. Able to produce virtually unlimited amounts of healthy water to keep medical bills away from your family and lengthen the lives of your pets.

Later on I get down into all the NEVER BEFORE SEEN capabilities of my Off-Grid Water Machine.

First though, here is the SCANDALOUS situation … it raised my blood pressure to the point that I invented the Off-Grid Water Machine. A moral imperative – as well as a necessity for protecting my family.

SNEAK PEEK! My Off-Grid Water Machine – a “Well on Wheels” that’s Vain, High-Performance and Reliable as Sin

At last you have a ringside seat to self-reliance history – a sneak peek at a MAJOR breakthrough; a stunningly beautiful device with HUGE, multiple improvements for your family – the ultimate in home water security –

America’s only solar-powered, high-capacity mobile water purification plant … jam-packed with exotic health-improving technology.

First time ever! Solar powered … self-sterilizing … with a super-clever and fail-safe reminder filter-change system – it all keeps your mobile water purification plant at peak performance. It’s a self-policing device that banishes most possible operator errors.

We’re talking about a real high-capacity mobile water purification plant – that cleans your water utilizing four best-tech treatments and then restores its optimal healthy pH. Nowhere else.

My Off-Grid Water Machine is light years beyond “survival straws” or rainwater barrels or sand filter casks. I really do hate to risk losing you – but if those are what you want – you may be in the wrong place.

My machine plugs into any 110-volt outlet or it works perfectly well on its internal solar power system – pumps up to 111 gallons of water per battery charge (I explain later why this is not overkill). It’s auto-self sanitizing … controlled flow for maximum filter performance … with a filter replacement alarm system … self-priming pump up to 6 feet above water level … and healthy water pH adjustment at the last water treatment stage.

My super-mobile Off-Grid Water Machine does all this and much more. Read on to see how my researchers and I have just upended and totally re-written the very definition of water security in America.

I personally delivered the fully operational prototype to the patent office in my pickup. The patent attorneys had their hands full with this stunning water machine.

When My Patent Attorney Saw This, She …

You open the hood of a Porsche and expect engineering perfection with understated elegance. Well, that’s my Off Grid Water Machine. Just the satisfying clamp of her hood closing puts your head inside a Maserati showroom – making ready to hit the road in an insanely exotic performance machine.

No detail is too small for my water device … she’s built for the most exacting of buyers – even ones who obsess to a fault about excellence … such as Sea Ray owners … Ferrari drivers … Race Horse hobbyists … Rolex wearers … First-Class Only fliers and on and on.

JUST ARRIVED – a new definition of “survival device” – alluring in elegance and functionality – a conversation starter to make easy off-grid cash a fun social activity and hobby if you want – or just stand silent vigil like a precious metals stash – your good-as-gold guardian hedge in future situations.

Either way, you earn respect for an unusual, bold and smart step – a way forward no one else would think of … much less suspect that you have access to.

Drink Out of a Mudhole Straight
into a Shining Crystal Clear Chalice

I have personally tested this and it made me beam with joy … Off-Grid Water Machine gives you great water out of a mud-hole, yes….but your best use of it is to purify and enhance carelessly handled and transported city water sources. Remember – at least half of all bottled water comes out of a sink like the one in your home. Wait until you see my findings on this – EXPLOSIVE!

Having the very best and most capable mobile water treatment plant in the USA is very important. See later the demonstration pics of me converting nasty power-company lake water into uber-pure water and drinking it out of a crystal goblet. That capability is your first priority.

But my Off-Grid Water Machine is much more than that … it has many extra SECRET SAUCES … Look, I get that you may never want or need extra off-grid pin money … or a backup to gold ... or have a tidy little hobby/business – just remember that Off-Grid Water Machine can serve as a revenue source, too – a value-adding device that “piggybacks” any water liability questions on the EPA and your local water company.

Look closely to get the weird legal situation that shields you if you ever choose to trade, sell or barter any version of your healthier, enhanced water. Lots of big players are already doing this, including Pep*i and C*ke.

You can do the right thing here and benefit … it’s totally legal … absolutely ethical … and brings a windfall to your community, too.

That’s why my Off-Grid Water Machine – if used as I suggest – is 100% safe and shockingly legal. More important, you can add real value to others and profit from it if you wish.

When you see how there is no risk for you later on, you’ll agree there’s no exaggeration. You are going to be so surprised when this part of my exclusive research is unveiled.

Radically Advanced Technology and Smart Tactics – Put Together Like Never Before

The truth is there are very few original inventions – my Off-Grid Water Machine included.

Invention is taking a successful or popular feature from one field and blending its best parts into another. For example no survival water device maker has ever thought to build in a health-enhancement “pH-adjustment” feature as Off-Grid Water Machine does – see later on how the rich and famous pay massive sums for what’s been built into my device. Or thought to find the best high value home water system they could – then add a pH adjuster….miniaturize the whole system into a mobile but high capacity package … add solar power and then automate its maintenance functions!

One very popular upscale homestead device I admire very much – it uses electrolysis to adjust the pH of water to a more healthy level – but they are extremely expensive and do not pre-filter or treat your tap water like Off-Grid Water Machine does.

“Swipe” Great Ideas From Other Fields to Forge a Masterpiece in Yours

Maybe you know the old story that 40+ years ago some food executive somehow ended up at a banker’s convention. At that time, only banks had drive through windows … after that all fast food places did. Big things happen by taking one good idea from one sector and applying it to an unrelated field.

My water machine’s best ideas came from quality products not at all tied to “survivalism” – such as what came to me after a day in a Sea Ray boat showroom … it inspired my patented self-sterilization system to make it all SO EASY TO USE … and a critical filter change alarm system so you pay THE LEAST YOU CAN for filter replacements AND so that you can’t easily make a big mistake.

Off-grid investment is another exciting field that Off-Grid Water Machine is smartly adapted to function in … and hats off to smart lawyers, too – my water device boldly steps beyond survivalism and embraces a KILLER legal loophole that bottled water giants use to command 1,000% mark-ups …

My Off-Grid Water Machine is built to work flawlessly in Third World operating conditions… inspired by the Flint River lead poisoning debacle and packed with more advanced technology than James Bond’s car.

With looks that make her an advertisement unto herself – straight out of a top end car commercial.

You Are at Ground-Zero of a New
Category of Survivalism

Off-Grid Water Machine is different from all others – a “multi-benefit” survival breakthrough … that much sought elixir of scientific health to the stars as you’ll see soon. It’s your all-in-one provision for home water security – producing an endless fountain of antioxidant-rich water – great for your skin, your aging pets and your metabolism.

No other “survival device” does all that! Off-Grid Water Machine is something you use, benefit from, and even share. It does NOT sit in your garage collecting dust – waiting for the end of the world to happen.

You use my water device to IMPROVE your situation in the here and now. That’s why she was invented – not just for my own family and friends but yours, too.

Plus I’ve figured out how you achieve this major windfall at no real cost – all I ask is that you finish this special letter. You will see that your time and attention are respected in full.

Your family totally needs and deserves much smarter survival products – you have to come out ahead in more ways than one. You are poised to set an example, and the ripples are to be felt far and wide.

Everyone you know will want to know more, and that is going to be a very big financial plus for your family. I will get to how that works soon.

Have an Awesome Back-Up to Gold
With Off-Grid Revenue

You may know me mainly as publisher of Independent Living newsletter – and for the past four years as inventor of the PowerWhisperer Off-Grid Power Machine. I love boutique manufacturing – so much fun to be part of a more industrious side of America that I hope we can be again.

Okay, I am not Lowe’s, but about 2,400 upscale U.S. homesteads have selected my PowerWhisperer to weather blackouts … put on first class tailgate parties … power mobile businesses … backstop their second home … and stand silent guardian as key home power backup.

Now, I want to say something VERY PERSONAL about what drives me. My Dad built a beautiful home for our family on a riverfront site, next to a marina he built as well. He was a private pilot, a yachtsman, a prominent builder, and a great Dad.

One winter morning, he was killed in a horrible car accident. I was 8 years old. My world as I knew it suddenly exploded, blown to smithereens. What I had felt very secure about was suddenly, utterly uncertain. I have never since taken anything for granted.

My family picked itself up and persevered through a ‘life is uncertain’ era much like today. From this early age, I began to learn to be smart, to be careful, to be prepared. I learned that the people you rely on today simply may not be there tomorrow, often through no fault of their own.

So my lifelong habits of self-reliance are as real as it gets. I’m NOT a “tin foil hat”, crazy-eyed conspiracy nutcase building a bunker in the woods! But I am alert and vigilant, keen to evolving risks and hazards to health, wealth, and simple happiness.

I AM ON YOUR SIDE LIKE NO ONE ELSE – in advising you on every reasonable, practical move you can make to keep your life, your liberty, your security, your ability to live out your life in peace, enjoyably, as you deserve. This is personal for me.

My elite publishing group has operated non-stop since 1988. Who else do you know that can say that? That’s right, though I am pre-Internet, I have used a computer since they were a novelty. Upscale homesteads use my advanced lifestyle research … I proudly serve this generation’s always-threatened breed of wily individualists.

No party owns me but my readers; I tell it like it is no matter who runs the show – Independent Living readers always seem to forgive me for it.

I don’t want to bore you with all the details of my bio – but you do deserve to know a little about me…

● In 1998 in my monthly, private circulation publication, I forecast the World Trade Center’s destruction at the hands of terrorists – fully three years before the 9/11 strike.

● I won both a free-speech case at the Supreme Court and a face-to-face confrontation with a Soviet diplomat in my own office.

● My company created the popular “Don’t Tread on Me/Boston Tea Party” silver coin at the birth of the Tea Party movement – selling over 1 million of them to pro-freedom Americans.

All that’s in the past – important, but you need to know what matters today….so let’s drill down on the burr under my skin that inspired my Off-Grid Water Machine and all it represents.

AT LAST! The Only “Survival Device” That Can Also Make You Off-Grid Retirement Cash

You are set to learn first-hand about a universally respected need and a truly tribal asset … all to the good for your extended circle of family and friends.

You become a sherpa – connecting your neighborhood with the USA-equivalent of a Himalayan mountain stream. A patented water enhancement injection of magnesium and calcium … optimized with alkaline antioxidant properties. It helps keep you well using an age-old Japanese miracle water treatment – bringing a healing level of pH-adjusted water seen by many scientists as the closest thing we now have to a fountain of youth.

There is even more – so much more – as to why I invented Off-Grid Water Machine. Because it is also the key to easy off-grid cash. Like gold, it stands as a bulwark to improve your retirement security.

I am getting way ahead of myself … let’s go back to how Off-Grid Water Machine came into existence and why it matters to you. Two things….

RULE #1 is NEVER lose sleep over things you can’t directly control.

RULE # 2 is focus on ruling your own roost, ethically feathering your own nest, and exempting yourself from national foolishness – such as the diabolical water-grid lobby.

My Off-Grid Water Machine makes you less dependent on finances made unsteady by rising political instability and social mayhem.

And that it’s going to be holders of gold and alternate off-grid revenue streams who are set to come out ahead no matter what happens.

This is a Moment in History to Have
a Very Wide PLAN B

And that is the SECOND HUGE ADVANTAGE of my Off-Grid Water Machine. It is more than a water purification system that adds a special treatment loop … it is the ONLY one that creates mineral-rich pH adjusted water for your family, pets, and all around health.

My Off-Grid Water Machine spins liquid gold out of “EPA-protected” city water faucets – and best of all it is safe and easy to use.

Something VALUABLE to have going forward. Here’s another big reason that’s gone into my thinking on my water device…

Donald Trump promises to “drain the swamp,” cut federal employees by 20% (for starters), and slash regulations by 70%. And Trump is on a collision course to tangle with the all-powerful Federal Reserve Board. Interest rates, the bond market, the crushing national debt – it’s just a matter of time before it all comes unravelled.

The money manipulators have been in business since before the Titanic sank. They’ve seen reform movements come and go. In their minds, Donald Trump is merely a voter tantrum. A blip in history – a minor setback in their scheme of things.

Big Financial “Tectonic Plates”And Collateral Damage to Your Assets

Expect fanatical efforts at sabotage and disruption. We have to plan for this. Very powerful interests will clash with Trump – pushing our nation’s leveraged-to-the-max finances over a cliff is a real possibility.

What the money magicians give they easily take away. And with just a few little-noticed vindictive twists, they know how easily our “Empire of Debt” tumbles apart.

They’re cunning too – they know it’s a bad thing for Team Trump if all paper assets suddenly end up in the toilet. And remember, Treasury officials have been holding U.S. finances together for years – using paper clips and duct tape.

It’s a miracle they kept it all from imploding on Obama’s watch ... see what I mean here?

If that happens, you’ll be glad you have my Off-Grid Water Machine. Not just for deeper security in threatening times, but also as a potential source of alternative revenue. Either as pin money, or a completely functional small service.

What I Have for You Is Nothing Short
of a Game-Changer

Off-Grid Water Machine sports a high-volume 40-100+ gallon-per-hour maximum output with an advanced Quadra-Filter System that deletes lead, phosphorus and a very long list of toxic metals hiding in your city and well water.

FAILSAFE TOXIN REMOVAL! See the lengthy list nearby of all that this mobile water treatment plant takes away.

Off-Grid Water Machine’s internal systems kill organisms and remove dangerous substances. Such as phosphorous and lead.

It destroys amoebas, bacteria, viruses, and other biologic contagions hiding in city water sources and systems.

Its special built-in commercial-grade treatment subsystem transforms your well or city’s “dead water” into pH optimized healthy water. Great for seniors, elderly pets, and health-conscious individuals of all ages.

In another six months, I will be ready to offer this machine as a business opportunity to a wide national audience. That’s not what’s happening here … I am bringing you and other like-minded individualists in early … keeping the first units in the family, if you will.

Only FOUR Remaining...

What matters is that I’ve invented nothing less than a mobile water purification plant. State-of-the-art and far more capable than your city’s archaic water storage and distribution systems. Here’s my first set of must-have specs built into my Off-Grid Water Machine

1. VERY strong at removing sediment and pollutants and in destroying bacteria – meeting the highest achievable water standards with the best technology combination out there.

2. Provides up to 111 gallons per battery charge – all the water a family needs and lots more. Such as to provide for extended family members and immediate neighbors, or to barter pure, clean water. The machine becomes instantly valuable in a local or national crisis.

3. Ease of portability to provide clean water any place in and around your home, or at any remote location to get water from or evacuate to.

4. It works as a 110-volt plug-in AND as a 12-volt system, plus it boasts a completely independent solar powered system with a safe lithium battery, for use at ANY location.

5. Maximum use of proven state-of-the-art technology in water purification – high grade components only (and American made as much as possible). Built on a philosophy that a water crisis is no time for experimental technology or second-rate parts or hard-to-find parts.

6. Ease of operation for non-technically minded users.

7. Reliable, virtually error free operation because it’s built right and with the user in mind.

8. Ultra-low maintenance. Very simple filter replacement you may buy independently of me.

9. Ready to use right out of the box, no assembly required.

10. Affordable, with an iron-clad warranty on all parts and workmanship.

No way was I going to reinvent the wheel – so I scoured the water market for advanced water technology that met this first set of must-have capabilities.

It just did not exist … remember most scientists and inventors don’t generally “factor in” the self-reliance mindset. And are even less likely to be briefed about the nasty realities of politically controlled water. So after scouring the Internet and various catalogs and technical manuals, what I came up with is this –

We took the design and technology of one of the best permanent installation, whole house water purification systems for the rich and famous and reconfigured it into a compact, portable water purification plant – something no one ever appears to have even considered before.

This is how my Off-Grid Water Machine was born. Let me step back for a moment … you need to see for yourself what this unit is all about. It’s not just sex appeal – she MASTERS 4 basic things … the very core exotic nature of my Off-Grid Water Machine

● Removes virtually all sediments and particulate matter

● Removes toxic chemical compounds

● Removes heavy metals

● Kills bacteria, cysts, viruses, amoebas and other disease causing agents

YES Lee! Please take $2,000 OFF my Off Grid Water Machine Today.

Please secure your machine below. There are only four available so hurry! These units ship for FREE!

Just $5,997 $3,997!


My Off-Grid Water Machine does
all this and much more.

Read on to see how my researchers and I have just upended and totally re-written the very definition of water security in America.

Water from deep wells tends to be much cleaner than surface waters, both in terms of sediment and bacteria, as layers of earthen materials act as filters when surface water trickles through them. But deep water wells pose a higher risk for toxic metals and dangerous earth elements like arsenic and radon, which are naturally present in bedrock.

A truly versatile water purification system works with any freshwater source (that is, any source other than seawater). And that is exactly what you want in a water supply crisis – the ability to purify water from any accessible freshwater source.

Critical Elements of My Off-Grid Water Machine – For My Family’s Health and Security, And For Yours

My Off Grid Water Machine goes above and beyond the call of duty to serve your family in every way possible. Health enhancement, easy maintenance, versatile power options, even legal protection for your interests are built in for your comfort and peace of mind.

1. Mineral enhancement for your loved ones’ health – The healing powers of water have been widely known, if not fully understood, for millennia. Health spas, mountain resorts, even craft beer makers and upscale pizza joints tout the special qualities of their unique water sources. What makes such differences in “ordinary” H2O? Often it’s variations in mineral content.

I’ve built something special into my Off-Grid Water Machine – a magnesium/calcium infusion chamber. Experts I’ve consulted advise that magnesium/calcium-rich pH optimized water provides many health benefits, leading with relief of acid reflux. Millions of Americans (including some of the loved ones I had in mind when I designed this machine) suffer the daily discomfort of excess stomach acid. Not to mention shelling out piles of money for antacids that can cause stomach damage.

But pH-adjusted magnesium/calcium water is said to do far more than help neutralize excess stomach acid. It’s rich in antioxidant power to promote healthy aging. It is believed to increase oxygen levels in the blood, boosting energy and metabolism; cleanse the colon; rejuvenate the skin; and lubricate muscles and joints. A leading brand of alkaline bottled water states that “increased dietary alkalinity reduces body fat and fatigue, protects bones, supports the immune system, and achieves better overall health.”

For all these reasons, I drink magnesium/calcium pH optimized adjusted water and have provided a way for you to do the same.

I also took a close look at health practices in a nation with an ancient culture where life expectancy is 12 years longer than the worldwide average – and nearly five years longer than America’s. That nation is Japan, One in eight Americans has diabetes; in Japan, it’s one in 14.

The rate of coronary heart disease among Japanese men is less than one third that of American men. Japan’s hip fracture rate is half that of the U.S.

I learned that a common practice in Japan is the use of pH adjusted water for both drinking and washing. Japan’s ministry of health has officially recognized the health benefits of alkaline-pH water for decades. Alkaline-pH adjusted water is also reported to ease or reverse inflammatory joint conditions such as gout. It’s reported that washing with alkaline-pH adjusted water “will break the molecular bonds on dirt and oil on your face, keeping it clean, smooth, and moist.”

Sherry Rogers, MD is a detoxification expert with over 38 years of patient care experience. She is fellow of the American College of Allergy and Immunology and a diplomate of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. She has lectured at Oxford and around the world. She also happens to be from Syracuse, NY, home of Onondaga Lake, the most polluted lake in America. According to Dr. Rogers:

“Alkaline water rids the body of acid waste. After carefully evaluating the results of my advice to hundreds of individuals, I am convinced that toxicity in the form of acidic waste is the primary cause of degenerative disease.

pH adjusted water is now showing up in U.S. health stores and independent pharmacies. Mainstream medicine and the giant pharmaceutical companies earn billions of dollars each year, but have nothing to offer that purports to eliminate the primary cause of degenerative disease. In fact they give you products (prescription and over-the-counter drugs) that actually increase the toxicity within your body!

2. Auto self sterilization for your peace of mind – Another component of my Off-Grid Water Machine that I’m proud to tell you about is the auto self sterilization unit. The function of any type of purification unit is to trap toxins and kill biological agents. By necessity, the UV chamber in the OGWM comes after the three filters, meaning that the filters and other components are subject to contamination from the untreated water pumped into the machine.

Simply flip on the sterilization unit for a few minutes after each use and before draining and storing the unit. (By the way, I recommend you always drain the unit after operation to prevent any chance of freezing, which would require that the unit be repaired or replaced.)

3. Filter change reminder system to protect your investment – A very common problem in many devices – automobiles, lawn mowers, HVAC units, and more – is that owners forget to change the filters on schedule, leading to slow performance and ultimately, system failure and costly repairs. I know I rely on the sticker my mechanic places on the windshield of my pickup to remind me when it’s time for an oil change and filter.

The OGWM does the windshield sticker reminder system one better by alarming when the unit’s filters have reached their designed service limit. And since you get a bonus set of filters with your initial purchase, there’s no waiting around for days with your unit unavailable. Swapping out filters is a cinch with a simple hand tool (provided). When you need to buy more filters, we can ship them, OR you can order from the original manufacturer, OR you can get them at Amazon or many local plumbing suppliers.

4. Standard 110-volt power OR 12-volt solar powered system – The OGWM runs on standard 110-volt electricity – just plug it into any GFCI-equipped outlet that would be present in any wet environment. Or use the cigarette lighter in your car or truck along with a standard inverter. Of course you could certainly plug it into your PowerWhisperer. So many options.

But we’ve also provided a 12-volt solar powered backup; it is not unheard of for both power and water to be out at the same time; in fact, it may be the most likely scenario going forward.

5. EPA provides legal liability shield for wider usage – EPA drinking water standards apply only to public water utilities. Reprocess those already legal waters the RIGHT WAY and my Off-Grid Water Machine adds value to your life … health-enhancing … the most advanced water processing and improvement plant on wheels anywhere (one clever associate even suggested I name the OGWM “Well on Wheels”) … and one heck of a VERY LEGALLY SAFE way to make extra money.

Other key legal facts: FDA oversight of bottled water only kicks in when the product crosses state lines. If you’re not operating a public utility or crossing state lines, you are free to produce and distribute (even sell) purified water. Why not fix city water for everyone in a real way? At best, city water re-bottlers treat EPA approved tap water with a little reverse osmosis – that’s it. My system is much better.

An entrepreneurial effort to supply properly treated city water to your neighbors in a crisis can be operated from a garage, boat ramp, work van, or pickup truck. In a true crisis, bureaucrats are going to be futzing around with larger scale issues. Your ability to fly under their radar with my OGWM is virtually assured.

Use of my OGWM is for all practical purposes unregulated. It’s a completely independent water treatment circuit that converts “dead” city water into an uber-purified state – then injects it with life-enhancing minerals calcium and magnesium. All with EPA-approved water too. This is the kind of sweet spot I love to find for my readers.

Off-Grid Water Machine contains the best of the best design features that are permanently installed in the homes of the rich and famous and security-oriented. Or sometimes in the homes of private well owners – especially those who use shallow wells.

YES Lee! Please take $2,000 OFF my Off Grid Water Machine Today.

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This Next Point is Critical to Understand – Don’t Miss This!

In a water crisis, it’s far more likely you’ll have no choice but to draw from a shallow source like a river or pond than from a deep source such as an artesian well. Thus you need a mobile water treatment plant that’s designed specifically for shallow or surface water applications – one that filters out sediment and suspended solids, and kills infectious organisms.

So let me take you inside the works of my Off Grid Water Machine and show you how we solved all these issues for you.

Pump – 12-Volt High-Performance Diaphragm Water Pump, Up to 100 Gallons Per Hour

To get water from any freshwater source, my technical team and I selected a compact yet robust industrial-grade diaphragm water pump. This pump has on-demand positive displacement – a major reliability feature. It uses a three-chamber diaphragm, permanent magnet, and thermally protected 12-volt motor. Basically they took the top issues that commonly made pumps fail and found nearly foolproof ways around them all.

Not to go crazy on the technical – what this all means to you is reliable performance in high-flow, moderate pressure use. What’s even more essential to field use is that this pump is self-priming up to 6 feet vertically – so it operates easily from a dock, embankment, truck bed, or other structure that’s as much as 6 feet above the water.

Who else offers that in the survival space? Just me.

Forgive me for getting excited about a pump – but extreme attention to “small” water purity details is really important. That’s my Off-Grid Water Machine from top to bottom – transforming it from a mere “survival device” to mobile full-scale water acquisition plant. My pump selection process considered ALL details, such as 30 to 50 PSI of outlet pressure. And its other key features are of great importance to discerning, upscale users –

● Auto shut-off pressure switch reacts to outlet pressure and interrupts power instantaneously when it reaches the preset shutoff pressure

● Corrosion-resistant Santoprene® valves and diaphragm

● Robust poly housing and pump head

● Can run dry without damage or overheating

● National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed.

Sweating over the right well-built pump assures your family’s access to fresh water when your tap is dry, or when you’ve elected to evacuate to any location that does not have running water. This advantage alone vastly increases your choices of potential bug-out locations in any “You-Know-What-Hits-The-Fan” scenario.

And, if you do have access to tap water, but still need the filtration capabilities of the system, such as when a local utility admits you need to boil your water, there’s a bypass option for the pump.

Put another way, just turn off the unit’s internal pump – she treats and enhances water just as efficiently when hooked directly to city water pressure. The purified water you produce is actually cleaner than boiled city water, as well as safer, less costly, and less time-consuming to produce.

Another design first of my in Off-Grid Water Machine – the entire unit’s internal guts are housed on a machine tray. This is a custom-made piece to which all pumps, filters and machinery inside Off-Grid Water Machine are attached.

With a simple procedure, you can pull out the entire machine tray and all the unit’s working components if needed.

A small thing maybe – but it does underscore the superb craftsmanship and forethought that went into Off-Grid Water Machine’s creation.

That means easy access for filter replacement and any other working part inside the unit. It makes future maintenance simple, inexpensive and very easy.

Off-Grid Water Filtration Gauntlet, Stage One – Takes Out Pollutants and Sediment

Water from lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and shallow wells carry sediment, suspended solids and possible chemical contaminants, no matter how clean it may appear. My Off-Grid Water Machine handles all that and much more. I make sure all nasty water vermin get the full treatment that science offers with a four-stage water purification “gauntlet” built in to every unit.

The first-stage filter uses a depth-wound polypropylene media that increases in density from the outside surface going toward the center (more porous on the outside, less porous at the core.) This allows for high sediment retention capacity, since trapping of sediment particles is spread throughout the entire filter’s volume.

This first-stage filter traps any particles that are 20 microns or larger; the filter itself measures 2.5” x 10”. So what does this first line of water security gauntlet mean to your family?

A human hair is about 75 microns across. This makes the first-stage filter the initial work horse of the system and that collects the most visible sediment.

Whole-house filtration systems often skip this layer of protection, assuming that the well is clean enough to not need it. But I insisted on this added pre-filter – that way you can use pretty much ANY freshwater source without worry or hesitation, even if it looks murky (such as many surface waters after heavy rain or during spring runoff).

Off-Grid Water Filtration Gauntlet, Stage Two – Takes Out Fine Particulates and Toxins

OGWM’s second line of defense is a ten-micron carbon block filter, also 2.5” x 10”. Remaining sediment such as plant spores and pollens, as well as chlorine, taste and odor are all greatly reduced by this advanced design carbon block core. Once filtered through this NSF-certified unit, raw water even from a murky source is going to appear vastly cleaner – ready for the next steps to eradicate nasty bacteria and viruses.

Off-Grid Water Filtration Gauntlet, Stage Three – Gets the Lead Out, Takes Aim at Chemicals, Bacteria and Viruses

This activated carbon and ion-exchange filter is a life-saver – and might have been for Flint Michigan’s kids … who got exposed to lead poisoning and irreversible brain damage. It’s a 2.5” x 9.75”, 0.5 micron carbon block filter with lead and cyst removal properties. Plus it removes trihalomethanes, low levels of chloramine, pesticides, volatile organic chemicals, and 99.95% of giardia and cryptosporidium.

It’s amazing technology made for America’s archaic and dangerous lead piping systems. It uses an ion-exchange filter medium coupled with an extruded activated carbon core to remove many substances – including lead – plus surviving cysts and other biological nasties. Stage 3 in your Off-Grid Water Machine also cleanses your water of chlorine taste and odors.

There is much more to this water treatment stage than meets the eye. This stage of advanced filtration also roots out microscopic “shadows” that nasty and resistant bacteria hide behind.

Off-Grid Water Filtration Gauntlet, Fourth & Final Stage – Ultraviolet Disinfection Chamber Nukes Surviving Bugs

One of my neighbors has a sign at the edge of his property: “Trespassers Will Be Shot; Survivors Will Be Shot Again.” Pretty much the idea behind the final stage of my four-stage water purification “gauntlet.”

Any surviving waterborne critters that survive treatment stages 1-3 are set to have a really bad day in the fourth and final treatment cycle in my Off-Grid Water Machine. At stage 4, it’s “game over” for any microorganisms that found their way through our three filters, as they get zapped with a dose of DNA-destroying ultraviolet light.

We selected UV over other disinfection options with your health and safety in mind. Chlorination and ozonation also kill highly robust water borne organisms, but ultraviolet radiation stands apart –

● UV disinfection is effective at inactivating most viruses, spores and cysts. This form of radiation is harmless to humans and kills a much wider range of pathogens than chlorine. Chlorine leaves a taste and smell that UV irradiation does not. But more important, some very nasty and hard-to-kill protozoa like Cryptosporidium and Giardia do survive chlorination.

● UV rays initiate a viral/germ killing field as a physical, not chemical disinfection process. What that means to you is far more safe mobility in an emergency. With UV zapping as your final step, you don’t have to generate, handle, transport or store toxic/hazardous or corrosive chemicals.

● UV disinfection has no residual harmful effects on humans or their pets. Zero.

● UV disinfection is totally user-friendly for operators. SIMPLE – it’s all automatic. Germs are toast!

● UV disinfection has a shorter contact time when compared to other purification systems. It destroys all microscopic life hiding in your water in 20-30 seconds.

● UV disinfection packs into my completely portable water treatment plant with ease.

Put it all together – the 20-, 10-, 0.5-micron filters and the UV disinfection unit – and you have a system that eliminates a long list of oxidizing agents, corrosive fluids, biological agents, and gases – pollutants that are often present in bodies of water that are not normally used as water supplies. If you have to resort to such sources, your water security is absolute.

No Guesswork – No Hassles


Off-Grid Water Machine has an alarm system to warn you when filters have to be changed, a safety feature lacking in all so-called survival water purification products. Even better, my device has water flow inhibitors – that matters to you because it makes the filters work at peak efficiency. (Sometimes, when water bureaucrats get behind on supplying water to the public, they increase the flow rate beyond what their filters can handle. Bad for you, but makes life easy for them, which is their priority.)

My OGWM is patented as the only Quadra-Filter that converts “dead” city water into much a healthier alkalize-enhanced product. Oooh boy, is that a very hot submarket to know and understand. Please read on.

How My Off-Grid Water Machine
Changes Your Life

You are at the ground floor. Soon I will offer Off-Grid Water Machine on the national scene as an under $10,000 business opportunity. So if you get one now, you save big money in exchange for advising me on your experience with my device. For that I slash it initial pricing to you a lot.

Now imagine this: A crucial survival device that’s not only tax-advantaged, but gives you a seat at the table and helps free you from cash crunches – no matter what happens to paper assets.

Imagine the arrival of the most impossibly-slick critical survival device ever conceived. Instantly recognized by all as the most stunning machine to ever grace a Maserati showroom.

A sleekness and Porsche look that causes double-takes….visual gravitas only outweighed by her amazing, unique capabilities. Whose beauty dazzles all who see her – and titillates even the hopelessly distracted.

It’s not too good to be true. It’s merely a new invention you’ve never heard about anywhere else. And different in one amazing way – her sports car appearance and stunning technical sophistication change others’ perception of you.

You have the option to let this machine speak for you … a crowd pleaser – sporting your response to that amazing car in front of the Ritz-Carlton that everyone salivates over.

Imagine it, a survival device with star power of its own – an advertisement unto itself. Word of mouth friendly – and essential to off-grid revenue.

My Off-Grid Water Purification Device Is Designed to Save You Money from Day One

The average family spends several dollars each day on bottled water. Eliminating this overhead saves your loved ones $1,097-$1,825 over the next year. Over the next five years, you save $5,475 to $9,125 or more.

And that’s just your family – you quietly cut costs for friends and neighbors too if you reach out as I suggest .... either as a business opportunity, or as a neighborly gesture of goodwill that just may pay you back in terms of some type of barter opportunity later down the road. Building goodwill with trusted neighbors in normal times can pay immeasurable rewards in many types of future crisis scenarios.

By purifying all the water you want on demand, you eliminate the need for water delivery services, and/or the chore of lugging cases of bottled water home from the store.

Off-Grid Water Machine Game-Changer #1:Amazing Himalayan Mountain Health Water – It Cuts Future Medical Bills With Its Patented Alkaline Antioxidant System

History teaches that Ponce de Leon’s search for a fountain of youth ended in failure. But science has begun to catch up and overtake this legend. Advanced science shows that Alkaline Antioxidant Water holds the greatest promise of anti-aging benefits today.

Consider this: thinking Americans are finally beginning to reject processed foods packed with artificial additives and cheap ingredients such as processed sugar that destroy health. Processed foods are quite literally packed with levels of toxins your body is not designed to process. It’s slow poison that accounts for the epidemics overtaking America – diabetes, cancer, heart disease.

Highly processed municipal water poses similar hazards to those in processed foods. Just as processed foods are packed with nutritional, health-stealing garbage, bottled and city water is stripped of and arrives at your home devoid of its true hydrating properties. And for bad measure, those over processed waters travel to your faucet through creaky pipes that leach ground contaminants.

Remember earlier when I told you that rich celebrities have made special “in-house” arrangements to create healthier water in the privacy of their own homes? And that those machines range in price from $2,000-10,000 each? Well, that’s all about to break in your favor.

I don’t want to get lost in the weeds here, but Off-Grid Water Machine’s added treatment system converts “dead” city and bottled water to healthy optimized Himalayan mountain water. Here’s what it does for you:

● Look and Feel Younger Drinking Off-Grid Water Machine’s Alkaline Antioxidant Water – Higher pH adjusted water has antioxidant properties that help combat free radicals. Many scientists say free radicals in all the substances we consume contribute to premature aging.

● By infusing antioxidants into city water it purifies, your body absorbs the hydration far more efficiently. The benefit to you and all users of Off-Grid Water Machine are the healing, disease prevention and its anti-inflammatory properties of alkaline antioxidant water.

Off-Grid Water Machine’s design embraces the free radical concept of premature aging dating back to the 1950s. Stanford University M.D. Denham Harman’s free radical theory of aging (FRTA) states that organisms age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time. Free radicals are atoms or molecules in your body, containing unpaired electrons.

● Antioxidants generated by my Off-Grid Water Machine are helpful in reducing and preventing damage from free radicals because they donate electrons to unpaired electrons– which neutralize the free radical without forming another.

● Keep your skin and organs far more hydrated than processed city water. That’s good news for fighting wrinkles and age spots, and organ deterioration in general.

● Water ionizing aids the healing of cuts, burns and other skin conditions. Antioxidants help maintain overall PH balance throughout your body, because food nutrients also pass into your system far more efficiently than with dead city water.

Off-Grid Water Machine Game-Changer Number 2: Bypass the Bottled Water Scam and Save Big Money With Your Very Own State of-the-Art Water Purification Plant

My Off-Grid Water Machine processes huge quantities of “dead” city or well water and converts it to healthy, optimized healthy water. It is safe, easy to use, and packed with a patented real-life water treatment system that goes four layers deep. It also helps you keep the doctor away by producing high quality, healthy, alkaline antioxidant water.

And if you do it correctly, my Off-Grid Water Machine is even tax-deductible. But it is much more than that.

I know what you’re thinking….a survival device that wins you wide respect? You’ll have what until now only celebrities, athletes and major executives have. New York magazine says Microsoft’s Bill Gates has installed 16 of these devices in his home.

The list of famous people who use a far more expensive variation of my secret device includes:

● Magic Johnson

● Jennifer Lopez

● Chuck Norris

● Carlos Santana

● Leonardo DiCaprio

● Tony Robbins

● Toby Keith

● Paul McCartney

● Jack Nicholson

● Brad Pitt

● Sly Stallone

● Ringo Starr

● George Lopez

● Janet Jackson

Well, you no longer have to be famous or rich to bask in elitism’s rewards.

Learn about this genuinely Tribal Asset – made so that friends and neighbors who “pass-the-hat” benefit as a Tribe – and in such a way that makes it all far MORE valuable to you. I know all this sounds dramatic, but others will want to stand in line to join you in this windfall.

How Failing U.S. Water Translates into a Lucrative Off-Grid Business Opportunity + Great Family Security

All the components of a perfect storm are now in place to disrupt U.S. water supplies:

decrepit infrastructure, widespread loss of confidence in the safety of public water, crony capitalist water bottlers …

overlaid with declining aquifers, politically controlled water boards, rising populations in critically water-challenged regions (Florida, California, Texas) ...

Large U.S. population centers are set up for worse-than-Third-World water crises; in impoverished nations, humans have been conditioned for generations for the arduous chore of obtaining water, walking miles each day to the nearest source to get all they can carry. Americans are not prepared – physically or psychologically – to put in this kind of effort for even a single day.

It’s been three service to upscale U.S. households seeking greater self-reliance. Many of my readers are affluent, having accomplished much in business, industry, and investing. Others are highly entrepreneurial, actively seeking money-making opportunities.

YES Lee! Please take $2,000 OFF my Off Grid Water Machine Today.

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Off-Grid Cash Potential is the New Security – Right Up There with Precious Metals

And there’s a far wider marketplace beyond the niche readership I serve, in search of real off-grid opps that could set themselves and their families up very nicely in coming “s-h-t-f” scenarios.

With this marketplace of entrepreneurs in mind, I am moving forward with plans to market my Off Grid Water Machine as a business start-up opportunity within the next six months.

The OGWM is a self-contained, fully portable water purification unit on wheels, with every household within driving distance of its owner as a potential customer! A ready-made small business opportunity that’s sure to be embraced by self-motivated individuals everywhere.

Entry-level price points for entrepreneurial start-ups are typically in the $50,000 to $100,000 range. On rare occasion, quality opportunities can be found for as little as $25,000 to $49,999. Thousands of motivated self-starters each year make such investments in their quest for a piece of the American dream.

In such a market, my OGWM is going to hit an enormous sweet spot. Because I’m going to be able to provide a finished unit with all necessary parts plus a water purification self-employment business manual for well under the expected price point.

In fact, I’m committed to bringing my Off Grid Water Machine to America’s vast business opportunity market within the next 8 month for less than half of the smallest number that opportunity seekers are accustomed to. My price all-in for the OGWM is currently slated to be only $9,997 (But stay for me for your far superior deal).

Frankly, this low price point is likely to cause me some problems. If I choose to advertise in leading publications that serve the opportunity-seeker marketplace, I’m going to be undercutting almost every other offering on the market. There will be blowback as people look for “hidden costs” and “fine print” and “long-term obligations.”

The simple fact is that my OGWM has none of these things. No licensing fees, franchising fees, revenue sharing, or anything of the kind. In fact the only recurring cost would be replacements for the filters and the UV bulb, which are readily available on the internet and in brick-and- mortar stores.

Given that a one-time purchase of my OGWM provides both a great business opportunity and family water security for the owner, I anticipate doing a brisk business right from the start.

This Moment Doesn’t Come Back

You can easily perform your “check ride” on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee in one hand. And by the way I do recommend reading the owner’s manual for a complete run-down on the unit’s components, operation, and benefits.

Then give me or my resident OGWM expert Rob a few minutes of your time to review your experience and get your input before we take the OGWM to its full-scale national launch. We’ll take down a few notes based on your success story – proof we can share with the outside world that the OGWM is all we say it is and so much more. Even you elect not to turn your OGWM into a business opportunity yourself, I still want you to have the discount just for helping me sharpen my message for those who do.

For that simple effort, you pocket a cool “three G’s.” Plus you earn extra bragging rights around here if you submit for publication a “before” picture showing a water source that’s as putrid as my power-company lake water (extra points if yours includes pond scum) along with your “after” pic of the ultra-pure nectar of life you make with your OGWM.

The unit you’ll receive comes fully assembled and completely operational right out of the box. Depending on the carrier’s shipping requirements, you may simply have to re-connect the pre-installed battery – we provide both the battery, which is ultra safe and uses the latest technology, and the very simple instructions for connecting it.

Only Four Available at This Price!

Written for public, community, and private water supply users alike, this manual dives deep into how you can assure your family’s water security, which could be interrupted in a heartbeat by aging infrastructure, grid failure, foreign hackers, crony capitalism, bioterror attack, or weird weather (drought, flood, hurricane, lightning, to name a few). Safeguard your family now from the coming water crisis before it’s too late by obtaining this essential Independent Living publication and reading it from cover to cover. Especially since you’ve now earned it be reading this letter. (Then later when the rest of my readership is offered the opportunity to purchase the report, you’ll already be $49 ahead.)

Don’t Wait Until All Bets Are Off

This 100+ page manual is made to sell for $49. It’s yours just for having invested your time today in reading this bulletin. Simply email me at [email protected] with the subject line “water manual” and we’ll send it right out to you with my compliments.

Honestly, I do want you to have this manual today at my expense. So email me your request, or of course, it’s yours with the purchase of the heavily discounted OGWM for early adopters!

Order your OGWM today and you’ll also receive my Off-Grid Water Machine Retirement Business Opportunity report. It gives you everything you need to turn your OGWM into off-grid cash.

A modest effort should repay your investment in no time, especially if you prepare in advance to serve your neighborhood or a nearby community during a boil-water order or other event that interrupts household water security anywhere in your area.

Boil water notices have increased to a brisk pace as America’s decrepit water infrastructure continues to age and rot. I just googled the phrase “boil water notice” and got six pages of results for the past week alone! You can easily set up Google News Alerts to notify you instantly of any boil water advisories in your area. Then it’s just a matter of showing up in the area with your Off-Grid Water Machine. Once you’ve taken care of a handful of thirsty residents, word-of-mouth advertising is likely to have customers standing in line for your pH adjusted healthy water all day!

Off-Grid Water Machine Retirement Business Opportunity is yours free along with the The Prepared American’s All-Risks Water Supply Assessment and Family Water Security Mega-Manual. Plus you’ll get a comprehensive owner’s manual showing you everything you need to know for proper operation and maintenance of your OGWM.

YES Lee! Please take $2,000 OFF my Off Grid Water Machine Today.

Please secure your machine below. There are only four available so hurry! These units ship for FREE!

Just $5,997 $3,997!


I’ve Done All I Can. The Next Move is
Now Entirely in Your Hands.

We are proud of the Off-Grid Water Machine. No unit leaves my premises without this Triple Crown Guarantee...which states that… First, I guarantee your OGWM will arrive in good condition. You can start using it immediately – only a few simple post-delivery steps needed!

Its arrival is going to signal a new era of independence and self-reliance in your household. This rugged and heavyweight piece of equipment (shipping weight, 89 lbs.) is probably unlike any other package you’ve had delivered to your home. It ships on a 40” x 48” pallet.

You may even wish to have an able-bodied helper on hand to meet the driver and help you move your unit into your garage (though once removed from its double-walled, industrial strength box, it’s easy to move because of the built-in wheels and heavy-duty handle I specified).

Second, I guarantee it’s simple to set up and operate. Off-Grid Water Machine ready to go. The battery is charged and simply remove few safety devices installed as a precaution to make the unit safe for shipment, read the manual in full, and it’s good to go right out of the box. Power it up and let it start paying you back immediately.

Third, I guarantee Off-Grid Water Machine does everything outlined in this bulletin provided you follow simple manual instructions. Take 180 days (6 months) to put it to the test. Use the system as many times as you wish according to manual directions. Power it up, filter a few gallons or few hundred, do it again and again. Because I really want you to use and fully understand your unit. Which is why the exceptional reports and other key information that comes with a OGWM tell you all you need to know to safely and efficiently use this device.

Please do follow ALL of these instructions when you get them. They contain everything you need to safely use this equipment AND to get the absolute most for your money.

This is my Triple Crown Guarantee...
I am proud to Sign My Name to It and
Stand Behind It 100%

Now is the time to step up for your family and make sure your interests are protected as water main failures, lead and other deadly chemicals in drinking water, crony capitalist control of bottled water, and other water security concerns all continue to worsen.

Remember, when a crisis strikes, all bets are off. People will snatch and hoard these Off Grid Water Machines when the number of water outage reports hits a critical mass (which is coming soon). Don’t let yourself get caught flat footed!

You now have everything you need. There’s no more that I can do except to wish you well in whatever choices you make to deal with the findings of my research. Thanks for listening, and all my best wishes.

Yours for savvy preparedness,

Lee Bellinger

P.S. In this letter, I told you how a typical family spends up to $1,825 a year on bottled water, either hidden in your weekly grocery bill or via one of those pricey water delivery services. Eliminating these expenses – pared with the unprecedented $2,000 REDUCTION I revealed  – essentially pays for the investment I’m asking you to consider today. Remember, pH adjusting machines cost $5,000 or more and don’t even filter your water.

Plus I told you how to obtain a free copy of my 100+ page $49 report, The Prepared American’s All-Risks Water Supply Assessment and Family Water Security Mega-Manual – which all by itself is ample reason to closely study the contents of this admittedly lengthy bulletin, with contents so essential to your family’s security, I’ve essentially made it a free bonus issue of your paid Independent Living newsletter subscription.

Frankly, if you aren’t paying attention to this, you are setting yourself up to be one of the thousands of parched souls standing in line when the National Guard or Red Cross are called in to dole out water rations in an emergency. Certainly not a place that I or any of my cherished readers want to ever find ourselves. Instead, you become the hero to your family, loved ones, closest friends, and even your community.

P.P.S. Simple maintenance and you can get replacement parts and filters from many reputable supply houses.

YES Lee! Please take $2,000 OFF my Off Grid Water Machine Today.

Please secure your machine below. There are only four available so hurry! These units ship for FREE!

Just $5,997 $3,997!