GOP Debate Confirms EMP Satellite Weapon Threat

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Obama's Shocking Second-Term Plan to Micro-Manage Everyone's Home Power Use. Literally.
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Mysterious Satellite
Object 2014-28E
Could Mark "End Times" for America...
"Could kill 9 of 10 Americans through starvation, disease, and societal collapse... With perhaps no hope of eventual recovery, as the society and population probably could not survive for even one year."
— Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Testimony given before Congress, May 8, 2014
Hello, my name is Lee Bellinger, with Independent Living News.
Events are accelerating rapidly. The threat I'm about to reveal has been a subject of ongoing research for me.
However, with the launch and flight patterns of a mysterious Russian satellite — dubbed Object 2014-28E — things could be coming to a head faster than I'd hoped.
Even more so in light of Putin's aggressive stance against America on The Ukraine, and China's alliance with Russia.
Here's what you need to know...
Russia may have just been caught deploying a space weapon more destructive than you could imagine. They may be doing it alone, or perhaps conspiring with other anti-American regimes around the world such as China and North Korea.
This is a weapon that could immediately disable large portions of our military infrastructure on the ground, all across North America. Not only that, an attack would indiscriminately wipe out civilian infrastructure, too. Power, communications, food distribution — they'd be destroyed in the blink of an eye.
Not since I worked alongside President Reagan to support the Strategic Defense Initiative against the USSR's nuclear missiles have I felt so many American lives were at stake.
Indeed, what you're about to see and hear may feel very biblical. I believe it would represent an "Armageddon" scenario for America.
Unfortunately, I'm not convinced prayer alone will protect you from this. At least not if the experts I've consulted — including esteemed Congressional advisor Dr. Peter Vincent Pry — are right about how this plays out.
Because the damage would be so immediate, total, and complete...
Life as we know it in America today would simply cease to exist.
Only those who've taken serious steps to prepare for the worst would have a chance of surviving 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, 1-year out...
What I just told you is so important I want to repeat it...
If you want to be alive in 12 months, you must have already taken action to prepare before this event occurs.
Please watch this presentation from beginning to end. It will fully inform you about this perilous threat we face. And it gives you specific steps to take today to protect yourself and your family.
This story all came to a head with the launch and mysterious flight pattern of...
Object 2014-28E:
The Russian "Space Junk" that Wasn't...
When the Russians launched three military communications satellites in May 2014 — just as the Ukraine conflict was heating up — another object broke off from the cluster during the launch.
When this object went into orbit, U.S. and international space agencies tracked its flight.
Now I should note, this is perfectly normal so far.
Just like we have flight control to prevent mid-air collisions of airplanes, space has its own "flight control." They observe and manage all the objects floating in space above the Earth. Including junk left over from launches.
After all, we need to know if a chunk of space junk is careening toward an expensive GPS or communications satellite. We can help the satellite take evasive maneuvers.
And so this Russian "space junk" got thrown into the pool of the over half a million other objects being tracked in orbit.
That's When Something Weird Happened...
This object stopped acting like space junk. Instead of uncontrolled orbit, like you'd normally see from launch remnants, it started doing things.
It changed its path. It moved intentionally toward satellites. Eventually, it docked with one.
This is when it made headlines. After all, if this was a maintenance satellite, or something similar, Russia should have declared it with the other three satellites launched at the same time.
But they didn't. They kept it secret.
This Immediately Raised Fears of a "Satellite Killer..."
A satellite killer is designed to destroy or disable other satellites.
When you consider how much communication and defense rely on satellites, that's scary. An assassin satellite out there in space picking off our own represents a huge threat to American security interests.
And these fears are not speculative. As far back as the 1950s, the Soviet Union pursued this technology.
They conducted 23 launches, and 7 successful interceptions of other satellites in a program called "Istrebitel Sputnikov," or, "satellite killer." Until after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Soviets had operational satellite killer satellites in orbit.
This is why everybody from NBC News to Newsweek to Discovery magazine to and Fox News were so up in arms about this.
Without a clear declaration of this satellite's purpose, Putin was — in effect — making a threat against American and Western interests in space.
The continued silence is even worse. What Russia is not saying is more telling than what they are saying.
Here's the thing...
A "Satellite Killer" is NOTHING Compared to What Else Could Be Hidden Inside Object 2014-28E...
If Putin has this satellite killer technology, you can bet we do too. In orbit.
While it makes for great headlines, I'm not all that afraid of a satellite killer floating around out there in space.
What do you think happens if this Russian satellite gets caught in the act, taking out a U.S. military satellite?
Yes, it hurts, temporarily.
But we're already watching. We're tracking it. And we're suspicious.
Any aggressive act toward an American or other Western satellite will be met with swift action. If they take out one of our satellites, their "assassin" will be in our crosshairs. And it will be turned into real "space junk" in the blink of an eye.
Heck, we could even knock this satellite out before it gets ours — if the threat suddenly becomes real.
Satellite killers might have been scary during the Cold War, but they're a mere nuisance today.
It's what else Object 2014-28E could be carrying that's truly terrifying.
And not just this particular satellite.
This Russian launch merely shows how easy it is to get unidentified objects up into space.
Russia, China, whoever. Anybody can easily sneak a weapon into space, as long as it's going up with something that seems relatively innocent. They could even load it on an ordinary communications satellite to avoid suspicion.
Heck, Russia may even have space weapons that are far deadlier than a satellite killer flying over America right now... And we don't even know it.
This Is What's So Terrifying...
The threat I'm about to reveal to you has been a topic of substantial research here at Independent Living News, since at least 2008. I've personally invested over $1 million into research on this. But I'm not alone...
Dr. Peter Vincent Pry advises Congress on this threat, in his role as Executive Director of The Task Force on National and Homeland Security.
In fact, in May 2014, around the time Russia was launching Object 2014-28E into orbit, Dr. Pry issued a warning to the House Committee on Homeland Security. In his testimony, he said in no uncertain terms that this is an...
"Existential threat that could kill 9 of 10 Americans."
And further, he warned Congress...
"The society and population probably could not survive for even one year."
Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House, has also warned of this threat. He went on record saying...
"Of the 11 major threats to our society, [this] ranks #1."
What's so dangerous about something that could be triggered in a tiny "rogue" satellite, hundreds of miles above earth?
In short...
It's a "First Strike" Space Weapon that Will Cripple America's Current Military Superiority...
It would knock us out like a blindside blow to the head from a baseball bat. I'll get to the details in mere seconds, but here's the immediate impact...
  • From space, it would immediately disable large portions of our military infrastructure on the ground, in an area that could span nearly the entire continent...
  • Not only that, it would practically wipe out the civilian infrastructure, too. Power, communications, food production and distribution — services we all rely on for normal day-to-day life here in America. Not to mention services that form critical support structures for our military bases' ongoing operations.
And our only warning would be a flash in the sky, like the one residents of Honolulu, Hawaii saw one summer night in 1962...
Here's The Strange-But-True Story
Of "Starfish Prime"...
Imagine yourself out for a walk on the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii, on the night of July 9, 1962 — just 21 years after Pearl Harbor.
At nine seconds after 11 p.m., you look up into the dark sky, and see this flash of light.
It's as if, for a moment, the sun appears in the sky. It lights up the entire Pacific Ocean.
Then You Realize it's a Giant Fireball —
Well Into the Distance...
It's unclear exactly what the flash was, or where it came from. What's certain is that the explosion that created it was massive.
This is the height of the Cold War — perhaps it was nuclear.
The fireball starts as a bright white flash in the sky, then quickly turns to a giant, glowing green ball of light. Shockwaves shoot from the center of the explosion, leaving ring-shaped clouds hanging in the sky as the fireball still burns.
The light turns purple, then red, and fire fills the sky for nearly 10 minutes.
Even days later, the explosion's after-effects will tinge the air.
Others, describing a similar site, have said...
"Afterward, what I remember is the silence. It was like — it was so awesome. It was so much more than anybody could ever imagine..."
"You just can't look into the bowels of Hell and not be changed."
Sure sounds like a religious experience, doesn't it? But not the good kind...
Back in Honolulu, you take a moment to reacquaint yourself with your surroundings.
You realize hundreds of streetlights that were shining mere moments ago are now black.
Burglar alarms echo through the streets.
You'll later hear the explosion knocked out a telephone company's microwave link. The island of Kauai will be isolated from telephone contact until the link is restored.
You Soon Discover This Was Indeed a Nuclear Blast —
A US Government Test...
Thankfully, not Russia.
The 1.4 megaton thermonuclear warhead was launched by the U.S. military. From this tiny island in the middle of the Pacific, called the Johnson Atoll...
The explosion itself — as bright as it was — had occurred 898 miles away from Hawaii. That's about the same distance as from New York City to Orlando.
Not only that, the detonation was 250 miles from the ocean's surface — roughly the same height the International Space Station flies at today.
The US Government Had Gone to Great Lengths
To Ensure Nobody and Nothing Got Hurt...
To the best of my knowledge, there were no human casualties from the explosion.
The street lights and microwave link — among the most sensitive electronics in use at the time — were the greatest damage reported.
Now I understand that damage may have seemed insignificant from the ground.
However, it clearly reinforced the biggest fears of some of the world's leading nuclear physicists... These high-altitude nuclear blasts create an electromagnetic energy shockwave.
It's called an Electromagnetic Pulse — or EMP.
An EMP is invisible to the eye, and won't make you sick like radiation. It won't incinerate you either, like the fireball from a ground-level nuclear detonation.
And yet...
These EMP Shockwaves Can Destroy Electronics
From Half a Continent Away...
In 1962, when the Starfish Prime test occurred, America was far less dependent on electronics than it is today. Think for yourself — how many computers and smart phones were in use in 1962? How many cars required a computer chip to start? And we're just scratching the surface...
In Dr. Pry's congressional testimony he pointed out that today's microelectronics "are over one million times more vulnerable to EMP than the far more primitive and robust electronics of the 1960s."
Not only that, the damage to street lights and communication equipment was from an explosion nearly 1,000 miles away — this was definitely not a direct hit.
Plus, Starfish Prime used a smaller 1.4 megaton bomb.
While it was big compared to the bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II, that's just 1/35th the size of the largest nuclear weapon Russia ever detonated — a 50 megaton warhead called Tsar Bomba.
Starfish Prime — that fireball in the sky — was tiny in comparison.
And still, with all these precautions to avoid damage and destruction, Starfish Prime revealed what scientists feared most...
A high-altitude nuclear explosion creates instant destruction of ground-level electronics with an EMP. Electronics far more resilient than most we rely on today...
Now here's where it gets really scary...
The Soviet Union Ran Their Own — Far More Destructive — "Starfish Prime" Tests...
What little we know about these tests was only allowed to go public a full three decades after they were conducted. And still, we know enough.
October 22, 1962. The height of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
The Soviets launched a space rocket over Kazakhstan. This rocket carried a 300 kiloton nuclear warhead — roughly 1/4 the size of the weapon used in Starfish Prime.
They detonated the warhead over central Kazakhstan.
The explosion itself was 180 miles above the Earth — again, a level not far from where satellites orbit today. It generated a massive fireball in the sky.
The heat and radiation would never reach the Kazakhstani people on the ground — the explosion was too high in the atmosphere.
And yet, the EMP the explosion generated immediately sparked a fire and destroyed the Karaganda power plant below.
It wiped out at least 350 miles of telephone cables. It killed over 620 miles of buried power lines.
On the telephone cables, all fuses on the line were blown, and all overvoltage protectors fired. Even ceramic insulators popped on some above-ground power lines, shorting the lines and sending them falling to the ground below.
Radios were damaged 360 miles away.
A radar was knocked out a full 600 miles from the detonation.
Even military-grade diesel generators stopped functioning.
In a moment, most of the Kazakhstani people were plunged into darkness and isolation. No power. No communication.
"Bombed Back To The Stone Ages."
Or At Least to a Pre-Electricity Era...
Adding insult to injury, within the next two weeks, the Russians detonated two more nukes in the upper atmosphere above Kazakhstan. Two more nuclear fireballs in the sky.
Not that it mattered much. An EMP attack causes immediate and total devastation to most sensitive electronics. The second and third would have had little left to destroy that wasn't taken out by the first.
Even to this day, Russia keeps most of the details of these tests — dubbed "Project K" — secret.
Most of what we know is based on the data Russia chose to release.
In 1998, Russian scientist Vasily Greetsai published a paper on these tests in the U.S. technical journal of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, or IEEE.
In the paper, he stated...
  • "In 1962, the then Soviet Union conducted several high-altitude nuclear tests of great yield in Kazakhstan in the course of which were obtained vast facts on the damage levels from [High-Altitude] EMP illuminating both military and civil systems."
Greetsai shared minor details in his paper. Most of the "vast facts" he refers to are still a Russian state secret, kept in confidential files at the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense. Available only to Putin and his thugs. They are still considered to be sensitive and current intelligence on a weapons program that's as dangerous today as it ever was.
And if these vast facts are being used by Russia's military right now, I can tell you this...
The Best Covert Delivery System for an EMP Weapon Would Be A Satellite Just Like Object 2014-28E...
Now let's assume for a moment that this particular Russian satellite is completely harmless. That it does NOT contain a space weapon of any kind. That there's no military use.
That's fine.
What I do know is this. It's an unidentified Russian satellite. Moscow won't reveal its purpose, or what it contains. And it's allowed to pass over the Unites States multiple times every day.
And it's one of many satellites that do so, from Russia, China, and other countries that would love it for America to be effectively knocked off the world stage overnight.
Heck, even North Korea could do it — as backwards as they are. A recent Heritage Foundation discussion on CSPAN revealed this threat.
North Korea has tested low-yield nuclear devices that were scoffed at because they were so small. Yet they were big enough to create a sizeable EMP at high altitude, and North Korea called the tests a success. And while their space program isn't significant, they are putting satellites into orbit.
All it takes is for one of these satellites — among the 500,000 objects floating around above the Earth — to pass over America one time.
Then it's too late.
Then we've been hit with an EMP weapon that destroys power plants, our power grid, and so much critical infrastructure.
It would be the biggest disaster America has ever seen.
Now, before I get into the specifics — and what you can do to prepare and protect yourself and your family — a brief note...
While a satellite is an ideal covert delivery device, it's NOT the only way the attack could come.
Of course, these nuclear devices can be attached to intercontinental ballistic missiles — or ICBMs. But the Pentagon has played out this war game scenario thousands of times before. We would have a reasonable chance of intercepting the missile and preventing the explosion.
Other scenarios are far scarier, such as...
North Korea's July 2013 "Test Run"
EMP Attack on America...
In July 2013, North Korea sent a tramp freighter ship into the Gulf of Mexico, full of 10,000 tons of sugar.
"Tramps" are the rogues, the renegades, and the freelancers of the shipping world. They're largely anonymous ships that work for hire. They maintain no schedule or published port of call.
A lot like Han Solo from Star Wars, they make their living carrying cargo from one place to another. Very few questions asked. And some are willing to carry more questionable "gray area" cargo, for more questionable characters.
This particular freighter looked a lot like any other tramp ship carrying sugar from the Caribbean to Asia. It crossed the Gulf of Mexico — not far from the U.S. coastline — then headed for the Panama Canal.
It was only in Panama — well after passing by the southern U.S. — that the cargo was met with scrutiny.
Underneath the 10,000 tons of sugar, inspectors found two Cuban SA-2 nuclear-capable missiles — on their launchers, ready to fire.
Thankfully No Nuclear Warheads — This Time...
North Korea had already confirmed they could bring those missiles just a hair away from the southern coast of the U.S. It was only when they tested the security of the Panama Canal that they were caught.
These missiles would have been enough to put an EMP weapon into American airspace. They would have been enough to wage a blindside sneak attack.
And America may keep our eyes on Russia and China today, watching the skies for long-range missile attacks...
But Key West? Cancun? Even Cuba isn't seen as much of a threat these days, despite these old missiles they still have sitting around. The Gulf Coast is almost totally blind to a ballistic missile attack.
And all it would take would be one more "tramp" ship full of sugar going largely undetected as it passed by the southern coast.
North Korea, Iran, Russia, China...
Every single one of these countries has specific plans for using EMP weapons against the United States, written into their military strategic doctrine.
This according to Kevin Briggs — a former advisor to the White House, DOD, and the National Military Command Center... And one of Washington's top consultants on possible nuclear attack scenarios, the effects, and military response exercises.
But Briggs points out that it doesn't take an entire country to launch one of these attacks. He explained...
"Even unsophisticated and under-resourced terrorists could threaten EMP attack by mating a small nuclear device to a SCUD missile — or other missile of simple design — and mounting the missile and payload to a small freighter."
The terrorists wouldn't even have to cross U.S. borders to launch this attack. They could do it from another anonymous "tramp" freighter, cruising inconspicuously off ANY U.S. coast.
And they'd be almost impossible to stop.
They wouldn't even have to get the missile past the coastline. They could be cruising along in international waters, dozens of miles off the coast. They could fire the missile straight into the sky, making interception nearly impossible.
And because of the nature of an EMP attack, the devastation to our infrastructure — from even an offshore detonation — could cross half the country. Coordinated attacks on multiple coastlines could leave pretty much every corner of America in the dark.
It would be instant, unstoppable, and very hard to retaliate against due to the largely anonymous way this attack could carried out.
... In Fact, China May Have Already Carried Out Surprise EMP Attack "Test Runs" Off The Los Angeles and Oregon Coasts — Using Submarines!
On November 10, 2010, a Chinese submarine may have launched the first of three similar missiles into the sky, from a submarine 30 miles off the coast of Los Angeles.
The Department of Defense was quick to explain away the plume of smoke that shot straight into the sky. They claimed it was a jet contrail. Perhaps they didn't want to raise too many alarms. And for the most part, they succeeded — because the mainstream media didn't touch the story with a 10-foot pole.
Not everybody agreed with the DoD's public assessment, though.
Retired Air Force Brigadier General Jim Cash, former fighter pilot and assistant director of operations at NORAD, commented, "There is absolutely no doubt that [this] was a missile launch."
And Cash was quickly joined by a chorus of military experts from the US and abroad. They all agreed. It was a missile. And it most likely came from a Chinese Jin-class nuclear submarine.
Then it happened again — twice — off Oregon's coast, in fall 2013.
The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that on October 30th and November 20th, 2013, China tested a pair of nuclear-capable JL-2 missiles.
And the first of these launches came only days after China began a massive propaganda campaign, bragging in state media about their nuclear submarine program.
If in either case, the Chinese submarine were to have launched a live nuclear warhead, they could have hit ANY US city from their position off our West coast.
Let me repeat that. These missiles have enough range to take out any American city when launched from our West coast. And there's pretty much zero chance of us intercepting the missile — especially if their target was in one of the Western states.
A direct nuclear strike on an American city would be tragic enough by itself.
And yet, this would be an almost unstoppable method to carry out an EMP attack that would wipe out 90% of the American population.
And if you're thinking that we'll just stop the Chinese subs with ours, I have bad news for you. In recent testimony before Congress, Navy Vice Admiral Joseph Mulloy warned that China's submarine fleet now outnumbers America's. Including more nuclear subs, capable of launching these attacks.
Now that China and Russia are allies standing against America regarding the Ukrainian conflict, your level of worry should only go up.
And I warn you...
It Gets Worse...
Washington has known they need to protect against the EMP threat for years.
It's not really a secret in national security circles. Congress has been briefed, many times.
And in 2010, they had an opportunity in a bill known as the GRID Act. It would have authorized up to $20 billion to protect our power grid against EMPs. To put that in scale, that's just 1/75th the cost of the DOD's F-35 Fighter Jet budget boondoggle.
The grid is our most critical infrastructure to protect. Yes, everything from your cell phone to robots in factories is at risk in the event of an EMP attack. But electricity from the power grid supports it all. AND — as you'll soon learn — is the most vulnerable to attack.
At the very least, Washington should be eager to protect this critical infrastructure.
And yet, all it took to kill the GRID Act in 2010 — in the face of strong bipartisan support — was one senator, in one committee, gutting the bill to buy votes for the American Clean Energy Act.
Think what you will about clean energy, but if the grid is dead, it doesn't matter how the electricity was generated.
This is just one recent example of how Washington is willfully putting you at risk by ignoring the EMP threat.
When Dr. Pry testified before Congress in support of the most recent SHIELD Act... Seeking to achieve some of the same protections the GRID Act promised... They simply referred the bill to another subcommittee... In effect sentencing it to slow death.
If Washington isn't going to take action on our behalf, it's looking more and more like we Americans are going to be left to fend for ourselves.
Which is important considering...
Mother Nature Could Even Launch Her Own EMP Attack On America, Even The Whole World...
These solar flares are happening all the time. This picture was taken in 2012.
Around the same time, the Sun launched another massive solar flare in our direction. We missed it by about 11 million miles. That may seem like a lot, but that's only 7 days' orbit.
If that solar flare had happened 7 days earlier — or come off the Sun at a slightly different angle — it would have been a direct hit.
The Earth would have been bombarded with X-rays and UV radiation, hitting us at light speed.
And, an EMP.
David Baker of the University of Colorado, who studied this flare in depth, explained...
"If it had hit [Earth], we would still be picking up the pieces."
A smaller solar storm hit Quebec in March 1989. This one was tiny by comparison. And still, it shut down Quebec's power grid for 9 hours while they struggled to bring it back online. Thankfully, Quebec's solar EMP was only small enough to trip breakers — not destroy equipment. Or it would have been months or years before power could be restored.
The best records we have of a direct hit from a solar EMP go back to September 1859, when English astronomer Richard Carrington observed a particularly large solar flare while watching the Sun. Over the following days, waves of solar particles hit the Earth, bringing EMPs with them.
At the time, telegraphs were the most advanced technology in use. The telegraph lines that crisscrossed the globe sparked as the EMP hit. Telegraph offices caught on fire.
The near-miss in 2012 was estimated to be roughly as strong as what's now called "The Carrington Event." Except this time, if we'd experienced a direct hit, it would have destroyed a whole lot more than telegraph wires.
In a paper published in the journal Space Weather, physicist Pete Riley analyzed the probability we'd see another one of these storms hit within the next 10 years.
His conclusion? We have a 12% chance.
That may not sound like much, but if it happens, it will be catastrophic. And as the 2012 flare shows, these things are happening all the time — close calls abound — and we're frankly lucky we don't get hit with these huge solar storms far more often.
Now, let's shift this conversation a little bit, because I want to get to the solutions I promised...
Here's What to Expect When an EMP Hits...
What you need to understand is that life in America will change in an instant if we're hit with an EMP.
And it doesn't matter if we're talking a nuclear attack or a solar flare. The damage is the same.
The power will go black immediately...
Power transmission lines are especially vulnerable, because they act like giant antennas for those electromagnetic waves.
As all that energy courses through the wires, it will hit the large power transformers at electrical substations all over the country, and that's where the most painful destruction will happen.
The latest study from the Department of Energy reports our electrical infrastructure is "aging" — with the average transformer being 38 to 40 years old. 70% of installed transformers are at least 25 years old.
And our capability to make new ones here in America only meets 15% of our demand. That means that out of every 20 we need right now to replace the ones that are aging and failing, we can only produce 3. And it takes as long as 20 months to get a new transformer after a purchase order is submitted.
A big EMP will set transformers on fire all across the country... And it could take 4 to 10 years to fully replace them — if not longer...
In fact, no less than the National Academy of Sciences warned of the danger of just a few transformers failing at a single time...
"We could easily be without power across a multi-state region for many weeks or months, because we don't have many spare transformers."
They weren't even talking about an EMP scenario — they were explaining what would happen in the event of a direct attack on our power infrastructure alone. An EMP would shift that timeline from months to years.
Not only that, if power plants are damaged or destroyed, they'd also need repairs.
Plus, even power lines running through your back yard (on poles, or underground) could fail or even catch fire. To restore power to every home in America could take a decade or more.
And with a big enough EMP, even the copper wires in your house's walls could experience a surge — those wires could be damaged or destroyed, along with electronics plugged in at the time.
Other critical infrastructure will fail, too...
Communications will fail...
We may rely more on cell phones than landlines for most telephone communication today. But our conversations are still almost all carried over a transmission line somewhere...
Coaxial cable — for cable TV and internet — and phone lines are just like power lines in that they'll catch an EMP like an antenna. And as this surge of power goes through the lines, they'll melt, fail, and catch fire.
A wave of silence will cross America, as suddenly we're no longer able to even call folks on the other side of town.
Fuel distribution will fail, too...
Even if the microelectronics in your car are not damaged by the EMP, you may find it almost impossible to get fuel.
With power and communications down, the fuel distribution network will quickly crumble, too. Even fuel sitting in tanks in the ground at your local gas station won't be available, as it takes electric pumps connected to the grid to get that fuel into your car.
Within a week, you'll be hard-pressed to find a vehicle on the road.
But that's not even the worst part...
The lack of food will start to kill Americans within a month...
With no power, no fuel, and no communications, the food production and distribution systems we all rely on will fail.
Grocery stores will be emptied within 24 hours — probably by armed looters.
And then most Americans will be stuck surviving on whatever food they have.
It will get ugly fast in urban areas, where few have deep pantries, and the nearest agriculture is miles and miles away.
Survival will favor those who have food stores, the ability to protect themselves, and a know-how to get food for themselves once the pantry is empty.
Nearly every aspect of modern society will start to crumble...
We're not just talking basic infrastructure here — although those systems' failure will have the widest impact.
Clean water — which relies on electric pumps for distribution — will be gone almost instantly...
Hospitals, medical offices, and pharmacies too will no longer provide us with the care we need...
Money in the bank will be inaccessible, if not gone...
Heating and air conditioning will be a thing of the past, as will our ability to replenish supplies from most stores.
This Is Basically the Beginning of the End — Life As We Know It Will Decay Rapidly...
As all these systems fail, you can see for yourself how quickly this would turn into an "Armageddon" scenario for America...
Why Dr. Pry warned Congress an EMP could wipe out 90% of the American population within a year.
All the modern conveniences we rely on would be gone...
We'd be back to 19th Century living — with more than 10 times the population density...
Without resources, the situation (especially in cities) would decay fast...
We've seen it before...
  • In New York City, in 1977... A 25-hour power outage sparked riots, 1,037 cases of arson, two deaths, over 700 reported injuries (including civilians, police, and firefighters), and more than $300 million in property damage...
  • After Hurricane Katrina... New Orleans was flooded and left without power, for as long as 23 days. Looting, violence, and vandalism ensued. Police shot and killed unarmed civilians. Roving gangs attacked police, and scared citizens. Chaos.
  • And after Hurricane Sandy... Power outages lasted as long as 17 days. Fistfights broke out in the streets of New York. Armed robberies were carried out in broad daylight. There were death threats over gasoline. And 44 deaths following the storm in New York City alone.
When crisis strikes, the thin veneer of civil society is torn away.
Those who are already living in hardship — living paycheck to paycheck, relying on government handouts for subsistence — often revolt. Their instinct to "survive at all costs" takes over.
And a tiny spark can set off a blazing inferno of social chaos...
Take everything that's already going on in our society today, and throw an EMP attack right in the middle of it...
Pretty soon you're talking survival of the fittest — survival of the most prepared...
The Time To Get Prepared Is NOW.
And don't let folks who haven't done their research on the EMP threat convince you you're being paranoid, a kook, or a crackpot. I've been called a "crazy prepper" and a whole lot worse.
But the reality is that Russia, China, and other anti-American regimes worldwide have the capability to use EMP weapons on US. It's written into their strategic military doctrine. And they see it as a legitimate first-strike sneak attack...
Not only that, with today's tech it's well within the realm of possibility that terrorists could pull off an attack as devastating as any military's...
AND just to throw an element of total unpredictability into the mix, a single solar flare like The Carrington Event could hit with almost no notice, and certainly no time to get prepared...
The icing on the cake? Washington has shown indifference at best — but more like reckless negligence — in its unwillingness to take basic precautionary measures.
It's up to you and me to prepare ourselves. And yes, you should have the basics down...
A food supply sufficient to last your family, at minimum, 30 days, but better if longer...
Access to clean water to last at least 30 days...
And, for self-defense, a firearm and ammo, and the training to use it...
Now, I have a lot of other suggestions for surviving a power blackout, no matter the cause. They're included in a report I put together called "The Rolling Blackout Survival Guide." It's not really the point of my presentation here today, but if you'll hear me out until the end, I'll make sure you are able to get a copy of this for free.
But here's the thing...
One of Your Best Long-Term Survival Strategies After an EMP is Having an Effective Backup Power Solution...
Not every piece of electronics will be destroyed by an EMP. Those at greatest risk are those connected to the grid.
Remember, the power lines crisscrossing the nation and your neighborhood (whether above ground or buried) are like huge antennae that conduct the energy of the EMP through them.
That's why telegraph offices caught fire during The Carrington Event, and the Karaganda power plant was destroyed by Russia's EMP tests. They were hubs for the electromagnetic shockwaves.
But many of the electronics in your home have at least a chance of surviving an EMP attack with little or no damage. Particularly things like deep freezers, space heaters, and other relatively low-tech appliances that would make a huge difference in a long-term survival situation.
The only thing is, you need a reliable source of power to use them.
And as part of my research, I searched high and low for a backup power generator that would have a reasonable chance of being useful after an EMP.
When I Couldn't Find One, I Built One...
This is the PowerWhisperer.
It's a custom-designed, certified EMP-resistant backup solar generator. It's proudly manufactured here in South Carolina.
The PowerWhisperer is the ONLY portable backup power solution you should trust to get you through an EMP or any other emergency power outage.
Why? Because it's the only portable backup power solution designed from the ground up to offer this sort of reliability.
I mentioned before that I've spent over $1 million of my own money researching the EMP threat, the dangers to America's power grid and security, and potential solutions.
Most importantly, what individual Americans like you and me can do if worse comes to worst.
PowerWhisperer is the answer.
In A Moment I'll Share The Deadly Flaws and Huge Shortcomings I Uncovered in Pretty Much Every Backup Generator Being Sold Today — And How The PowerWhisperer Solved Them...
And, importantly — why your life could be in danger if you make the wrong choice in generators. (If you already have a backup generator in your garage, you need to hear this — for your and your family's safety.)
But first, a brief background of me and my work.
Again my name is Lee Bellinger. I'm Publisher of Independent Living.
Online, over 1,000,000 independence-minded individuals follow my work on self-reliance, and living a life of freedom and liberty.
I also have over 50,000 paid-up subscribers to my private intelligence service, dedicated to self-reliance, survival, and living a prepared life in today's America.
I've dedicated myself to helping like-minded individuals enjoy an intellectual, financial, and personally self-reliant life.
And this is only a continuation of my much bigger life-mission... Of shining light on the truth in a world of lies... Of uncovering and telling the stories that nobody else sees or is willing to cover.
I've spent nearly my entire career looking into events and trends of national significance...
For 20 years, I was a reporter on Capitol Hill, digging into the big stories in Washington politics.
Before that, I'd worked for two members of Congress, and a prominent investigative journalist.
But what's more important is what I've done since then — since 2006.
That's when I launched Independent Living — and began warning and prepping readers for impending crisis in America.
I've issued warnings that have — in hindsight — been proven highly-accurate...
  • Warnings of a brewing crisis in the credit markets — and the imminent risks to banks and the real estate market...
  • Warnings of the instability of our entire financial system — and a need to secure some of your wealth in hard assets...
  • Warnings of a new era of increased control by Washington bureaucrats — and a need to fight for your personal freedom and right to self-reliance...
But also, I've gone way beyond that. Instead of focusing on whipping my readers up into a frenzy of fear...
I've focused on providing specific, actionable information on how to protect yourself from the risks I identify. Including risks to your health and wellbeing.
And one critical point I keep coming back to, in both my public writing and in additional research and insights I share with private readers is...
Back-Up Power is NOT Optional...
If you want to make sure that your health and wellbeing is secured, you need back-up power. No bones about it.
Ever since Washington nationalized our power grid in 2000, it's become LESS stable, not more so. That's because each utility's infrastructure was built to operate separately — not together. All these independent systems combined don't always work in 100% predictable ways.
Not only that, but our power grid has been, in a word, neglected.
This all adds up to a power grid that's barely holding its own.
And so even without an EMP attack, Americans have been living through more and more unpredicted outages, rolling blackouts, and brownouts.
Just a few examples here. Detroit was hit with rolling blackouts in July 2011. They called it "system stress." On August 9, 2012, California issued a statewide power alert. A heat wave was crushing its already taxed network.
In mid-July, New York and Westchester counties experienced a whopping 7,700 power interruptions.
Last September, the businesses in downtown Alexandria, VA, suffered a Sunday afternoon rolling blackout. I was there watching a football game with friends.
On September 9, 2011 Sempra Energy's San Diego Gas & Electric experienced a massive blackout — it lasted 15 hours and plunged 1.4 million homes into darkness.
In February 2011, four Dallas area hospitals were hit with rolling blackouts. Hospitals had been exempted from these blackouts.
Add to that all the power outages from weather and other causes — now often spanning multi-state regions — and unpredictable power is becoming the norm for us Americans.
We usually have power — we just can't rely on the grid to always be there.
From mild annoyances to intermittent outages and rolling blackouts... All the way up to the gravest threats to our power grid, including a full-on EMP attack on America...
Having Power Isn't Just About Convenience — It's About Survival...
For most families, the most immediate risk from an extended power failure is food poisoning. Within 48 hours, a freezer without power is a freezer full of unsafe food. And that's if the freezer is full. A half-full freezer only keeps food safe for 24 hours. Food in the fridge starts to spoil almost immediately.
And yet, that's only the beginning. If you have plug-in medical devices, you need an ongoing source of power to stay healthy.
If the weather is dangerously cold, a space heater could save the day.
We don't really think about how crucial having always-on power is to our comfort, health, and wellbeing until it's gone.
And so at the very least, we need back-up power that will keep a deep freeze cold indefinitely.
In a short-term outage, this will allow you to keep food frozen that would otherwise thaw, spoil, and become unsafe to eat.
In a long-term outage, this provides the ability to freeze and store new food as well, which could be the difference between life and death.
And yet, before PowerWhisperer, I'd never found a generator solution that worked for me.
Sure, I've owned gas generators. If you've ever owned one, you probably know how useful they can be.
But you may not realize...
There Are At Least 3 Ways Your Gas Generator Could Kill You...
When you realize the need for backup power, the quickest, most obvious choice is to go down to Lowes or Home Depot and pick out an off-the-shelf gas generator, stick it in the corner of your garage, and call it good.
And sure, that's better than nothing. But you could actually be writing your own death certificate, thinking you're ensuring your survival.
You see, there are a couple mortal dangers involved with gas generators. And they are NOT to be taken lightly.
Gas Generator Mortal Danger #1...
A young friend of mine grew up in a house where his parents had a gas generator, concerned about some of the issues we've talked about here today.
It landed him the hospital — thankfully, not a casket.
His parents were running the generator in the open garage, and he was in there, too. Faster than anybody realized what was happening, he grew light-headed, then passed out.
Thankfully, his parents acted quickly. The generator was shut off, and he was rushed out of the garage and to the hospital.
Carbon monoxide poisoning.
Much more exposure to the fumes from the generator and it could have killed him. Experts recommend a gas generator is run at least 20 feet away from any buildings, with no open windows nearby. But these recommendations are seldom followed, and one of the news stories that almost always pops up after an extended outage is how many people died from carbon monoxide poisoning from their generators.
Now that's just one way your gas generator can kill you. Now on to...
Gas Generator Mortal Danger #2...
The same young friend and his family were, for whatever reason, unlucky with their generator. And knowing him, I don't think it's because they were irresponsible. Quite the opposite, in fact. I think this was definitely a case of bad things happening to good people.
I'm not sure the exact circumstances, but the extra fuel of their generator — being stored in their garage — caught fire one day.
It burned down the garage.
It could have been the house.
If you're serious about having ongoing power with a gas generator, you need fuel. A lot of it. And that's a problem. Because not only can that fuel go bad — it can also ignite. And in some cases, that can be deadly...
But there's yet another way your gas generator can be deadly — that you may not have thought about...
Gas Generator Mortal Danger #3...
Gas generators are loud. This is a mere nuisance in recreational settings, or in other standard uses. But in a crisis situation, this could be deadly.
Imagine for a minute that we've been hit with an EMP, and power has been out for a few weeks.
Civil society has started to crumble, and there are armed, roving gangs looting and robbing in your area.
The last thing you're going to want to do in this situation is to have a gas generator running. For potentially miles around, it's going to give away your location. Not only that, it will reveal that you have power, fuel, and potentially other things to protect.
And you can't hide your gas generator inside, because of carbon monoxide.
In a true survival situation, the sound of a gas generator running could end up getting you killed.
And There Are Even More Reasons You Can't Trust A Gas Generator...
Listen, I want the best for you. I really do. And if you are convinced a gas generator is your best option, so be it. But you're going to face some major nuisances — including the chance that it won't be operational when you really need it.
For one, there's the fuel issue. Gas goes bad in storage. And so you're going to have to commit to an ongoing practice of cycling your stored fuel. And you better stay on top of it, or your gas generator engine may not run well enough to give you the power you need. Not only that, you'll need to install a big tank on your property if you want to store enough fuel, safely.
Plus, you'll have to keep the generator itself well-maintained. Anything with moving parts needs regular maintenance. It can't just be left in the corner for years, then flipped on in an emergency. You must run it regularly, and maintain it, to keep it in good working order.
And even when they're working perfectly, gas generators don't deliver "clean" power. I have a friend who makes his living from his laptop. During the outage from Hurricane Sandy, he plugged in, hoping to get some work done even when the lights were out. Bad move. His computer got fried. Luckily, his computer guy was able to rescue everything but the back-up drive. Not everyone is so lucky. While the "dirty" power from gas generators can power some things, you should avoid using it for most electronics.
If you've looked into natural gas generators, you may find they solve some of these problems. They're quieter. They tend to run a little cleaner than gasoline. But still, the power is less clean than what you get out of the wall, and the same maintenance issues can come up as with gasoline. Plus, in the event of a major widespread outage — as would be caused by an EMP — you can't count on natural gas supplies to keep pumping.
Solar Solves These Problems...
Think what you want about trying to put our entire power grid on solar. I don't think the technology is there today without insane government subsidies, and I have no prediction for when it may stand on its own economically.
But solar makes a great back-up power alternative.
No carbon monoxide poisoning. No explosive fuel stored in your house or on your property. No noise to attract unwanted attention. No moving parts to maintain. And no dirty power.
And so a few years' back, as I was looking at realistic backup power solutions, I settled on solar as the best solution.
... And Yet, I Couldn't Find An "Ideal" Solar Generator...
When I went looking for a solar generator that would work for me and my family, I found flaws in every model on the market.
  • Problem #1... Most back-up solar generators had bulky, inefficient solar panels. To get any reasonable amount of power, they required large, unwieldy solar panels. Not only that, the panels were solid — making them hard to move at best, immobile at worst. Not acceptable in my book, because I want mobility in a back-up power source.
  • Problem #2... The solar generators I found bordered on fragile. Most came in a flimsy plastic case, with delicate electronics inside. Certainly not rugged enough to hold up in a real survival situation.
  • Problem #3... Power capacity is lacking. If you want a useful level of backup power, a few hundred or even 1,000 watts isn't going to do. The most popular solar generator on the market offers 1,200 watts. This may be able to continuously power a small freezer, but try to add much more, and you're quickly running out of power. A reasonable backup system should offer at least 2,000 watts of continuous power.
  • Problem #4... Battery life. While the solar panels offer the "fuel" for the generator, the batteries are what really matter in ensuring you have power when you need it. Without a high-quality batter, you don't have a high-quality solar back-up power source.
  • Problem #5... Redundancy. Many solar generators only have one option for charging: the sun. For true versatility and usefulness both in emergency and recreational settings, I wanted options. That's why I wanted a solar generator that would recharge from the sun, yes, but that could also plug into a wall outlet or my car lighter socket to recharge.
  • Problem #6... Maintenance. While solar generators can, in theory, be low maintenance, it's not always true in practice. One leading model I bought had 17 separate — proprietary — fuses. I don't know about you, but the last thing I want to do in a survival situation is to be trying to get ahold of my generator manufacturer to get a replacement of one of their 17 fuses. I'll take breakers, please!
  • Problem #7... You get what you get. Most generators are totally contained, except for the solar panels. I wanted one that could be easily maintained or upgraded as need be — with component parts and additions. If I wanted to double the number of panels, or add a battery, or make other improvements, I wanted options.
  • Problem #8... EMP resistance. Put simply, even the Russians discovered their military-grade diesel generators failed in their test-run EMP attack. NO solar generator on the market was built into a Faraday cage — an enclosure that blocks electromagnetic energy and protects the electronics inside. While it's impossible to make anything 100% EMP-proof, I wanted a solid shot that my backup power source would be there for me in the event of an EMP-caused grid failure.
I went shopping for a solar generator that fit the bill. I came up with NOTHING.
That's Why I Sunk Over $1 Million of My Own Money Into Creating PowerWhisperer...
Not finding an adequate solution, I decided my only option was to create one for myself. And so I hired my own personal electrical engineer to design an EMP-resistant back-up solar power generator, from scratch, to my exacting specifications...
And we created a solution that I can be proud of. A solution folks like you and me can rely on to ensure our families have uninterrupted power in the event of an emergency. A solution that protects our health and wellbeing, even in the face of a major catastrophe like an EMP attack on America.
I ended up investing over $1 million in the creation of the PowerWhisperer. But I would absolutely do it again, because I believe in this product so much...
Here's what you get with PowerWhisperer...
A Complete Back-Up Power Solution with Military Level Durability and Mobility...
This is the ultimate reserve power system. It's designed to be there for you through EMPs, rolling blackouts, storm outages, emergency evacuations, family picnics, beach trips or weekend camping. You don't have to wait for an outage to get a ton of use out of this.
My requirements when designing the PowerWhisperer included:
Instant Access to 2000 Watts of Electricity Whenever You Need It: It only takes moments to set your PowerWhisperer up for operation. Its all-aluminum outer casing is manufactured and assembled in South Carolina. It is ready to use right out of its shipping box. You can plug in DC or AC appliances in seconds. This includes home alarm systems, basement sump pump, freezer/refrigerators and even aquariums. The unit also has a USB port that lets you directly charge computers, cell phones and other personal devices. It also has a 12-volt cigarette lighter plug so that it can charge cell phones and other electronic devices in the field.
Superior Power Cell System: Each PowerWhisperer has a revolutionary battery power source known as the Absorbed Glass Mat design. It does not need maintenance. It does not get hot or excessively warm when used. It charges much faster than a conventional car battery. It holds a charge indefinitely, even during extended storage. It is shock and vibration resistant. And even if broken wide open, it will not leak acid or under any conditions emit dangerous gasses.
True mobility and durability: The rugged PowerWhisperer's state of the art components are mounted into a compact all-aluminum military casing, that functions as a Faraday cage to provide EMP resistance. It's easy to move with huge 10-inch tires. Designed for astonishingly easy and discreet transport, it's way more mobile than any other comparable units on the market. Especially when it comes to ease of transport over longer distances. The entire system can easily ride in the back of any four door car. That's because the unit is completely self-contained. It has generous storage for all your needs. It even stores your 15" by 79" long rollout solar panels.
The PowerWhisperer Contains Only the Highest-Quality Components...
Completely Silent Power from a Hard to Locate Generator: Your PowerWhisperer unit comes in a USA custom manufactured all-aluminum military rolling case. (Also known as mil spec green OD.) This lightweight, compact unit conceals your critical equipment from spying eyes. The unit has a detachable travel handle. So it can be stowed when you get to your destination. Packed inside with your rollout solar panels is a large camouflage net. This adds even more mobile concealment for your PowerWhisperer System. The unit is not just compact for easy storage and concealment. Everything you need to operate it is inside one roll able/transportable system. There is NO other solar charged home electricity backup system that has these unique features.
Well Thought-Through Redundant Systems: The PowerWhisperer is equipped with four redundant resettable marine grade power breakers. Another way we've blown up what passes for industry standards! You'll never have to go looking for specialty fuses in a hardware store during an emergency. Each of our units have their own redundant internal relays safety systems, too.
Redundant Recharge Systems Liberate You from the Limitations of Solar Energy. Ideal for Situations Where Your Access to Sunlight is Restricted: Weak sunlight or overcast skies could leave you unable to recharge your home power backup system. Unacceptable! The PowerWhisperer can be charged in any one of three ways. Only one of which includes free solar energy. And I made sure it is a state of the art "smart" trickle charge system. It keeps your unit at a full charge without cooking your battery. So you can store it at full charge for long periods of time. Simply plug it into any wall outlet when the power is on. You'll always start with a full charge for when the grid shuts down. Which has to make it the world's easiest-to-use power backup system!
By the way, the PowerWhisperer is totally upgradable. It can operate as many as six solar panels and up to 3 add on battery units! Not to mention that the PowerWhisperer is the only solar generator in America that is also designed for an add-on wind generator option.
The third way to charge your PowerWhisperer under low light conditions is to plug it directly into your car or truck's cigarette lighter. It's not the most efficient way to go. But who cares? This can keep your freezer running in a pinch. Meaning you can count on being able to keep your foods cold no matter what. You are covered when there is no sun for an extended period! I insisted that PowerWhisperers be designed so that they can be brought to a full charge independent of the sun. Or in the dark of night. And even when you are underway to your destination.
Truly Portable Solar Panels: The PowerWhisperer Mobile Power Supply System is powered by roll-up solar panels. Look, these rollout solar collection panels are not quite as efficient as their bulky, heavy, crystalline counterparts. Problem is, most "portable" solar power generators on the market use rigid panels. They are about as mobile as a grand piano. Even if you manage to lug them to your destination, they constantly have to be moved. Otherwise they get out of direct alignment with the sun!
Our made in America rollup solar panels easily store inside the all-aluminum PowerWhisperer unit itself. These are the same panels used for commercial solar arrays on industrial rooftops made to withstand decades of weather.
With the Latest Version of the PowerWhisperer — Called the M-Type — You're Getting These FREE Upgrades...
Ever since we first released the PowerWhisperer to a limited group of my most loyal customers, it's been hard to keep them in stock. And as fast as they went out the door, we were looking to improve the next models off the assembly line. Which led to a whole swath of ways we've made the PowerWhisperer an even better solution for you...
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: We upgraded the 200 amp breaker from a standard-issue model to a top-of-the-line marine grade unit. You'd probably never notice the difference. But my engineering team reports that the design and reliability of this more expensive unit are superior.
FREE UPGRADE: We came to discover that there is no hardware on the market suitable for securing a 66.5 lb. battery. That's why the super-advanced AGM design battery is separately housed in a closed, sealed all metal compartment.
Short of King Kong dropping the entire unit from the top of the Empire State Building, this super-heavy-duty battery is not coming loose!
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: Then we upgraded the solar controller from a base-level 4-led light model to a more sophisticated, "user-friendly" set-up. We went with a significantly higher quality Morningstar LCD display controller. One that gives you a full array of info on the battery voltage, charging amps from solar panels, amp hours from solar panels and much more. Functional and very appealing. See User's Manual for full benefits and details.
FREE UPGRADE: We have also upgraded the car-charging option. This is the cigarette lighter-style connector that plugs in to your vehicle and the other end into your PowerWhisperer. It can charge at up to 5 amps while your vehicle is running. This is a great alternative for overnight charging or for those cloudy days. I like solar power generators, but you need to be able to count on them to keep your food cold. Even when there is no sunlight for an extended period!
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: The case is now all aluminum construction (1/16 inch #5052 aluminum), proudly manufactured in South Carolina for and by Americans. Which makes it significantly lighter and more military durable.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: Due to its all metal construction and design, the PowerWhisperer is now EMP-resistant. Meaning that it is designed like a Faraday Cage to protect its electronic components from an electromagnetic pulse, caused either by solar flares or the detonation of a nuclear device.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: Removable transport handles that can be stowed once you reach your destination.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: The new PowerWhisperer M-Type has large 10-inch wheels for super easy transport.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: Each unit has a large protected, EMP-resistant storage space. A great place to store other electronic devices when you are on the move.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: The PowerWhisperer M-Type is upgradable! It can accommodate up to 3 full power cells and six solar panels. It is the only solar generator in America that can be charged by a wind power option.
I've put significant thought, research, investment, time, effort, energy, blood, sweat, and tears into making the PowerWhisperer the single-best back-up power source on the market today.
I believe that to be the case with every ounce of my being. And I believe you'll agree, once you get yours in-hand.
NOTE: EMP-Resistance Is NOT Just a Marketing Buzzword...
While I planned for the PowerWhisperer to be EMP-resistant, it was critical to get it right.
And so it was important to me to share the PowerWhisperer with EMP experts, and get their take on whether or not my finished product could be classified as EMP-resistant.
I had them look over the PowerWhisperer, and they confirmed that the PowerWhisperer is the first and only backup solar generator designed to withstand an EMP — whether solar-generated, or nuclear.
In short, you have a lot of backup power options. But in the event of the serious emergency that would be caused by an EMP, the PowerWhisperer is your best chance for having ongoing power.
And for all those other reasons the power might go out? Well, you're going to want the PowerWhisperer for them, too...
Now Here's How to Get Your PowerWhisperer Delivered to Your Doorstep...
You have now come to the most critical part of my message. Because until I can ramp up an automated production line, each PowerWhisperer is built literally one-at-a-time.
This means I have an extremely limited stock that are ready to go. My shipping manager handed me an updated report this morning.
We currently have 47 serial-numbered PowerWhisperers that can be shipped within the next 72 hours.
Orders 48 and above, I'll have to add you to the shipping queue. Depending on where you're at in line, the backorder will be days or weeks.
This is not my preference. But that's the reality of building these units one at a time. And we really do use the very best components available. (I prefer to put you on back-order rather than compromise reliability and performance by going with second-tier suppliers.)
Thanks for understanding! But order quickly so I can ship from existing inventory. Then this will not be an issue for you.
Regular price for the PowerWhisperer is $3,997. This is a competitive price against other units that offer so much less in terms of features, reliability, and usefulness. And worth every penny, considering what a lifesaver the PowerWhisperer could be.
However, it doesn't help anybody to have these things sitting on the shelf in our warehouse. I want to help you get your hands on this EMP-resistant back-up power supply, in case you need it sooner rather than later. I want to help create as many jobs here in South Carolina, and at my manufacturers around the country. And yes, I want to see these units flying off the shelf, and into your hands.
And so today I'm cutting $1,000 — and 25% — off the price. If you order one of these next 47 units, I'll cover the shipping and insurance and you'll pay just $3,108.
Not only that, I'll cover 25% of your shipping bill, too. The total shipping weight of the PowerWhisperer, including protective packaging, is about 122 pounds. With UPS ground, that sets us back about $148 — which is our standard shipping charge. If you order one of these next 47 units, I'll take 25% off that, too — so you'll pay just $111 in shipping.
Order One of the 47 Available Units Today, And You Get $1,037 in Total Savings... ...PLUS You're Protected by My Triple-Crown Guarantee...
We are proud of the PowerWhisperer. No unit leaves my premises without this Triple Crown Guarantee... Which states that...
First, I guarantee your PowerWhisperer will arrive in good condition. You can start using it immediately. No assembly required. Its arrival is going to signal a new era of independence and self-reliance in your household.
This rugged and heavyweight piece of equipment (shipping weight, 121.5 pounds) is probably unlike any other package you've had delivered to your home. You may even wish to have an able-bodied helper on hand to meet the driver and help you move your unit into your garage. (Though once removed from its industrial strength box, it's easy to move because of the built-in 10-inch wheels and heavy-duty all aluminum, USA construction.)
Second, I guarantee it's simple to set up and operate. The PowerWhisperer comes no-assembly-required! The battery is charged and ready to go. Simply remove a few safety devices installed as a precaution to make the unit safe for shipment. Read the manual in full. And it's good to go right out of the box. Power it up and let it start paying you back immediately.
Third, I guarantee the PowerWhisperer will do everything outlined here, provided you follow simple manual instructions. Take 180 days (6 months) to put it to the test. Cycle the battery as many times as you wish according to manual directions. Charge it up, run it down, charge it up again. Because I really want you to use and fully understand your unit. And see for yourself that it works as well as we promise here. If you have any problems, let us know. We will repair or replace any manufacturing defects. And if you're not satisfied for any reason — let us know within 6 months, and get a prompt and courteous refund, minus a reasonable return restocking fee.
But you needn't worry about that because you are going to love having your PowerWhisperer. And we'll make sure of it. Each PowerWhisperer Mobile Power Supply System comes with complete instructions. You will know how to safely use this device. Please do follow ALL of these instructions. They contain everything you need to safely use this equipment. AND to get the absolute most for your money. And if you need assistance in either using your PowerWhisperer correctly or how to get the most out of it, we're a phone call away.
Now Let Me Throw In Even More...
I've mentioned before that I'm here to provide solutions. Including and especially around helping you and your family survive an extended power outage.
In addition to your PowerWhisperer, here's what I'll make sure is included with these next 47 units to go out the door...
FREE! – A comprehensive User's Manual. This manual is practical and engaging, not dry and boring. It's written in plain English. Not badly mistranslated from Mandarin or Korean! I urge you to read it cover-to-cover the day your unit arrives. You'll be fully prepped to run the PowerWhisperer as soon as any need arises.
FREE! – Once your PowerWhisperer arrives, you will of course have a great and easy to follow "getting started guide." As well as a detailed operating manual. But you can also call and make a free appointment to talk with qualified technical support. That is a new service I make available to all PowerWhisperer owners.
FREE! – Total instructions on how to manage the unit's power usage. That way with practice you can run your freezer or other key household items indefinitely. Something you have to figure out on your own when buying someone else's solar generator. So this product is great for emergencies and non-emergencies. And can be used to save you big money on your power bills.
FREE!Smart Meter Conspiracy. This 20-page report is for anyone who has a smart meter installed on their home now. Or is likely to in the near future. Yep, pretty much everyone. Learn how these spy devices and rationing meters are intended to be used against you.
FREE!Cashing in on Uncle Sam's Solar Tax Credit Bonanza. It's rare that Uncle Sam offers hardworking taxpayers a tangible reward. And for actually doing something productive. But in this case the government actually pays you for taking advantage of many energy efficiency options. I say take the money!
FREE!17 Practical Uses for Your PowerWhisperer. Anytime I ask you to put your faith and your finances into anything I have to offer, I tell you how to get the most out of it. My report on 17 great uses of your power unit is basically a "cookbook" of how-to ideas for PowerWhisperer owners. I don't ask anyone to put out good money for something that's just going to collect dust in the garage. I want you to benefit from having it. That's why this device comes with a practical library of useful ways to get your maximum value. (We're talking everything from back-up power to a portable "man cave"... From power while camping, fishing, and hunting to running your TV or stereo while tailgating.)
FREE!The Rolling-Blackout Survival Guide. This report covers the most important power back-up options for your home. Because it's no longer a question of if you'll be targeted for these blackouts. It's only a matter of when. California has been hit hardest, but nobody's exempt. Denying power to millions of utility customers is a strategy, not an accident. Sure, I totally believe my PowerWhisperer is a powerful combination of practicality and affordability. But I don't pretend it's your only option.
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Other great features include:
FREE! – An option to re-charge your PowerWhisperer using your car. And a camouflage net to better conceal your PowerWhisperer from the curious.
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Before I wrap up, just a couple final points.
When I put out presentations like this, it may contribute to my reputation as a scaremonger...
After all, even suggesting that we may be at risk for a sneak attack that could kill 9 out of every 10 Americans doesn't make me very many friends.
I'm used to being hated, until I'm proven right. I still remember when I — in 1999 — laid out the case that we should be prepared for a terrorist attack on lower Manhattan. That was two full years before the tragic events of September 11th. Nobody liked that prediction either.
I keep a watchful eye because I know not everybody wants to. I keep my readers and followers informed because I know the mainstream media won't.
I remember working alongside Reagan for his Strategic Defense Initiative...
Not everybody in Washington, much less America, wanted to believe we were at risk for nuclear annihilation. And yet, somebody had to work to protect us. I was thankful to be part of the solution. That picture I have with Reagan is one of my prize possessions — in part because it was some of my most important life work.
Then and now, I've been concerned about protecting ourselves from the threats we face...
But after seeing Congress NOT act in the face of Dr. Pry's dire warnings, I've realized it's up to you and me to prepare and protect ourselves and our families.
And so I've doubled down with presentations like this one to be a voice for the people. Willing to stand up and help you, as a like-minded, concerned American understand, anticipate, and protect yourself from this threat.
And if that meant sinking $1 million of my money into creating an affordable back up solar power supply for you — complete with EMP-resistant housing — I was willing to do it.
I'm thankful that there's been so much demand for this — it's been clearly a needed solution. However that demand is a double-edged sword for you.
When we're out of these 47 units, it means you wait... Hopefully not TOO long.
But if you take action now, I can still your PowerWhisperer out to you.
You can start using immediately for (everyday uses) and know that it's going to be your best chance at making it through in the event of an EMP attack, or other major extended outage.
I've cut $1,037 — 25% — off the total price. You pay just $3,108 which includes shipping and insurance.
And I've thrown in a ton of additional resources to help you out — both in saving on your power usage today, and in helping you be more prepared for power emergencies.
Now, it's up to you to take action.
Please place your order now, and I'll get one of these 47 in-stock, serial-numbered PowerWhisperers out to you right away.
Remember, you're protected for the next 6 months by my Triple-Crown Guarantee. You can make your decision with confidence.
Yours in preparedness, Lee Bellinger, Publisher
Independent Living
P.S. — In the event of an EMP attack or any other major power emergency, backup power options will NOT be available. The time to be prepared is BEFORE disaster strikes.
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Not only that, we've thrown in even more valuable resources to help you save money on your power bill, get the most of your PowerWhisperer through regular use, AND be prepared in the event of a serious power emergency.
Do not delay. Please, place you order immediately to ensure you have this total back-up power solution in place when you need it most.
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