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(Upgrade) Auxiliary Power Pack: Additional Battery & Solar Panel


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PowerWhisperer Sold Separately

Product Description

1. SPECIALLY FABRICATED AUXILARY POWER PACK: My new auxiliary power packs are custom-fabricated to work with your M-Model PowerWhisperer. That means that power storage instantly doubles from 100 amps to 200 amps. This literally DOUBLES your usage time. And this new Auxiliary Power Pack rides right on top of the PowerWhisperer – everything is included! The auxiliary battery pack is the same military green spec as the main PowerWhisperer unit. This means you can keep your key appliances (such as your freezer) running for twice as long before needing a recharge!

2. DOUBLE YOUR CAPACITY TO ABSORB FREE SUNLIGHT RECHARGES: The second 100-watt solar panel that comes with the Auxiliary Power Pack cuts the PowerWhisperer’s recharge time. I worked hard to find these quality panels at an affordable price, too.

3. DOUBLE-FAST PLUG-IN SMART CHARGER ADDED: I’ve replaced the original 1.5 amp smart trickle charger with a much, much faster charging 4.0 amp unit. This cuts your recharge time in half when you plug your unit into the wall. And because it is a smart charger, it merely tops off your unit with power without “cooking” the battery.