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So Effective That NASA Uses it to Keep Astronauts Healthy

But is completely unknown to most people.

Do you suffer from allergies, respiratory infection,
or issues with your immune system?

Have you ever had a cut or scrape?

Wait. What?

Homemade Colloidal Silver

Consider one vital fact: Absolutely nothing in the past one-hundred years of medicine has more history, laboratory testing, and testimonials as a safe alternative to antibiotics and anti-virals than the remedy I want to tell you about here – COLLOIDAL SILVER.

NASA uses colloidal silver to purify water and keep astronauts healthy. In fact, many experts hail colloidal silver as nothing short of a miracle. It’s capable of curing infections, stopping viruses and germs cold (even lethal anthrax spores), healing wounds, even purifying drinking water. And boosting your immune system.

Silver solutions have been used in the U.S. space program since the Apollo era. NASA’s own website states flat out:

“When [silver] ions encounter bacteria and algae, they destroy them...”

I looked deeper and uncovered this incontrovertible statement in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, the professional journal of the American Society for Microbiology, appearing on the website of the U.S. National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health –

“The bactericidal effects of silver have been known since the mid-1800s.”

The same elite-level scientific article goes on –

“In water, at concentrations sufficient for bactericidal activity, silver does not impart taste, color, or odor and has no apparent detrimental effects on mammalian cells.”

So there really is no doubt about the safety and effectiveness of silver as a natural germicide.

So why is it that Colloidal Silver is still under-utilized in general medicine? I have my theories — but that's not what I want to focus on today...

Today, I want you to know the whole truth about the amazing benefits of Colloidal Silver.

I’ve taken extraordinary steps to put together this research on colloidal silver. Everything you would ever need or want to know if PACKED into over 100 pages of my Colloidal Silver Mega-Manual (THIRD EDITION).

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For hundreds of years, silver’s incredible power to kill germs and stop disease has been known throughout the world. In fact, it’s been used since long before anyone knew what a germ was!

For hundreds of years, silver’s incredible power to kill germs and stop disease has been known throughout the world. In fact, it’s been used since long before anyone knew what a germ was!

Scientists put silver dimes in Petri dishes to sterilize them.

Silver nitrate was required for years in newborn babies’ eyes in most states to stop blindness caused by common diseases.

Until the advent of penicillin and other antibiotics, finely ground silver suspended in water (the forerunner of modern colloidal silver) was considered the best treatment for burns, fungus, infections, and disease.

When NASA scientists needed a compact, safe, reliable, highly efficient water purification system to send into space with U.S. astronauts, they turned to silver ionization generators.

Look, if silver is embraced by NASA and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point – world leaders in technology and innovation, and highly experienced at keeping human beings alive and very well in extreme conditions – that’s a pretty persuasive argument!

Put another way, these benefits have been known for decades. In a 1978 Science Digest article, “Our Mightiest Germ Fighter,” one expert said,

“Silver is emerging as a wonder of modern medicine. An antibiotic kills perhaps half a dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop. Moreover, silver is virtually nontoxic.”

“Highly Effective... No Evident Negative Effects”

Dr Carl Moyer

The same article reported on research by Dr. Carl Moyer. Moyer was the Chairman of Washington State University’s Department of Surgery. There they found a colloidal silver salve to be the most effective treatment for severe burns. And it was a treatment with no evident negative effects.

And as a totally natural remedy, colloidal silver is superior even to prescription antibiotics, like penicillin, ampicillin, etc. Those drugs kill harmful AND BENEFICIAL bacteria. Especially in your stomach and bowels. That’s why so many people experience intense stomach pain when taking these powerful drugs.

And of course antibiotics’ dangerous interactions with other medicines and other harmful side effects are well known. A recent Wall Street Journal article confirms what I have been telling my subscribers for years:

“Silver, in the form of dissolved ions, fights microorganisms by interfering with processes such as how they breathe and reproduce. Tests show that silver ions kill microorganisms ranging from harmful strains of E. coli that cause food-borne diseases to the staphylococcus bacteria responsible for serious infections.”

With food poisoning spreading through our food supply in products like cantaloupes, spinach, and even ground beef, you really need to have this option readily at hand. After all, any one of us could be just one meal away from urgently needing it.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of colloidal silver users report no side effects at all. The Association for Colloidal Research says flat out:

“Medical journal reports and documented studies spanning 100 years indicate no known side effects from oral or I.V. administration of properly manufactured colloidal silver in animal or human testing.”

Despite a cloak of official secrecy and a near-total media blackout about the benefits of colloidal silver, many large corporations are using silver for public sanitation purposes. Including major airlines.

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No matter your decision, please do take extreme care as you move forward; both for the health of you, and your family. And good luck to us all!

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Lee Bellinger

Founder and Publisher, Independent Living

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