Off the Grid

When the lights go out, due to a power outage or something far worse - you want to be able to look your family in the eye and say "I've got this." You need to be able to run your basic appliances. A running refrigerator or freezer means you have food. A running fan or heater means you can provide basic comfort to your family. Don't miss 


Staying healthy is important to a happy, free and self-reliant life. And a lot of times there are things we can do to take care of ourselves. Our health and medical solutions are designed to give you what you need to keep yourself and your household healthy. And if it's not safe to go outside for any reason, you'll be glad you have what you need at home. 

Survival Essentials

Basic survival requires the right knowledge and the right tools. In this section you'll find the basic items that every self-reliant person needs. These items go well with our more advanced solutions.


Finding information that you can trust isn't as easy as it sounds. Anyone with an opinion can post it online and it's up to you to decide if you can trust it. Well, we don't publish anything that isn't well researched and well tested. Whether it's our monthly newsletters or one of our mega manuals, you can trust every word.