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Micro-Particle Collodial Silver Generator



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Product Description

The drug czars at the Food and Drug Administration have been covering up the facts about colloidal silver for years – and they insist you not be told of colloidal silver’s nearly one-hundred-year history of effective use to promote health, stop disease, and cure infection – but I’m willing to risk their wrath and tell YOU the facts so you can decide for yourself.

Colloidal silver is created simply by passing a controlled low electrical current through .9999 pure silver rods (included with your generator) suspended in water. This quickly suspends tiny silver ions (AG+1) in the solution, which may then be taken orally or topically. You can easily make a 1,000 ml supply in about 3 hours.


  • ​1 Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator
  • One 1,100 ml Beaker
  • 1 set of .9999 silver rods
  • User Manual
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