By Lee Bellinger

Communist China is attempting to corner the market for lithium, a strategic metal vital to America’s economy and defense.

President Trump’s plan to thwart the Chinese could send shares of one metals company soaring higher!

  • 5 Surprising Reasons this Lithium Showdown Could Help Investors Pocket Gains of 900% – or More!
  • Revealed: How one little-known company paid next-to-nothing for the mining rights to what may prove to be the largest lithium deposit in the United States.
  • Buy this stock now and you could potentially turn $5,000 into as much as $50,000 when investors realize this company could be sitting on a massive potential lithium supply – right here in the U.S.!

Watch this brief video now to learn how you could potentially pocket gains as high as 900% from this fast-moving lithium “showdown.”

Watch this brief video for the full story now – that details the little-known company sitting on a potentially MASSIVE lithium deposit.

Lithium Showdown: 5 Surprising Reasons You Could Rake in Potential Gains of 900% or More as President Trump Moves to Eliminate this Chinese Threat

President Trump’s “America First” policies not only help keep us safe, they have also opened the door to outsized profit opportunities for investors.

Perhaps the biggest – and most immediate – investment opportunity is the 900% profit I predict you could potentially realize by investing in a Nevada company called Blue Eagle Lithium (OTC: BEAG).

Read on to learn the 5 Surprising Reasons why this company could help you turn a modest $5,000 investment in this company into a potential $50,000 or more. 

This fast-moving scenario is all about who controls the world’s supply of a critical metal. At this moment, communist China is working to corner the market for lithium – a metal vital to the U.S. economy and defense.

President Trump has moved boldly to thwart China’s plan for cornering the lithium market. In fact, President Trump recently issued Executive Order No. 13817, which directs federal agencies to reduce reliance on foreign sources of critical metals such as lithium, potentially triggering a new “lithium boom” in the U.S.

The timing of these developments could be good news for Blue Eagle Lithium investors because – just after President Trump was elected – the company paid next-to-nothing for mining rights to a property in Nevada that could prove to hold the largest lithium deposit in the United States (more on how they pulled that off in a moment).

These hypothetical projections are based upon the stock price going from $0.95 (i.e., the top of the current trading range) to $9.50 (which would be the high end of the target price). That would be a potential increase of 900%. No guarantee the projections will be achieved. No assurance the results contemplated by these projections will occur as the result will be affected by factors beyond the control of the company.

Reason #1: China and U.S. Battle for Supply as Lithium Demand Skyrockets

Lithium is one of the main components of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries used in smartphones, laptops and electric vehicles (EVs).

        Naturally, as a result of its many uses...lithium demand is skyrocketing.

Annual global demand for lithium, estimated to be 49,350 metric tons, is rising 8.9% per year. By 2025, demand is projected to skyrocket to 422,614 metric tons. Although America has extensive lithium deposits, most of our lithium is supplied by other countries.

Unfortunately, most of America’s lithium currently comes from other countries, putting us at risk of supply disruptions and predatory pricing.

The ongoing high demand for lithium makes it critical that the United States have access to a domestic supply of this important energy metal – and decrease its dependence on unpredictable suppliers such as China.

In fact, Communist China is now racing to establish a dominant position controlling the world’s lithium supply – a scenario that could be devastating to the United States.

China Rushes to Dominate Global Supply of Lithium

Beijing’s race to control supplies of lithium, used in powering electric cars, is leaving its rivals far behind.

                                                – The Diplomat

China’s a big producer of lithium batteries...given America’s competitive relationship with China, and President Donald Trump’s trade tussles, it’s not wise to rely on Chinese supplies.

                                          – Chicago Tribune

Shortly after taking office, President Trump issued Executive Order No. 13817 directing federal agencies to identify raw materials “essential to national security” and to pinpoint “geopolitical, or other contingencies that may disrupt, strain, compromise, or eliminate the supply chains” of those materials.

In response, both the Department of Defense and the US Geological Survey (an agency of the Interior Department) issued reports concluding that lithium is critical to America’s economy and security.

On the heels of the USGS and DOD reports, President Trump issued a second Executive Order directing federal agencies to urgently reduce foreign dependence on vital minerals, and to ramp up domestic production.

This emphasis on increasing domestic supplies has triggered a flurry of exploration activity, and created incentive for small-cap companies – such as my latest recommendation, Blue Eagle Lithium (OTC: BEAG) – to bring new lithium supplies to production as quickly as possible.

Reason #2: President Trump’s Space Force Makes Finding New Lithium Supplies Critical

In addition to a wide range of commercial applications, lithium is a vital component of the futuristic weapons systems that are part of President Trump’s new Space Force.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that the Chinese aren’t going to sell us the lithium we need to manufacture some of the most lethal weapons systems on Earth.

President Trump’s Space Force is expected to drive historic demand for lithium

Contrary to what the media would have us believe, the Space Force isn’t about satellites and moon walks.  It’s really a race with the Chinese and Russians to build (and defend against) hypersonic weapons.

Reduced to its simplest terms, a hypersonic weapon is a guided missile that travels faster than the speed of sound. Much faster. Like ten times the speed of sound, or 7,672 miles an hour!

The Space Force initiative could make hundreds of millions for a handful of big-name government contractors like Boeing and Lockheed-Martin. 

But the biggest stock market gains will likely come from smaller companies – ones that aren’t ordinarily thought of as defense companies, so they’ve been overlooked by most investors.

The millions that massive companies like Boeing and Lockheed-Martin stand to rake in from President Trump’s Space Force will be just a drop in the bucket when it comes to those companies’ overall bottom line.

For smaller companies, however...the impact of the Space Force could lead to significant increases in valuation – in a very short period of time!

This could potentially include my latest recommendation – Blue Eagle Lithium (OTC: BEAG).

Blue Eagle Lithium is a company that appears perfectly positioned to take advantage of the renewed emphasis on bringing domestic lithium supplies online as quickly as possible.

Reason #3 – Blue Eagle Lithium’s Deposit Could Be 3 Times as Large as Any Other Known U.S. Deposit

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the only lithium produced in the U.S. comes from the Silver Peak mine in the Clayton Valley, northwest of Las Vegas, near the California border.

Although the exact size of the Silver Peak lithium deposit has never been revealed, the mine has been in operation since the 1960s, suggesting a deposit of massive proportions.

Silver Peak is what’s called a lithium brine operation. The liquid (referred to as brine) is pumped to the surface where the lithium is extracted as the water evaporates.

Blue Eagle Lithium (OTC: BEAG) is operating in the Railroad Valley, about a hundred miles from the Silver Peak mine. That means that the Railroad Valley and the Clayton Valley share similar geological features, including the presence of metals like lithium.

But there’s a very real possibility that Blue Eagle could be sitting on a lithium deposit of historic proportions.

Once I heard about the little-known company sitting on a lithium deposit that could be three times larger than any other in the U.S., I knew I had to check it out personally.

I wanted to investigate the facts, do my due diligence for my Off-Grid Confidential subscribers and see the management myself.

Wow. What an experience.

A four-hour drive literally off the grid – in the middle of nowhere – and an eye-opening meeting with the company’s management that led me to discover the true potential for Blue Eagle Lithium (OTC: BEAG).

The Railroad Valley, where Blue Eagle has  4,000-acre mining claim, is a larger and potentially much more valuable version of the Clayton Valley where lithium has been mined since the 1960s.

Blue Eagle has access to a treasure trove of drilling activity reports and seismic surveys suggesting that there’s a massive amount of lithium beneath its 4,000-acre mining claim waiting to be extracted.

How massive could that lithium deposit be?  We won’t know for sure until the company moves forward with its exploration efforts. But consider this important fact:

The Railroad Valley playa is about 3 ½ times the size of the one in the Clayton Valley (135 sq. miles vs. 38.6 sq. miles). The corresponding underground basin catchment area is also much larger.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean there’s 3 ½ times more lithium in Railroad Valley, it does suggest the potential for a truly massive deposit of this strategic metal.

When investors realize that Blue Eagle might be sitting on a lithium deposit of this magnitude, the stock could skyrocket – helping investors potentially turn a modest $5,000 investment into $50,000 – or more!

Lee Bellinger believes Blue Eagle (OTC: BEAG) has the potential to grow 900% in the next 24 to 36 months and is the only domestic producer on the list.

Reason #4 – Blue Eagle Acquired its Potentially Massive Lithium Deposit for Just Pennies on the Dollar!

So with lithium in such high demand – and with small-cap companies scrambling to identify new sources of supply – the obvious question is...

How did Blue Eagle Lithium (OTC: BEAG) acquire this deposit so cheaply?

The answer to that question can be summed up in just two words: environmental regulations. Or, to be more precise, incredibly stringent regulations in the U.S. and far less stringent (or in some cases, nonexistent) in other countries.

This one-two punch has made it virtually impossible for lithium to be mined in the U.S. The Silver Peak mine still operates under environmental regulations that existed when it opened in the 1960s. And it’s the only lithium mine operating in the U.S. today.

Ironically, at one time, America was the world’s leading supplier of lithium.

But all that changed in the 1990s when draconian environmental regulations went into effect, drastically increasing the cost of domestic operations, and forcing the closure of every lithium mine except Silver Peak, which could continue operating primarily due to its size.

So, Blue Eagle acquired mining rights to 4,000 acres for a pittance because everyone assumed those rights were virtually worthless.

But those seemingly worthless mining rights could actually be worth a fortune, thanks to new cutting-edge technologies that could allow Blue Eagle to successfully tap the lithium-bearing brine that we know lies beneath the Railroad Valley without running afoul of current environmental regulations.

These technological breakthroughs comply with regulations because they minimize disturbance of the original surface cover and they leave a much smaller environmental footprint.

The only issue is the size of those brine pools.

If they’re three times larger than those in the nearby Clayton Valley, Blue Eagle Lithium could have the largest lithium deposit in America. And if they’re “only” comparable to the ones that have powered the Silver Peak mine since the 1960s, we’re still talking about a lot of lithium.

Reason #5 – News of Even a Modest Discovery Can Make Small-Cap Lithium Stocks Take Off!

In a market with soaring demand – such as today’s lithium market – as soon as investors get wind of a potential discovery, share prices for small-cap stocks can soar quickly.

That was the case with companies like...

  • Lithium X Energy Corp. (OTC: LIXXF) skyrocketed 383.33% between December 1, 2015 and June 27, 2017. 
  • Nemaska Lithium (OTC: NMKEF) soared 923% in just 11 months, going from 13 cents on July 6, 2015 to $1.33 on May 30, 2016.

  • Millennial Lithium Corp. (OTC: MLNLF) went from just 3 cents per share in May 2016 to $1.18 per share in July 2017 – a staggering gain of 3,833%!

Blue Eagle Lithium (OTC: BEAG) could potentially soar 900% if its lithium holdings are as extensive as early indications suggest.

The first three companies operate mines in foreign countries. Blue Eagle is the only domestic producer on the list. As such, it’s positioned to capitalize on President Trump’s Executive Order No. 13817, encouraging domestic lithium mining and mandating that federal agencies reduce reliance on foreign sources of critical metals.

Bottom Line: I’m Recommending Blue Eagle Lithium (OTC: BEAG) as a “Strong Buy” to My Off-Grid Confidential Subscribers

After conducting my research – and interviewing the company’s management – I’m convinced that Blue Eagle Lithium (OTC: BEAG) offers you a unique opportunity to profit from the Lithium Showdown that is now unfolding.

I’ve issued a “Strong Buy” alert to my subscribers, as I feel this potentially fast-moving scenario could help turn every $5,000 invested into $50,000 – or more.

To help explain how this scenario could unfold, I’ve prepared a comprehensive Special Report on this opportunity called The Most Valuable 4,000 Acres in America.

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