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Fellow Readiness Enthusiast,

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter.

The things that we take for granted every day.

A screwdriver seems so trivial until you try to tighten a screw without one.

A knife is an afterthought until it’s sitting on your nightstand while your family is being viciously attacked.

Being truly prepared means having what you need to survive with you at all times - even if you have to keep it under wraps.

That’s the story behind our FREE 6-piece Independent Living News Multi-tool and Covert Concealed Weapon…

It fits perfectly on any keychain and blends in with your keys in an instant.

Your friends won’t even know it’s there. But more importantly...neither will your enemies.

Whether you’re stranded on the side of the road or something far worse, this undercover device puts the power back in your hands, where it belongs.

And that’s what we’re all about at Independent Living News.

That’s why I’m offering you one of these covert toolsets, absolutely FREE.

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My name is Lee Bellinger and I’m the Founder of Independent Living News.

As a former Washing insider working as an operative for President Reagan, it’s been my life’s work to help my fellow Americans prosper during the good times and prepare for the worst of times.

As Reagan was leaving office, I began offering leading advice on personal independence – self-defense, living off the grid, earning money off the grid, and more. And I've done that consistently since 1989.

A lot of people have grand readiness plans - plans that ultimately fail because they violate…

Readiness Rule #1

No weapon or tool will do you a damned lick of good if you don’t have it with you when you need it.

That’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for items that are effortlessly added to your daily routine and quickly forgotten. Until they’re needed.

And it’s why I was so excited when I came across this 6-piece Multi-Tool and Covert Concealed Weapon…

It looks just like any other key.

But it weighs just an ounce an a half.

So once you put it on your key ring, you won’t even know it’s there.

Let me ask you…

What do you always have with you when you leave the house?

Your keys.

So this tool will always be with you - there when you need to tighten a screw, open a bottle, cut a piece of rope…

Or when you need to defend yourself.

Yes, it’s handy as hell.

And although they sell normally for $19.95 or more, if you act quickly, I’d like to you to have one - on me.

But get yours right away though, I’ve only got a few left.

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Get This Amazing Tool (And More) Absolutely FREE!

This simple-looking key packs a big punch!

You’ll get…

• A flat screwdriver.

• A Phillips (star) screwdriver.

• A bottle opener.

• A micro-sized screwdriver (to tighten your glasses or pry open tiny locked things).

• A serrated knife (works like a mini-saw to cut through string, rope, wrist-ties, and more).

• A straight-blade knife (opens boxes, sharpens sticks, and can be used to defend yourself and your family in a pinch).

When I first got my 6-Piece Multi-Tool With Covert Concealed Weapon, I assumed that I’d only use it on the road, in an emergency.

But the truth is, when I’ve got small repairs at home, I don’t even bother to go looking for my toolbox, I just whip out my keys…

I’ve never tried taking it through airport security - and I don’t suggest you do either - but I’ll bet you could.

I absolutely love it. So to get a great deal, I bought “two gross” - 288 of them. I gave a bunch away to family and friends.

The rest of them are sitting in my office and they’ve got to go.

So, while I have some left, I’d like to you give you one for free…

S&H Not Included (ships to U.S. only)

Yes, FREE. But Quality You’d
Otherwise Be Happy to Pay For

  • Looks like any other key (so nobody will realize what you’re packing but you!)
  • Solid stainless steel (so it’s incredibly strong, resists heat and chemical damage, won’t rust, and can be easily be used indoors or outdoors).
  • Has a patented quick release locking system (so you can quickly and easily put it on the key ring you already have, eliminating the need to carry another ring or a holster).

I carry mine on me every day and plenty of the family and friends that I recommend it do too.

We don’t even notice - it’s “just another key.”

As lightweight and compact as it is, you’ll be surprised buy the sturdiness of the tools…

The screwdrivers really work.

The knives work.

And while I haven’t tried it, I can tell that the straight knife could really do some damage if you ever had to rely on it to defend yourself.

Yes, faced with that situation you might wish you had a hunting knife or a gun…

But when trouble comes and your gun’s in your closet at home, you’ll be glad you can rely on the 6-Piece Multi-Tool and Covert Concealed Weapon.

It’s on your key ring, always there.

S&H Not Included (ships to U.S. only)

PLUS, I’m Want to Give You
This Book TOO, for FREE…

To Be a Survivor, Think Like a Survivor.

Retail value, $15 - yours FREE.

If the you-know-what ever hits the fan, I want you to survive - and thrive.

Not by scratching and crawling and eking out a meager existence…

But by maintaining relative normalcy and comfort, and winning - no matter what life throws at you.

To put this information together for you, I turned to someone who knows a thing or two about survival, adversity and self-sufficiency – a rancher and homemaker from America's mountain west.

People who spend their lives close to nature and away from urban centers develop survival skills and mental toughness every day of their lives.

The rest of us have a lot to learn from them.

Think Like a Survivor is a great report researched by a woman who embodies the Independent Living philosophy; I'm proud to present it to you, for FREE.

As soon as you order your FREE 6-Piece Multi-Tool and Cover Concealed Weapon, you’ll get a digital copy of To Be a Survivor, Think Like a Survivor delivered to your email inbox.

But you can’t afford to wait.

This deal will disappear the moment we are out of stock on the multi-tools though so it’s best to do it right now…

Send Me My FREE Multi-Tool Now Before They Run Out!

Yours in Freedom,

Lee Bellinger

Founder and Publisher, Independent Living

P.S. - Here’s how the shipping and handling works…

When you order your FREE 6-Piece Multi-Tool and Covert Concealed Weapon today, you’ll pay just $4.95 shipping and handling.

For less than ten bucks you can have a set of tools that are always with you, especially in times of crisis.

We’ll ship your multi-tool immediately the next business day, so you won’t have to wait long.

And in the meantime, I’m also going to give you a FREE digital copy of To Be a Survivor, Think Like a Survivor. You’ll be reading it just minutes from now.

Why would I give you all of this for free?

It’s my way of encouraging you to become a part of the Independent Living News family…

Get your FREE 6-Piece Multi-Tool and Covert Concealed Weapon while you still can…

P.P.S. - By the way, here is my favorite picture with President Reagan along with one of the letters he sent me. I have it hanging up in my office. He was a true hero to me and many others.

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