My Chilling Findings on Emergency Exercise “EarthEX2017...”

Why Spooked Rich Elites Are Spending Big Bucks to Ride Out This “Black Sky” Scenario.


This is a CODE-RED, time-sensitive warning. My urgent research findings below could save your life.

None of this is on the Internet – far too sensitive for that -- this is your copy and for your eyes only....so please keep it close to you.

Shortly you get my biggest SHOCK FINDINGs....the true inside scoop on what’s REALLY behind EARTHEX2017 Global Emergency Exercise.....Codenamed “Black Sky.”

The official Black Sky scenario is bad enough....it’s touted as a global-scale power/water grid failure exercise -- to cope with growing “civilization-level” threats.

EXPERTS: U.S. Technology “Eco-System” Crash Threatens Millions

Unofficially, EARTHEX2017 is about massive social breakdown....a high threat potential -- due to “modern society’s” near total dependence on VERY fragile grid technologies -- all untested by time, events and attacks.

We are no more than three hacks away or one solar flare or one crude EMP weapon hit from the Internet collapsing -- and with it banking and communication and electricity.

More and more elites now admit how easily society could fall apart if major technologies fail for any reason.

Recently, 206 experts from 24 countries and dozens of states met at a DC Summit -- on how to prepare for a Black Sky global web failure. Details from this grim gathering are must reading.

COMING UP: The ugly and brutish truth behind EARTHEX2017. Found nowhere else. But there’s a BIG THING you need to know -- something that is both telling and alarming....

....there’s a really mind-blowing facet of my research. Now even leftwing tech billionaires are throwing bales of greenbacks at riding out Black-Sky level social chaos.

And some of them have very good reason to know something bad is up.

Why Nervous Tech Moguls Are Buying “Apocalypse Insurance”

Such as billionaire George Soros. He’s a major funder of extreme and violent left-wing street thugs. To the point that 100,000 Americans have signed a White House petition to declare Soros a terrorist.

Soros has organized millions of angry leftists. These include the Antifa thugs who now routinely bash Trump supporters with clubs, masks and violence.

They are a growing vanguard of marauders and malcontents. They hate everything our country stands for.

Hi, Lee Bellinger here.

Look, I may not like America’s rich elite. But it’s worth paying attention when this crowd gets scared -- and it’s especially noteworthy when they’re scared enough to embrace survivalism.

You’ve probably sensed brewing social chaos too -- or you wouldn’t be reading this.​

You stand vindicated for thinking ahead – so get this....

Silicon Valley Tech Giants Fear Full-Scale Breakdown of Internet

Today spooked elites are frantically mega-prepping....making eyebrowraising big spends on wealthy-man bunkers....using third parties to obtain state-size secret ranches...hiring pilots and their immediate families to ferry them to clandestine secure destinations.

Take co-founder of the Internet business forum Linked-In, Reid Hoffman. Hoffman is not an Advanced Freedom Club kind of guy.

Yet Hoffman’s recent comments about rich preppers spending big bucks seems straight out of the Advanced Freedom Club.​

Linked-In’s Hoffman says more than half of the billionaires in Silicon Valley have already bought “apocalypse insurance.”

These Elites Don’t Plan to Share “Your” Fate

Uber-rich people buying upscale bunkers in big numbers gets my absolute total attention. It’s important -- telling us something we dare not shirk from.

Look, historically self-made rich elites are in the know. This breed of survivor made their wealth with cat-like reflexes – and all in a harsh and demanding world.

Give the Devil his due: They wouldn’t be rich elites if they didn’t know how to side-step life’s landmines.

This is history in the making....wealthy elites know when to cut their losses...and how to come out ahead no matter what.

That’s why plush survival bunkers sell faster now than Wal-Mart batteries in a hurricane scare.

Other huge land-holders include mega-wealthy John Malone (2.2 million acres), Ted Turner 2 million acres and Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, who’s discreetly snatched up huge areas of Texas and 225,000 more acres in Montana.

Plush Luxury Bunkers Are Going Fast to Billionaire Survivalists

Note lots of big-ticket property sales in Montana....and building chic condos inside old missile silos. And why underground luxury bunker builders like Vivo are thriving.

So what do the wealthy know that everyone else doesn’t?

Well, that’s the point of EarthEX2017’s BLACK SKY exercise...fast changing interdependent technology is civilization’s glue....it keeps power, food and water flowing to U.S. population centers.

The powers that be know cascading coast-to-coast collapse of basic human services is a real threat.

Not long ago I was the voice in the wilderness on smart survivalism – even ridiculed....but now warning signs of rising civil unrest are making news.

No one ridicules my findings at the moment.

Take the leftist New Yorker magazine It’s January article “Survival of the Richest – Why Some of America’s Wealthiest people are prepping for disaster.”

Massive Threats to U.S. Technology Grids Scare Leftists Now Too

Top executive elites such as former Facebook executive Antonio Martinez confirm what I've been telling members all along:

“ ...people who are particularly attuned to the levers by which society actually works understand that we are skating on really thin cultural ice right now..”

  • A National Geographic Channel survey finds that 40% of Americans have more confidence in stocking up on supplies than they do in their own 401Ks.

  • A major financial analyst told the New Yorker “Anyone who’s in this community knows people who are worried that America is headed for something like the Russian Revolution...”
  • Another super wealthy grad of Massachusetts Institute of Technology told the New Yorker:

“The people who’ve been the best at reading the tea leaves – the ones with the most resources, because that’s how they made their money – are now the ones most prepared to pull the rip cord and jump out of the plane...”

What matters now is that you weather the coming storm – just as I have done for my own family.

Let’s step back here. Most people see only the surface of modern society – not what holds it together.

They expect all the clean water they want at the turn of a tap.

They are addicted to mindless instant communication and constant distraction.

They think gasoline just magically comes out of local gas pumps.

Why EARTHEX2017 Experts See Social Stability Hanging By a Thread

That plentiful food is normal and that darkness now becomes light at the touch of a switch...

And that removing predatory thugs rampaging two doors down is as simple as making a 911 call.

EARTHEX2017 exists because what we call social order is an illusion...a mere surface perception of reality.

Blind faith in our vulnerable Internet-driven economy is hubris on steroids.

The web and all the key functions it controls now makes our economic “eco-system” a big, fat stupid target. America’s enemies want to throw us back to the Stone Age.

Just remember, it’s not just one trendy Internet technology we depend on to survive as a species now – it’s a weird and impossible-to-keep up with mixture of technologies.

No one understands the big picture....how it fits together – that means all our modern conveniences could fall apart in cascading failures.

We are completely dependent on a high-tech ecosystem – a totally artificial construct -- one that waters and powers millions of homes. And sustains checks, payments and access to cash.

There is no backup -- just chaos and death if it fails for any reason.

Think about fast changing technology like a penny. You double a penny every day for just one month and you become a millionaire.

We Can Be Thrown Back to the Stone Age Without Warning or Notice

That’s why in this Brave New World of complete technology dependence – it’s already too complicated for any one party to even understand how it’s all patched together – much less prevent its inevitable breakdown.

That’s why knowing about EARTHEX2017 matters to you. Everything you depend on could suddenly fail all at once -- and across wide areas of the country.

Here’s the thing: Complete technology dependence has been mushrooming. Yet self-reliance skills are shrinking faster than free speech. It doesn’t take a slide-rule to foresee that massive chaos will follow infrastructure failure.

Picture what happens if millions upon millions of cell-phone addicted dunderheads suddenly get disconnected from their devices – no internet – and it goes on for weeks or months...

....the streets would be filled with mentally helpless, dazed, confused and finally angry people. It would be a predator’s dream come true.

Technology Hubris is America’s Achilles Heel

Let’s look at what happens when blind faith in untested critical technology collides with reality.

The once ultra-modern Titanic sank because all assumptions about her then impressive “unsinkable” technology were flat wrong. But the Titanic’s comeuppance was just about one ship, not an entire civilization.

OKAY, I am sorting through some unhappy subjects here....but take a deep breath and relax. I don’t raise warning flags without giving you practical ideas on what to do about it.

So first, know this: Refuge from rising social chaos is not just for the wealthy and connected.

Many long-time Advanced Freedom Club members live on a fixed income. If that is the case, I have a good plan of action for you. ​

Much of what you need to fortify your safety is in this CODE RED ALERT BRIEFING.

You Don’t Get Left Behind – Not on My Watch

Elsewhere inside the private member's area of the Advanced Freedom Club I offer you excellent FREE resources.....such as instructional videos on how to fortify your home with a SAFE ROOM.

And how to build your own advanced water purification system....and another video on how you and some friends can build your very own EMPresistant solar generator, using local materials. All that is FREE.

Now let me get back on point about “EarthEX2017.” To sum it up: Both the authorities and the rich elite see massive social chaos coming at us. They are “boarding up” to weather civilization-scale social chaos.

Look, I am making big claims here. You are right to seek proof – plus you need and deserve to know a little more about my track-record on making big predictions....I promise to keep this very short.

There is no magic to seeing future events. No crystal balls or squinting sideways at sunsets is involved!

This, My New Prediction....Warns of an Attack Against You in Your Home


It’s all about paying very close attention to red flags. Most of my readers are busy tending to their families -- they don’t invest 5 hours a day like I do....sifting through news and ferreting out trends.

Hard work and aggressive learning trump everything else when I make an important forecast.

For example, my monthly intelligence advisory Independent Living warned about left-wing nuts being egged on to kill Trump supporters. ​

Talk about a warning sign of the social chaos to come -- if even only part of the EARTHEX2017 scenario comes to pass!

My Republican assassination alert hit the nation’s mailboxes just 10 days before a Bernie Sanders “voter” opened fire on GOP Members of Congress playing softball.

Here’s exactly what subscribers saw before it happened...

“I stand by my prediction that unless the left are called on this, all this left-wing
thuggery will soon escalate to direct political assassination of pro-Trump members of Congress.”

The warning signs that you need a plan to deal with social chaos are endless....a recent USA Today headline “Ambush-Style Killings of Police Up 167%”. And that’s just a tiny fraction of what to expect from Black Lives Matter and other extreme leftist groups if society breaks down.

Political insanity is sweeping the nation. As your family’s protector, please do go through some fundamentals in your mind....

  • “Have I done enough to shield my household from marauding angry thugs?”

  •  “Can my family weather a national or local medical epidemic, a terrorist event, or massive social upheaval in the communities where my family members work, live, commute, or go to school?”

  • “Have I done enough given the recent dry run by North Korea (which smuggled electromagnetic pulse-capable missile launchers — SA-2s — as far as the Panama Canal while en route to Cuba)? An EMP attack that the National Academy of Sciences, the National Geographic Society and the Science Times says would have taken down the
    entire U.S. power grid for months?”

  • “Do I have a PLAN B be to get meds for my family no matter what? Do I have the connections in place to secure already hard-to-get life-saving drugs if someone who depends on me develops a life-threatening illness during a crisis, or even a routine
    prescription drug shortage?”

Brace Yourself for A Roller-Coaster Ride Through Hell

Notice that pretty much all pollsters and TV experts missed Donald Trump’s “surprise” victory. But not the Advanced Freedom Club and Independent Living.

We forecast Trump's victory to members 7 months out – with no guesswork or wishful thinking.

I spelled out exactly how he would do it (see “2016: The Year of “White Riot,” April 2016)... predicted that any Trump surprise win would ignite a brutal civil war...a vicious social mayhem we’ve never seen.

You can almost smell it in the air. Eight years of calculated decisions and bad policy are catching up to America. We face global war, race war, urban and suburban mayhem, left-wing violence, insurmountable public debt, and lots more crises.

It’s as though all the bad decisions this country has made over the last three decades are coming home to roost at once.

Frankly, the country is packed with a whole lot of people who are dangerously dependent on government handouts.

And this crowd seems angry. Hostile to success – and a deep sense of entitlement to what others own and control.

Including 62 million Hillary and Bernie Sanders fanatics—most very sore losers – and completely hostile to any view that’s not their own.

You need to ask yourself an honest, politically incorrect question:

What happens if Trump gets removed from power and we are once again at
the total mercy of the political class and all these fanatics?

These are worrisome possibilities outside of our control. But we can step up for our loved ones and prepare.

That’s what I want for you. I want you to have this street-savvy usable wisdom...because it’s going to help you make smart moves with your money, your home, your assets, and your personal life -- and you also sleep like a baby at night.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the Maoist-like assault against old Confederate war memorials.

It’s all part of a larger pattern....curtailing speech....altering history...escalating demands.... orchestrated political violence.

Meet the Uncrowned King of Social Chaos

As I said, escalating demands -- Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter insist that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson be banned from the classroom and the public square.

Mr. Sharpton has long agitated racial violence — yet is anointed by the media as a civil rights activist.

At risk of inviting violence, it is Mr. Sharpton who has blood on his hands.

Some “lost” history concerning Mr. Sharpton...local merchants in cities like New York and Chicago know just how dangerous he is....and antiSemitic too.

Seven dead employees of Freddie’s Fashion Mart....after Mr. Sharpton publicly branded a merchant as a “white interloper.” In Harlem and Crown Heights – more shops burned and people hurt by those taking their marching orders from Mr. Sharpton.

Mr. Sharpton has since “reinvented” himself...he’s gone national – using slick gimmickry and the complicity of his media friends.

I’ve been publishing non-stop for 29 years now -- and have never seen such a high potential for massive national upheaval.

Big things are coming...the rich think so...the government thinks so....and I for a change agree with them. I want to get you on the right page.

Dependence on Current Emergency Planning is a Lethal Leap of Faith

It’s no secret I don’t share the public’s blind faith in government emergency planners – or the values of people who refuse to accept reality.

Let’s talk about ignoring red flags and denial about social upheaval.

And even grant to thinking skeptics that there is “only” a 50-50 chance of the Dark Sky Scenario coming true -- or even a one-in-three chance or a one-in-five chance.

Would you board an airliner with a 50-50% chance of crashing? Or a one-in-three possibility of catastrophe? Or even a 1-in-ten chance of killing you?

I believe it is criminally negligent to dismiss such high odds of social chaos. Sure, some of my findings are “gloomy.” They can even make people in denial uncomfortable.

Reality isn’t for everyone...but accepting it is great for your peace of mind. And the good news is you don’t need to go overboard to increase your margins of safety.

Reality Isn’t for Everyone – So Be Ready to Steer Clear of These People in a Crisis

Remember, your mental state always matters more than “just money” when crisis strikes.

I say embrace simplicity -- because it works and is your best safety move.

Here’s part of what’s turned left-wing elitists and billionaires into high-end preppers... they pay attention.

At a recent global summit on Capitol Hill, Avi Schnurr gave a disturbing talk called “Historical, civilization-level risks in times in rapid transition.”

It was the Eighth Annual World Summit on Infrastructure Security.... Schnurr said:

“The rapidly growing interconnection and interdependency of our critical infrastructures – at nearly every level – has led to increased efficiencies and expanded economic growth. On the other hand, these interdependencies now make it possible cascading failures of multiple infrastructures an ever increasing concern.”

So all this official “talk” is a good thing, right?

Lots of government agencies and “Non-Governmental Organizations” making plans to rescue you and me – and we can count on them if expected attacks against Internet-controlled power and water grids shutter America from coast to coast.

Well, NO.

Author of “Lights On” -- Jeffery Yago -- says Black Sky exercises are all about the continuity of bureaucrats’ and their regulatory, enforcement and taxing powers....but in no way is this about defending the people.

And that’s the rub....rich elitists don’t buy fairy tales...they know not to rely on EARTHEX2017 preparation exercises to safeguard their interests.

Don’t Worry: You Now Have a Secret Weapon of Your Own.

I’ve developed a cheap insurance policy of my own. No corporate jets to exotic foreign compounds... or moving my office into an old ICBM missile silo... or even buying the other half of Montana.

It’s called The Social Chaos Survival Guide -- and it’s for people like us....who understand the importance of taking common-sense, modest and inexpensive precautions TODAY – all because you don’t want to become a statistic later.

Social Chaos Survival Guide is an information-packed compendium of critical information and strategies -- to cope with widespread social chaos....this “HOW-TO” manual is designed for thinking Americans...

...people seeking sensible, cost-effective alternatives to ensuring their safety in an “every-man-for-himself” scenario of national emergency.

At Last: Social Upheaval Insurance That’s Realistic and Cheap

Make no mistake, the planners of EARTHEX2017 “Dark Sky” exercises project large numbers of casualties – especially among urban dwellers trapped in the early first stages of national panic.

I specifically designed this manual to make modest common-sense steps to be prepared for what the masses think is “unthinkable.”

Even with the “best-case” government scenario forecasting massive social pandemonium in these Dark Sky exercises, The Social Chaos Survival Guide is the very best insurance policy that money can buy.

If you read it carefully and plan accordingly, it will prepare you to deal with most Dark Sky Exercise scenarios. There are LOTS of potential triggers for massive social chaos -- and this manual gives you a real cost-effective plan to ride it out safely.

The Social Chaos Survival Guide lays out a comprehensive, doable and financially sensible plan. It puts you many steps ahead to survive any social emergency.

At Last! A Tested System That Armors All Aspects of Your Life

Look, I totally get that my system to exempt your family from social chaos is not for everyone. But I have never been infected by the need to be all things to all people.

You walk away with smart, ahead-of-the-curve, practical approaches to the most vexing financial, medical, and privacy challenges we all face today.

That’s because my Social Chaos Survival Guide is built from the ground up for discreet and discerning individuals – like-minded people we need more of... savvy Americans who want to be able to “blend in” and be left untouched by social upheaval all around them.

I designed The Social Chaos Survival Guide to stand your ground in a crisis -- without attracting attention or danger to your family. Smart, discrete ideas -- it’s important to steer clear of angry mobs and emergency responders. You do not want be assaulted or detained in all the confusion.

Blending in to avoid attention -- while being ready for anything -- is a whole lot safer and more practical than abandoning your home and living in the woods, don’t you think?

Let tell you more about the critical MUST-KNOW subjects covered in this exhaustively researched manual. They include:

10 Key Warning Signs of Impending Martial Law

No amount of preparation will save you unless you train yourself to recognize the warning signs of impending martial law at least 48-72 hours before panic sets in among the general population. Once people start to overwhelm ATMs, supermarkets and pharmacies, you must be several steps ahead of them. The Social Chaos Survival Guide shows you how to steer clear of danger areas.

No Silver Coins for Barter? Here’s 25 Easily-Acquired Items You Can Hoard Now

You don’t necessarily have to bury a huge cache of silver coins in your back yard to weather trouble. It would certainly help to use silver in barter, but there are alternative items you can trade for in a national emergency. This section gives you a laundry list of
inexpensive, easily obtainable household items that would be in great demand in a barter situation.

Yes, this report tells you how to get coins without being ripped off, but these inexpensive items may be in even MORE demand than precious metals. It’s worth your time to read through this carefully.

Medical Basics for Times of National Emergency

I know there are lots of cheapie medical kits out there but frankly most are garbage. Useless to you in a real situation. This section of Social Chaos Survival Guide gives you the inside skinny on how to cope with medical service disruptions. A practical guide for real and greater medical self-reliance is a must read part of my manual.

10 of the Most Likely “Pearl Harbors” Our High Tech Society Faces Right Now

No society in all of global history has become so totally dependent on the internet as the United States. This section of Social Chaos Survival Guide walks you through 10 of the most likely Pearl Harbor scenarios to make yourself aware of.

Remember, just three short years before 9-11, my publication specifically warned about the coming attack against the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan. Anti-American fanatics want to “unplug” our technology as a form of social attack. Pay attention to and heed this list. It will guide you big-time in your thinking and planning.

Eight Simple Ways to Buck Mayhem Without Attracting Attention

Large segments of the U.S. population are conditioned to government handouts. Many will settle scores with those they see as the “oppressor class.” If social chaos breaks out, these people will expect you to give them what is yours. We’ve developed a critical 8 step program for protecting your family in ways that won’t draw attention or make you a target.

100 Steps to Great Self-Reliance While Staying in the Mainstream

As chairman of the Advanced Freedom Club and publisher of Independent Living, I have no intention of quitting my work or moving to the sticks. Social Chaos Survival Guide shows you how to be independent while staying in the mainstream. (And continue to enjoy all the conveniences of modern life.) Before rushing out and buying survival gear you should first read every page. This small investment of your time helps you form a truly outstanding emergency plan tailor-made for your family’s needs.

And more important, save you tens of thousands of dollars while adding genuine security to your homestead.

Special Report: 10 Simple But Key Steps to Total News Independence

I can’t stress this enough: When crisis hits America, the vast majority will be completely dependent on government-run news. There are other ways to understand on-the-ground situations too, such as getting a CB radio and listening in on truckers. Here’s what to do
TODAY to begin getting a true picture. VERY important in the event of an EMP-attack that takes down the power grid.

25 Basic Items Each Household Should Have

Ask any hurricane victim. Once public panic sets in your options to escape or get what you desperately need vanish like the morning mist. This section of Social Chaos Survival Guide provides you with a checklist of basic tools every household should have (even when
there is no emergency). Ignore this simple precaution at your own peril.

In addition to the vital life-saving tips covered above, the Social Chaos Survival Guide also includes vital, life-saving cost-effective guidance:

  • TO FLEE OR NOT TO FLEE – The pros and cons of hunkering down or evacuating your home.

  • The do’s and don’ts of safety deposit boxes – get this wrong at your own peril.

  • Easy-to-procure medicines you must stock up on today while you can.

  • REVEALED: The myth of benevolent government looking out for you in an emergency

  • Inside tips on how planning authorities compile lists of “troublemakers” to be scheduled for detention in the event civil liberties are suspended.

  • Crucial tips on plotting your all-important escape route

  • Secret government plans to issue “script” that makes your cashstash useless overnight. Know the coming signs of this happening – IMPORTANT

  • Why you should NEVER, NEVER deduct the cost of a safe deposit box on your taxes

  • Secret tricks for short-circuiting a hostile insurance company appraiser

What You Want. What You Need. And What You Deserve.

In my Social Chaos Survival Guide, I spell out in step-by-step detail...

  • perhaps the most essential survival skill of all – how to not only lock in, but actually increase the buying power of your retirement assets
  • how to discreetly secure your future access to affordable, topnotch medicine, far beyond what politically directed “insurance benefits” are rationed out to you
  • lower your personal and financial profile....keeping you one step ahead of our political overlords – the army of snoops, moochers, taxers, regulators, and slick legal operators who seek to undo the 2016 election, end free speech and assault right-thinking Americans

Revealed Here: A Totally Verboten Subject That Could Be Do-or-Die For Your Family.

In what I consider the most sensitive content of all, this one-of-a-kind blockbuster manual is the national go-to resource on a totally “verboten” subject.

It’s something they simply don’t teach anywhere else.

Namely, how to prepare yourself to function in what many at the pinnacles of state power deride as the “underground economy.”

An underground economy here in America?

Let me just stop here for a minute... I really need to explain this situation.

Yes. An underground economy already exists, and it is huge and growing. Because millions of people’s retirement assets have been decimated after the Obama years. Plus public employee pension systems all over the country are now on the verge of sudden collapse.

A Critical Skill Set Liberals Want to Criminalize. Get This One Done Now Before It Becomes Totally Illegal.

So Americans are increasingly embracing direct barter (privately trading services, skills and merchandise), as well as private transactions denominated in reliable alternative currencies -- such as precious metals. One of the reports I plan to send you includes my very best suggestions for starting your own “off-grid” businesses – no Internet needed.

Let’s just leave it like this for now....while the information I want to send you about America’s underground barter economy could be used to opt out of some lawful taxes, I do not advocate breaking any laws.

My motivation is to teach you how to get the things you need – in the event of a total collapse in social order or a bond market or pension debt crisis or unexpected war.

This Single Fact Could Save Your Family’s Bacon.

I’ve worked through the barter issue carefully. You won’t find anything resembling my practical how-to information on the topic anywhere else.

Here’s a preview of the forbidden knowledge you reap...

  • The private way to make a great deal – and an essential skill to develop now so you can keep functioning if the dollar crashes or the ATM network goes down.
  • All about the most timeless, most universal form of money – essential to any upscale barter kit.
  • Another item that will get especially expensive. It could be an excellent investment, will always be in demand, and can be used as barter... plus it’s readily available now in most any U.S. city or town, but sure to be scarce as hens’ teeth in a crisis.
  • 8 top websites for bartering goods and services, going WAY beyond eBay and Craigslist.
  • There’s another item you may want to obtain what has been used as a form of money in various underground micro-economies throughout the world ( including the U.S.). It’s easily obtained, fits in your pocket, and is sure to be in high demand by certain population segments in times of supply-chain disruptions.

Avoid Market Instability and Feather Your Nest Too.

My Social Chaos Survival Guide tells you everything you need to do to safely and efficiently diversify out of dollar-denominated assets.

  • How to secure safe, stable investments in business-friendly, property-rights-respecting, resource-rich countries – Do this while you still can.
  • How to safely buy and sell your precious metals discreetly. For now, this is legal -- with no government reporting -- if you follow my suggestions.
  • The easiest, most practical, and most cost-effective way to accumulate silver.
  • The most recognized, easily exchanged, relatively stable currencies... suitable for staying liquid without being tied to the dollar.
  • 3 precious metals besides gold and silver offering the greatest profit potential.

All of these steps are, of course, completely legal at this time.

It May Be Legal for Now, But Keep This Private.

No matter what -- it’s in your best interests to keep these types of financial moves private.

Okay – in case this all seems too complicated, just think of my social chaos mega-manual as a Boy Scout guide for grown-ups – packed with thousands of great life-changing ideas.

Get the upper hand in your life at last -- my Social Chaos Survival Guide does that for you and lots more...

  • If you ever have to hire a lawyer or need legal advice, get a copy of this “cheat sheet” reference book. Attorneys use it when they don’t know how to resolve your issue – cuts down on your need for lawyers!
  • Most doctors won’t admit it, but when you complain of symptoms, they frequently check their Merck Manuals to identify the problem and prescribe medicine.
  • Here’s how to get a layman’s version of the Merck Manual... just in case you have a medical issue with no ready access to a doctor. A must for the self-reliant household.
  • Before you hire an “expert” on offshore financial instruments, make sure you visit these two ALL-FREE websites – they hand you vital inside information without you spending a dime.

You Won’t Find This Anywhere Else and May Not See This Ever Again.

  • How and why to set up a “weekend retreat” location -- complete with total personal security and sweet tax advantages....just take the simple steps my manual shows you.
  • Homemade wine and beer may seem like a hassle, but not anymore. This might be a useful sideline for someone in your family. Let me show you the latest breakthroughs. You can make, drink, or even trade what you brew. Think what this skill could mean in times of crisis!
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that speeding and parking fines aren’t a big deal for state and local agencies. The city of Seattle (population 617,000) hauls in $21.5 million a year from parking tickets alone!

My manual explains what to do if you are pulled over, ticketed, or dragged into traffic court. Use respect and some charm to work your way out of fines, points, and convictions. Some law-enforcement friends made these suggestions to me....that’s all I can say.

Make the IRS Pay for Your Family’s Emergency Water Supply.

  • Buy a water cooler and take water as a “business expense.” You need a minimum 3-week supply of drinkable water in your house at ALL times!
  • How to make your own antibiotics in the privacy of your home.
  • Where to obtain the little-known natural protein DMG, which has strong potential to help you survive an anthrax or other biological attack.
  • Convert old cell phones into emergency location devices for everyone in your tribe.
  • Umbrella policies are uber-cheap -- yet an effective barrier against disastrous, wealth-destroying lawsuits. Only a few simple steps on this one.
  • The importance of 12-volt chargers and 110-volt converters so you can recharge computers, flashlights, and other essentials using the cigarette lighter in your car.

My Social Chaos Survival Guide gives you everything you need to reclaim your autonomy, safeguard and build what’s yours, and make provisions for first-rate medical care.

It contains a thousand other smart, savvy steps to protect yourself and prosper.

Don’t Count on Me for Anything But Practical Stuff You Can Use.

I don’t teach “tin hat” end of the world “survivalist” stuff. For me, it’s all about coaching you to armor your privacy, finances, personal security, healthcare and all other ways to navigate dangerous times.

You are not going to see me on so-called reality TV shows....or mock preppers. It is a semi-free country after all....but you just don’t need to go to extremes to protect yourself from extremes.

Blue collar workers, entrepreneurs, investors, high-tech professionals, and lots more – all making discrete, smart preparations -- against social chaos, martial law, and other extreme situations.

Who knows what can happen if the Swamp wins and the 2016 election is invalidated? And even if that doesn’t happen, it’s not going to be long before extremists get back into power.

Now is the time to get ready for that moment. Former White House aide Steve Bannon estimates that Donald Trump has a mere one in three chance of surviving his first term.

Teaching savvy self-reliance to smart, upscale people is not a “job” to me. It is what I do and how I live. It is the very best occupation on the planet – because helping individualists become more autonomous improves our nation.

Some Survivalist Nuts Hate My Upscale Approach – So Sorry!

As author of the Social Chaos Survival Guide and chairman of the Advanced Freedom Club, I need to tell you something important....sometimes people get upset.

For all my talk of freedom and politics, I’m not what you would call a survivalist. I like rocks in my scotch....and don’t believe in hiding in the woods. Or building compounds or dropping out of society.

My longer time readers know I personally investigate survive-in-the wilderness lifestyles....even helicoptering to an upscale secret mountain millionaires-only emergency hideaway for a personal tour. It was beyond amazing, by the way, but not a practical path forward for most of my readers.

Everything I am about is helping right-thinking people to become more self-reliant. Modern-day self-reliance is a movement that cuts across freedom-loving Americans of every stripe. And the more of us who join in, the better.

Just Say “No” to This Big, Fat Stupid Lie.

We’ve now reached a point where some cannot take that last step.

Because it involves saying NO to one very big fat lie: That taking simple steps to ride out social chaos makes you an extremist or a survivalist nut.

Billionaires don’t advertise that they are spooked or spending big on survivalism. Dark Sky exercises aren’t going to intrude into the world of Twitter.

Never be defensive about stepping up for your loved ones. People who scoff and dismiss your thinking end up begging for help in a crisis. But don’t hold it against them -- it is part of an engrained mindset.

Remember too – lots of good people are paralyzed by an insidious do nothing mentality...it holds that the world must first be “coming-to-anend” before you step up and take charge of your life.

And that’s probably the biggest lie of all.

Too many otherwise right-thinking people are slow to become more self-reliant because of these infamous falsehoods.

Listen: sitting on the sidelines is not what I want for you or anyone else in my family. You deserve much more than that.

So, please, absolutely don’t blame yourself if you’ve fallen into this common trap of paralysis and inaction.

Because I assure you, it is not your fault. Even more important, it is not too late to get started. You have totally come to the right place. It’s now on you to act, or not.

All of my action-oriented informational products are researched for my own use, and for my extended family of subscribers.

To sum it all up, Social Chaos Survival Guide is based on a credo that we must accept and embrace the fact that we are on our own.

That we must actively protect and advance our interests.

That it is up to us to preserve, protect, and defend what’s ours.

And that if we don’t do it, no one else will.

All of the materials I publish have a distinctive “action-oriented” approach.

This Underground Smash Hit Manual Can Be Yours for a Pittance.

Were I to make this highly specialized manual on asserting your self-reliance available to the general public, the price would be $399 or higher.

Yes, that price falls well within the range for many specialty investment reports and financial newsletters.

But in the interest of getting the word out to right-thinking Americans like you -- who see the trouble ahead and want to do something to prepare themselves -- I’ve arranged a far better deal...

I know many members are on a fixed budget. You don’t have the resources of left-wing billionaires who are making urgent plans to bug out of America.

I’ve set aside a small number of Social Chaos Survival Guide manuals for readers on a fixed income.

If you act now you don’t have to pay $399 to get my Social Chaos Survival Guide. I won’t ask for $299, or even $199.

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Too hot to handle for the Internet...it’s too politically incorrect!

VERY politically incorrect – Facebook or Google would never approve.

Social Chaos Survival Guide is a full-scale how-to manual inspired by heroic Los Angeles residents – the Asian shop keepers who thwarted racist mobs “hunting” them during the 1992 riots.

These unsung heroes created a defensive sphere around their shops and families—no one brutalized them for being the “wrong” skin color or for being successful -- and no rioters got hurt either.

Sadly, LA residents who gave up their guns and trusted “the Man” to save them from marauders got their heads bashed in.

That’s what true freedom is -- defending what’s yours with dignity.... and without harming anyone or getting harmed.

Let me stress that this is the UNCENSORED PRINT-ONLY VERSION -- 100+ pages of politically-forbidden ways to lay low and ride out social mayhem.

Don’t look for this uncensored edition on the web– even Amazon’s content-heisting specialists haven’t gotten their grubby little hands on it.

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Millions of people could suddenly be exposed to blackouts that last for weeks.

Big events are coming – don’t let the mayhem caused by unprepared people become a threat to those you are looking over.

Survive and prosper by acting now.

Your moment of decision is here. I can’t and won’t take this offer any further because I’ve done everything reasonable to get you this uncensored edition of Social Chaos Survival Guide. A reduced one-time only price. And an extra bonus that’s quite extraordinary and valuable to you. A great manual, and even a year to change your mind.

I Can Only Give You So Much – The Next Step Has to Be Yours.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping you make the right decision. I want you in my family of readers and have done everything I can to bring you on board. I am certain no stone has been left unturned. This is all I can do.

The rest must be up to you. It is now your responsibility to act, or not.

No matter your decision, please do take extreme care as you move forward in these dangerous times. And good luck to us all!

Yours in freedom, Lee Bellinger

P.S. For readers on a limited budget I have set aside 75 Premium Edition copies of my must-read Social Chaos Survival Guide. For the first 75 members, you get a steep discount for taking action. Instead of paying $399, I’ll send you a complete, unabridged Social Chaos Survival Guide for $79. If you are among the first 25 to order, you get a confidential transcript of a private briefing from me on even more sensitive issues... that are too hot to handle for Internet