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Is this our next Commander-in-Chief?

Apparently, many of my readers think the answer to this question is "YES."

Personally, I think it's too close to call. But here's why I'm sharing this with you.

Based on the number of calls we're receiving, I'm expecting a run on our solar generator the PowerWhisperer before the election and I'd like to give you fair warning.​

I don't want to put you on a waiting list so if you've been thinking about ordering a PowerWhisperer, now could be the time.

We build these with our own hands and if I'm right, we may not be able to keep up with demand.

The most advanced system on the market

The PowerWhisperer is made right here in the Carolinas and plays second fiddle to no one.

My readers know the story of how I turned down big time Chinese manufacturers to build the PW. Sure it would have been cheaper for me, but my customers would have been the ones to suffer.

Besides, if they want a cheap knock off version, they can go to one of my competitors.

I stand behind each and every machine that we ship.

Another Clinton in the White House?

Again, I don't think we can say that yet. But one thing is certain...if you thought Obama was bad, it's just getting started.

Hillary Clinton would keep our borders open, run Obamacare into the ground so she can realize her dream of Universal Healthcare​ and invite massive amounts of refugees into the country.

My readers are not your average "head in the sand" American.

They know that the time to prepare is now. And that's exactly what I see happening.

Order Your PowerWhisperer Now

The easiest and most affordable way to reserve your PowerWhisperer is to take advantage of our payment plan.

You only pay $777/month for four months for our base model. 


You are fully protected by my Protection Plan. If you're unhappy with your PowerWhisperer for any reason during the first year, we'll issue you a full refund minus a small restocking fee.

A PowerWhisperer May Not
Be Right For You

A PowerWhisperer is a big investment. Many told me I should make it cheaper but I just didn't feel right about using parts that weren't high quality.

Look, if Clinton wins this thing groups like ISIS and other terrorist groups will know they have another "all talk and no action" politician on their hands.

One of the weakest parts of our infrastructure is our power grid. It's only a matter of time before they come after it. It's what they did in Iraq and Turkey...and it's what they'll do here.

And what will Hillary's response be?

Well we all know she won't call them Islamic Terrorists. Don't want to offend anyone.

Nope...she'll probably do what every politician does and take away individual freedoms in the name of protection.

That's how the TSA was formed.

Here's my point...

You need to plan for energy independence today. And if you can't afford the best in class PowerWhisperer...then please buy a cheaper one from one of my competitors.

It's better than nothing and could save your life.

I mean that.

On the other hand, if you've been planning to pick up your very own, top of the line PowerWhisperer...I encourage you to act soon.

I'm seeing signs that demand may spike unexpectedly and I'd hate to put anyone on a waiting list. That's why I'm telling you (a loyal reader) about it before it happens.

Yours in freedom,

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