HUGE Summer Clearance Sale!

I’m Lee Bellinger, self-reliance expert and inventor of the PowerWhisperer backup power system.

To make room in our warehouse for new inventory we have 14 new PowerWhisperers that need to go.

These are brand new units. Not a scratch on them. And if you've been thinking about getting one, now is the time!

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The PowerWhisperer Never Needs Gas

And It's Tougher Than a Texas Tick!

Take The PowerWhisperer Anywhere.

The PowerWhisperer Is Perfect For...

However you choose to use it, PowerWhisperer is the only generator versatile

enough to handle it all with quiet, portable, solar-powered style.

Or Hunker Down When It's Not Safe

When everyone around you is without power. Your PowerWhisperer

will be there for your family without drawing attention.

The PowerWhisperer Will Never Give Away Your Position Or Let People Know You Have Power.

Will Your Gas Generator Protect You Like this?

PowerWhisperer VS Gas Generators

  • Clean Energy
  • Low Maintenance
  • Independent
  • Portable
  • Deadly Exhaust
  • Costly Maintenance
  • Dependent On Fuel
  • Immobile

The PowerWhisperer Will Never Give Away Your Position Or Let People Know You Have Power.

Will Your Gas Generator Protect You Like this?

Order Here Before They're Gone...

To make room for new inventory, I need to clear out the 14 units we have remaining.

Right now you we'll ship you a brand new unit at rock bottom pricing.

YES Lee! I Want to Save Over $1,000 On My PowerWhisperer Order!

Below are two very good options for you. Please choose the option that's best for your situation and we will rush your system out immediately.

The PowerWhisperer M

The PowerWhisperer M is our classic model. It comes with one solar panel and one battery. Plus you get the reliability and protection you'd expect. 

Was  $3,108

Now Just $1,997!

(includes shipping)​​​​

No interest financing also available!

Click the order button and choose four easy payments of $500. Unit ships after your final payment.


  • Concealment net plus another anti-theft design feature

  • Recharge your PowerWhisperer on the run using car cigarette lighter

  • 2,000 watts of mobile, covert electricity

  • A concealable, 100-watt rollout solar panel

  • It’s all powered by a super safe, hydrogen-leakage proof advanced glass matt power system

  • No potential for thermal runaway or overheating or hydrogen leakage

  • Full one year warranty

  • You can always talk with the actual people who build the PowerWhisperer

  • Seven major reports valued at $102.43, including the complete guide “17 Uses for Your PowerWhisperer”

  • No assembly, your Ultimate Off-Grid Power Machine comes fully charged, ready to go

  • No fuel needed, no maintenance – just plug in and use at the drop of a hat


You are protected. If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason just let us know. You have 30 days for a refund no questions asked.