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Ultimate Self-Reliance Mega Manual (FREE Shipping)


Product Description

Overloaded government handout programs are about to let down millions of Baby Boomers. Especially those who are counting on Uncle Sam to provide them with a secure retirement. For the unprepared, what’s coming is a total nightmare. This brand-new manual for reclaiming your personal self-reliance in modern-day America is absolutely must have! Nowhere else will you learn how to set yourself up to barter effectively in the growing underground economy. Or save a whopping 40% on your personal food bills (NOT AN EXAGGERATION). With some minor adjustments in how you buy groceries, you can save as much as a whopping 40% on your personal food bills. In one section of my must-read Ultimate Self-Reliance Mega-Manual, I spell out how the foods you purchase at your local supermarket are expensively over-packaged to make tiny portions appear to be bigger than they are (like bags of snack food that are 60% air). This comprehensive and practical self-reliance manual shows you how to escape the incompetent clutches of government-driven medical care, as well as shield yourself from sky-high energy prices and supply disruptions to come. You especially need the hundreds of smart, doable strategies for thriving in this high-unemployment environment! Government finances on which so many desperate people have pinned their hopes are hanging by a thread. An underground economy here in America? Yes. It already exists, and it is huge and growing. Americans are increasingly embracing private, non-monetary barter. Unfolding job-killing regulations and mandates such as the Obamacare’s sneakily included proviso which soon requires most $600+ transactions across the economy to be reported to the U.S. government are driving commerce into the shadows. The Ultimate Self-Reliance Mega-Manual is by far the most comprehensive guide for successfully dealing with the dangerous times in which we live. It contains practical strategies you absolutely, positively need right away.