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PowerWhisperer M-Type


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    Solar Panels: 100-watt rollup thin film solar panel
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    Battery: 100 amp hour AGM SLA deep cycle battery
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    Wattage: 2,000 watt continuous use

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PowerWhisperer M-Type (Solar-Powered Generator):

The PowerWhisperer is  a generator powered by the most abundant source of energy known to man, the sun. This machine has the capability to provide power to all appliances under 2000 watts, including high efficiency chest freezers, power tools, computers, lamps, and more. With the PowerWhisperer M-Type you can keep your food cold during an outage. It also includes a locally fabricated, EMP-resistant rolling container made with 1/16″ thick aluminum. 100% built in the USA. Click the link below to hear from the inventor of this state of the art solar-powered generator.

Lee Bellinger's PowerWhisperer

Most alternative sources of energy are either too expensive, inaccessible, or just too noisy in an emergency. If the U.S. Power Grid takes a hit, war breaks out, or any other form of destructive social chaos endures, a noisy gasoline generator just won’t do. You’ll need a quiet and discreet source of power to ensure your residence doesn’t become a looting zone.

Everything Included With Your PowerWhisperer M-Type:

Comprehensive User Manual

110 ac charger

Car charging option

10-inch no-flat wheels

45 foot solar panel lead

100 watt roll-up solar panel

100 amp hour Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery

4 amp Smart Trickle Charger

Marine-Grade Breakers

EMP-Resistant Storage Space

Powder coated military spec green

Covert woodland camouflage net for discreet use

Additional Specs:

Casing: EMP-resistant, powder-coated 1/16th inch thick aluminum body

Wheels: 10-inch no-flat wheels      Height: 21.5″ (without handle), 35.5″ (with handle)

Width: 19.5″     Length: 23″     Weight: 112 lbs