Renegade Publisher Lee Bellinger:

“My secret emergency medical care system is basic insurance -- just like gold and silver. What I have created for my family is like nothing you have ever seen -- essential now that emergency service is falling apart.”

“My advanced research is all included with this letter. Don’t go to Camp FEMA. Please take this FREE information and use it now.”
-- Lee

Dear Trend Setter:

You are one of my best subscribers. Thank you for trusting me with your business. I've got something special for you because you make my work possible.

My EXCLUSIVE RESEARCH shows hairraising details of collapsing medical services, doctor shortages and shaky prescription and cancer drug supply chains.

Everything you need to respond is included in this letter.

Lee’s Crisis
Preparedness List

* Why emergency care can’t be trusted anymore

* What rich people are doing to protect themselves

* Everything you need is in this briefing.

* Why you need to hurry some.

Because it's much worse than they're telling you.

Shortly, I spell out exactly how you can get together with friends -- totally on your own -- to fix a major gap in your extended family’s safety. You can use my very best research. That’s your “walk-away” for hearing me out.

Your Family Are Sitting Ducks --
See Obama's Parting "Gift" to You

What matters to you and your extended family and friends is that basic emergency medical services are falling apart.

No way my family remains completely dependent on politically run medical services -- especially in a national crisis. I’ve blazed a new way forward and want to tell you all about it.

Many people still think that if they just call 9-1-1, reliable medical help will rush over to fix everything. But that is all going away, and fast.

As these urban nightmares show, trusting your life to 9-1-1 could be your final mistake. Recent heartbreaking cases:

“Man Dies Waiting for Ambulance; Firefighter’s Union Blames 911 Center” Washington, DC, December 16, 2014

“Detroit Man Dies While Ambulance Takes 46 Mins. to Arrive” January 13, 2014

“21-Minute Wait for Ambulance in Fire that Left 4-year-old Brother and Sister Dead” New York, April 21, 2014

Look, most first responders are well trained, hard working, and get there fast as humanly possible. But they are still part of a rotten system.

I had a well-to-do neighbor who contracted a rare form of lung cancer (he never smoked). The horrifying truth is that the facility he spent the last four days of his life in ran out of morphine. All due to political micromanagement of the nation’s shaky drug supply chain.

You really don’t want to find out about this mess the hard way -- like when you need help. Because it is just not making the news yet.

Read This Or Someone You Care About Dies

About Obamacare. Maybe whoever wins in November may repeal it. I am not holding my breath for relief from Washington.

What you need and deserve now is a steely damage assessment of what this awful law has done and how to get great care out of a dying system.

Running out of morphine is how cash strapped bureaucrats “prioritize” the doling out of free medical care to millions of non-paying people. Let me be your advocate in a bad system. I am doing that for my family -- so why not for yours too?

Think of how U.S. airlines trumpet “cheap” tickets. Yes, cheap as in cutting corners with crappy service, safety, filthy bathrooms, overcrowding and chintzy amenities. No quality improvements in decades. That may be OK for the flying public, but not for me.

Sound familiar? Well, Mr. Obama is now leaving office with a bunch of Obamacare promises that have gone bad. Even a recent front page New York Times admits that the emergency system is falling apart (see the March edition of Independent Living for details).

You Don't Want to Be ANY Part of This

Everyone has insurance, in theory. But bankrupt medical systems are already like Social Security -- which dispenses inferior piddly benefits that come with lots of strings. Classic dilution!

All Done! Your 9-1-1 Peril
Ends Right Here and Now

Fortunately, by the end of this letter you will have everything you need to make yourself far less vulnerable.

Especially if you are the head of a household, or are responsible for kids, grandkids, your spouse, older parents or even your beloved pets. No matter what, you will be very glad to have this ahead-of-the-curve heads up.

I will get to all this, but let’s talk about something I personally want to cover before we go any further.

Put Those Bricks Down and Make Your Life
So Much Better With This Simple Step

Because there’s so much distressing news -- coming at us in wave after wave. Problems, crises we cannot fix or change.

It’s confusing, worrisome and for many, paralyzing. After all, rarely does any of that bad “news” give you practical suggestions on what to do.

It’s why so many very good people just give up. As inevitable as TSA screeners running their hands up ladies’ apparel.

Look, I do understand the defeatist temptation. Who hasn’t thought of just giving up? It’s human. But I also reserve the right to be smarter today than I was yesterday.

Don’t you too? If you are ready for a change, you have come to the right place.

Picture Yourself as Your Community’s
Medical Trend Setter

Look, I understand that “being aware” can be a lonely place. But it is also an historical honor.

Think about the quiet satisfaction that comes with improving your loved ones’ medical options -- and the vindication you will experience as government run medicine claims more and more victims.

Visionaries see what others cannot. You don’t wait until the danger is banging at your door.

So how do I know all this about you? Because you are still reading -- thank you for paying attention to different ideas.

You may wonder why I write such long letters. First, forgive me. Second, it how I weed out non-serious people.

Or as my favorite oriental proverb puts it:

“A wise man investigates what a fool takes for granted.”

Now that you and I have gone to the next level in our relationship, let me add something that’s only said between trusted friends.

Right now we are the handful who are keeping the lantern of freedom flickering for future generations.

It’s up to us to set the example. To be the contrarian trend-setters before our loved ones. The seers who help bring community safety through potential chaos. A study in not panicking or overreacting -- even with bad events potentially blowing up all around us.

Freedom oriented people have always been a small minority. Today, in Mr. Obama’s narrative, we are painted as villains - even a national security threat. But our real “crime” is that we hear the age old cry of the oppressor while others studiously ignore it.

So I am in good company after all -- mom would have been proud.

You Are In a Class By Yourself -- Congratulations, Sort Of…

Take comfort that we are not the first Americans to live in dangerous times, or the last. The price of freedom really does come down to eternal vigilance. We don’t have to lecture others, and we reject hotheads who want to harm innocent people.

I embrace smarter options that don’t add to the madness. You need my plan (included in this letter) for true medical insurance, because the powers that be and their cronies are not looking out for your family. 

It’s been a debate inside my head whether or not to share this, because it might seem too forward. Since our relationship has stepped up a notch, I think I will share it, because it makes an important point.

See what I did as my household made ready for the last 4th of July.

A huge USA flag draped over my home -- my measured and polite response to politically correct dogma. Such as "Minister" Farrakhan’s idea that the American flag should be added to his already lengthy “banned” list. As a private citizen, I say not on my property.

My point here is YES, paying attention is a burden. Some things are downright painful to watch. It’s tempting to turn away in disgust. I can understand why so many are paralyzed by doubt and hesitancy to act.

But let’s just speak as friends….reality does not go away or become less dangerous because you ignore it.

You Are Not Helpless if You
Follow My Plan Below

Now that Obamacare is cemented in place, many think there is nothing they can do. But they are wrong. Freedom and independence begin at home -- no one has to get hurt or insulted. It’s about setting an example, which impresses people too.

And where it begins is with your very first step. I’ve made it easy for you, because that first step is the most important. It means you are changing your world for the better.

Imagine yourself with less worries because you have covered some important bases amidst all these mushrooming national emergencies.

You Are in Good Company For
Protecting Your Family This Way

Official Washington does not want medical self-reliance to catch on, but it is too late. We blaze the trail for others -- by adapting and prevailing and setting an example of a better way.

If we don’t do it, who will? As Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Today, it is left to you and me to fulfill that vision.

We quietly act. We make our defenses stronger, our finances more resilient, our safety more certain -- no matter what. In these pages is your action plan -- all included as my thanks to you for being an excellent Independent Living subscriber.

Dazzle Your Peers With
This Secret Medical “Insurance” System

Taking that first step is 99% of all accomplishment. That's why action-takers are in a small but prestigious club. We know that politics are important, but that they won’t solve our problems.

We know that it's a waste of energy trying to make clueless people "get" what is going on around them. And even harder to change willfully ignorant souls. So drop that frustration like the bricks that they are. Clear the way for a better strategy.

Even the New York Times now admits that Obamacare is a disaster! They report more medical service dysfunction is on the way. As the situation gets worse, two basic types of results emerge.

The first are victims of circumstance. Lots of them. Like my neighbor with inoperable lung cancer who was denied access to morphine. The second outcome are the ones who navigate around the trouble and quietly prosper.

You Can Handle the Truth and Here It Is

Please forgive my bluntness, but people who let themselves be victims live in a world of denial. They can’t or won’t take action to avert even the most obvious dangers.

How can putting the personality types who run Departments of Motor Vehicles in charge of your medical choices be anything but a disaster? Because that is the truth we must adapt to.

Successful People Use This Motto
to Survive and Thrive

Those who survive and thrive protect their family in a reasonable way. And not by going overboard, but by also not ignoring the stunningly predictable.

The collapse of medicine and emergency care as we know it is underway. That is a fact and the truth.

You may remember the famous Tom Cruise court drama movie -- with the signature line “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

Because “truth” really is something most people are not ready for. Truth often stinks. Truth is rarely a warm and fuzzy thing.

Imagine showing others in your circle a level of preparation that only the mega-wealthy and successful people have.

The “rub” is that when you accept truth, you implicitly agree to right a wrong or fix a problem.

Living in a World of Delusion
is So Much Easier, Is it Not?

Accepting today’s realities includes an implicit agreement to better protect your family, hedge your bets, and reduce risk whenever it is visible.

That’s the trademark of strong household leaders, local trend setters and people respected as visionaries in their local circles.

I have a plan in this very letter to let you show others how you are a visionary. Someone ahead of the curve. Imagine showing others in your circle a level of preparation that only the mega-wealthy and successful people have.

You will be stunned at how much so many people admire smart forethought.

We Stick Together -- Fixing Your 9-1-1 Peril Will Help You Build Bridges to Your Community and MORE

My blueprint for your backup medical needs is a huge help to anyone who heads a household or have pets or dependent parents or grandchildren -- or just those close neighborhood friends who’ve privately vowed to stick together.

Maybe even an investment club you belong to, or a cigar bar you frequent.

That’s what makes being founder of Independent Living so remarkable. It really is about you.

Imagine it. I spend millions of dollars on advanced lifestyle research for myself; and then share it with people just like you! As respected visionaries in their own communities, they in turn share what they have learned.

That is a great thing to be part of. I am very grateful be able to add quality and safety to improve my reader’s lives. Let’s face it; we all face big risks in today’s weird and wild world.

Have You Felt This Too?

So many things at once. Mindless violence that inflames political power plays in Washington. Hate-driven street radicalism. Cops balking at legitimate law enforcement for fear of prosecution.

Professional agitators now celebrities. A corrupt political system wrecking employment for millions.

Almost a hundred million idled hands. Power grid stability and water shortage and other society supporting infrastructure at risk.

My secret emergency backup system is basic insurance, just like gold and silver.

A social support system we all depend on to keep the peace.

With violent crime skyrocketing and police increasingly reluctant to rein it in, the problems may soon reach a breaking point.

Just the right crisis, the right time, the right circumstances.

With all the human folly ratcheting out of control it makes hurricane season’s recent arrival seem almost quaint.

The Slightest Pressure on the
System and Ambulances Are AWOL

You may have read by now that Obamacare has not stopped the overloading of the nation’s emergency rooms and facilities. Quite the opposite has happened….and the pro-Obama media have hushed it up.

Did you notice the absolute media silence after an Oregon Medicaid study; it shows that since Obamacare’s enactment, newly insured poor people have stepped up their visits to the emergency room by 40%.

Doctors are quitting in droves and public emergency facilities are not even close to being able to cope with widespread emergency.

My carefully designed system gives your extended family the emergency medical backup that they need and deserve.

Not one detail or item overlooked. It is all there and all yours, all because you are an Independent Living reader and are willing to hear me out.

It’s my way of thanking you for educating yourself about this issue. My specialty research shows you exactly what to get and precisely what to do. Nothing left out. I promise you that at minimum, because you need and deserve it.

My secret emergency backup system is basic insurance, just like gold and silver. And what I have created is like nothing you have ever seen.

I designed it for my own family use. And as a community resource too. Such as for neighbors, extended family and like-minded friends.

For example, I was in plain sight of the Pentagon on the morning of September 11, 2001. All the cell phones crashed. I’ve read that the day JFK was shot, all the switchboards in Washington collapsed too.

That’s why my backup hospital care system includes a superb Motorola communications setup. In any crisis situation that’s big, you have to be able to send for help and coordinate with others.

My Motorola units are housed in a special protective bag that shields your communications no matter what -- even from an electromagnetic pulse that could come with a major solar flare or sneak attack. While all other electronics are out, you can still communicate with friends and family.

Remember, emergency services will be hopelessly overloaded in the following likely scenarios:

  • Bio or other terror attack.
  • Widespread power grid outages.
  • Civil unrest.
  • Medical crisis.
  • Any one of 5 triggers that could result in martial law, including hurricanes, earthquakes, flood or wildfires.

My medical autonomy system can sustain lots of people. Think of it as your community’s resource. You may even know someone with a medical aptitude to help you use it fully if the time ever comes.

Plus, simpler emergencies can happen in everyday life. What about a snake or bug bite in your own backyard? What if someone falls down the stairs and needs a neck brace immediately! Or someone, including your dog, gets into some kind of poison?

Guess what? With my custom medical backup system, you already have everything you need. In your possession and well thought through. No chintzy Wal Mart crap included, thank you.

System Overload Can Kill
the Unaware -- See Below

Picture it -- hurricanes always flood public emergency facilities. It’s the same mess every time. What if something happens on a much bigger scale than a hurricane?

That’s why I share every single detail of my medical autonomy insurance system. It’s designed for people over 50. And one that is very handy for pets. I will tell you why that is so very important in the near future.

The other key issue is that public medical facilities are just not designed to deal with much more than isolated incidents. So it all comes down to this simple fact:

In my home, I am the first responder.

Sorry -- No Camp FEMA for Me!

I earnestly want to help you out, even if you don’t spend a dime with me today. All that matters is that you step up and protect yourself using my research and supplies list as a guide.

Please, just ask yourself two basic but tough questions:

1. If 9-1-1 is down or unable to respond due to demand overload, severe weather, or road closures, are you personally prepared today to provide emergency home care to any family members who might fall ill or become injured in a household accident?

2. If you had to evacuate your home right now for any reason such as wildfire, power outage, or approaching hurricane, would you have the supplies you need -- packed and ready to go -- to care for aches, pains, bumps and bruises? How about a diabetic emergency, bee sting, eye injury, fracture, or other bodily harm that might befall you, your spouse and kids, extended family members, or even a beloved family pet?

If you say ‘yes’ to both of these questions, I heartily congratulate you. If not, see my critical must-have list below. Either way, consider yourself fully protected.


“Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System” Complete Contents
DO NOT PHOTOCOPY. ©2017 American Lantern Press

(Mass distribution of this list would trigger immediate shortages of many items.
It’s essential that true patriots have access to these items at this time.
Thanks for understanding.)

1. All-Purpose First Aid Kit, Soft sided, 200 pc

This new generation of “soft kit” is developed to save time and frustration in the midst of emergency scenarios. This is not your “run-of-the-mill” box of Band-Aids™. Treats cuts and scrapes, pain and swelling, burns and more. Be ready for many potential emergencies at home, in the car, outdoors, or on the water. Supplies are easy to find in clear pocket pages. Specifications: 8¼” x 6¼” x 2½”; bright blue water resistant mesh; nylon zipper. Contains no latex products. 30 unique items; total count, 200.

2. 2” Elastic Bandages (ACE® Type)

When a loved one is hurt, your aim is to help them return to normal activities. Elastic bandages provide support and compression during recovery. Two individually wrapped bandages, 2 clips each for securing ends. 2” x 4.5 yard size works well for bandaging hand, wrist, arm, foot or ankle.

3. 6” Elastic Bandage (ACE Type)

Same as above, 6” x 5 yards for torso or leg.

4. Acetaminophen

Used to relieve many kinds of minor aches and pains including headaches, muscle aches, backaches, toothaches, menstrual cramps, arthritis, and the aches and pains that often accompany colds. Eight single-dose packs.

5. Airway

Nasopharyngeal airway (also known as a naso airway, NPA, nasal trumpet, or nose hose) is a tube that is designed to be inserted into the nasal passageway to secure an open airway. Stay with me and I’ll tell you how to learn to use it properly.

6. Allergy Relief pills (Diphenhydramine)

This is the generic version of Benadryl® in tablet form. Doctors recommend this over-the-counter medication to treat symptoms of allergies including runny nose, sneezing, and itching in your eyes, nose, or throat. It’s also effective when you have these same symptoms due to a common cold. People sometimes take this medication under various brand names to treat motion sickness and as a sleep aid. Two doses, individually wrapped.

7. Ammonia Inhalant

Four smelling salts release ammonia packets. They trigger an inhalation reflex, causing the muscles that control breathing to work faster. This will often help revive a person who is groggy after fainting, or after an accident or other traumatic event. Single, one-time-use inhalant.

8. Antacid/Anti-diarrheal (Diotame)

Intestinal distress can put you out of commission and in the bathroom for hours. Get relief fast with these great little tablets using the same active ingredient found in Pepto-Bismol™. Chewable, sugar-free antacid/diarrhea relief. Soothes irritation with a protective coating action without constipating. Two single-dose packets.

9. Antihistamine (Clorphen)

Does pollen and mold throw your system into a tizzy as it does mine? These allergy tablets use the same active ingredient found in many brand-name over the counter allergy medications. Used to treat runny nose, sneezing, itching, and watery eyes caused by allergies, the common cold, or the flu. Two single-dose packets.

10. Aspirin

Use to treat pain and reduce fever or inflammation. Doctors often advise chewing a full-strength aspirin at the first sign of a heart attack, stroke, or chest pain. If you have risk factors for these diseases, discuss it with a doctor. In a cardiac emergency or when 9-1-1 or a doctor are not available, you can make your own decision about administering a drug that’s been safely used by millions. Eight single-dose packets.

11. Bathing Cloths

Use whenever conventional bathing is not convenient. These are all-in-one, disposable personal hygiene towels that can also be used for cleaning infectious disease patients. Simply activate with warm water. Reduces contamination and offensive odors on the body. Each thick, soft 8” x 8” cloth is enriched with aloe and vitamin E. Resealable 10-pack.

12. Bio Hazard Bag

You may find yourself in a position where you have to clean up a nasty situation and secure noxious materials away from yourself and others. This conspicuously marked bio hazard bag is for such situations. Isolate hazardous items in hospitals, healthcare facilities, home, or camp. Puncture resistant.

13. Survival Blanket

Olive drab/silver reversible. Now you can use the same super-insulating material as the original silver blanket, but without the reflective outside giving away your position. Great for anyone who wants to stay warm and hidden at the same time. This blanket is engineered to retain over 80% of radiated body heat. The combination of vacuum deposited metal and a polyester film surface allows no wind or moisture penetration. 52” x 84”, yet folds to pocket size.

14. Bleed-Stop Bandage

Major wounds and trauma need your immediate attention to stop the bleeding and save a life. I found the same sterile, multi-purpose wound and trauma dressing used by medics and EMTs.

15. Blood Clotting Spray

Aids in control of bleeding, relieves pain of cuts, burns and scrapes, helps prevent infection. Active ingredients include a topical antiseptic (benzethonium chloride) plus a topical anesthetic (lidocaine). 3 oz. aerosol.

16. Blood Pressure Kit

Blood pressure is a key measurement in assessing anyone’s health, including your own. This Professional Blood Pressure Unit is accurate and medic-approved. Includes well-written instructions for the medical layman.

17. Burn relief gel pack

Recommended for the quick, soothing, pain relief of minor burns. Cools and soothes damaged skin without trapping heat. Dries quickly without leaving skin feeling sticky. Contains 2 percent lidocaine. One single-use packet.

18. Burn-b-Gone (Burn Cream)

Extra strength relief for burns, scars, sunburns, cuts and abrasions. Doctor recommended, 2.5 oz. tube.

19. Cervical Collar Ambu®

Military Perfit® ACE® professional grade adult single-use adjustable collar for cervical spine immobilization during extraction. 16 settings for accurate sizing. Illustrated instructions printed on the package.

20. Chap-Ex Lip Protectant SPF - 4

AKA generic ChapStick®. Great lip protection with sunscreen. For many other survival uses, Google search: uses for chapstick.

21. Charcoal, Activated

This is for accidental poison ingestion and you have only minutes to act. Activated charcoal is nature’s filtration system. A powerful absorbent, it’s ideal for capturing and removing toxins from the digestive tract before they can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Essential to have on hand in case of potential poisoning or accidental drug overdose. 60 caps, 260 mg each.

22. Clorox wipes

If you’re in a place such as a public restroom where potentially infectious pathogens may be present, or if you need to create a clean area to treat an injured family member, you will be very glad to have this 9-pack of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes in a resealable pouch. Kills harmful viruses on contact.

23. Conforming Gauze

Stretch gauze bandage. Use for a variety of applications such as bandaging wounds and protecting fractures. 4” x 4.1 yards, sterile.

24. Congestion Relief (Advil/Ibuprofen)

For relief of nasal congestion, headache, fever, sinus pressure, minor aches and pain in adults. Two individually packaged doses.

25. Dental Medic Kit

This is NOT something you’ll find in other first aid kits on the market. If you’ve ever experienced dental pain while travelling as I have, you understand why I insisted on having a great dental kit in my emergency medical supplies. This kit offers complete first aid for your teeth. Includes temporary cavity filling mixture, dental wax, absorbent cotton pellets and rolls, dental floss and toothpicks, and a pain-relieving tea bag, Anbesol®/Orasol (benzocaine 20%, .75 grams), plus dental first aid instructions and a QR code for an instruction video. All in one sealed waterproof pouch. 

26. Diabetic Foot Cream

Most first aid kits ignore the needs of people over 50. I don’t. Proper foot care is essential not only for diabetics, but for anyone who’s on the move in a stressful situation. Blisters and dry, cracked feet cause pain and slow you down. Dr. Greenfield’s Diabetic Footcream was designed and patented under the guidance of a diabetes doctor to help reduce the risk of foot complications due to diabetes. 5 oz. bottle. 

27. Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets

These easy-to-use tablets make water bacteriologically suitable for drinking. Treats up to 25 quarts, no unpleasant taste

28. Duct Tape

Duct tape in a medical kit? Ask any battle-tested medic or EMT -- they swear by this stuff as much as any weekend handyman does. It’s great for making a temporary bandage or holding a compression bandage in place. 2” x 10 yards.

29. Electrolyte tabs

Key if you are in a situation where you need to help a senior citizen. Get fast relief from heat stress, fatigue and muscle cramping due to minerals lost to heat and perspiration. Easy-to-swallow, film coated tablets replenish electrolytes quickly. Two single-serving Medique Medi-Lyte packets.You

30. Eye/Ear Wash

Foreign objects in the eye or ear need to be removed immediately and safely. I told you about the experience on my boat when my friend Donna got a live bug in her ear. I realized that nothing in my standard-issue first aid kit offered a bit of help. I was powerless to help a friend on my own boat! This great little squeeze bottle contains ½ oz. sterile buffered isotonic solution, just the thing for flushing foreign bodies from the eye or ear. Comes with two eye pads.

31. First Aid Cream (Triple Antibiotic Ointment)

Treat all kinds of minor cuts, burns and abrasions. Helps prevent infection and aids in healing. 1/32 oz. packets.

32. 4-in-1 Glow Stick with Flashlight, Whistle, and Flasher

This is one handy little “magic wand” -- great LED technology in four modes: flashlight, glow, glow mode with flashlight, and flasher mode. LED rated for 10,000 hours, batteries rated for 200 hours in flasher mode. Includes built-in whistle, 15-in. lanyard and 3 button cell batteries. And get this -- free replacement batteries on manufacturer’s website (just pay s&h)! This tool is way better than clunky, old-school D-cell flashlights.

33. Glucose Tabs

Most first aid kits ignore the needs of older people. Mine doesn’t. These fast-acting orange-flavored tablets raise low blood sugar fast and boost energy. Essential if anyone in your household or extended family has diabetes or pre-diabetes. Ten tablets. Stay with me and I’ll tell you where to learn the signs of a patient who is suffering a dangerous episode of low blood sugar.

34. Hand Warmers

A must for people with poor circulation in their hands and feet. Heat Factory Mini Warmers last 10+ hours. They are ideal for gloves, pockets, headwear, or any place where soothing heat is desired.

35. Head Lamp

Flashlights and glow sticks are great, but sometimes you need a hands-free way to focus on what’s directly in front of you, from finding a tool to repairing equipment to dressing a wound. My 5-LED ultra bright headlamp/ spotlight does the job. Adjustable headband, push button on/off switch. Includes a flash mode for use as an emergency beacon.

36. Hemostat

When I was at summer camp as a kid, I ran my hand across another camper’s laundry bag and caught a fish hook! This tool is used in minor surgical emergencies just like that to control bleeding. Use it to stop blood loss in an emergency. Hemostats are used by fishermen to remove hooks from the mouths of fish, and by mechanics to hold nuts, bolts, screws in constricted locations.

37. All Family Hygiene Kit

Both health and morale are improved when you’re able to maintain basic hygiene and personal grooming. My 14-item hygiene kit includes cotton towel and washcloth, toothbrush and carrying case, minty toothpaste, twin blade razor, shaving cream, antibacterial deodorant soap, shampoo and body wash, conditioner, tampon, deodorant stick, and hand and body lotion, all in a 10” x 13” ziplock bag.

38. Insect Sting and Snakebite Kit

When kids and dogs root around in the yard, they may encounter a bee hive or snake. Getting the poison out of a wound fast reduces the discomfort and danger right away. Contents include certi-suction pump with adapter for venom removal; antiseptic benzalkonium chloride towelette; 3 insect sting antiseptic and pain reliever premoistened towelettes; 2 povidone-iodine wipe-ups; 2 plastic 1” x 3” CertiStrip adhesive bandages. Comes in its own poly box. Made in USA.

39. Iodine Wipes

These povidone/iodine prep pads are used to cleanse the surface of the skin before use of a hypodermic needle or scalpel. Does not irritate or sting. Saturated with povidone/iodine solution (1% iodine). 1¼” x 1½”, folded. Five individually packaged wipes.

40. Masks, type N95

Covers face and mouth, filters 95% of airborne dust. Qty., two.

41. Menthol Pain Reliever

Menthol is a naturally occurring substance derived from mint and peppermint plants, and is one of nature’s most effective pain relievers. I found a brand of pain relieving cream that combines a therapeutic level of menthol with a low level of capsaicin to tackle pain in three different ways simultaneously: creating a numbing effect at the cellular level, increasing blood flow to treated areas, and providing a cooling sensation. Use for minor body aches and pains due to muscle aches, joint pain, sprains and strains, minor arthritis pain and back pain.

42. Mirror

When you need to treat a wound on your own face or head, a mirror is essential. The trouble with traditional glass mirrors is that they break. I found a highly polished stainless steel mirror that will never break or rust. 3” x 4”.

43. Mouth-to-Mouth barrier with pouch, gloves & wipes

If you find yourself needing to give CPR to a stranger or to an infectious family member, you’ll be glad to have the same face shield used by EMTs.

44. New-Skin Liquid Bandage®

America’s #1 liquid bandage. Covers and protects wounds, prevents blisters and calluses. Works even on hard-to-cover areas. Dries to form a tough protective cover that is antiseptic, flexible, waterproof, and lets skin breathe. Known as The Bandage That Stays On®. Good for 50+ applications.

45. Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes

Hydrogen peroxide is an awesome allpurpose disinfectant. Unlike the Clorox wipes mentioned above, these are totally safe to use on the human body. Use these wet wipes to help prevent infection of minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Roll of 40 wipes in a resealable container.

46. Petroleum Jelly

Few skin protectants combine efficacy and safety so well. Four 5g packs.

47. Poison Ivy Wipes

Even if you know these noxious weeds when you see them, you may not realize until too late that you’ve just walked through them. That’s when it’s great to have a postcontact cleanser towelette. Use as soon as possible, up to one hour after contact for best effect. Two individually wrapped wipes.

48. Poncho

This hooded lightweight poncho will keep you dry in a pinch. Made of bright colored PVC for high visibility and safety. Stores flat, fits in a shirt pocket.

49. Scalpel

Stainless steel scalpel, plastic handle, guaranteed sterile. Includes a very sturdy replaceable clear, plastic cover that fits snugly over the blade on all sides. Designed for use in medic bags and U.S. Army IFAKs (Improved First Aid Kit).

50. Splint

A thermoplastic splint is a device used to immobilize, protect and support injuries such as fractures, sprains and strains. Thermoplastic splints differ from traditional plaster casts in that they are lighter, easily molded to fit the body of the individual patient and can be removed for cleaning and patient bathing. Made of a thin core of aluminum alloy between two layers of close-cell foam. This splint can also be used to control massive bleeding.

51. Stethoscope

Essential when you need to check a pulse or an airway, or even to locate a beehive in a wall. If you’ve never used a stethoscope before, stay with me and I’ll tell you how to learn. This lightweight model features an aluminum chestpiece and a non-chill diaphragm rim for patient comfort. Proprietary diaphragm enhances acoustics response by 50% over traditional design. Spare pair of black mushroom eartips included. Inspected and packaged in the USA.

52. SunSkeeter™

I love any tool that does more than one job and does them well. Here’s insect repellent (20% DEET) plus sunscreen (SPF 25) combined in a single wipe. Made in the USA. Two individually wrapped 8” x 10” wipes.

53. Surgical scissors

Great for cutting bandages or other surgical and first aid uses.

54. Suture

Monofilament nonabsorbable suture, 75 cm. Pre-threaded on a curved stainless steel needle. Later in the message I’ll tell you how to learn the proper technique.

55. Thermometer

Take a temperature in just 15 seconds with this reusable forehead thermometer.

56. Tissue (TP)

In emergency situations, the first thing pilfered from public accommodations is TP. I’m not taking chances getting caught with my pants down, so to speak. I’ve added two full size TP rolls to every kit. You’ll look like a hero when you produce a hard-to-find roll of this irreplaceable commodity in a pinch!

57. Tourniquet

This can save a limb when seconds matter. Essential for controlling bleeding in a extremity due to injury or in case of emergency surgery. 1” x 18”, in a ziplock bag.

58. First aid tape roll

Great for bandaging smaller areas like fingers and hands. ½” x 5 yd.

59. Triangular Bandage/Sling

When someone injures an arm or shoulder, you’ll need to immobilize the area with a proper sling in order to improve their comfort and minimize the risk of further injury. This is the sling medics prefer -- 40” x 40” x 56” with two safety pins. In a moment I’ll tell you where to get step-by-step instructions.

60. Motorola EMP-Proof Communications System

Communication with loved ones is essential in any emergency, You can’t always count on the cell phone system being up or having a signal. For this critical need, I’ve selected a great pair of 22-channel walkie talkies by electronics leader Motorola. Simple, compact and easy-to-use by the entire family with a range up to 16-miles. Uses both Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Services (GMRS) frequencies. 8-level digital volume and 1 call tone. Battery save/power save and audible low battery alert. 20 hours estimated battery life (alkaline batteries not included).

ADDED BONUS ITEM -- EMP-proof walkie talkie carrying case

These premium Faraday Cage metalized bags are Ziplock re-sealable and feature a 3 mil transparent metallic film and 4 layer protection consisting of an aluminum shield layer, static dissipative polyethylene, polyester, and a static dissipative coating for ultimate protection of electronic devices. These bags are manufactured to meet or exceed requirements for Military Standards 3010 and 4046 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 for electrostatic shielding of electronic devices.

61. Waterproof Matches

I tossed the entire box in a bowl of water, soaked them for a minute, took them out, shook off excess water, and they fired right up first time, every time. Approximately 40 wooden matches to a pocket-size box.

62. Whistle Combo Tool

6-function tool includes LED light, compass, magnifier, thermometer, signal mirror and whistle along with convenient lanyard and clip. Batteries included.

63. Witch hazel

This time-honored herbal product restores the skin’s natural beauty and balance with a clean so pure it leaves nothing behind. Perfectly clean skin was never so quick and easy. Combines botanical extracts of witch hazel and aloe to clean and refresh by gently lifting dirt, oil and makeup from even sensitive skin. Three individually packaged towelettes.

64. Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System Backpack

All these items go into one specially designed medical response backpack. Total weight, about 18 lbs. Every kit is packed with care under my personal supervision at my own small office complex. My own desk is down the hall so I can I personally check on every kit assembled and shipped.


Now 20% OFF: $543


To make the decision easier and so as many people as possible are protected this year, I am offering a limited-time only payment plan for the Off the Grid Medical System. You’ll pay just $272.50 today as a down payment. 

Your system will ship after your second payment.


So that’s it -- the full list of the commercially available products in my Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System. (Stay with me, I’ll tell you about the great proprietary products I created and added to the system for even greater medical security in a moment.)

I do have some spare units in stock if you just want to buy one. There are some definite advantages over doing all this by yourself.

For example, you’ll save three ways by making this purchase from me today: 

1. You’ll save conservatively 40 hours of your valuable personal time versus sourcing all the commercially available items in the kit yourself;

2. You’ll get in on the volume pricing I obtained by buying all items in lots of twenty dozen (not to mention all the individual shipping charges you’d rack up);

3. And you’ll get 10 great reports and manuals that are available nowhere else, with a total value of $341.95 if purchased individually from my online survival pro shop.

I can probably beat anything you come up with if you do this on your own.

In purchasing many of the items for my personal medical bag, I called the 800 numbers of each supplier or manufacturer. I politely asked for the best price available on quantities of anywhere from one to ten units. Once I had that, I asked for a price for twenty dozen.

This request typically resulted in a silent pause, followed by being put on hold and having my call bumped up to a higher rung on the totem pole.

Inside Scoop: How You Can Build Or
Get America’s Premier Family
Emergency Medical System

Then I’d explain that I was prepared to pay a fair and reasonable price for a top quality product, but that I also expected a hefty discount for my bulk purchase. In four out of five cases, I pretty much got the deal I was looking for.

The fifth case? That usually involved being placed on hold again, moving higher up the food chain, and repeating the process.

So what happened next was I had deliveries of big boxes full of medical supplies coming into my relatively small publishing office. Fortunately we’re in a business park right off the interstate, and we have a truck bay around back for shipping and receiving. But storage space got pretty tight back there very quickly.

Avoid Big Box Store First Aid Kits -- NOT SAFE

If you check enough sporting goods stores, big box stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, and all their associated websites, you should eventually find every item, as I did. I’ll warn you though, it is time-consuming!

Bear in mind: one, if you don’t finish the list before the next hurricane/tsunami/pandemic/blackout/grid failure, many items are likely to be sold out.

And two, no matter how much you haggle, matching the prices I got with my bulk purchases may not be realistic. But I wish you good luck in any case, because you really need to get this done.

Now as comprehensive as my medical evacuation kit truly is, I came to realize as I was pulling all this together that certain situations may arise where no commercially available product is going to help. At least none that are readily available to most consumers.

Protecting Your Family 
on Fun Days is Key -- Note This!

Not long ago, I was boating with some friends, enjoying a beautiful day on the lake, when a live bug flew deep into the ear canal of one of my regular boating guests, Donna. Actually, Donna is more like first mate on my boat -- she takes care of everything else while I navigate.

Anyway, I do of course keep a standard-issue first aid kit onboard, so I dropped anchor and started rummaging through it. The only item I found that might remotely help was a pair of tweezers, but I really did not want to risk taking that bug out of Donna’s ear in pieces.

I felt helpless! I realized then and there that a standard first aid kit is just a start in establishing medical self-reliance, and a small one at that. I needed to go much further in my planning for various medical scenarios.

Your Freedom from Obamacare Plan Below

Only a couple of generations ago, though medicine was in many ways still quite primitive, Americans were much more medically self-reliant. Typically the woman of the house did the doctoring -- administering cod liver oil, shaking a mercury thermometer, preparing a hot water bottle. Even brewing herbal tea or making chicken soup!

Today, many folks know just what to do if their computer gets a virus, but not what to do if they get a virus. I’m not just making a play on words -- there’s a real crisis in our nation today due to patients with a cold or the flu insisting that their doctor prescribe an antibiotic, which has no impact on the virus, but promotes the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. These superbugs have become so widespread, they have their own name -- MRSA.

Millions of Americans pay hefty health insurance premiums, then take it for granted that their health is now the responsibility of their doctors. They pay high local property taxes for police, fire, and Emergency Medical Treatment (EMT) services, then figure it’s up to emergency responders, not themselves, to take care of emergencies. This explains the tragic headlines I shared earlier.

Don’t Take Anything For Granted When
It Comes to Your Family’s Security
and Safety -- Look Below to See Why

I’ve told you about the incident with the bug and the boat -- a relatively minor episode but even a minor event can be a wake-up call for those who are paying attention.

Now I need to relate a more sobering experience to you, because it not only reshaped my life but ultimately helped shape the practical solutions I want to share with you today.

Here’s how the Associated Press reported my 1993 incident:


A man who spent hundreds of dollars to return a mixed-breed pup to good health had the favor more than returned.

Two years ago, Lee Bellinger met a forlorn, skinny dog who was filled with worms and had never been to the vet. His owner had six or seven other dogs and wanted them all destroyed.

Bellinger, who grew up in Charlotte and lives in Maryland, decided to take the 40-pound mix of black Lab, pit bull and something else, back to Maryland.

It took a while, but the dog -- whom Bellinger named Bundy -- soon felt better.

“He’s just an extremely happy, totally friendly dog,” Bellinger said. “Kind of goofy, but very charming.’’ His trick -- he carries his leash in his mouth on walks -- made him quite the dog about town.

Now he’s even more famous. On Thursday, Bellinger, who runs Capitol Hill Publishing from his home, was trying to get some work done before leaving for Charlotte on Christmas Eve.

About 7:30 p.m., his kitchen smoke alarm went off. Bellinger ran downstairs to find that a fire had started in his refrigerator. He grabbed a fire extinguisher but was too late: thick black smoke was filling the room.

He ran to a neighbor’s house to call the fire department, then dashed back inside to see if he could salvage one of his computers. The lights soon went out.

Crouched low, he groped along the floor. The room quickly grew hotter, the smoke thicker -- and Bellinger, now fighting panic and choking on fumes, became lost in the middle of his own dining room.

The next thing he remembers is Bundy appearing at his side. Bellinger hooked his little finger around the dog’s collar. “We’re going for a walk,” he said, and began crawling on all fours next to the animal. Bundy led his master 25 feet to safety.

On Sunday, Bellinger still had a cough from inhaling smoke but was otherwise fine. He was staying with neighbors.

Damage to his 90-year-old, three-story house was estimated to be $125,000. The furniture was ruined. Several rooms, including the dining room, were gutted. There was heavy smoke damage throughout.

“It was foolish trying to save the computer,” he said. “I know that now.” Said a fire department spokesman: “It was miraculous that the dog was able to get him out of the house.”

Bellinger agreed. And to show Bundy just how much he appreciated his good work, he gave his dog a steak dinner Christmas night.

I have two vital reasons for telling you this story about my hero dog Bundy, besides honoring the memory of the fourlegged friend who saved my life.

First, think through possible home emergencies in detail, in advance. I’ve done a lot of that for you in these pages. A highly stressful situation like a house fire can easily throw you into panic mode. Your senses are impaired, your mind races, you will not be able to think clearly. You will make really bad choices, as I did.

Professional firefighters know this, which is why they devote hundreds of hours of intense training for each hour they end up fighting actual fires.

You Also Get All my Advanced Research Findings on How to Improve Your Independence From Obamacare

My Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System is about being ready for the many things that can go wrong in life. These steps by themselves can reduce your risks and increase your safety.

And the second reason for telling you my “Bundy” story? I understand that your family pet is truly family. He or she might even save your life one day, as Bundy did mine.

My Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System includes a number of items to care for the family pet in an emergency. Yes, I think it’s important.

I undertook this mission first and foremost to protect myself and my immediate family -- including our dogs, Nelson and Millie. I am not trusting the health of those I care about most to 9-1-1, the Obamacare-compliant medical system, or one-size-fits-all FEMA solutions.The

Don’t EVER Stand in Line With Illegal Aliens
or Sick People for Basic Medical Help

Plus, I’m certainly not going to stand in line at some regional vaccine clinic along with folks who are most likely carriers of the same diseases I want to protect my family against.

To fill all these gaps, I’ve created -- how shall I put it -- some unique instructional products of my own (10 in all) that I’ve added to the Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System. I am a solutions-oriented individual who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. When I can’t find a solution, I create one. Which is personally satisfying -- even more so when I get to share my solutions with readers.

The first item I’m including for you is my one-of-a-kind Survival Kit in a Can -- 35 great survival items in a 1¼” tall by 4” round can a little bigger than a can of shoe polish.

You Can Walk Away With So Much Right Now

My Survival Kit in a Can is a physical product with 38 support components to help you big time if you are ever stranded in your car somewhere. Everyone who drives in your family needs one of these gems. Its “punny” motto: “You Can Survive!”

Contents: razor blade; 7 hour candle; Tootsie Roll; fishing kit; whistle, compass, and flashlight 3-in-1; aluminum foil; storage bags; zip tie; magnifying glass; sewing kit; safety pin; butterfly bandage; pop up towel; extra waterproof matches; mini duct tape; rope; bandages. Nothing like it exists anywhere else. It even floats!

This sweet little survival kit belongs in every glove box, kitchen tool drawer, pick-up truck tool box, job box, and lunch bucket in America. Naturally I’m including one in the Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System for your use and security.

By the way, if you get separated from your reading glasses in a crisis, this kit has a spare magnifying glass so that you can read no matter what.

Here Are the Extra Great Reports You Get!

Sold separately, the combined cover prices would come to $341.95. But because I want to move these remaining 14 systems as quickly as possible, and help you achieve an extraordinary level of medical self-reliance, I’m including all 10 reports as my gifts to you.

FREE! Gift #1: The Ultimate Immune Boosting Manual: The Totally Comprehensive Guide To Fend Off the Growing Epidemic of AntibioticResistant Superbugs and Horrible Third World Diseases Coming Across U.S. Borders ($59 Value)

Right now, U.S. hospitals -- especially those in high-illegal alien states and “sanctuary cities” -- have become breeding grounds for antibiotic-resistant diseases flowing across our borders as infected immigrants (many of whom come here for free medical care) transmit horrible diseases which originally incubated in the squalor of China, India, Mexico, and South and Central America.

My Ultimate Immune Boosting Manual makes the world a whole lot safer for you, your family, and loved ones. It gives you the practical, completely doable solutions you need right away in order to protect yourself against today’s growing plague of illnesses that can render the uninformed blind, disfigured -- or dead.

FREE! Gift #2: Establishing Your Medical Self Reliance: How to Safeguard Your Health in the Age of Obamacare, Medical Rationing, and Worsening Care ($69 Value)

Follow the steps detailed in this blockbuster manual and five big things will become true in your life that are probably not true right now:

1. You will have secured PERMANENT access to affordable, top-notch medical care as almost everyone else’s health care options are rationed by Obamacare.

2. You will have secured PERMANENT access to drugs, cancer treatments, and medical devices that are already being severely restricted by bean counters.

3. You will NOT be caught flat-footed by the under-reported medication shortage going on in this country -- one that is going to get much worse.

4. You will know all the great breakthroughs in supplements and dietary options to improve your overall health significantly -- information virtually banned here in the U.S. by government restrictions on natural healing products.

5. You will have CONTINUED, GUARANTEED, AND TOTAL ACCESS to a Senatorial-level medical exam that goes far beyond even today’s normal annual medical evaluation -- quite literally the socalled “Millionaire’s Check-up,” and for pennies on the dollar!

FREE! Gift #3: Colloidal Silver: The Life-Protecting Wonder They Refuse to Tell You About ($69 Value)

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic you can legally make in your kitchen using distilled water, pure silver, and electric current -- all of which are easy to obtain. This thick manual is jam-packed with all the information you need to use colloidal silver for hundreds of healthy living purposes. It’s fullyresearched and packed with step-by-step instructions.

FREE! Gift #4: 15 Foreign Medical Breakthroughs That Most U.S. Patients Won’t Know About for Years ($21 Value)

The barriers to bringing both natural and pharmaceutical remedies to the U.S. market are huge. Costs to win FDA approval of new drugs run into the tens of millions of dollars, while powercrazed bureaucrats stamp all over U.S. walnut farmers (as just one example) for daring to label their foods as naturally good for you.

No wonder more Americans are looking to foreign researchers for vital new health breakthroughs. In this report, you’ll learn about promising remedies from overseas that may lower your blood pressure, and help treat cholesterol, Alzheimer’s disease, heart attack, clinical depression, prostate cancer, and more.

FREE! Gift #5: Establishing Your Personal Prescription Drug Back-Up Supply Without Breaking the Law ($18 Value)

This pithy 10-page white paper reveals how to stock up on your prescriptions legally -- so that you have assured access to critical supplies in the event of social chaos, supply chain breakdown, flu epidemic, bio-terror attack or public health quarantine.

This must-read white paper was researched by our top health editor and fully vetted by a licensed physician’s assistant who specializes in prescription medication management.

FREE! Gift #6: The Shocking Government-Created Obesity and Diabetes Epidemics that Enrich Corporate Farming Interests and Pharmaceutical Giants ($18 Value)

A large percentage of farm income is represented by subsidies -- in some cases 40% or more. Corn subsidies in particular run into the tens of billions of dollars. Without corn subsidies, a farmer might make more money growing strawberries or asparagus or tomatoes. But there’s no subsidy for that.

So we have a taxpayer-financed glut of high-fructose corn syrup. HFCS makes things sweeter, cheaper. Of 10,000 items in a typical grocery store, some 2,500 use corn in some form during production or processing. Result: artificially induced diabetes and obesity epidemics.

Meanwhile, our government makes natural (and relatively healthier) cane sugar more expensive. Americans pay two to three times the world price for white sugar because of market manipulations mandated by Congress. All told, farm subsidies increase consumer costs by billions of dollars annually, and lead to deadly disease. Get details the government does not want you to know in this eyeopening report.

FREE! Gift #7: Life Saving Basics: Tapping Into the Vast Array of Home Remedies ($22 Value)

You’ll learn how FDA bureaucrats systematically thwart preparations for bioterrorism and flu pandemic ... discover the powerful infection fighters you can improvise from your pantry ... learn about improvised plant medicines that may not exactly replace drugs you normally buy in the pharmacy, but can be pressed into service in an emergency ... and much more.

FREE! Gift #8: Secrets for Surviving the Coming Terrorist Germ Warfare Attacks Against U.S. Population Centers ($19 Value)

This manual offers a steely assessment of the mounting dangers of a bio-terror attack on the United States, leading to an action plan on what you can do right now to get ready for what most experts regard as an inevitable attack.

With jihadist terror suspects being extended Constitutional rights intended only for U.S. citizens, and CIA interrogators being prosecuted for doing their jobs, our government’s chances of foiling bio-terror attacks have been emasculated.

It’s only a matter of time until the next jihadist airline passenger decides to unleash a powdered toxin or small aerosol canister into recirculating cabin air, potentially killing not only a planeload of passengers but disabling the cockpit crew as well.

This is save-your-life information you absolutely need to know. If you are looking for a mere “think-piece” on the mounting dangers of a major terrorist attack against U.S. population centers, then this manual is not for you.

FREE! Gift #9: 20 Inexpensive Items to Buy Right Now to Build a Germ Warfare “Clean Room” in Your House ($20 Value)

Chemical and germ warfare are among the likeliest weapons of terrorists seeking to destroy American cities and disrupt Americans’ lives. Protecting yourself from their killer bugs and dirty bombs can be remarkably simple -- IF you prepare in advance. Those who wait for such weapons to actually be deployed are likely to be too late. You can take wise precautions now by “deploying” my list of 20 inexpensive items to store in your house. I take the view that it’s better to have these things and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

FREE! Gift #10: Unknown Advantages of Expatriate Medicine ($19 Value)

More Americans are slashing their expenses for top-flight medicine by seeking treatment outside the U.S. While the indigent and even illegal aliens get free treatment at any U.S. hospital at any time, Americans who have made an honest living and paid into the system face out-of-control medical inflation and government mandated rationed care.

Many other nations still have free market medical care, and care is far more affordable. These nations have made enormous strides in the quality of care as well. The result: smart Americans are getting world class care for a fraction of the cost by seeking medical care in foreign countries. This report is your guide to get great care at affordable price through medical tourism.

Buy a Pre-Built “Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System” Now and Get
All the Great Bonuses Too

I personally devoted months to compiling and refining this supply list for my family’s medical bug-out bag -- hours of research to find the best products at the best prices without missing anything essential. I’ve given you my very best research today. You can and should build your own Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System without delay.

Yes, it does take considerable time to locate all items, so I want to get this list into the hands of patriots like you before these supplies are scarce as hen’s teeth in a crisis. That way, your family is protected.

However I am confident you’ll save yourself a lot time and hassle by simply ordering from me today. You can take care of your family’s medical security instantly … plus take advantage of the volume pricing I created for my readers rather than hunt for these items on your own … and get your Survival Kit in a Can plus my 10-report bundle.

Right now I have 14 complete and ready to ship Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical Systems that are not yet spoken for. 

My Low Price Includes Assembly,
Shipping and Insurance

Since you’ve done me the courtesy of reading this entire message, I want to do two more things for you. First, I realize that you may need to have the great security my kit provides at more than one location.

So if you need a second or even a third kit -- perhaps for the office, for a second home -- I will take care of the shipping on those additional kits to the same address. You’ll get the same great backpack full of all the same great items, plus a Survival Kit in a Can with each. (If you need an extra set of reports, just ask).

The second reward for showing your strong interest by reading my message today is a brand new report I’ve just created called the 60-Minute Medic. It’s a listing of free online instructional videos you can watch to learn how to use many of the items in my Off-the Grid Emergency Medical System.

Your Family and Friends Will See You as a Hero

You’ll learn how to use the blood pressure cuff … how to stitch a wound with the suture … how to recognize a diabetic emergency … and more. Believe me, it will be a great feeling to not only have the supplies you’ll need to care for your loved ones in a medical emergency, but the skills to know how to use them.

My entire Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System has over 343+ components and 10 free manuals and bonus reports. Plus a mini survival kit for your family car. A retail value well over $2,000 if you buy everything separately on your own.

You get the whole system for only $543, which includes assembly, shipping and insurance.

Plus you get my awesome Survival Kit in a Can and my 10-report bundle as my gifts. 

Yes, I have shown you how to go out and get all the components your family needs. Take it from me though, it’s very time consuming and you’ll end up paying a lot of individual shipping charges for these 343+ plus items. Or running from store to store to store.

And there is no substitute for my great 10-report bundle which is a high-level intelligence briefing. With all the essential inside info you need to establish your family’s medical self-reliance in the age of Obamacare.

Make yourself less vulnerable to medical rationing and a 9-1-1 system that is strained to the max even under “normal” conditions.

Be Your Family’s Best and First Responder -- There’s No Substitute for Real-Life Planning

See all my steps to become the official “first responder” in my home. It is an amazing feeling when your family knows they can trust you to take care of them in a critical situation.

Taking this first step toward greater medical self-reliance is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Let me help you get this done for your family, too. 

I personally wish you all the best in securing your family’s medical security in these unprecedented times! Let me know how your efforts turn out, and if you have any questions, here’s my personal email: [email protected]com.

You Can Get Multiple Units and Save Big,
and Save Lots of Loved Ones Too

I’ve gone as far as I can. You can now build your very own MED-ESYSTEM without me. Just so long as you have one is all that counts. How you get it is unimportant.

Just remember that you can take advantage of my excellent units in stock. Fourteen are ready for immediate shipment now.

Whatever you decide, please act now. I wish you well no matter what you decide to do. Thanks so much for your time; it is very much appreciated.


Lee Bellinger

Founder and Publisher, Independent Living News

P.S. My entire Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System has over 343+ components and 10 free manuals and bonus reports. Plus a mini survival kit for your family car. There are currently 14 units ready for immediate shipment. Bulk buyers should act immediately to ensure instant delivery. A retail value well over $2,000 if you buy everything separately on your own.

You get the whole system for only $543, which includes assembly, shipping and insurance.

Plus you get my awesome Survival Kit in a Can and my 10-report bundle as my gifts. 

P.P.S. Like most medical laymen, I don’t like the sight of blood. Which is why I include a blood clotting agent in a spray can. Just point at the wound and click the button! (Just in case you are a little squeamish but need to stop someone’s bleeding fast.)

If 9-1-1 is overloaded in an emergency, or can’t respond due to transportation or communications system failures, I want to be able to roll up my sleeves and help.

Protect Your Family From Obamacare Now -- See Below

It’s only a matter of time until the next unstoppable superbug, Third World disease like ebola, or drug-resistant flu pandemic triggers a public health panic complete with FEMA-ordered internment camps and National Guard-enforced shelter-in-place quarantine.

That horrid fate is not what I want for my loved ones, and it is not what I want for a patriot like you.

Your family’s medical security is also vulnerable to the 9-1-1 system breaking down or becoming overloaded in any crisis. There’s just too much at stake to allow that to happen.

That is why I have gone the extra step of giving away thousands of hours of valuable research in this letter -- including my first-of-its-kind checklist of emergency medical supplies every head of household needs to acquire now to protect his or her loved ones.

P.P.S. Order two Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical Systems for $1,060, and I ship and insure them for you. Imagine, two complete medical systems for a mere $1,060. It would cost in excess of $4,000 to put all this stuff together.

And remember that you have extended family to think about. You should have these advanced medical systems in vacation homes too.

Order three Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical Systems for $1,399. That’s a bulk discount of $152 plus shipping is FREE -- which saves you another $69. Including the bulk buy discount, that’s a $230 savings.