Obama's Shocking Second-Term Plan to Micro-Manage Everyone's Home Power Use. Literally.
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Lee Bellinger here, publisher of Independent Living and creator of the PowerWhisperer Home Power Backup Supply.
I know (hope) you’ve wanted to get a PowerWhisperer Home Power Backup System for some time now. If you’ve been on the fence, now is the best time to make your move.
I hope you take this step because confidentially, what we charge for PowerWhisperers is going to have to go up soon.
We resist price hikes and work hard to avoid them. Even so, PowerWhisperers are going to have to cost more soon.
So for my very best readers I’ve put together quite an offer. How to get one of our still-in-stock 2015 PowerWhisperers -- the fullyloaded, double-capacity model. I will get to that later.
Events Have Vindicated You as a Visionary
Your family and friends may not know yet, but events have turned you into a visionary. As an Independent Living reader, you are way ahead of everyone else on dangerous issues.
Take this one:
A USA Today analysis of federal studies confirms the power grid gets hit with physical or cyber-attacks about every 4 days now. This pattern of escalating “test-attacks” is global.
You put your family’s life in my hands when you became an Independent Living subscriber. You trusted my warnings that loved ones could find their world thrown into the dark for weeks, months or days.
Today we both stand vindicated. All power grid experts now admit something big is up.
Which is good and bad. If USA Today has finally caught on, a stampede for backup power isn’t far behind. That’s why I’ve given you a private heads up before everyone else.
Once this goes public, or a major blackout strikes, it will be very hard to give your family what you and I know they need.
Armor Your House and Awe Your Neighbors
I’ve DOUBLED the PowerWhisperer’s already impressive performance standards. And right now I have 16 of these awesome 2015 models in stock.
I MUST clear them out as soon as possible. At the end of this letter, I make an offer to you, one of my very best subscribers.
It is the least I can do for you.
Please remember, PowerWhisperers get custom-fabricated one at a time. So you need a jump on getting this FULLY-LOADED PowerWhisperer M right away.
Read on to learn why events will soon make it impossible to keep up with demand.
How the Next 90 Days Can Change Your Life
I can find no experts who defend our decrepit power grid -- not one.
Worse, the same warning signs that flashed double bright red for the World Trade Center are now going off for the power grid.
Please remember, I predicted the World Trade Center attack -- three years before 9/11 (American Sentinel, February 1998 edition, page 1). Those iconic buildings had already been under what seemed to be “random” attacks.
Like now, there was nothing ingenious or magical about my prediction. It is all about paying super-close attention.
I won’t spend too much time on this but the FBI says ISIS terrorist cells are in all 50 states now.
In 2014, ISIS caused a nationwide blackout in Yemen. 23 million lost power. Then a year later, in Pakistan, a “rebel attack” threw 143 million into the dark for months.
Plus three more attacks before that, so there is a pattern. And there have been unexplained test attacks here in the states, including a major one in Silicon Valley.
Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security has a report showing how a coordinated attack on just 9 of America’s 55,000 electrical power substations could provoke coast to coast blackouts for months.
Next time you take a drive, look around. Exposed above-ground power relay substations are everywhere. The power grid is America’s soft underbelly, and the bad guys know it.
Make Your Own Haven, and Very, Very Soon
Besides, can’t you just plain old smell it in the air?
Remember how Independent Living has been warning of major water infrastructure dangers looming over the country? You’ve probably seen the scary mess up in Flint, Michigan.
Unsuspecting residents gulped down lead laced drinking water. Coming right out of their faucets. Broke local governments are letting everything go to pot.
Social upheaval, growing grid terrorism and system collapse face us all right now. Many sense danger and are practically mobbing gun stores. 2015 set yet another record gun buying year.
So Obama bypasses Congress again -- he enacts new curbs to restrict your access to guns. But he sure isn’t fixing the power grid’s obvious weaknesses.
Don’t trust your own eyes, Obama says, trust the system to protect you.
What I see scares me.
As an Independent Living reader, you want to know what’s around the bend. You don’t want to be caught by surprise. And you don’t trust the system to protect you.
I wish there were more Americans who thought like you.
How You Helped Me Stand Up to Chinese Warlords
Maybe there are so few of us because thinking ahead and actually acting before a danger dawns on others is never easy. Someone once told me it’s the price of being a visionary.
That’s why for this letter, I first sat down under a tree and scribbled it all out on a 8x14 yellow pad.
Because, well, I owe you big. And now it’s my turn to do something big for you. Oddly enough, it has been your support of Independent Living that helped me stand up to Chinese warlords who wanted me to build PowerWhisperers in Beijing.
And it’s all because you chose to protect your family by joining the Independent Living family of readers. You know all about mortal threats to the USA power grid.
Your family needs and deserves every edge. I am protector and guardian of my family just like you are. What I suggest is only what I have done for my homestead.
It’s one of the reasons I am so motivated to get to your doorstep America’s portable, covert, 2000-watt EMP attack resistant home power backup supply.
The PowerWhisperer movement began when my ideas of what a home power backup system MUST include couldn’t be found anywhere in America.
Never Seek Advice from Grinning Idiots
So I sought advice from local solar experts. Well, pretty fast most showed themselves to be lightweights or charlatans. I asked them hard questions -- as I do in any investigation -- but only got witless “talking points.” This went on for months.
Then it came to me -- duh. Solar energy is a government-spawned industry. So it draws in lots of freeloaders and get-rich-quick artists.
People who a mere ten years before had shilled for insurance or overpriced stocks -- now suddenly “solar experts.”
A big fat solar gravy train -- funded by Obama’s “shovel-ready” stimulus handouts. The feds showered bales of taxpayer cash over any “startup” with the word “solar” in it.
No help from those moochers -- just lots of bad, stupid advice.
Crème-De-La Crap No Longer Cuts It in My America
It finally came time to cut through the crap. So I just bought 5 of the “best-selling” solar generators then available.
And all of them turned out to be, you got it, crème-de-la-crap. Sharp-looking units, sure -- but far too bulky and under-performing to be of much use when you really need it.
Fifty-five pound solar panels -- about as “mobile” as a grand piano on stilts.
The “best” solar unit had 17 hard-to-get fuses -- even if you could find a “techie” to swap them out. You sure can’t call Beijing collect for that.
Chintzy batteries that can’t deliver 2,000 watts -- or function for any useful amount of time. Yet complicated to use.
Like I said, all “crème-de-la-crap.”
Very early on, a well-meaning associate steered me to a Chinese-connected fabrication guru. This guy pretty much laughed at my vision of what PowerWhisperer had to be.
This Chinese “Warlord” Rep Impressed Me Not
He had a cookie-cutter “power-suit.” Plus a dripping contempt for the U.S. buying public.
A quality military design solar generator with redundant systems for field use? Hah!
Well, I got the message. He and his Beijing overlords see the USA as an endless parade of Gomers -- all falling over each other to buy junky generators.
OKAY, fine, I’m from North Carolina. Well, a new “Lee proverb” stuck in my head that day... Humility is not weakness and weakness is not humility.
So I’ll just call him Mr. Wong.
Mr. Wong seemed certain that a “renegade publisher” could never invent a superior solar generator -- especially at a far better price than those rolled out of “one-size-fits-all” assembly plants in China.
Don’t Ever Call Me a Renegade When You Are Smiling
Well, wrong Mr. Wong, on both counts. Trust me, no one mocks the PowerWhisperer anymore.
Fabrication happens in Stanley, North Carolina. Hand assembly and pre-shipment testing is at my South Carolina facility -- and they are all done one at a time.
OKAY, maybe this will pass -- but too many heed the strange idea that we are all helpless children. That U.S.A. “make-it-work” thinking is dead. That businesses don’t exist without Obama.
I don’t want to step on any toes here. So please don’t take me for a business-basher. To me, corporate America seems “snake-hypnotized” by the mighty Chinese.
OK, I get it -- blaming Chinese competition as an excuse to not even try is an easy trap for any U.S. business to fall into, I admit. It isn’t easy to say no to them. And I’ve had moments of weakness, just like anyone else.
Say No to This Trap That Breaks Your Will
I do remember one. Early on, I rejected advice to make the PowerWhisperer modernistic and slick. That’s what everyone else did. They overdid a unit’s looks and didn’t install high-performing guts.
That’s how PowerWhisperer got the look of a classic military machine. And packed with multiple redundant systems. How boring, right? But it always works great in the field.
Yet at first, critics and friends in the publishing world said I was nuts.
Not that I blame them, mind you.
Imagine it! A then 25-year publisher veteran and founder of Independent Living suddenly taking direct control of PowerWhisperer’s design, production and fabrication.
But they all stopped laughing when they saw the PowerWhisperer’s constant design upgrades -- and how so many discerning people love that unique product trait.
Today, PowerWhisperer owners enjoy special status in an exclusive club -- respected for their awesome foresight. And seen as visionary trend-setters by their peers.
How Your Family Wins on Lee’s “Million Dollar Folly”
Some snickered as I sank a million bucks into perfecting PowerWhisperer. News of “Lee’s Folly” made the rounds in the publishing world as I struggled to get it right.
Can’t tell you how much I “enjoyed” that, my professional credibility being on the line and all.
The common narrative was “Lee & Co.” looks like a bad version of the Keystone Cops.
And for a moment I almost believed it myself.
One of the finest publishers in the history of newsletters had said right around then to never be a pioneer in business.
But for every rule there is an exception, and the PowerWhisperer Home Power Backup Supply is that exception.
Another friendly major rival told that I was chasing fool’s gold. Said that I should just stick to publishing Independent Living.
Lesser players relished Independent Living becoming a laughing stock.
How I Overcame What Seemed to Be Impossible
Through it all we quietly overcame careless shippers, reinvented poor U.S. supply chain options and found the exact right fabrication experts.
Today, PowerWhisperer owners can talk to the actual people who build them. Real, live, technical support too.
Let me say this again, because no one in my field does this and you may find it hard to accept.
You can call in and talk with the folks who design and build the PowerWhisperer.
They know every inch of these magnificent machines -- every bolt, every connector, and every design touch that gives your family the edge that they need and deserve.
Why PowerWhisperer Gives You More Power This Year
Turning good ideas into reality is what my team does best. All because I stubbornly said NO to the corporate siren call of Chinese PowerWhisperer fabrication, assembly and shipping.
Such as the PowerWhisperer’s unique redundant military design, 2000-watts, covert, mobile and certain not to attract attention.
You deserve nothing less.
No fuses to futz with or have to find when in the middle of nowhere -- only resettable circuit breakers.
And PowerWhisperer’s trademark trait -- three ways to recharge -- not just solar.
All this may be “beer change” to foreign manufacturing barons. But it is key to your family in demanding situations. You deserve nothing less, just like my loved ones do.
That’s what makes PowerWhisperer different from all others.
I keep tight rein on technical advances that can improve the PowerWhisperer. It’s updated time and time again. No one can keep up with our improvements -- no one.
When in Doubt Invent Your Way Forward
And now we’ve hit a new level.
When I first started shipping out PowerWhisperer M models, it was with the promise that they could be upgraded. My all-aluminum fabricated in America PowerWhisperer made it possible to keep that promise.
The PowerWhisperer M Model I want to send you at a discount comes with an Auxiliary Power Pack and a second full-size solar panel.
These upgrades transform your PowerWhisperer into a double capacity unit.
And it’s all because the PowerWhisperer’s #5052 all-aluminum protective case is the unit’s main component -- proudly manufactured here in the Carolinas.
That’s how we make major upgrades happen with the unit you buy. No one else can or will do that because their solar generators are made in cookie-cutter assembly plants in distant China.
Not a Wal-Mart knockoff or badly made throwaway appliance. You keep your PowerWhisperer and improve it.
My FULLY-LOADED PowerWhisperer’s extra battery pack (also fabricated in 5052 aluminum) and Extra Solar Panel plug straight into your main unit with ease.
You are not a number to me.
Bristling with 14 Major Upgrades to Save Your Life
Thanks to making major unit components here in America, we’ve made 14 major improvements to the PowerWhisperer since the first units began shipping out three years ago.
Let’s talk about what the Spare Solar Panel and Auxiliary Battery Pack mean to you.
  1. SPECIALLY FABRICATED AUXILARY POWER PACK: My new auxiliary power packs are custom fabricated to work with your M Model PowerWhisperer. That means that your power storage instantly DOUBLES from 100 amps to 200 amps. This literally DOUBLES your usage time -- and this new Auxiliary Power Pack rides right on top of your PowerWhisperer.

    Your Auxiliary Power Pack is in a second “military green” EMPresistant #5052-all aluminum case as your main PowerWhisperer unit. And it keeps your food cold twice as long.
  2. DOUBLE YOUR CAPACITY TO ABSORB FREE SUNLIGHT RECHARGES; The second 100-watt solar panel that comes with your Auxiliary Power Pack cuts the PowerWhisperer’s recharge time in HALF. I worked hard to find these quality panels at an affordable price too.
Both your additional solar panel and Auxiliary Power Pack plug straight into your PowerWhisperer. And the whole thing arrives on your doorstep, all charged up and ready to go. No hassles, nothing complicated to figure out.
You literally have a DOUBLE-CAPACITY PowerWhisperer -- it’s like getting two units for the price of one!
All PowerWhisperer’s best advances come from buyers, friends, and critics. It is the very best PowerWhisperer ever. Making this machine better is a soul-recharging experience -- just like a balmy day in a harsh winter.
No “thought experiments” or “quality circles” here.
Packed in a Box That Can Withstand a Nuclear Blast
PowerWhisperer’s #5052 all-aluminum USA-made outer casing makes it electromagnetic pulse (EMP) resistant just like AirForce One. No cheap plastic on this beauty.
OKAY, this PowerWhisperer brag-fest is a little out of hand. I know this is about your investing time to hear me out -- for your family’s sake. But I do have an excuse; I felt stung.
Hey I admit it -- for a while we made lots of stupid, rookie mistakes. How to build a “white glove” delivery system alone took us 9+ months to figure out.
For a very long time my critics and doubters appeared to be right.
So when lots of folks first stood up and took notice of my family’s PowerWhisperer Home Power Backup System, it was a big moment.
Save This One Secret Edge for Your Family
As guardian of your family’s safety, you won’t want to miss this. There are some very big developments for you to consider.
From the get-go, my take is that many have had it with throw-away Chinese generators at Lowes and Home Depot. (Don’t plug any sensitive electronic devices into one of these, by the way.)
Many readers agreed with my vision and got one for themselves.
Independent Living readers expect quality, demand value and quietly celebrate the American Dream. They also command my total respect.
Some haven’t acted yet as they wait for the right moment -- for each family it’s different. Even my own brother Jim is a late bloomer on greater home electricity independence.
Where Are You in This Process?
Many already keep their family safe from a failing USA power grid. Others are just now focusing on power grid dangers for the first time.
Those in the “coming-to-grips” stage know it’s not just about me. They’ve heeded what the National Academy of Sciences, the National Geographic Channel and countless government agencies confirm:
Our antique power grid could suddenly go down for many different reasons, probably for weeks or months.
Knowing all this is not at all about magic crystal balls or rocket science.
As an Independent Living reader, you probably know most of this, so I’ll keep it very short.
Key Congressional committees have warehouses stuffed with testimony on just how exposed the U.S. power grid is to massive failures -- a huge, fat, national antique; an essential failing national asset now totally ripe for a sneak attack.
These government findings are dust collectors. (Except for the military, which are rapidly hardening their assets in anticipation of attack.)
Your Family’s Best Social Upheaval Insurance
Are you surrounded by apathy? Do you get the dull look of a trapped animal when trying to explain the dangers facing America?
To me this is political correctness at work. That being smart about self-reliance makes you a nut, a crook or a terrorist.
It scares lots of people off from taking basic precautions. They just shut down and hope for the best. And if something happens, they assume “The Man” will take care of them.
It’s an easy trap to fall into. People are made to feel that making your home a better haven from social upheaval is overreacting.
To these folks, buying insurance that works -- like the PowerWhisperer -- is nutty. I get it!
What matters to you here, though, is that my FULLY-LOADED PowerWhisperer is far more capable and costs far less than anything out there.
Alright, let’s stop for a moment.
Please don’t let Internet conspiracy theorists throw you off-track about power grid dangers. Just because many of them exaggerate, it doesn’t mean they are wrong on the basics.
Don’t Let Them Talk You into Boarding This Plane!
You may remember broadcaster Ted Koppel, founder of ABC’s Nightline. His recent book about a sudden and widespread power grid collapse is just about as clear a warning as you can possibly get.
Still, let’s look at this from a skeptic’s point of view. Say there’s is only a 50-50 chance I am right about all this.
My take is that most would never let their kids fly on a plane with a 50-50 chance of crashing.
Would you board a plane that has a one in three chance of disaster?
Or catch a ride with a one-in-five chance of killing you?
Or even risk a one-in-ten chance of death or injury?
No one plans on having a traffic accident either. To me, not having a backup power system plan is akin to driving in heavy traffic all the time -- and never wearing seatbelts.
Do you trust other drivers that much? I sure don’t.
But I say forget all the conspiracy stuff. Bureaucrats never act in advance to stop their train-wrecks. Messed up situations are what grant them power.
They have no reason to avert the coming power grid crisis.
Besides, I doubt that many really want to.
The Smart Meter “Conspiracy” is Coming Straight At You.
Step Aside Now and Hurry.
The power grid’s federal overseers have every reason to not fix it. If big power failures get on everyone’s tongue, it’s their opening to manage your life through smart meters.
In Washington, smart meters are not a conspiracy at all. They are a consensus. As you know, bureaucrats are behind a multi-billion dollar campaign to install “smart meters” throughout the country.
Picture these actions. How do they add up?
First, utilities are not fixing the power grid itself... Second, instead they are just quietly installing these smart meters in your home -- to limit your use of electricity for when the shortages do show up.
There’s No Secret to What’s Coming -- Are You Up for This?
So where are we? First, don’t take my word for any of this. I know that Independent Living readers always demand proof. So do your own homework; your own thinking.
I have faith in you and the truth.
Take my original prediction that federal bureaucrats have a secret plan to ration your home’s use of electricity.
This is where you should just think like a real intelligence officer would. Cut complex stuff down to its simplest pieces, and work from there.
Suppose your less-than-friendly neighbor suddenly puts a real artillery gun with stacked-up shells on his front lawn.
Then imagine him telling you that it is merely there for birds to nest on.
Now picture your reaction -- would you be skeptical?
What I Do To Cut Through Deception
If so, you already think like a real intelligence analyst. This is a bit of over-simplification -- not to insult your intelligence -- but to make a key point.
Pay attention to how bureaucrats organize themselves to do something. That’s what tips you off on what they really want -- not their words.
So exactly what “planning architecture” are federal planners quietly implementing for the power grid?
Just for asking, some casual critics dismissed me as a Chicken Little. Because when I first starting bringing this up, energy managing smart meters were little more than a pipe dream.
Barely three-percent of U.S. homes had smart meters when Obama got in.
Now these government snooping devices are everywhere. A government website boasts that 43,165,183 had been put in by the end of Obama’s first term.
“Big deal” many still say. There’s no proof that Obama’s regulators plan to ration electricity -- but there actually is.
This Ignored Proverb Saves Your Family’s Bacon
Don’t know who said this, but I agree that a “wise man investigates what a fool takes for granted.”
So let’s talk about those “smart meters” being mandated from Washington.
The same dot-gov website confirms what I told the very critics who pooh-poohed me at the time -- which all smart meters are fully capable of two-way communications.
“These meters, known as AMI or Advanced Metering Infrastructure, use two way communications to direct utilities and consumers and support demand response and distributed generation.”
So there’s your rat in the wood pile. “Distributed generation,” is fed-speak for mandated power rationing. They want to be able to ration you as needed.
Look, I don’t want to get lost in the weeds. At the end, I’ll tell you how to get a copy of a utility industry white paper called “Residential Appliance Demand Response Testing.”
This “Boring” Utility Industry Report is Packed With Political Dynamite
It’s packed with reams of soul-depleting technical mumbo-jumbo. Makes you want to run an icepick through your eye socket.
If you soldier through it, you’ll see that everything I’ve told you is true. They are making a capacity to control individual appliances in your house through smart meter technology.
This is a fact.
And it is all being actively tested by utility companies under close federal direction.
Don’t take my word for this, just read the industry study.
Enter the little-noticed USA-China green energy pact.
Because good intelligence analysts also pay super-close attention to small, unguarded comments.
This also works great for outing sneaky politicians who hide their radical agendas.
Stand Ready -- A Major Power-Grab in the Grid Works
U.S. presidents are generally good at making big statements with lots of polish and preparation -- no matter how freedom-killing their true aims.
Still, even presidents slip up and reveal what they really mean in smaller, less-filtered comments. Sometimes they are mistakes. Or even “psychic winks” to supporters -- both inside and outside of government -- who share their hidden aims.
Take this telling White House quote about the China-USA global energy pact. Its gilded-lily talk yes, but all about federal plans to micromanage your home power use:
“We can’t keep our homes at 72 degrees at all times and expect every other country to say OK.”
In a nutshell, that’s the intent behind Obama’s global warming enforcement pact with Red China.
How This Predator Tests Its Skills Against You
And they are already testing their new capabilities -- just like any good predator. Maybe you’ve noticed little messages printed on your utility bills now.
Some readers report messages in their bills comparing their power use to neighbors. An actual scolding for “using more power” than others.
Regulators know that time is on their side, so they just keep installing power rationing technology. At some point the power grid will fail -- and without warning or notice.
Federal overseers of the power grid are patient -- like early hour hunters poised in a dew-covered tree. They are ready to act when the conditions are right. Such as:
  • Terror strikes on antique transformers (a test attack occurred in Silicon Valley two years ago).
  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) from the sun or crude nuclear device detonated off our shores.
  • Lack of upgrades or improvements for decades.
  • Massive closings of coal plants further straining the grid.
  • Federal micromanagement of utility companies.
Who knows what pin-prick will pop the stretched-thin grid?
So ask yourself: Would they seize upon a power-grid crisis to advance their own power over your life?
Only you can answer that on behalf of your family.
So you now have the government’s planned means, hidden motives and orchestrated opportunities to micromanage your home electricity use.
Sleep Better At Night, Starting Right Now
What does all this mean to you?
Ready or not, less options for you family’s home energy independence.
Still not sure about all this? That’s really OKAY. Maybe it’s not time for you to consider a PowerWhisperer.
After all, power grid instability and rationing are very big issues to take in.
I totally get that you have lots of other worries to manage as guardian of your family’s interests. It can all keep you up at night. Fixing this one thing will make your sleep better, though.
I very, very respectfully urge you to spend more time learning about these power grid issues.
OKAY, enough about the problems. I want to talk about your personal solution. My top of the line, made-just-for-your-family, FULLYLOADED PowerWhisperer.
How to Stop Worrying
First off, my FULLY-LOADED PowerWhisperer is the world’s first mobile, covert, solar generator in the world that is also EMPresistant.
Its double-capacity unit can run whatever appliance you want -- when you want to. You simply opt out of bureaucratic meddling in your home power use choices.
It also means that unlike those cheapie gasoline generators at big box stores, your PowerWhisperer doesn’t rip the guts out of your computer, cell phone or other sensitive equipment.
This Secret Mega-Power Device Merits Your Family
  • My FULLY-LOADED PowerWhisperer’s Warranty has been extended from six months to one full year.
  • NEW! Unlimited technical support during business hours.
  • Sensitive equipment friendly -- your laptops and cell phones recharge glitch-free.
  • Safe-for-Your-Home Absorbed Glass Mat power cells have no potential for thermal runaway, leaking acid or venting hydrogen.
You Can Tap Into These Breathtaking Advances
  • My FULLY LOADED PowerWhisperer M has a 4 amp smart trickle recharge system, much faster than before.
  • PowerWhisperer has a new anti-theft feature.
  • Vented for additional safety.
  • Unit’s run-flat tires always work -- even if you run them over sharp broken glass, nails or anything else.
No, the PowerWhisperer can’t run everything in your house at the same time. It is a mobile covert unit. Plug your appliances into it and they will work.
The unit gets around easy -- take it anywhere into your house. It emits no fumes and is packed with redundant internal safety systems.
Protecting Against Grid Failure At Low Cost
Solar power backup systems that run entire households range from $25,000 to one million dollars. Licensed electrical contractors and professional installers have to put them in for you.
Unless you spend really big bucks, they won’t run your central air or heating either -- at least for very long.
My FULLY-LOADED PowerWhisperer costs a fraction of all that.
And remember -- in Obama’s own words -- if your thermostat is set at 72, you are a declared target of his energy management vision.
Outsmart the Smart Meter Big-Time
The PowerWhisperer M-Model liberates your loved ones from grid instability (and political nuts too). It is far more capable than anything out there. And it has been rigorously tested by dedicated skeptics.
My FULLY LOADED PowerWhisperer protects your family from power rationing, and gives you everything you need for prolonged blackouts.
Remember, the PowerWhisperer delivers 2,000 watts of clean electronics-friendly energy. And it goes anywhere. Use it for:
  • Camping in style
  • Second Homes
  • Back-stopping vulnerable family in other households
  • Sports events
  • Social events
  • Food security
  • Backstop your home’s alarm systems
Something else about me -- my friendly, calm, patient and exceptional white glove operators are decidedly not in India. I walk in and talk with my call center people often.
They know how I feel about you.
They send questions directly to my technician’s right here in my South Carolina office, just 8 miles South of Charlotte.
You Can Talk to Real Experts in Real Time When You Need Them -- No Operators in India Thank You
Only Independent Living can do that. We answer any questions about solar home backup systems you want. And it’s a “no-spin zone” even if you just want general information.
Feel free to kick tires with us. Either way you’ll learn a lot.
Even if it means sending you elsewhere (maybe to Gimbal’s), that is more than OKAY. We make sure the PowerWhisperer option is right for you or we don’t sell one to you.
I have total confidence in what we make. That’s why we NEVER push the PowerWhisperer option on anyone who doesn’t really want, need or agree on its importance.
Who needs the bad will of an unhappy buyer?
For technically-adept folks with lots of time on their hands, Independent Living gives out a free video that shows ALL DETAILS of how to build a working solar generator using local resources. (It’s not easy, but doable.)
This might be an option for you. The video has everything you need to know from parts to tools are all included, absolutely no bull.
My Better Business Bureau score is very high -- A+. We are not BBB members, but these days they score non-members carefully.
Actually more carefully -- BBB factors in how long we’ve been an active business and how much effort we take to address any issues that arise with customers fairly.
Everything You Need to Know Right Here
Your family can count on me. I am not some “Internet outfit” that marks up and sells someone else’s solar generators. I am a meticulous publishing researcher now in my third decade of continuous operation.
My team researches, designs and fabricate your home’s needs for true energy independence. Top-level research -- because it is as much for our benefit as it is for yours.
Real technicians, real questions, in real time. Because we are the real deal. That is what makes PowerWhisperer different, and better than all the rest.
If you are ever in Charlotte, come by and see what we do. Just call in advance to make sure I am in the office and available. I love talking with my readers.
If you call ahead, you can personally meet the folks who design and assemble PowerWhisperers.
Just so you get the right protection for your needs. We can get you informed -- that way you know all the industrial-strength gains you can get in your next solar generator.
The One “Win-Win” List You Want to Be On
Here’s a more detailed list of what you get in a FULLY-UPGRADED, DOUBLE-CAPACITY PowerWhisperer:
  • EMP RESISTANT, JUST LIKE AIR FORCE ONE -- You get a custom-fabricated EMP-resistant enclosure. Fabricated in the Carolinas, its all-5052-grade aluminum, rolling, super-portable case designed exclusively for us. It’s 1/16th inch aluminum, rugged, and powder-coated in dull-black for discreet or even covert use and portability.
  • HIGH QUALITY ROLLERS MAKE YOUR SECRET WEAPON VERY HARD TO FIND -- Your flat-free solid rubber wheels make PowerWhisperer Pro truly mobile. Very few “portable” solar generators really are. The solid rubber wheels won’t go flat — ever.
  • GOES ANYWHERE IN YOUR HOUSE WITH EASE -- Now with a removable handlebar that installs in two separate positions to make it easier to move — even up and down stairs! (It’s still heavy — all generators are — but we’ve maximized mobility without sacrificing features.)
  • WORKS FREE OF SMART METERS -- You get a 2,000 Watt covert, mobile power supply. Plug in what you want to use in your house, that’s it.
  • SPARE ADVANCED POWER PACK DOUBLES YOUR USE TIME -- A second Glass Mat battery is housed in an EMP resistant power pack, fabricated just for your PowerWhisperer. It arrives fully charged. You can plug your Auxiliary Battery pack and second solar panel into the main unit right away.
No One Else Comes Close to Giving You This
  • TWO MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE ROLL-UP SOLAR PANELS STOW INSIDE YOUR POWERWHISPERER PRO -- You get TWO (2) 100 watt flexible solar panels. Ruggedly designed specifically for rooftop use. Highly rated for low-light situations -- durable, lightweight, and roll right up to fit inside the PowerWhisperer Pro’s rolling case. Each unit delivers 100 watts of continuous power in full sun.
  • SUPER EASY CONTROL SYSTEM TELLS YOU EVERYTHING -- You get an RV-class Morningstar solar system controller. This is your window into the PowerWhisperer Pro’s power readings. Mash the button until what you want to see pops up -- that’s it. Lets you know what’s going on with your batteries, your solar panels, and more.
  • MILITARY REDUNDANT POWER SHIELDS YOUR FAMILY -- A “small” thing here. It comes with a top-of-the-line marine-grade 200-amp breaker. Other generators have as many as 17 “proprietary” fuses (without even courtesy replacements included -- shame, shame, shame). Nothing worse than to have to fumble about locating specialty fuses when it’s a bad time. No problem now -- reset all your breakers by flipping 4 switches!
  • SECRET WEAPON FASTER RECHARGE TIME -- You get an upgraded 12-volt, 4-amp, built-in smart trickle charger that’s much faster!
What Are You Waiting For?
  • THIS COVERT POWER DEVICE CAN RECHARGE IN LOW OR NO LIGHT -- You get plug-into-the-wall charging flexibility (and another option). To get your PowerWhisperer Pro “topped off,” plug it right into a standard wall socket. It then stands fully charged -- instantly ready for emergency or recreational use.
  • RECHARGE IT ON THE RUN EVEN DURING EMERGENCY TRANSPORT -- You get car charger flexibility, too. Special attachment lets you plug PowerWhisperer Pro into your car’s cigarette lighter. Great for recharging on the go, or in especially low-light conditions when you still need usable power.
  • AN EMP-REFUGE FOR YOUR OTHER KEY ELECTRONICS -- You get a portable EMP-resistant storage container, built in. This is great for storing sensitive electronics, including your phone, tablet, or other devices.
  • CONCEALMENT NET -- In case you are in transit and have to be in the open. PowerWhisperer Pro is compact, mobile, 2000-watt powerful and comes with a camouflage net. Remember the unit makes no noise -- great when using it indoors, outdoors, a sporting event or during an emergency. Its covert operation can boost your family’s safety.
Plus, my lead product developer Mike Gallick does everything he can to find USA-made parts for the PowerWhisperer. It’s not easy but we know it’s important.
Mike knows tons about supply chain demands and always goes the extra mile to buy American.
Now Let Me Throw In Even More...
You get much more than a FULLY-LOADED PowerWhisperer here. Lots of added valuables to protect your loved ones we pack into your unit for shipment...
UNIT READY TO GO AND USE WHEN IT ARRIVES AT YOUR DOORSTEP, NO NONSENSE, NO ASSEMBLY -- PowerWhisperer is ready to go as soon as you unpack it. It even arrives fully charged.
USE IT WHEN YOU GET IT -- BUMP COMPLICATED OPENING INSTRUCTIONS -- NO AWKWARD ASSEMBLY OR OTHER BS -- Clearly written detailed manual for backup. Plus an EASY start-up guide included.
FULL TECH SUPPORT BY PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY BUILD IT -- You can talk with a real PowerWhisperer engineer anytime you need to. It’s best to call us during business powers. Who else offers this?
Look How This Can Be Decisive For You
FREE COPY OF SMART METER CONSPIRACY, a must-have report to convince even your biggest skeptic.
FREE COPY OF CASHING IN ON UNCLE SAM’S SOLAR TAX CREDIT BONANZA -- Get this now because many great solar energy tax benefits go away in 2017.
UPDATED FREE COPY OF 17 PRACTICAL USES FOR YOUR PowerWhisperer -- Don’t be an electricity chump. PowerWhisperer makes you much safer and SAVES YOU BIG MONEY.
You can run lots of electricity-sucking stuff straight off solar power indefinitely. This updated report has our best user tips ever.
You Really Need This One
UPDATED COPY OF ROLLING BLACKOUT SURVIVAL GUIDE -- Lots of simple things to armor your family in an extended blackout. These steps don’t cost a penny. Pass this around to everyone in your family who does not yet have a PowerWhisperer.
UPDATED COPY OF 10 WAYS TO CUT YOUR POWER AND HEATING BILLS IN HALF -- Really great tips your utility company will never share.
It’s all yours, free and with my compliments, with your new FULLY-LOADED PowerWhisperer.
My PowerWhisperer is totally my best breakthrough EVER. It’s in a class of its own -- a serious piece of American-made hardware. It is meant to last, to be useful for years and even decades.
PowerWhisperer is fully serviceable (but designed not to need it) and upgradeable.
This is a powerful mobile power source. But it has limitations. It can’t be wired into your breaker to power your whole house. It is meant to offer the same kind of utility as a portable, supplemental power source.
You Don’t Have to Spend $25,000+ to Protect Yourself From Prolonged Blackouts
PowerWhisperer doesn’t quite call for the $25,000 price tag of a whole-house system, either.
When I laid out the details of the PowerWhisperer to my advisers and asked them for their thoughts on price, they assumed it would be in the range of $5,000 to $7,000.
And I took the low end of that range as the official “retail” price of the FULLY-LOADED, DOUBLE-CAPACITY PowerWhisperer: $4,997.
However — I want to clear out all of my 2015 PowerWhisperer inventory. I have 16 ready to go at last count.
If you are among the first 16 pre-announcement preferred customers to buy a PowerWhisperer, I will send you the FULLY LOADED unit for $3,997. I PAY $180 shipping and insurance. Your cost: $3,997 -- no B.S., no surprises.
That’s a huge savings of $180 and you get a FULLY-LOADED PowerWhisperer M Model. I am doing this because you trusted in me and recently renewed your relationship with Independent Living.
Remember too that PowerWhisperer’s price are going to have to go up in 2016. Take full advantage by getting one of the 16 remaining FULLY LOADED 2015 models that are still on my shipping floor.
Make Your Own Power Play -- Go PowerWhisperer
The PowerWhisperer now has a full one year warranty. On the reply form, I make a bold Statement of Warranty. It shows you how serious I am about the quality and lifetime performance of your PowerWhisperer.
No small print “exceptions” to find or surprise you either.
Remember, you are in an exclusive club. You have taken action and been vindicated by events.
You should be proud.
I am grateful that you trusted me before with your family’s safety. And when you did, you helped me to turn the PowerWhisperer into the success that it has become.
Be among the first 16 preferred customers to get my remaining inventory of 2015 FULLY-LOADED PowerWhisperers. You SAVE $180 on shipping if you act now.
A better time to do this will never come again. Prices on PowerWhisperers are going to have to go up in 2016.
I want to make it as easy as possible to reclaim your freedom to generate your own power, without meddling, and without scumbags in DC spying into your home and into your life.
We Don’t Have Many 2015 PowerWhisperers Left
You already know I’ve said no to Chinese mass-production of the PowerWhisperer. That’s why we custom build them one at a time.
That way we don’t have as many inventory expenses, and can pass that savings onto you.
But the catch is limited availability. Which means that once blackouts make more news, we could get back ordered in a heartbeat.
Availability of discounted, fully loaded PowerWhisperer M units is extremely limited. This is a fine machine, which is why we fabricate them in the Carolinas.
Expect Your Neighbors to Gasp When They See This
Get your FULLY-LOADED PowerWhisperer. It will change your life. It will change how people see you.
Make a statement about who you are. Reclaim your freedom to generate your own usable electricity, for what you want and need it for. (And without government interference!)
And enjoy a PowerWhisperer that’s DOUBLE CAPACITY. It’s designed to help you survive the worst and enjoy the best.
Taking charge of your life starts right here, right now.
Welcome in advance to the PowerWhisperer family.
Lee Bellinger
Lee Bellinger, Inventor
P.S. You are a preferred PowerWhisperer buyer. You get your FULLY LOADED, DOUBLE-CAPACITY 2015 PowerWhisperer for $3,997. And I pay the $180 shipping and insurance costs. Offer is good for first 16 preferred customers to respond to this offer.
Please do get back to us ASAP so you can get your FREE shipping (worth $180). You really do deserve this preferred status.
There is nothing like my FULLY-LOADED, DOUBLE-CAPACITY PowerWhisperer in existence anywhere else.
P.P.S. Just a reminder that this is a DOUBLE-CAPACITY PowerWhisperer.
Thanks to making major unit components here in America, we’ve made 14 major improvements to the PowerWhisperer since the first units began shipping out three years ago.
Let’s talk about what the Spare Solar Panel and Auxiliary Battery Pack mean to you.
  1. SPECIALLY FABRICATED AUXILARY POWER PACK: My new auxiliary power packs are custom fabricated to work with your M Model PowerWhisperer. That means that your power storage instantly DOUBLES from 100 amps to 200 amps. This literally DOUBLES your usage time -- and this new Auxiliary Power Pack rides right on top of your PowerWhisperer.

    Your Auxiliary Power Pack is in a second “military green” EMPresistant #5052-all aluminum case as your main PowerWhisperer unit. And it keeps your food cold twice as long.
  2. DOUBLE YOUR CAPACITY TO ABSORB FREE SUNLIGHT RECHARGES; The second 100-watt solar panel that comes with your Auxiliary Power Pack cuts the PowerWhisperer’s recharge time in HALF.
Both your additional solar panel and Auxiliary Power Pack plug straight into your PowerWhisperer. And the whole thing arrives on your doorstep, all charged up and ready to go. No hassles, nothing complicated to figure out.
Call now. There are only 16 of these clearance sale beauties on my shipping floor. When they’re gone, they’re gone. You won’t find a better chance to get one, because they are all FULLY OPTIONS LOADED units.
Fully Upgraded
Double-Capacity PowerWhisperer
Retail: $4,997 | $1,000 OFF Now Only: $3,997
  • Included! Double-Capacity PowerWhisperer
  • Included! Two 100 Watt Solar Panels
  • Included! All Aluminum Construction
  • Included! EMP-Resistant Design
  • Included! Removable Transport Handles
  • Included! EMP-Resistant Storage Space
  • Included! Car Charging Option
  • FREE! Comprehensive User's Manual
  • FREE! Easy-to-Follow "Getting Started Guide"
  • FREE! Total instructions on how to manage the unit’s power usage
  • FREE! Gift #1: Smart Meter Conspiracy
  • FREE! Gift #2: Cashing in on Uncle Sam's Solar Tax Credit Bonanza
  • FREE! Gift #3: 17 Practical Uses for Your PowerWhisperer
  • FREE! Gift #4: The Rolling-Blackout Survival Guide
  • FREE! Gift #5: 10 Ways to Cut Your Power and Heating Bills in Half
100% Guaranteed!

*Note: this offer is only available for a very limited time. 

PowerWhisperer Standard Unit


  • Included! Single Capacity PowerWhisperer M-Type Power Supply System
  • Included! One 100 Watt Solar Panel
  • FREE UPGRADE! All Aluminum Construction
  • FREE UPGRADE! EMP-Resistant Design
  • FREE UPGRADE! Removable Transport Handles
  • FREE UPGRADE! EMP-Resistant Storage Space
  • FREE UPGRADE! Car Charging Option
  • FREE! Comprehensive User's Manual
  • FREE! Easy-to-Follow "Getting Started Guide"
  • FREE! Total instructions on how to manage the unit’s power usage
  • FREE! Gift #1: Smart Meter Conspiracy
  • FREE! Gift #2: Cashing in on Uncle Sam's Solar Tax Credit Bonanza
  • FREE! Gift #3: 17 Practical Uses for Your PowerWhisperer
  • FREE! Gift #4: The Rolling-Blackout Survival Guide
  • FREE! Gift #5: 10 Ways to Cut Your Power and Heating Bills in Half
100% Guaranteed!