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How to Build Your Personal EMP Defense System

PowerWhisperer M (Classic Model)

The PowerWhisperer M is our classic model. It comes with one solar panel and one battery. Plus you get the reliability and protection you'd expect. 


  • Concealment net plus another anti-theft design feature

  • Recharge your PowerWhisperer on the run using car cigarette lighter

  • 2,000 watts of mobile, covert electricity

  • A concealable, 100-watt rollout solar panel

  • It’s all powered by a super safe, hydrogen-leakage proof advanced glass matt power system

  • No potential for thermal runaway or overheating or hydrogen leakage

  • Full one year warranty

  • You can always talk with the actual people who build the PowerWhisperer

  • Seven major reports valued at $102.43, including the complete guide “17 Uses for Your PowerWhisperer”

  • No assembly, your Ultimate Off-Grid Power Machine comes fully charged, ready to go

  • No fuel needed, no maintenance – just plug in and use at the drop of a hat

$3,108 -OR- 4 Payments of $777

PowerWhisperer M-PLUS (Double the Power)

The M-Plus comes with an extra solar panel and battery. You literally double your power. All the specifications are the same when compared to the classic model above. 

$3,997 -OR- 4 Payments of $999.25

PowerWhisperer PRO

This is the Cadillac of generators. The PowerWhisperer PRO is the world's first industrial grade generator. It's incredibly light, rugged and EMP resistant. 


  • PowerWhisperer Pro runs air compressors, small window ACs overnight and other heavy duty tools for extended periods.

  • A new 300-watt solar controller that allows for up to three 100-watt solar recharging panels.

  • Pure sine-wave Samlex inverter makes this unit “smart appliance friendly.”

  • Uber-safe Lithium-ion power cells with no potential for overheating (thermal runaway) leakage.

  • PRO comes with a specially-fabricated spare power cell that doubles your use time.

  • PRO comes with a second 100-watt solar panel that cuts your recharge time in half.

  • PRO’s Lithium-ion power cells recharge 40% faster and recharge 5,000 times.

  • PRO’s 80-amp batteries at 200 watts work 100% until total shutdown, no dimming of lights.

  • PRO’s lithium-ion batteries have internal fuses – making them so safe you can do something stupid like putting a metal wrench between the negative/positive poles and the safety system kicks in and shuts down that arc

  • Premium-Edition PowerWhisperer Pro sports a 12-amp smart trickle recharge system, 3X faster than before

  • PowerWhisperer PRO is vented for additional safety

  • PRO has “flat-proof” tires – even if you run them over broken glass, nails or razor blades

  • Use for camping in style, back-stopping vulnerable relatives if their power goes out, sports events, social occasions, food security and even your sensitive medical C-PAP machine

$6,145 -OR- 4 Payments of $1,536.25