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Independent Living Newsletter – 1 Year Renewal


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My private intelligence advisory Independent Living’s roundup of critical flash points gets longer by the week.

You can smell it in the air. We face global war, race war, urban and suburban mayhem, massive chronic unemployment, insurmountable public debt, and lots more crises. It is quite a mess on all fronts right now.

I pay attention for you. I know you are very busy.

In 2006-7, Independent Living warned that major pillars of the U.S. banking system were a house of cards. Some folks were downright angry at me. Some thought I was “against” the dollar. Others tagged me as a defeatist for the American Dream.

After all, there was a Republican in the White House when Independent Living issued this warning – many told me privately that I came across as a political turncoat.

Being up-front about coming events isn’t always so easy. My forecast especially upset some of my business associates in Charlotte, North Carolina, my personal hometown. For almost a century, Charlotte was home town for Wachovia Bank too, founded in 1879.

Wachovia’s possible demise seemed quite literally unthinkable to most – that is, until it actually happened in 2008.

Independent Living’s forecasting is about hard, honest team-work, and simple focus on the nuts and bolts of facts.