If you can’t evacuate your home in five minutes flat, here’s how I built my personal “Zero-Hour” Home Evacuation System

Dear friend,

If you had to leave your home with no notice, for three days all in the next five minutes...could you do it? 

Or what if you found yourself in a bad car wreck, in a remote location with no way to call for help? Would you have everything you needed to survive?

These are real scenarios and they have ONE THING in common. 

Do you know what that one thing is?

They're both UNEXPECTED.

No one expects to have to evacuate their home. And no one plans to be in a bad car wreck in a remote area. Yet these scenarios are regular occurrences that happen to people just like you and me every day. 

And while I can't predict the future and tell you when something like this will happen to you or me, I can help you be ready for them.

Reducing risk when it is cheap and easy to do is just a total no brainer right?

There are so many ugly threats that we can’t control. Such as, have you noticed lately the rising level of social madness that is welling up out there in the country?

Don’t worry – you are not alone here in understanding that you need to consider a plan. Lots of people are waking up to it just now, and for the first time. Welcome aboard!

Like the near-million savvy planners who follow my work, I totally believe in having a PLAN B. And the good news is that you can improve your family’s security significantly with the small steps I show you soon. No platinum-plated emergency shelters. Or expensive changes to your home. Or other over-the-top emergency schemes so many are pushing!

Let me show you just what to do for your very own cheap insurance; and it’s all in this briefing. Thanks for giving me a chance to share news of this ingenious new home evacuation system with you.

Take Care of This Basic Preparation 101 Stuff – Here’s How I Do It

In this briefing, I reveal exactly how to build your own personal Zero Hour Home Evacuation System. Packed with critical devices you can discreetly leave in your family vehicles so that you are ready to get on the move on a moment’s notice. A small but brilliantly packaged (my staff are great at this) kit of all the inexpensive essentials you need for any form of instant mobility no matter what.

More on this shortly and why it has become important to everyone who provides security to their family.

You will be glad you did. Life is so much sweeter and stress free when you have your “101” basics covered. Imagine how you feel when all your bills are paid. Think of the peace of mind you get when your ducks are in a row. Picture that calm reassurance you feel knowing that everything in your household is buttoned down for the night.

But like me and a growing number of situationally aware Americans, you’ve probably sensed it for some time now... the urgent need to take measured precautions against mounting dangers that continue to unfold in these extraordinary times.

This briefing – I truly believe and hope – is for you. Because as your reward for hearing me out, at least four big things will be true when you turn out the lights tonight that are very possibly not true right now –

  • First, you’ll be on the path to getting smart, prudent “insurance” on the cheap – against the growing possibility of being forced away from your home unexpectedly – in the event of social emergency, martial law or medical quarantine. Or any type of evacuation order or speedy departure or city wide lockdown. Or for being stranded in your car in any remote area that is not near your home or bug-out location. This briefing will tell you how to cope smartly with these endless scenarios. Such as quick evacuation or otherwise being forced to function away from your home unexpectedly or on short notice. A real possibility you should have a minimal “PLAN B” for. Everything you need to live – all critical items – waiting for you in your car. Literally.
  • Second, you’ll know how to never, never put yourself at risk of getting marooned in traffic. You’ll give yourself a real chance of being able to “get out of Dodge” ahead of any type of shelter-in-place police order or emergency public health quarantine or any disaster. Being able to move out on five minutes’ notice could spell the difference between safely getting to your secure bug-out location or finding yourself under law enforcement lockdown, or worse, in a FEMA refugee camp for “unescorted civilians.”
  • Third, you will feel great about significantly improving your family’s security without going overboard, getting ripped off or being seen as “over the top.” You will be able to make these preparations without spending a bundle, changing your life, or buying some platinum-plated emergency shelter. Sensible precautions are all you need, and you will have the satisfaction of implementing them without feeling foolish or used or exploited. And others in your family will respect you for doing this right.
  • Square Full
    And the fourth thing? You’ll be joining a growing national community of savvy individualists. Who, like me, enjoy the peace of mind that you’ve crossed an essential family preparedness project off your to-do list. In fact, do it my way, and it won’t be a “project” at all. Though as I’ve promised, this briefing does give you everything you need to know should you still prefer to tackle this to-do item on your own.

I appreciate people who pay attention and discreetly steer clear of trouble.

So I will teach you everything you need to know. All in this briefing. Yours for the taking. No obligation. You and others like you deserve no less.

People who pay attention and act to better their own situation are the true heroes of the American story. I wish so much that there were more of them, but our ranks are finally growing. And I am so grateful that you are part of that emerging national community.

A major New York Times story recently acknowledged – respectfully for once – that individuals at all levels of society are becoming far more interested in reinforcing their families against social chaos and other potential issues that could affect their physical safety.

In my 30+ years of publishing on crucial issues of security, freedom and personal independence, never before have I seen so many potentially imminent threats on the verge of blowing up all at once.

The rise of extremist, authoritarian government in concert with these threats is worrisome. It’s as though all the bad decisions this country has made over the past two decades are coming home to roost at the same time!

Whether it’s further economic crises... interruption of our tenuous food, drug and fuel supply chains... the next inevitable terror attack on U.S. assets... failure of America’s aging infrastructure (highways, bridges, water systems, the electric grid)...

...disruption of public safety services (due to public employee strikes, cyber attack, or budget constraints)... or a natural disaster (such as Superstorm Sandy or the recent massive wildfires in the west) – the next straw on the camel’s back could be the one that plunges our nation, our communities or our families into utter chaos and fight-or-flight syndrome at any moment.

Look, having an emergency evacuation plan from your home on short notice is basic. You don’t have to obsess about it because this briefing shows you what to do. Let me start by telling you what I have done for myself and my loved ones.

Recently I have overhauled – for my own personal use and that of my loved ones – the bestselling Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack (E-PACK, for short) that I first created for my readers two years ago.

Let me say this again, please. You don’t have to buy a darn thing from me! The 100+ well thought through E-PACK components that I list in this briefing can be obtained by you off the shelf. And you should get them right now. (Although trust me that is quite a scavenger hunt and with total respect I doubt you can beat my wonderful procurement staff’s great prices.) E-PACK is popular because I have a great deal invested in buying great survival items directly from manufacturers and then bundling them together for a very specific purpose. In this case, providing your family with a smart blend of critical basics that is in your car at all times. Awesome, well thought through quick evacuation supplies that can save your loved ones. Even your beloved pet.

Stuff you should have at your house no matter what! Hand charged flashlight which never needs batteries. Complete with a radio and generator hand crank that will even let you recharge your cell phone! Even four gallons of water in individual 4oz pouches (see pic below)!

On the run food. Shelter. Medical needs. Bedding. Hygiene. Toiletries. Communication, spare power, lighting, a 30-hour candle. Everything you need thought through. 100+ critical items, all in one small, sharp evacuation bag.

I’ve also prepared one of my newly updated E-PACK kits for immediate rush shipment to you. Let me explain why I’ve loaded up the E-PACK with even better “goodies” than before, and why I hope you’ll give me your okay to ship it to you without a moment’s delay.

Needed: Smart, Basic Preparations against Any Number of Emergencies

In a moment, I’ll give you the nitty-gritty on the enhanced items I’ve personally selected for your E-PACK and that I recommend you have in yours, from lifesaving shelter, sustenance, and medical supplies... to barter items sure to be in peak demand in times of social chaos or civil unrest... to essential “creature comforts” I want you to have.

First, let’s review the many scenarios under which the need for one of my personal evacuation packs could become instantly urgent.

A simple scan of today’s headlines shows that our country is pretty close to coming unhinged very suddenly. We face so many problems at the same time, the noise is deafening...

  • More and more people living on welfare and we don't have the cash. It’s going to get ugly when people realize that “Uncle Sugar” is out of sugar.
  • The Left would rather see our country fail than see a successful President Trump. They undermine him at every turn and they won't stop until he's gone...one way or another. 

Right now the FBI and numerous agencies, are actively working against our President. Private phone calls don't accidentally fall into the laps of reporters folks. 

It's all a recipe that ends in one thing. Your loss of freedom and mine. Remember, when something goes wrong the response is to take away the freedoms of law abiding citizens. 9/11 was a border infiltration operation and what was the government's response?

Did they secure the borders?

NOPE! They created the Patriot Act which resulted in the biggest loss of personal freedom we've seen in decades. But that's not all...

  • Law enforcement now uses mandatory shelter-in-place orders to keep you from escaping while they conduct manhunts for teenage terrorist wannabes. And they are rolling out armed-to-the-teeth SWAT teams and military-style assault trucks to enforce these 24-hour lockdowns. Certainly not the America I was raised in.
  • Failing infrastructure, oil and food supply shocks, the growing threat of hyperinflation and dollar collapse, and the high potential for a nuclear or bioterror assault all threaten to pour gasoline on the smoldering flame of economic pain gripping scores of U.S. cities.
  • Bored teen gangs are turning city streets and even “safe” suburban shopping malls into violent mob scenes. Anything from the latest media- sensationalized murder trial to the newest release of designer basketball shoes is enough to set this crowd off.

Meanwhile public sector responders (many of whom face the bitter throes of fighting to protect their platinum-plated benefits amidst radically reduced state budgets) are woefully unprepared to meet the daunting challenges that are building steam almost daily, such as hazmat disasters, electric grid shutdown, commerce-crippling cyber attacks, failure of aged public water systems, pandemic flu or other disease outbreak, or social chaos triggered by any number of pressing economic, political, or cultural factors.

Even a weather emergency – flood, tornado, hurricane, ice storm or blizzard – could put you in a position of having to get out of your home fast, or to “shelter in place” at home for days without access to utilities, transportation, communications, or food.

And that’s before considering the unthinkable such as the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis on a scale of destruction that recently turned the ultra-modern nation of Japan inside out, leaving millions without power, clean water, homes, or jobs.

Look, I live within spitting distance of a nuclear reactor and don’t lose any sleep over that. But rest assured, people in the utility industry are quitting and retiring in droves. Many blame stupid management policies regulators force on them. There are real issues with morale and aging reactors and systems that haven’t been significantly upgraded in decades.

The U.S. currently has 65 commercially operating nuclear power plants with 104 nuclear reactors in 31 states around the country. I don’t know quite how to run the risk calculation on this – but you have to figure that a meltdown far surpassing Three Mile Island is in the cards at some point in time.

And even if the actual “disaster” is mostly media hype such as proved to be the case with the Three Mile Island incident, the risk of pandemonium is quite substantial.

Get the Cheapest, Best Social Chaos Insurance Policy Found Anywhere, Bar None!

Enough about these endless scenarios!

Here’s my takeaway: We’re way past the point where only extremists and survivalist nuts see the urgent need to take basic precautions. The key here is to act now, while you still have freedom of action.

I can help you because I have already acted and am willing to share. Everything is in this briefing.

You need and deserve the ability to “bug out” or hunker down for an extended period. Even our behind-the-curve emergency government planners have finally gotten around to warning the public that they need to get themselves ready for the unexpected.

For all these reasons, the complete and newly enhanced Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack (aka: E-PACK) I’ve prepared for you is a must-have! Your E-PACK field kit is generously stocked with the exact same emergency items for barter and sustainment that I have in my own kit – each item carefully selected by me to serve your family’s needs in virtually any situation.

Even if you do elect to stay at home and ride out any emergency, my well-planned Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack is designed to give you highly sought items to sell, trade, or use. Exactly the kind of must-have, in-demand items that black marketers “offer” at exorbitant rates in the aftermath of hurricanes, earthquakes, social upheaval, and other disasters.

My Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack is the smartest and cheapest insurance policy in all of America!

My E-PACK will prepare you well for staying put in your home in an emergency – if this is at all possible. It will help you survive until help arrives if ever you are stranded somewhere in your car (great for college students who travel to school out of state).

It will keep you fed, warm, and healthy. It sets you up with key barter items to trade or sell in a pinch. And most of all, it’s ideal for getting out of town when immediate evacuation becomes your last best option, and while the gettin’ is still good! Being ready to get ahead of the traffic is a total must.

Even in non-emergencies, I have taken and used items from my E-PACK! I have used the flashlight a number of times.

But by far the single most important feature of my Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack is that it lets you get on the road in the critical first moments of an emergency. You simply grab it and go, just before the general populace wakes up to the fact that trouble is brewing and panics!

While everyone else is running around like chickens with their heads off, you can be calmly and deliberately implementing your personal plan to vacate immediately and move to safer quarters. Secure that everything you need is right there, in a durable, specially-designated bug-out bag packed with all your essential emergency needs.

Included with your Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack is a comprehensive departure check list you should review the very first moment your package arrives. (And in a moment, I’ll tell you about the many specialized reports and exclusive manuals that I will include with your shipment FREE as my way of thanking you.)

And so that you can be truly prepared for any eventuality!

Don’t Waste Precious Evacuation Time Ransacking Your Own House for Essentials


If you make the decision to evacuate, you can be a critical 30-90 minutes ahead of the crowd because you will be 100% ready to jump in the car and go immediately. No time wasted futzing about. Or a frantic rush out the door as you try to fill an improvised check list of needed items.

Bottom line: We’ve already spent the time thinking everything through on your behalf, and aggressively testing what you need so you won’t waste precious time getting on the move – or realize to your horror later that you don’t have things you desperately wish you had!

If you’ve ever been caught in the path of a hurricane (or even seen news coverage of such horrific events), you know exactly what I am talking about. Fist fights at Lowe’s over the last sheets of plywood. Batteries, flashlights, and emergency water disappear from stores. Parasitic hoarders and black marketers swoop in and rip off the unprepared, the procrastinators, the flat-footed.

Hoarders are a real problem. They buy up all the batteries in a store before the public catches on there is a problem and rushes in to buy flashlights. And when the crisis is over, they bring the hoarded batteries back in for exchange.

This is key. Flashlights with regular batteries always fail you when you need them most! How many times has that happened in your life? My E-PACK provides a hand-cranked flashlight so you never have to worry about battery hassles or the inconsiderate, exploitative speculators.
These bottom feeders ruthlessly exploit the pattern of poor national preparedness that repeats itself in every hurricane, natural disaster or other significant emergency.

The best and only way to defeat such charlatans is to simply not need them. Which is why I created the E-PACK concept for my very own family’s needs.

All you have to do is pay attention to see this for yourself. As Yogi Berra said, “you can observe a lot just by watching.”

Time wasted at home trying to figure out what you might need makes it nearly impossible to hit the road before the traffic grids jam. Ransacking your house for critical supplies means a loss of valuable time and increases the risk of getting marooned in heavy traffic.

I Specifically Warned of a Hurricane-Sandy Event Hitting New York a Year in Advance

A year before Hurricane Sandy ripped the New York and New Jersey shoreline to shreds, I specifically reminded my many readers in the northeast of the need to prepare, writing:

“It’s not just those who live in the southeastern United States as I do who need to be wary of hurricanes. Long Island, Connecticut, and western Massachusetts were shredded by a Category 5 hurricane in 1938, killing upwards of 700 people in what were then largely rural areas. It’s only a matter of time until a Katrina- style ‘blow’ hits a major U.S. northeast city such as New York [emphasis added] or Philadelphia, and millions of unprepared Americans are thrown into a sheer panic and mass exodus. Elsewhere in the country, every resident is just one mudslide, wildfire, flood, or tornado away from having to get out fast."

I remember years back when hurricane Hugo hit my home town of Charlotte, North Carolina, some 130 nautical miles inland. The odds of a hurricane ever hitting here were so “remote” that everyone was caught by surprise. My own mother didn’t get her electricity restored for a month. I had to bring her flashlights, batteries and other essential supplies!

Emergency Federal Evacuation Orders Could Happen on Short Notice

From bioterror attack, to public mayhem sparked by widespread financial desperation and cash-strapped public handout programs, any number of scenarios exist in which martial law could be imposed with no warning or notice.

Not far-fetched – the Pentagon and federal planners have martial law contingencies for far too many emergency scenarios to document here.

All this led to me personally developing the E-PACK. I selected and tested every single item it contains – my selections were based on many conversations with law enforcement and terrorism experts, military people, and Homeland Security contractors.

Not to mention critical “street-smart” input from perceptive survivalists who understand the need for prudent, measured precautions against the possibility of social chaos driven by hyperinflation or any number of other “black swans” that threaten the U.S.

Hints of a dangerous future justify a prudent level of caution and reasonable preparation for the unexpected. I’m sure you’ve noticed tens of thousands of angry public sector union workers taking to the streets demanding more money from beleaguered taxpayers in states with reform-minded governors.

A precursor of things to come when the government gets rocked by a cash-flow crisis and millions of baby boomers expecting Social Security checks and Medicare benefits get the bad news that Uncle Sam can’t deliver on his promises.

Pressure is Building And America’s 
Foundations Are Buckling... 
Here’s How You Set Yourself Up NOW.

My Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack covers all your bases. We’ve carefully thought through a checklist of critical supplies to tide your family over in an emergency.

And having fulfilled orders for several thousand units since first launching the E-PACK two years ago, we’ve learned about some exciting new survival gems that we’ve added to the system and which I’ll tell you about here.

We started out by going through several other so-called emergency kits from various sources and found them all woefully deficient in significant ways. ​d

As a result of talking directly with various military and non-military survival experts, we have assembled a superior collection of items, each personally examined and tested by me and my associates in our homes and offices. And we’ve completed the entire kit at very competitive pricing – especially as compared with the lesser kits that are out there.

We’ve Thought of All Your Immediate Emergency Needs!

It all comes in a special high-quality water proof “bug out” camo bag you can toss into your car on a moment’s notice. One thing we noticed about other emergency kits on the market – they tend to come in the smallest pack that will hold the contents.

Instead we’ve chosen a bag that will leave you room to add a few extra bottles of water, reading glasses, sandwiches, personal medications, wad of cash, silver coins or what have you. The bag comes packed with dozens of essential items –

INCLUDED! LED Flashlight - No Batteries Needed: Never again get caught flat footed with a dead battery powered flashlight. Enter the most versatile and useful of all the items in the entire kit. At first glance, it looks a bit like a handheld cordless shaver or a tv remote control but without so many buttons. This little gem is actually an ingenious multi- function emergency powerhouse! Built into this lightweight but sturdy handheld unit is a flashlight that will never leave you in the dark.

INCLUDED! Family-Sized Deluxe Field Hygiene Kit: These first rate supplies include everything you need to keep clean in the field. Includes toothbrush and container, toothpaste, twin blade razor, cotton wash cloth, cotton hand towel, shampoo, shaving cream, body lotion, mini deodorant stick, mini deodorant soap, and other essential supplies for staying clean on the run. ​

INCLUDED! Emergency Tube/Tent Shelter: Easy-to-use and reusable tube tent that can protect you from the elements and under the right circumstances can save your life. Made of high-quality, fire-retardant materials you can depend on in the wild. This 8’ long tent can fit two adults.

INCLUDED! Two Emergency Ponchos: These must-have ponchos can help protect you from rainy or windy weather. Pocket-sized, lightweight, reusable and one size fits most. Emergencies are stressful enough without being soaked to the bone in a downpour! You may even find a special use for the zip lock bag it comes in.

INCLUDED! Two Body Heat Retaining Emergency Reflective Sleeping Bags/Blankets: These waterproof emergency sleeping bags are compact and designed to prevent hypothermia. You will be glad you have them if you have to bug out of your home unexpectedly, or get stranded in your car somewhere. They retain up to 80 percent of body heat, which can save your life if you are ever without heat or shelter, yet they’re small enough to carry in your pocket.

INCLUDED! Five-in-One Maximum Duty Survival Whistle: This little survival gem contains a compass, a storage compartment for matches, a reflective mirror for signaling, a flint fire-starter and a super-shrill whistle. I love the fact that it comes with a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck for added security and peace of mind.

INCLUDED! Stainless Steel Combination Camper’s Multi-Function Tool: You won’t believe all the gizmos this gadget has – it would do James Bond credit! A multi-function tool with both short and long blades, and can also serve as pliers, wire cutter, wire crimper, small/ large slotted screwdriver as well as a Phillips head screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, fishhook remover, ruler, file, and – more than 13 functions in one handy tool! Includes tactical protective storage sheath with belt loop.

INCLUDED! Two Body Warmers: Cold hands or feet can hamper both mobility and morale! These chemically activated heating pads are must-have for emergency situations. Up to 18 hours of pure heat per pack of “little hotties”!

INCLUDED! Emergency First Aid Kit: A high-quality 50-plus-piece emergency travel first aid kit. This all-in-one kit comes with numerous bandages, first aid guide, aspirin, ibuprofen, extra-strength non-aspirin tablets, exam quality vinyl gloves, butterfly wound closures, antibiotic ointment packs and much more.

INCLUDED! Plenty of High-Quality Emergency Rations: Gaining access to nutrition when on the go and you are not in a position to cook meals is a must. Each E-Pack contains a generous portion of ultra high calorie emergency rations to tide you over. These travel food bars are
the result of sophisticated nutrition science and packaged with essential vitamins, have a five- year shelf life, and are great to eat, sell or trade. United States Coast Guard approved. I have personally taste-tested these bars for palatability. They will get you through in a pinch.

INCLUDED! 20 High-Quality Water Purification Tablets: Each table purifies 1 LITER of water. Don’t lose track of these little survival jewels. They will be impossible to get once an emergency situation begins. Each tablet disinfects one liter of unsanitary water. Great for trading if you have secured a reliable supply of potable water. Shelf life, five years.

INCLUDED! 24 Water Pouches - 4oz: You can only last 72 without water. And these ingenius pouches will give you 4 gallons of water in total. Plus they are sealed tight so they won't burst and they're good for 5 years!

NEW! AM/FM Radio: This little radio can be a life saver and could be your only connection to the outside world. It comes with batteries so you'll be ready to turn it on at a moment's notice.

NEW! Built In Emergency Ribbon: Our backpack is camouflage so if you don't want to be noticed, you don't have to be. But you may find yourself in a position where you want to be seen. So each backpack has a bright orange emergency ribbon that is sewn in and can drape outside your pack so you're easy to spot for emergency pick up. It's all about having options.

NEW! Leather Work Gloves: ​The last thing you need to deal with is an open wound on your hands. It can happen in an instant. Whether from a fallen tree, broken glass or something else. So we've included these tough as nails gloves to keep your hands protected.

NEW! Safety Goggles: Protect your eyes from dust and debris with safety goggles that weigh next to nothing. These things are so light while still giving you maximum protection.

Seriously, you need a pack like this around the house and on the roadYou can’t mess this one up. ​

Other key items for survival and comfort I’ve made sure will be in your Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack:

  • Several packages of pocket tissue plus a roll or two of toilet paper
  • One emergency candle
  • One emergency bright stick
  • Infectious waste bag for human waste or other noxious materials
  • Check
    One note pad
  • Check
    One standard No. 2 pencils
  • Check
    Two filter masks, wrapped. These type N95 masks are efficient in filtering particles as small as 0.3 microns, including dust mites, pollen, mold spores, animal dander, aerosol sprays, and pathogens. The mask meets or exceeds CDC standards to help prevent the spread of the influenza virus, including H1N1 and the Avian flu.
  • Check
    Waterproof matches. They’re a small part of the overall kit, but these little wonders can save your life. We soaked ‘em in the kitchen sink and they still fired right up! Just wipe the water off the strike panel. Ours lit on the first attempt. For emergency kindling, use a small amount of the toilet paper.
  • Check
    One pair of tough-as-nails work gloves.
  • Check
    Two twelve-hour light-sticks, yellow, non-toxic, weather proof, will not attract insects.
  • Check
    One rip-stop camo backpack
  • Check
    Two 1-Liter collapsible water carrier with drinking straws.
  • Check
    50 foot rope made of super sturdy material that won’t rot or fray.
  • Check
    One deck standard playing cards in case you make it to safety but have nothing to do (even better if you remember the inspirational lyrics to the Tex Ritter classic, “Deck of Cards”).
  • Check
    Items of comparable quality, utility and value should an unanticipated change in suppliers or product selection beyond our control become necessary.

But I am not done yet! If you are among the first 50 people to order my Total Home Evacuation and Barter Kit (EPACK), you will get a very, very nice bonus for acting so quickly:


($40 Value - Your's FREE!)

A dozen survival gems in one handy container! Survivalists like cable tv’s Bear Grylls would give their pinky toe to have one of these when hiking their way out of the wilderness. Included:

  • Waterproof matches.
  • Circle
    5-in-1 survival whistle
  • Circle
    Sewing kit that comes with scissors
  • Circle
    4oz water pouch
  • Circle
    Emergency survival blanket
  • 400 calorie food bar
  • Air activated body warmer
  • Multi function knife
  • Emergency poncho
  • Circle
    Emergency bright stick
  • Circle
    Hand operated flashlight (never needs batteries)

And the whole deal fits neatly in the glove box of any family car!

As you can see, my Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack (EPACK) is extremely well thought through. It has only commonsense items you should have at your fingertips no matter what. I’ve thought all this through for you and gotten great prices that allow me to offer you a FULLY-LOADED E-PACK for a song! More details coming up.

Now you could easily take this list over to your favorite discount store and try to put together this kit on your own. In fact that’s a much better option than throwing this letter away
and simply hoping for the best when the you-know-what hits the fan, just like most of the “sheeple” in this country will do.

You don’t have to buy a darn thing here. Just take the list of items I am providing in this briefing and try your own scavenger hunt. It is far more important that you get this item done than where you buy it.

The chances for national chaos are very significant and are going to get worse as the government’s finances continue to collapse. I just want you to be ready for any mess and enjoy the peace of mind that I do in knowing that my family’s bases are reasonably well covered.

Get These Must-Have Items Under Your Direct Control Now, While You Still Can

Having put the E-PACK kit together myself, I can tell you you’ll never find all these items under one roof. You’d probably have to devote a full weekend running from the discount store to the home center to the close-out joint to the sporting goods outlet. Chances are you still wouldn’t come up the complete set of high quality items I’ve assembled for you here.

And if that’s what you want to do, I’m totally good with that – you don’t have to spend a dime here with me today!

But if you don’t have the time for that running around, or if you honestly admit you’ll probably never get around to it, you can relax since I’ve done all the work as a service to you, one of my highly valued subscribers.

And you’d discover something else pretty quickly. In order to serve my loyal and devoted readers, I’ve obtained all these items in bulk at wholesale prices. And that’s only after I ran my staff ragged driving hard bargains to obtain quality items at rock-bottom prices. If you try to replicate this kit on your own, you’ll be paying retail, in addition to doing the work yourself.

But that’s not all.

Every Order Receives The Manuals and Reports 

Below Absolutely FREE!

There’s much, much more value here – additional items you will not find anywhere else but from Independent Living! Because included with your first Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack, you ALSO get a substantial library of emergency preparedness and response reports.

  • Build Your Own Panic Room for Under $500  $25 Value
  • Slash Your Grocery Bills in Half $32 Value
  • The Prepared American's All-Risks Water Supply Assessment and Family Water Security Mega Manual for Public, Community and Private Water Users Alike $52 Value
  • Retirement Off-Grid Business Opportunities $37 Value
  • Hide It So They Can't Find It: 47 Hiding Places In Your Home That Thieves and Looters Will Never Uncover $32 Value
  • Safe at Home, No Matter What: 17 Ways to Make Your Home a Fortress $30 Value
  • Establish Your Personal Prescription Drug Back-Up Supply Without Breaking the Law $50 Value

Total Bonus Value: $258
You Pay: $0

These key documents – by themselves worth $258 at their original retail prices – tell you everything you need to know about making preparations for coping with an emergency situation. No guesswork. No hassles. No wasted time.

And totally FREE to you as value added bonuses. My way of thanking and rewarding you for taking this important step and for trusting me to be your guide.

I take that role very seriously. And I always do so by assessing what my personal needs are. I personally use what I sell. And design it for me, my loved ones and extended family members.

Which is just a fancy way of saying that we’ve thought through all your needs for an emergency. All you have to do is jump in your car and go. And if you stay put, my Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack is ideal for trading, or selling. It is good to go either way.

Again, taken together, the total value of my E-PACK system is something well north of $500. And while you could go out and buy many of the items I’ve listed for you here today, I have taken important steps to ensure the quality of the contents of the E-PACK system.

I Have E-PACKS in Stock, But Don’t Expect Them to Last Due to High Demand

I currently have a limited number of Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Packs in stock right now. Your kit (including ALL of the FREE valuable reports that come with it) is ready to ship immediately. In fact I guarantee that your pack will ship out within 72 hours of receipt of your order (weekends and holidays excluded) or shipping is free!

(I have another way you can get free shipping – read on!)

Let me say it again: My entire E-PACK total preparation system, including the great FREE BONUS REPORTS, is valued at $537.69.

My price to you for one Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack is just $197.00 plus shipping. And that INCLUDES THE GREAT FREE REPORTS LISTED ABOVE.

E-PACK pack comes to you stuffed to the brim... loaded up with the very necessities of life – and even a few well chosen ‘creature comforts’ to help you (literally) weather any storm, whether an Act of God or some type of man-made disaster.

Each E-PACK weighs in at under 20 pounds... the limit of what we felt we could do and still keep the pack portable even by a smaller adult who might also be carrying a second bulky item (say a knapsack of spare clothing).

But I realize you may also be thinking of the needs of additional family members in other cities or households. You may wish to have a back-up E-PACK for your car, truck, vacation home or office (remember that many of the displaced victims of the 9/11 attacks were in their offices when the need struck to get out fast).

Buy More Than One E-PACK For Your Family and Get FREE Shipping! Here’s How

So if you’d like to double your protection, or extend the safety net to loved ones with additional E-PACKS, I’ll ship all your units for free.

That’s right – simply order two or more E-PACKS and you pay NOTHING for shipping. (Due to inventory constraints, orders for five or more E-PACKS may be delayed so we can assure that every subscriber gets at least one pack right away. Thanks for understanding! But anticipating strong demand, we are prepared to ship up to four E-PACKS per order at the present time, which not only saves you on shipping, but protects you against any price increases that may be passed along by the many suppliers we rely on to be able to bring you this unique and comprehensive pack.)


pick up three I'll even knock 

20% off your third E-PACK...

And remember, the first 50 E-PACKs come with a FREE Mini E-PACK.

These E-PACK kits could be priceless in an emergency. And might well save the life of someone you care about, too. The uses of multiple E-PACKs include:

  • Put an E-PACK in your spouse’s car and anyone else in your family who drives.
  • College students who attend school out of state.
  • Discretely deploy a couple of E-PACKs to your favorite getaway at the beach, mountains or elsewhere.
  • Give to close friends, business associates or others you care about.

Right Now You Have
Two Choices In Front Of You...

You can take everything I've given you above and spend your time on what can only be described as a massive scavenger hunt. Word to the wise, you'll want to go to the actual suppliers for the best savings. You still won't beat my "buy-in-bulk" discount. But with time, you'll be able to build your own Evacuation System. That's choice #1.

Your second choice is to let me send you the system that I put together for you and use for my own family. You don't have to go on any scavenger hunt or reach out to suppliers. I've already done that for you! 

Keep reading and let me show you everything you'll get...

YES Lee! Please Send My Total Home Evacuation Pack and Barter System Right Away!

Below are three very good options for you. Please choose the option that's best for your situation and we will rush your system out immediately.

Option 1: The Basics 

This is the basic pack that everyone should have on hand at ALL times. This is a very good option.

$197 plus shipping

  • One E-PACK
  • One Mini E-PACK (First 50 Only)
  • All Reports and Manuals ($258 Value)
  • FREE Shipping

$197 plus shipping

>> Option 2: The Protector (Most Popular!)

With option two you get TWO Evacuation Systems and FREE shipping. Keep one pack at home and the other in your car. Or give one as a gift to your son, daughter or grandchild. This is our most popular option.

$394 plus shipping

  • Two E-PACK Systems
  • Two Mini E-PACKs (First 50 Only)
  • All Reports and Manuals ($258 Value)
  • ​FREE Shipping

>>> Option 3: Ready for Anything (Save 20% For a LIMITED Time Only!)

Option three is my very best option. You will receive THREE packs, the mini e-pack, free shipping and I'll even knock 20% off your third pack. But I can only offer this discount for a limited time. This option happens to be my personal set up. I keep one pack at home, one in my truck and the other in my wife's car. 

You Pay $549 plus shipping

  • Three E-PACK Systems
  • Three Mini E-PACKs (First 50 Only)
  • All Reports and Manuals ($258 Value)
  • ​FREE Shipping

It’s your decision now. All you need do is get started, which is why I am writing you now. Too many people are imitating the ostrich – with their heads firmly planted in the sand, oblivious to the many looming threats that could force you, me, or any of our friends and loved ones to have to evacuate our homes on a moments’ notice, or to shelter in place for days on end without access to the resources we too easily take for granted – grocery stores, public utilities, transportation, or working sanitation.

I’ve assembled the Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack to protect myself and my loved ones during these very challenging times. I’ve used my supply contacts to order these exact same supplies in bulk and pass the savings on to my cherished readers. Yes, you get every single item in the exact same quantities as I’ve prepared for immediate family members and myself.

Please order today, to avoid disappointment and take advantage of the current low price. Frankly, I know many people would likely pay several times my current asking price when the you-know-what hits the fan and the clock strikes midnight.

Let me stress that even two days ahead of Hurricane Sandy making landfall in 2012, emergency supplies were wiped out for hundreds of miles around, even well inland. Thinking that you can wait and acquire these life-essential supplies at the last moment is unwise, to say the least.

You cannot wait until panic strikes before acting to prepare yourself. Preparation, by definition, means acting in advance.

So please, act now – right now.

Lee Bellinger

P.S. You know you need to make emergency preparations right now, so please do take advantage of this opportunity. If you choose not to, at least please go through the entire list of emergency items you need and buy them yourself. Do not be caught unprepared for all the social chaos and other threats to security and safety. For just $197, you have a little insurance policy should any kind of crisis hit.

My Total Home Evacuation and Emergency Barter Pack is no substitute for ‘normalcy.’ But it is a chance to fortify your body with clean water and several hundred calories of high energy food, to have desirable items to sell, barter or trade in times of need, and just maybe to live another day. I’m buying these packs out of my own pocket for my closest friends and loved ones. I hope and trust you’ll do the same – if not for others, at the very least for yourself. Act today, please!

ORDER NOW. Supplies are limited. A single E-PACK kit (complete with GREAT reports) costs a mere $197 + $20 shipping and handling. AND TO GET FREE SHIPPING, YOU SIMPLY ORDER MORE THAN ONE UNIT!

Time is of the essence. Order now. Don’t wait for events to leave you unprepared. Preparation means action in advance. And that moment is now.