Reinstatement Offer for Off-Grid Confidential




Option 1: Reinstatement Offer – Two Year of Off-Grid Confidential + 12 Reports for $69

Reports Include:

#1: Tap Water Woes, Enhanced Water Profits.
#2: Alert Your Family! 113 Words and Phrases to Never, Ever, Use on Google at Risk of Eventual Imprisonment.
#3: Revealed: America’s New Trillion-Dollar Cash Crop.
#4: Refuse to Be Spied On: 21 Cutting-Edge Strategies for Spy-Proofing
#5: Dying Slowly in a Chemical Soup: 5 Toxins to Remove from Your Home Now.
#6: Hidden Dangers in America’s Water Supply: Flint Was Just the Beginning.
#7: How to Protect Your Family’s Water Security:
#8: 10 Ways to Turn Your Pantry into a Tax-Free Profit Center
#9: Cloak of Invisibility: Eight Secrets That Get You Off the IRS’ Radar
#10: Safe at Home, No Matter What: 17 Ways to Make Your Home a Fortress
#11: Establishing Your Personal Prescription Drug Back-Up Supply
#12: Hide It So They Can’t Find It: 47 Hiding Places in Your Home
#13: Four 3-Liter Bottles of Alkaline 88® Water.
EXTRA MEGA-BONUS: Half- ounce uncirculated SILVER COIN minted in the USA

Option 2: Reinstatement Offer – One Year of Off-Grid Confidential + 4 Reports for $39



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