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National Geographic confirms this startling truth – buried and ignored for 5 years by the Bush and Obama administrations. It soberly predicts,
We could easily be without power across a multi-state region for many weeks or months...
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Is your household ready to be thrown into the dark? To suddenly be without power?
Because widespread power blackouts are coming at us fast. Ready or not. A new National Geographic Society documentary, “American Blackout,” spells it out. You should at least look into this. It’s chilling. Your family is likely in the path of this runaway locomotive. We all are.
This briefing gives you simple (and free) precautions you can take now. Please read this. I truly think it is important for you. Learning what to do costs nothing except for your time. I won’t waste it.
My confidential Subscriber-Only Briefing will improve your family’s safety. Just as it has mine. Because there’s no way around it. A major government-created electricity “crisis” is brewing. My personal preparation steps are easy.
And needed. Take the weird February 2013 Super Bowl electricity interruption. Or the recent terrorist assault on a California power station. There have been many more power grid outages. But our Third World power grid’s growing failures still aren’t making much news. At least not yet.
The World Trade Center was targeted many times before 9-11. Our antique national power grid is an even bigger disaster waiting to happen.
Let me quietly share news of a secret home electricity backup device. Hundreds of families like yours are using one right now. They are not sitting around waiting to be caught in this newest government-created mess. And they don’t plan to fall prey to Mr. Obama’s schemes to micromanage everyone’s home power use.
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These are valuable, subscriber-only white papers. And I am thrilled to send them to you free. Simply because you are not willing to be a victim. You deserve credit for thinking ahead. Because there is still time, but not much.
Think about this: What do you see on the TV news when a hurricane is about to hit a community. What a zoo! Fist fights at Lowe’s for the last piece of plywood. Don’t they ever learn? Picture all those unprepared people caught flat-footed. It’s always the same.
Most end up scratching and fighting for basic supplies that are long gone.
See all this in your minds’ eye. Because it happens in all crises. The public just never seems to get this. You are one of my subscribers. You totally deserve better security and peace of mind. Because when the lights start going out, it’s going to be messy.
This is a lot to absorb. Later I’ll reveal what really triggered the awkward 34-minute power failure in the New Orleans Superdome in 2013. It is a shocking window into the growing strains on our nation’s neglected power supply grid.
Look, I know that cheap electricity has been the norm for a generation. But widespread power grid neglect has changed things.
Now our energy system is overripe for massive cascading failures. This disaster is now actively being planned for by our military.
Experts Agree, Your Family is Sitting on Ground Zero - See This!
Threats include terrorism, cyber-attacks and long-overdue power grid disrupting solar activity. Not to mention significant evidence of a grid crippling “test attack” that got foiled in the Panama Canal Zone
I don’t often listen to National Public Radio. But someone sent me a story which declared:
“there is one disaster scenario for which the power companies are still unprepared: a massive attack on the computer networks that underlie the U.S. electric grid.”
I really want to drill down here. You deserve to know why getting your household ready to cope is a must. We have an antique and failing national power grid. Totally Third World. So let me say this again...your “walk-away” includes something you totally need. A confidential parts list for a backup power device.
If you decide not to take advantage of my offer, you can build one yourself. You probably have friends who can help. With some ingenuity and basic electrical tools and knowledge, they can help you assemble your very own PowerWhisperer Mobile Power Supply System. You have my word. No obligation. No nonsense. No bull.
This covert reserve home power system is unlike any ever conceived. It has no moving parts. It’s totally portable. And it’s packed with redundant back-ups. Totally military durable. Most important, it is not reliant on any single power source. Not even solar!
You see, grid-down situations are quietly becoming the new normal. One sobering federal assessment now predicts extended, multi-state power outages. And that was before Mr. Obama unveiled his latest assault against coal power plants. And then there’s another kicker. His regulators have forced power companies to embrace unreliable wind and sun “green” energy sources to “serve” their customers.
Mr. Obama Hates This Your Covert, Portable, Back-Up Home Power System... How Dare You Not Need Him?
Lots of savvy Americans like you are waking up. And like us, they are quietly making plans to weather the looming crisis.
Yes, there are many simple precautions you can take right now. You should get them done before the heat is on. Better to invest some time with me now while the lights are still on. Please don’t let your family get plunged into darkness “for many weeks or months.” That is exactly what the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is warning...
Top Scientists Say Your Family is in Danger Get This Defense Up Now
My three free white papers are must read. And packed with practical information. And they are yours at no cost. All because you’ve read this briefing. Fair enough?
Overzealous regulatory authorities are making a hash of the power grid. They have spawned a mounting tempo of what power company insiders call “load shedding.” Better known as “rolling blackouts.”
It’s still in the early stages right now. So it’s the perfect moment to take smart precautions. Simple stuff. Nothing outrageous. You want to get this done with no one noticing. Because once the you-know-what starts to hit the fan, it will be different. Things could get dicey when your neighbors panic.
Worse, most of my well thought through suggestions will become worthless overnight. I don’t want that for your family or mine.
It’s happening all over the country. Sometimes even at gunpoint from police. I’m talking about the switcheroo of millions of perfectly functional electro-mechanical household electric meters. In exchange for one of Mr. Obama’s wireless “smart meters.”
It’s all part of Mr. Obama’s energy use micromanagement “master plan.” And it has set the stage for a very unpleasant scenario.
Imagine this: It’s the midst of a sweltering August heat wave. A utility company pick-up truck pulls in front of your home. Without getting out of the cab, the utility worker reads your smart meter remotely. And he detects that you are using “too much” power. He may just fine you. Or if you kiss his butt enough, he may only put your home into “brown-out” mode. Perhaps you can even talk him into at least keeping your refrigerator running. But if you’ve gone too far, or are a repeat “offender,” he could black you out completely. Especially if you have not purchased expensive, government-approved green appliances.
What a dream come true for environmental bossers run amok!
Don’t Wait for This Crisis to Go Full-Blown You Can Still Make These Simple Preparations Right Now
Yes, government-spawned power scarcity will change your life. Most everyone will accept the inconvenience and bossiness. By then the political slicksters who mucked up the national power grid to begin with will have shifted blame. Most likely onto utility company executives.
You can’t wait around until the general public wakes up. That will be a mess. Panicked people will trample all your very best options. They might even come to your door demanding help. Your advance arrangements must be done in as much secrecy as possible.
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More about this politically created energy mess shortly. Because it really does matter to you. Now is the time to consider alternatives. Including a much closer look at the growing national movement to take smart, reasonable precautions now.
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Don’t get me wrong. I am sure your household has no complainers. Still, why not step up with some simple precautions just in case? There is absolutely no risk. My list of precautions is free as a public service to my readers.
Because the national power grid has been slowly collapsing under its own weight for some time.
Forbes magazine says that U.S. electrical grid capacity has grown by a mere 7% since 1990. But demand has expanded by 25%! No wonder the grid is becoming so unstable. But the crisis hasn’t come to a head yet. And that’s only because our weak economy is using less power than we were in 2007.
That’s right. Massive unemployment has so far spared the public from more widespread, serious rolling blackouts.
That’s why hurricanes and snow storms have one beneficial side effect. They do hint at extensive brittleness throughout the national power grid. You saw lots of power outages this winter. Not to mention after Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast in October 2012.
Energy Scarcity is Not an Accident, It is an Obama Scheme to Trap You This is Must-Read Material...
Power grid neglect suits Mr. Obama and his regulators just fine. He has a dangerous second term anti-energy agenda. One that makes your family a pawn in his unfolding crisis.
Mr. Obama is determined to vastly restrict your energy usage. It’s going forward whether you like it or not. By persuasion, coercion, taxation, rationing, and the forced installation of “smart meters.” In other words, whatever it takes. And your loved ones will be caught in the middle.
Federal bureaucrats are determined that America must be trained to accept an end to plentiful, cheap electricity. It’s all about control, control and more control.
The power grid is being stretched like a rubber band at the snapping point. A June 26 Wall Street Journal summed it up in one word – “surreal.” It added:
Half of all U.S. electric generation is heading the way of the dinosaur. And within three years. Here’s the rub: There is no plan whatsoever to replace that production. Just unworkable wind and solar technology. That’s why you need to take key precautionary steps right away.
Mr. Obama has appointed zealots to bring about artificial energy scarcity. The Institute for Energy Research released a study, entitled Energy Regulations in the States: A Wake-up Call. It shows that electricity prices are nearly 40% higher in states with renewable electricity mandates.
The president’s own first-term Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, famously said “...we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” And Sec. Chu was quite successful. Gasoline prices at the pump doubled in Mr. Obama’s first term.
Sorry, I’ve gotten off target. I am talking about government-created electricity shortages. Although Secretary Chu’s raise-gas-prices rant against plentiful energy says it all!
Note the Rising Tempo of Rolling Blackouts - Are You Ready?
Look, I respect your intelligence. So let me say flat out that rolling blackouts have long been used by utilities as part of power grid management. Especially during peak load emergencies. They are just intentionally engineered power shutdowns.
And by themselves, they are not sinister. Rolling blackouts have long served as a last-resort measure.
But what was once a last resort has slowly become a first resort. Just a few examples here. Detroit was hit with rolling blackouts in July 2011. They called it “system stress.” On August 9, 2012, California issued a statewide power alert. A heat wave was crushing its already taxed network.
An acute Western drought has put electricity plants all over America under even more pressure. The situation has never been this bad.
You really do not want to be caught flat-footed in these situations. There are too many developments to list here! A few examples:
Millions in the Dark, Thousands Shivering and Cold Crowded Hospitals without Power... Welcome to the New Normal
So here’s what I see. Grid failure is a real and probable threat. Most people are unprepared. And this spells danger to your family and mine. Spot power outages are one thing. A widespread loss of refrigeration and other basics for an extended period is unthinkable to most.
So was Pearl Harbor. And 9-11. And a whole lot of other big events.
These examples go on and on. My focus has been on solutions. That’s why I am so anxious to share the solutions that I have developed for my own personal security.
The rising tide of power outages makes very little news....so far. For example almost no one noticed how cascading power failures led to a near public health disaster in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. It happened on Memorial Day weekend, 2011.
The municipal sewer plant switched to backup power after lightning struck the grid. After hours of continuous operation, the plant’s reserve power system caught fire. It destroyed the generator and many other systems. 18,000 residents including the student body of the U.S. Army War College were put on a “do not flush” order. A sewage backup into thousands of homes and an untreated sewage discharge into a tributary of the Susquehanna River was imminent.
600 Million without Electricity in India Terrorists Knock Out Power to 420,000 in Mexico Coming to America Soon...
The dangers of prolonged blackouts are growing. Another harbinger came in summer 2012. Water shortages in India led to near total grid collapse. The world’s largest blackout left 600 million without food refrigeration for an extended period.
On October 29, a terrorist drug cartel in Mexico plunged 420,000 people into darkness. A group called the “Knights Templar” attacked the power grid.
Just six months earlier, a military style assault with AK-47’s struck a San Jose power station in California. It almost shut down power to Silicon Valley. The attackers have yet to be identified. When police arrived, the assault team melted into the night. U.S. officials say that this appeared to be a military probing operation.
“Probing” is a warfare tactic. It appears that this small attack was to test defenses in preparation for a future, larger scale effort.
Richard Lordan of the Electric Power Research Institute said the attack “appears to be preparation for an act of war.”
The Chairman of the Federal Energy Commission, Jon Wellinghoff, said that if the San Jose attack were replicated around the country, it could take down the entire national power grid.
I personally cannot dismiss these developments. They are a warning, big time. We all need to make some basic preparations just in case. I hope you agree and act to get my free information.
Our electrical grid is nearing Third World status. That’s not my description. That’s what former Energy Secretary Bill Richardson says. Decades of regulatory overkill has made normal upgrades to the power grid politically impossible.
For highly regulated utilities, it’s been far cheaper and easier to sidestep political and regulatory hassles. They surrendered a long time ago to the NIMBY (not-in-my-backyard) movement. So there has been minimal improvement to the power grid for decades. And more recently Mr. Obama has raised the height of the regulatory wall. Right now major power grid improvements are out of the question.
You definitely need to plan for this brewing mess. At the end of this briefing you will get everything you need. You can take great precautions that won’t cost you a dime.
Let’s stop for a reality check here. All of this is not just my opinion. My research confirms what many experts have been warning of. Heck, even the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) agree. America’s overloaded power grid operates with dangerously few spare transformers.
Antique transformers in many cases. Hard to get and already scarce. Over 170,000 miles of voltage transmission lines are dependent on them. Transformers near the end of their service lives supply 125 million U.S. households depend on these transformers, already dangerously close to the end of their service life.
National Academy of Sciences Warning...
No serious authority disputes there is widespread grid instability. Yet it remain a non-story. (Unless of course you read Independent Living.)
This advance knowledge gives you a window of opportunity. You still have time to make the most of it. You can better protect your family’s interests. Just as I am personally doing. My free reports show you how. Exactly how.
Look closely at this shocking National Academy of Sciences finding. It is so unsettling! And it has been treated like a classified state secret. It was kept under wraps by two presidents for five years. Then it was quietly released in 2012:
“We could easily be without power across a multi-state region for many weeks or months, because we don’t have many spare transformers.”
Let’s talk about last year’s 34-minute Super Bowl blackout. It came during the nation’s biggest sporting event. The most hyped television spectacular of 2013. It turns out to have been a localized “rolling blackout.” Automatically triggered by a control unit designed to shut down power. Power demand from the stadium was greater than the local utility’s ability to supply it.
I could go on and on. By now you can probably see why I am nearly frantic. We all need to be ready for this major potential mess.
My crack researchers have uncovered something big. There is much more going on than political green zealots doing stupid stuff. Such as making it uneconomical to upgrade our country’s ancient power grid.
The Obama Administration has been shockingly successful at creating energy scarcity. They’ve quietly made all forms of practical and cheap mass-based electricity impractical. They’ve even made it risky for power companies to switch from coal to clean, inexpensive natural gas. The Journal confirms this: “in truth Mr. Obama’s target is all forms of carbon energy. Natural gas is next.”
There is a serious wakeup call coming to Americans. People are used to 24/7 electricity at a reasonable price. They are all in for the “shock” of their lives. These little understood policies are coming to a head. And soon.
My motivation here is to make sure we aren’t among the unfortunates.
Beware of This! The Coal Generated Power Plants We Need Are Being Run Out of Business
I really do think Mr. Obama means what he says and says what he means on making energy expensive and scarce. In his first term, he was crystal clear:
“Under my plan, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket… Regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad, because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it, whatever the industry was, they would have to retrofit their operations.”
Sure, Mr. Obama’s extremist “cap and trade” met bipartisan death in Congress. So he is making electricity scarce. He knows that an electricity “crisis” expands his power to force government-directed power rationing down our throats.
Mr. Obama makes no bones about it. Coal is out. He says “...if somebody wants to build a coal power plant they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that is being emitted.”
Electricity Shortages to Worsen Soon
See Why Mr. Obama’s Master Plan is Working...
Credible estimates suggest that 175 or more coal fired power plants are to be shut down before 2016. That takes about 27 gigawatts of electricity out of the picture. Enough energy to power 27 million homes. Quite a stretch for the power grid, isn’t it? Because there is a shortage of replacement power plants.
That’s why my plan of action is being made available free to Independent Living readers.
And not a moment too soon. This is probably the biggest non-story-story in decades. Not many people are noticing, or caring. At least not yet.
In a 2012 article, Why Energy Policy Matters to Americans, then-presidential candidate Rick Santorum observed:
“President Obama has [also] discouraged new electricity generation—forcing many parts of the country to experience rolling blackouts. That means that millions of Americans will live with a power grid that is second-rate, like a Third World country. To many Americans, rolling blackouts meant throwing rotting food from freezers away, spending sleepless nights in houses where the air conditioning won’t work, trying to find crying children in homes without lights.”
John Eaves is CEO of the St. Louis-based Arch Coal, the country’s second-largest coal company. He recently warned top-notch investment analysts that, “The EPA has been very aggressive where coal has been concerned. When we look out over the next four, five years, we’ve identified about 45 gigawatts of coal-fired generation that will be closed.”
The Washington Post has unsympathetically noticed the industry mayhem:
“Industry groups such as the Edison Electric Institute, which represents investor owned utilities, and the American Legislative Exchange Council have dubbed the coming rules “EPA’s Regulatory Train Wreck.” The regulations, they say, will constitute up to $129 billion and force them to retire one-fifth of coal capacity. Given that coal provides 45 percent of the country’s power, that means high electric bills, more blackouts and fewer jobs.”
Talk about a quadruple pile-on! It’s all about ending cheap and plentiful electricity. Very few people seem to understand the war on coal. It is part of a larger assault on all forms of cheap and plentiful U.S. electricity production.
An energy mess of staggering proportions. Getting worse by the month.
Look Who Wins from an Unstable U.S. Power Grid Hint: It’s Not Us...
The U.S. power grid’s slow collapse is gradual. No one seems to be asking: What will replace all those retiring power plants? I see nothing on the horizon except government controlled rationing.
The numbers say it all. Too many power plants being driven off line. Not enough reliable sources coming on line to replace them. And an antique national electricity delivery infrastructure.
What this means to you personally is climbing power bills. And in the not too distant future, rolling blackouts. And more frequent electricity headaches. With shrinking electricity production a trend, it all must come to a head. But worry not. A crisis in the power grid will create Christmas year ’round. Especially for the many crony capitalist friends of our president. And his friends in Congress. And his many opponents in Congress too.
They know full well that more rolling blackouts mean more calls for Washington to “do something.” For them this means more taxpayer dollars. And a crisis environment ideal for enacting extreme measures. Rationing, control, and more stature for politicians. A classic power grab.
The Coming Grand Opportunity for Washington to Control You See Below
OK, let’s take stock. Because this is a whole lot of information. Your head may be exploding!
So where are we? Maybe you are wondering: Lots of old plants are going off line forever. If natural gas, nuclear and coal plants can’t pick up the slack, then what? Solar? Biomass? Cheap and plentiful energy has been the backbone of U.S. prosperity for a century!
Mr. Obama’s government-created electricity shortage is dangerous. It’s wrong. There should at least be a public debate. Energy for all, at all times, and at an affordable price, is being put to an end. Right before our eyes.
Only a handful of nuclear plants are scheduled to come online. And not nearly enough of them to help our strained national power grid.
Believe me, Mr. Obama’s army of central planners do have a “solution.” One that is not science fiction, but science fact.
In fact, grid failure will hand the Obama Administration a grand opportunity. Green energy micromanagement of each U.S. household. Once and for all.
See Why The Plan to Ration Your Power Use is Science Fact, Not Science Fiction...
A “solution” more obnoxious more than the TSA. More infuriating than gun-grabbing, Even more irritating than government mandated toilets and crummy light bulbs.
Have you seen those new automated ticketing systems? The ones police aim straight at motorists? Even a judge recently denounced it as a scam. Designed to fleece the driving public.
Mr. Obama’s micromanagement of household electricity would really stink. It’s like this. Team Obama is taking its abuses to the next level. I have no intention of joining the general public.
A little later, I will unveil my research findings. It shows how the government is positioning itself to “rescue” the clueless general public from a new energy crisis. You need to be ready.
If it sickens you to watch TSA bullies abusing the public, you want my information. A key tool of central planners is the spying potential of so called smart meters. It’s new technology to make home energy use more efficient. Government planners plan to use it nitpick and control your use of electricity at home.
“Smart” Meters, “Smart” Cars, “Smart” Appliances... All Designed to Make You Feel “Not Smart” If You Don’t Knuckle Under
Hooked into a uniform national power grid, smart meters can literally run your life. They can monitor, report, and yes, make pre-set power use decisions. All of which can be based on their bureaucratic programming. Such as shutting down “non-essential appliances in millions of homes simultaneously. Watch for a new push to mandate “smart appliances.”
Because smart meters are intended to also control “smart appliances.” They can actually be disabled by the “smart grid.” That happens if the smart meter decrees that your home is using “too much” power.
These so-called “smart meters” are a true marvel of engineering. To Washington control freaks and green energy planners, smart meters are a dream-come true. The ideal tool for imposing strict green social controls over individual freedoms.
Picture it. Electricity micromanagement by people who pride themselves in hectoring small businesses. The fretters who shut down children’s lemonade stands. Control freaks who disdain Constitutional gun rights. Scoffers of individualism. The Mega-nannies on steroids who ban soda pop.
Oh, yes, smart meters are a gleam in the eye of environmental bossers. Think of it, a shiny new federally funded and designed smart grid. A public sector trillion dollar PLUS gold rush. Pure heaven for high-tech crony capitalists.
And a central planner’s chance to gain total control over millions. All using an advanced power management device. Meaning extremely close oversight and control of your energy usage. And doing so in millions of private residences simultaneously.
Smart meters a little publicized $4.5 billion government “pilot” grant program. Supposedly it is “voluntary.” Yet some utility companies already fine customers who refuse installation. In some communities (Naperville, IL for one), police are dispatched to enforce smart meter installations.
There are not a whole lot of people in power with an incentive to head off major power grid failure. Are there?
All is Not Lost Here’s What Smart People Are Doing Right Now...
But let me encourage you against despair. There are ways to prepare yourself. Remember I have three reports with your name on them. They will help your personal situation for when this mess gets out of hand.
You’ve done well to make it this far into understanding the problem. You deserve to learn what lots of savvy people are already doing. So relax. Let me bring you the solution to all this gloom and doom.
The first thing is you are not alone. Too many people seem to accept almost every power grab in sight. It seems like there are two basic reactions to our brave new world of marauding, freedom-scoffing government.
The first coping mechanism is familiar. A lackadaisical, acceptance-driven mentality. I call it “snake hypnotized.” Gulping down bucket after bucket of political BS. Listening to political baby talk and taking it seriously. Not fashioning a plan to better their lives.
That’s why I created a home reserve power system. One that is truly mobile and covert. And does not depend on sun power to charge. This form of personal energy independence is a must. It is an option that every household would be smart to at least consider.
Don’t Let Obama Control Your Personal Energy Use Improve Your Family’s Security with My Three Free Reports
Maybe I am a minority. I think greater self-reliance planning is what freedom-oriented people must embrace. Don’t you? I accept that extremists are out in full force. They feel they must control my energy use. And obey their rules or else.
Look, I am not the only one who sees the danger. Columnist George Will has commented on Mr. Obama’s energy cattle drive:
“America’s abundance of energy resources horrifies people who relish scarcity, because scarcity is a foundation for government to ration what is scarce and to generally boss people to mend their behavior.”
So much political crap involved in basic electricity production is worrisome. Shutting down plants without enough replacements. This means the grid is going to be going to be stretched tighter and tighter. And when it “gives,” Mr. Obama is going to be ready.
No End in Sight to Political Meddling Protect Your Family’s Right to Decide Their Own Electricity Uses...
Let’s stop for a second here. None of this is 100% certain. But my conclusion is that it is about 50-50. That is a very high risk! Would you get on a plane that has a 50-50 chance of crashing?
No less an authority than the National Academy of Sciences agrees. They’ve put it in writing and stand by it. NAS warns we face months-long, multi-state blackouts. On that one I sit up and take notice.
How would people get food? Or pump gasoline? Or withdraw cash? Most businesses would be shut down. Millions with nothing do but fret and scavenge.
My Free Reports Help Protect You See Why It’s So Important
Please take a deep breath. I have some killer tips to give you later on. They’ll make your situation a whole lot better. And even slash your monthly energy bills.
My research does show you a dire picture. When the grid is stretched too tightly, it becomes extremely vulnerable. Any number of “pin-pricks” can disrupt it. Including terrorism and cyber-attack. Plus a relatively rare (but statistically likely) grid-breaking intense electromagnetic pulse from the sun. Or EMP attack from major powers aligned with China. Or rogue states like Iran and North Korea.
At an Aspen Security Forum, Paul Stockton said there is a strong possibility of a major attack on the U.S. electric grid. This is not a low level pencil pusher who warned that it would cause a “long term, large scale outage.”
Stockton is assistant secretary for Homeland Defense and America’s Security Affairs at the Department of Defense. Here’s what you need to know.
Not All Threats to America’s “Third World” Power Grid Are Mr. Obama’s Fault...
The grid is highly vulnerable to terrorist attack on two levels. The first is on the physical plant. In this case, transformers. Most are in open, totally exposed situations. Often protected by little more than chain-link fences. It would only take a single large caliber round from a high-powered weapon. Instantly making any transformer a costly and hard-toreplace hunk of scrap metal. A coordinated attack by terror cells across the nation could have devastating consequences.
The second vulnerability is to cyber attack. A team of determined hackers could quite possibly make your lights flicker. And then go dark. Either by training remote control devices on your individual home. Or by breaking through the porous firewalls of regional utilities to take down entire metropolitan areas.
A grid-wrecking Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) from the sun is a regular event. Many think such an EMP is overdue. At particular risk are all the nation’s antique and hard-to-replace transformers. As I reported earlier, they are in terribly short supply. Nor is there any way to replace them quickly if hundreds were to fail at once!
Not an idle worry, sorry to say. Metatech Corporation performs electromagnetic equipment testing. It conducted a study for both the congressionally mandated EMP Commission and FEMA. They examined severe geomagnetic storm events that can shut down power to millions of homes.
How fast that space weather experts have changed their predictions. They see a coming oncein-a-century solar storm. They now estimate an extended blackout across the East Coast through Chicago. One that might take four to ten years to restore power.
This is not science fiction. A completely separate investigation by the National Academy of Sciences shows these dire outcomes too. And the recent National Graphic special “American Blackout” is especially scary.
Science Times March 2013 said that, “some places could be without power for months … chronic shortages for multiple years are possible.” The same article quoted electrical engineer John Kappenman. He said “we’re playing Russian Roulette with the sun.”
Think of it. Without a functioning electrical grid, a prolonged blackout stretching months or even years. It would tear people apart by making them desperate. A very good chance of massive violence and panic. Organized looting. Look back at the widespread thefts following Superstorm Sandy or Katrina. Neighbors stealing from neighbors. Generators. Gasoline. Garden foods. Cooking gas. Anything that was not nailed down or under armed guard.
Uncertain Electricity Stability is the New Normal You Can Take These Simple Steps Right Away
You need to plan. Because gas stations would be shut down. Without credit cards or ATMs working how do you buy food? It would be devastating to most Americans.
Imagine this. What if you were suddenly powerless to stop your family’s frozen and perishable foods from going bad?
An EMP grid-disrupting event could be caused by more than a solar flare. Most major global powers (and some small ones too) have EMP weapons. All it takes is a small, low-yield nuclear blast in the atmosphere. The EMP wave would take out all power and tens of millions of computer microprocessors!
Worse yet, rogue nations like North Korea and Iran can build them. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, a former analyst at the CIA and president of EMP watchdog EMPact America, said recently, “The Russian nuclear scientists told us that Russian scientists had gone to North Korea to work on building a super-EMP weapon. The North Koreans appear to have tested it in 2006 and again in 2009.”
An EMP nightmare scenario has already been discovered. Last July, a North Korean ship going through the Panama Canal was caught with two empty rocket launchers hidden in its hold. These SA-2 missiles are nuclear capable and can carry EMP warheads.
This discovery is disturbing because an anonymous missile attack from a tramp freighter is considered to be one of the most probable EMP attack scenarios.
Now for My Specialty, Real Life Solutions!
Look, issues with the nation’s unstable power grid go as far as the eye can see! So let’s start looking at real-life solutions. That’s what you need to protect yourself from these follies.
The three free reports I am going to send you will get you started in the right direction. And you have already earned them by reading this far. Please use them. They include:
FREE! - my meticulously researched Rolling Blackout Survival Guide (retail value, $22.95).
FREE! - the amazing and eye opening Smart Meter Conspiracy (retail value, $16.95).
FREE! - and my 10 Ways to Cut Your Power and Heating Bills in Half (retail, $17.95).
Everything you need to get ready. From rolling blackouts to slashing your energy bills. All you have to do is finish reading this briefing. And I’ll tell you how to get your copies. (Total retail value, $55.) Plus, remember, I’ll also send you the parts list you need. You can make your very own, highly unusual, absolutely unique, neverbefore-seen back-up power system. One I’ve developed for my own use. It is the very same as the limited-edition units that I will be making available to a very select group of like-minded readers. That will come at the end of this briefing.
As promised, no obligation. So stay with me another moment. I’ll tell you how to claim all of the above materials right away.
All This Free Information Is for Your Benefit You Can Now Navigate Dangerous National Blackouts, Here’s Why...
It’s exactly the type of information Independent Living strives to provide to our family of subscribers. We do our best to improve your personal situation. And tell you what to pay attention to and prepare for.
I ask you to please consider my best option. You want to be able to opt out of government directed power rationing. Something necessary for the times we live in.
Okay, not for everybody. But for you and me. We want to take some extra steps to ensure our families’ frozen foods stay that way in a crisis. And protect other electricity basics in a major blackout.
There are more of us out there than you think. We take simple, un-dramatic precautions for our families. Even a recent Sunday New York Times noticed this. They often mock so-called preppers. But a recent revealing article showed something else. It reported how diverse the greater self-reliance movement has become. It even admitted that “prepping” now crosses all cultural and financial segments of our society.
Your Backup Home Power System MUST Have These Key Traits. Don’t Miss This...
All this got me to seriously looking at identifying a good basic home power system. I looked at many options. Including most of the solar power models out there.
My findings are important to you no matter what. So please read on. I examined my probable needs. And found that any family’s power backup system should have the following six critical traits:
CRITICAL REQUIREMENT #1: It must be truly mobile. Not one of the mainstream solar generators is truly mobile. At least not the ones that can power basic home appliances for any amount of time. Most rely on large, bulky, heavy crystalline solar panels. (The weight and size of a popular unit we procured for testing was 3.1 x 6 feet. Each of these bulky panels weighed a whopping 55 pounds.)
This total “mobile” unit weighs in excess of 300 pounds! Yet for all its size, this popular system does not let you run big ticket items. Such as heaters or air conditioners. And the worst part is, heavy crystalline solar panels are a bear to constantly be moving. Which is what you must do to keep them in the best daylight position. What’s needed for a truly mobile solar generator are roll-out panels. Those can be positioned to benefit to catch the sun’s full daytime arc. So you do not have to constantly adjust them. The unit gets a maximum charge even if you are not there to move the panels yourself.
A truly mobile reserve power system has many advantages. (In addition to multiple charging options other than solar.) You can also use it for fun family activities. Including camping, boating, hunting or fishing. Or preposition it in a second home. Or any emergency destination. And maybe even for tailgating parties or picnics.
When you are not using the unit I’m about to reveal for fun, it can power an inexpensive high efficiency freezer for days on end. All you have to do is manage the power correctly. Which is a total breeze. I know because I have done this myself.
CRITICAL REQUIREMENT #2: Redundant charging systems are a must. That’s why I feel that any true home backup power system needs to be rechargeable in more than one way. What happens when you have weak sunlight? That’s the Achilles heel of conventional solar-only power backup systems. Do you really want the food in your freezer to go bad simply because the skies are overcast?
Not a single solar generator manufacturer in the U.S. had offered a unit that can be recharged in at least three different ways. Including solar. At least until I assembled my own personal team of experts to create one.
Look, if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere you may need 2,000 watts of ready energy. That will power an energy efficient freezer. Or even an electric griddle. That’s why you can’t just rely on the sun to recharge your unit! People who step up to protect their families deserve no less.
CRITICAL REQUIREMENT #3: Your family’s power reserve unit needs to be low maintenance. Now most solar generators have no moving parts. So they do kind of meet this requirement. But not a single manufacturer I could find has gone to the trouble and expense of installing resettable fuses. In the field you can’t just replace them every time they blow. Sounds like a small detail, yes. But running to the hardware store to hunt for specialty fuses completely defeats the purpose. Any highly mobile home power backup system must have resettable fuses.
Get this. Probably one of the country’s most popular solar units has an astonishing 17 fuses throughout the system. They even add insult to injury. They don’t even give their customers a single replacement fuse. Imagine it!
Get Your Covert, Mobile Power Supply System, Here’s How...
Look, when you are in the field you’re going to have setbacks. That’s exactly when there isn’t a hardware store to be found. Or they could be out of the exact fuses this system requires. Plus, many of that system’s fuses are internal fuses. You have to gain access to a qualified technician to replace them in the field. This is totally unacceptable! Redundant, resettable fuses are a must. Especially for any truly mobile solar power energy backup system.
The designers and builders of these popular solar generator sets don’t seem to think those things through. Their point of view lacks that of an actual user. Neglecting to install redundant resettable fuses in their units is inexcusable. At least in my book.
CRITICAL REQUIREMENT #4: A first-rate power cell system. For example, each PowerWhisperer is powered by a specially selected design known as an Absorbent Glass Mat battery. I went to a lot of trouble to get this one right. Let me explain:
Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) power cells handle higher electrical loads. AGM batteries last longer in demanding situations, and are completely spill proof and maintenance free. The PowerWhisperer’s absorbent glass mat battery utilizes hybrid technology. It amounts to high rate discharge capability and deep cycle power. These batteries are quality tested to provide peak performance.
These AGM power cells are very safe. I saw to that. They are non-leaking even if severely abused. Even better, these special heavy duty batteries that I selected can survive most freezes.
As an added safety feature, the AGM batteries in each PowerWhisperer unit give off comparatively little heat when under load. The AGM battery system is very efficient. They charge much faster than their conventional counterparts. AGMs also have an extremely low (only 3% monthly) self-discharge rate. So they hold a charge even when they have been stored for a very long time.
The internal plates in AGM batteries are tightly packed and rigidly mounted. So they are far more resistant to shock and vibration than other batteries.
I carefully selected these AGM power cells.
CRITICAL REQUIREMENT #5: Any solar generator worth its salt should be somewhat EMP-resistant. Meaning that it should have an aluminum casing. The closer that it resembles a “Faraday Cage,” the better. This helps to protect electrical components from an electromagnetic pulse from the sun. And depending on distance, an EMP weapon. These could be covertly launched by China, North Korea and other hostile powers. They and others have designed a great sneak attack EMP nuclear device. One that could instantly shut down America’s power grid. As well as the Internet and millions of critical electronic systems. Please note for your own planning that an EMP attack would probably crush our food, energy and water supply chains.
Millions could perish if these services were suddenly interrupted for an indefinite period.
An EMP weapon is the perfect choice for launching a sneak attack against the United States. And sneak attacks do happen!
Let me add something important. Total 100% EMP protection standards are a carefully guarded military secret. That’s why we chose a 100% aluminum casing “Faraday Cage” anti-EMP design. Each new PowerWhisperer M-Type has this feature! The PowerWhisperer’s electronic components are housed in a lightweight all-aluminum case. One that better protects them from external electrical current or a static electrical fields.
Most experts I’ve spoken with have told to use the term “EMP-resistant.” Not EMP-proof. That information is a national security secret. So I want to be careful about overpromising here. I am very comfortable telling you that the PowerWhisperer M-Type is EMP-Resistant.
CRITICAL REQUIREMENT #6: Any solar power generator you consider buying should be upgradable! For example, my PowerWhisperer Mobile Backup Power Supply System has a built in port. It will let you hook up an optional battery bank. Or connect it to a wind powered generator option. This is the advantage of having your product manufactured locally. You can specify design improvements in anticipation of the user’s eventual needs.
This machine is serious about power! It can easily be expanded to accommodate up to six solar panels. And up to 300 amp hours of battery storage total.
My PowerWhisperer is proudly manufactured right here in the USA. In South Carolina. It utilizes a high quality electrical controller from Morningstar.
Let Me Help You Cut Through
The Solar Power BS
Another distinct feature of the PowerWhisperer Mobile Power Supply System is that we are honest with you. Solar power generators have limitations. They are great to have. But you should understand how they work. You want the maximum value possible.
Yes, the unit is good to go on arrival. And it has a quick start up guide. Extensive instructional materials also come with each unit. We have very good technical phone support too. You can talk directly with the people who build and use them. They can tell you all about how to run critical appliances in your home for an extended period. Or for any number of field uses.
One of the biggest flaws of solar generators is reliable sun availability 24/7. So I insisted that any decent unit must have THREE recharge options. Not just solar.
All of this is why each PowerWhisperer comes with an easy to use Startup Guide. Plus a detailed manual on how to use and manage your supplemental power reserve system to the max. If you work with the unit for a while, you can keep your foods frozen indefinitely. And meet your basic electrical needs for months and months on end. You can even run your refrigeration unit on solar for extended periods during non-emergencies. Such as when you go to work. This can save you big money.
It’s all in the detailed instruction manual that I created. It’s totally based on my own personal use of the PowerWhisperer.
Look, even the most high-end expensive solar generator home backup systems cannot run your air conditioner in a pinch. No solar generator system can. (Unless of course you don’t mind paying some very big bucks.)
HOWEVER, comfort should not be your goal in owning a home power backup supply. Too many people don’t take the time to understand what solar generators can and cannot do. That’s why users of my PowerWhisperer Mobile Power Supply System are carefully instructed in effective power management.
What a good portable solar home power backup system can do is keep your food cold for several days at a time without a recharge. And if you are smart at managing it, indefinitely.
You Need to Have Access to Covert Electricity Here’s Why...
Now, imagine a scenario in which the power is out for weeks, not days. If you have a backup gasoline generator, they have many moving parts. They have to be test run on a regular basis. They require lots of gasoline if run around the clock. So you have to store gas near your house and keep replacing it. Gasoline is hard to store long-term. Use and storage is very messy. Not to mention dangerous and possibly illegal. Worse, braving long gas lines might not even be an option.
Then you have the problem of noise. If anyone can hear your generator, then they will soon know that you have a way of preventing your food from going bad. And that you probably have ice too. In a prolonged blackout, this could make your home a target of desperate people. Or bad elements which tend to come out of the woodwork in national emergencies. A noisy generator could actually lead to your demise!
There are some very expensive natural gas generators on the market. They are quieter than their gasoline counterparts. But access to fuel remains an issue and so does maintenance. Remember, the more moving parts there are to your power backup system, the more you have to run it. Or it won’t stay in good operating order.
If you let your gasoline or natural gas generator sit idle for a year or more, there is a very good chance that it may not fire up when you need it the most. Generators with moving parts have to be used and refueled regularly. Which means that this option is less than ideal. Especially for prolonged emergencies or in situations where obtaining gasoline is a hassle.
Here’s How a Solar Power Backup Can Get Your Family Through Future Blackouts Smoothly
This is a key advantage of solar-charged generators. Since they have no moving parts, they can wait quietly until needed. No other maintenance.
Of course I do not recommend that. The system I want to tell you about can keep your food frozen no matter what. Especially if you procure one of those inexpensive super efficiency freezers. And for non-emergency situations, you can save some serious dollars on your power bill. It’s all about power management. I will tell you all about how to do this and save some serious change. You can reduce your personal power bill using free solar energy. Even when there is no emergency.
All of this is why I have developed the PowerWhisperer. It was built to my exacting specifications. Which were based on a review of many popular solar generators on the market today. I figured out their flaws and fixed them.
I consulted with experts, electricians, engineers and power company insiders. We worked with solar cell scientists, actual owners of solar systems and many other superb sources of valuable insights. The end result is my state-of-the-art PowerWhisperer Mobile Power Supply System.
Home Power Backups With
Military Level Durability and Mobility
We came up with the ultimate reserve power system. Designed for EMPs, rolling blackouts, storm outages, emergency evacuation, family picnics, beach trips or weekend camping. Imagine yourself with one of these portable beauties. In a rolling mil-spec OD (olive drab) all-aluminum case with an EMP-resistant “Faraday Box” design.
My exacting requirements when designing the PowerWhisperer included:
Instant Access to 2000 Watts of Electricity Whenever You Need It: It only takes moments to set my PowerWhisperer up for operation. Its all aluminum outer casing is manufactured and assembled in South Carolina. It is ready to use right out of its shipping box. You can plug in DC or AC appliances in minutes. This includes home alarm systems, basement sump pump, freezer/refrigerators and even aquariums. The unit also has a USB port that lets you directly charge computers, cell phones and other personal devices. It also has a 12-volt cigarette lighter plug so that it can charge cell phones and other electronic devices in the field.
Superior Power Cell System: Each PowerWhisperer has a revolutionary battery power source known as the Absorbed Glass Mat design. It does not need maintenance. It does not get hot or excessively warm when used. It charges much faster than a conventional car battery. It holds a charge indefinitely, even during extended storage. It is shock and vibration resistant. And even if broken wide open will not leak acid or under any conditions emit dangerous gasses.
True mobility and durability: The rugged PowerWhisperer’s state of the art components are mounted into a compact all-aluminum military casing. It’s easy to move with huge 10-inch tires. Designed for astonishingly easy and discreet transport. It’s way more mobile than any other comparable units on the market. Especially when it comes to ease of transport over longer distances. The entire system can easily ride in the back of any four door car. That’s because the unit is completely self-contained. It has generous storage for all your needs. It even stores your 15” by 79” long rollout solar panels.
High Quality Components Only
You’ll Be Grateful for This
Completely Silent Power from a Hard to Locate Generator: Each PowerWhisperer unit comes in a USA custom manufactured all-aluminum military rolling case. (Also known as mil spec green OD.) This lightweight, compact unit conceals your critical equipment from spying eyes. The unit has a detachable travel handle. So it can be stowed when you get to your destination. Packed inside with your rollout solar panels is a large camouflage net. This adds even more mobile concealment for your PowerWhisperer System. The unit is not just compact for easy storage and concealment. Everything you need to operate it is inside one roll able/transportable system. There is NO other solar charged home electricity backup system that has these unique features.
Well Thought-Through Redundant Systems: The PowerWhisperer is equipped with four redundant resettable marine grade power breakers. Another way we’ve blown up what passes for industry standards! You’ll never have to go looking for specialty fuses in a hardware store during an emergency. (One popular unit we found had 17 internal fuses that have to be physically replaced by a qualified technician.) Each of our units have their own redundant internal relays safety systems, too.
Redundant Recharge Systems Liberate You from the Limitations of Solar Energy. Ideal for Situations Where Your Access to Sunlight is Restricted: Weak sunlight or overcast skies could leave you unable to recharge your home power backup system. Unacceptable! The PowerWhisperer can be charged in any one of three ways. Only one of which includes free solar energy. And I made sure it is a state of the art “smart” trickle charge system. It keeps your unit at a full charge without cooking your battery. So you can store it at full charge for long periods of time. Simply plug it into any wall outlet when the power is on. You’ll always start with a full charge for when the grid shuts down. Which has to make it the world’s easiest-to-use power backup system!
By the way, the PowerWhisperer is totally upgradable. It can operate as many as six solar panels and up to 3 add on battery units! Not to mention that the PowerWhisperer is the only solar generator in America that is also designed for an add-on wind generator option.
The third way to charge your PowerWhisperer under low light conditions is to plug it directly into your car or truck’s cigarette lighter. It’s not the most efficient way to go. But who cares? This can keep your freezer running in a pinch. Meaning you can count on being able to keep your foods cold no matter what. You are covered when there is no sun for an extended period! I insisted that PowerWhisperers be designed so that they can be brought to a full charge independent of the sun. Or in the dark of night. And even when you are underway to your destination.
Truly Portable Solar Panels: The PowerWhisperer Mobile Power Supply System is powered by roll-up solar panels. Look, these rollout solar collection panels are not quite as efficient as their bulky, heavy, crystalline counterparts. Problem is, most “portable” solar power generators on the market use rigid panels. They are about as mobile as a grand piano. Even if you manage to lug them to your destination, they constantly have to be moved. Otherwise they get out of direct alignment with the sun!
Our made in America rollup solar panels easily store inside the all-aluminum PowerWhisperer unit itself. These are the same panels used for commercial solar arrays on industrial rooftops made to withstand decades of weather.
Discounted Shipping In the Lower 48
If You Act Now
Designed for Wide Usage: The PowerWhisperer’s easy mobility and “hide-ability” greatly improves your personal security. Especially if your family needs it in unfamiliar locations. It is also great for non-emergencies, including camping, boating, hunting trips and even tailgating.
The PowerWhisperer need not sit in your garage collecting dust. With proper power management, it can run a large efficiency freezer for months on end. Using nothing but solar energy. Included with each PowerWhisperer are easy to follow, common-sense guidelines for long term power management. You can run critical appliances directly off the sun for months. Each unit also comes with a well-researched guide on how to save up to HALF OFF on your power bill.
Run Your Home Freezer Indefinitely...
It is critical that you be able to conceal the fact that you and your family have power. Diesel, gasoline- and natural gas-powered generators are noisy. And in some cases, emit the sound of a running lawn mower or worse. Having a silent solar-based generator will eliminate this risk. Additionally, our PowerWhisperer can easily be brought inside your home at night.
Whether you have a PowerWhisperer or not, blacking out your windows is also important to keep a low profile.
That is crucial. Generators need fuel, attract attention, have to be stringently maintained and are not silent.
Death Risks with Gas Backup Generators
Consider This Security Issue Now
Gas generators have other risks that solar doesn’t. First off, those low cost gasoline powered generators at Lowes are pretty nice. But they disappear off store shelves almost as fast as flashlight batteries. At just the mere hint of an emergency.
Plus, most portable generators produce odorless carbon-monoxide exhaust. This is deadly. At least twelve deaths were linked to portable gasoline-powered generators during Hurricane Sandy. A Consumer Product Safety Commission spokeswoman said, “It’s better to have your generator stolen than to die from carbon monoxide poisoning.”
During December 2013’s ugly winter storms, poison gas from store bought generators caused 8 deaths in the Northeast. “It’s a real problem, a silent killer,” said Joe Flynn of Vermont’s emergency management agency.
Protecting your sole source of power is part of any disaster scenario. We have seen multiple accounts of thieves stealing generators from homes and businesses. Police Sergeant Karl Geschwindt of Emmaus, Pennsylvania said, “When you have an event of this magnitude, you’d expect that people would do the right thing and try to look out for everybody else. Obviously, the people who stole these generators were looking out for themselves.”
Designed By Users for REAL Users
Great Engineering at Far Lower Cost Than You Might Think!
With all its advanced features, you would think my PowerWhisperer would cost $3,000-$4,000 per unit. As well you might! These PowerWhisperers are non-attention drawing. Very plain looking from the outside. Superior functionality with a simple look. These little gems draw very little attention. Because they are designed for discrete use, stealthy transport and durability.
Each unit is a rugged, portable home reserve energy supplement system. And with a military look. Packed with state of the art components. With critical redundant systems for total field reliability. And a battery system that is second to none. Charges much faster than conventional car batteries. Needs no maintenance. Cannot leak acid or fumes. And creates less heat when in use. Resistant to cold. A power cell system so efficient that you can store it indefinitely. Because only loses 3% of its charge each month when not in use.
Every unit comes ready for use. Right out of the box. Fully assembled, by Americans, in America. Heavy duty yet completely mobile. Versatile and very concealable. With a charged battery, ready for action. Designed for use in far more scenarios than any comparable solar generator on the market.
I’ve personally used the PowerWhisperer in my home for weeks on end. So I fully understand all its uses and strengths. It is totally the ideal home power backup system for rolling blackouts, storm-related outages, and other issues homeowners face.
11 Free Upgrades in
The PowerWhisperer M-Type
Covert. Mobile. Durable.
When the PowerWhisperer was first introduced, something very weird happened. Strange and unprecedented, in fact. The original announcement very clearly (even repetitiously) underscored the fact that we had exactly 99 PowerWhisperer units on hand. That was it for sale to my readers. Ninety-nine units – no more, no less. I really went out of my way to spell this out. We did not want to risk disappointing a single reader!
What happened next blew everyone away. We got more than five orders for each and every unit we had in stock. Over 611 paying customers and fewer than 100 units to offer!
Another company might have viewed this overwhelming response as a marketing windfall.
Limited Supply
Discounted Shipping on First 20 Orders ONLY
Instead, we poured more than a million dollars cash into ramping up the program. We made every possible upgrade to PowerWhisperer. The result is you will enjoy eleven great upgrades for the “PowerWhisperer M-Type.” All at my expense!
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: All aluminum construction (1/16 inch #5052 aluminum), proudly manufactured in South Carolina for and by Americans. Which makes it significantly lighter and more military durable.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: Due to its all metal construction and design, the PowerWhisperer is now EMP-resistant. Meaning that it is designed like a “Faraday Cage” to protect its electronic components from an electromagnetic pulse. Caused either by solar flares or the detonation of a nuclear device.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: Removable transport handles that can be stowed once you reach your destination.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: The new PowerWhisperer M-Type has large 10-inch wheels for super easy transport.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: Each unit has a large protected, EMP-resistant storage space. A great place to store other electronic devices when you are on the move.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: The PowerWhisperer M-Type is upgradable! It can accommodate up to 3 full power cells and six solar panels. It is the only solar generator in America that can be charged by a wind power option.
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: We upgraded the 200 amp breaker from a standard-issue model to a top-of-the-line marine grade unit. You’d probably never notice the difference. But my engineering team reports that the design and reliability of this more expensive unit are superior.
FREE UPGRADE: We came to discover that there is no hardware on the market suitable for securing a 66.5 lb. battery. That’s why the super-advanced AGM design battery is separately housed in a closed, sealed all metal compartment.
Short of King Kong dropping the entire unit from the top of the Empire State Building, this super-heavy-duty battery is not coming loose!
FREE UPGRADE, INCLUDED: Then we upgraded the solar controller from a base-level 4-led light model to a more sophisticated, “user-friendly” set-up. We went with a significantly higher quality Morningstar LCD display controller. One that gives you a full array of info on the battery voltage, charging amps from solar panels, amp hours from solar panels and much more. Functional and very appealing. See User’s Manual for full benefits and details.
FREE UPGRADE: We have also upgraded the car-charging option. This is the cigarette lighter-style connector that plugs in to your vehicle and the other end into your PowerWhisperer. It can charge at up to 5 amps while your vehicle is running. This is a great alternative for overnight charging or for those cloudy days. I like solar power generators, but you need to be able to count on them to keep your food cold. Even when there is no sunlight for an extended period!
You have now come to the most critical part of this letter. Because until I can ramp up an automated production line, each PowerWhisperer is built literally one-at-a-time.
This means I have an extremely limited stock that are ready to go. My shipping manager handed me an updated report this morning.
So if you are among the first to say ‘yes’ today, your PowerWhisperer can ship within the next 72 hours. Order number 80 and above goes on back-order for weeks if not months. This is not my preference. But that’s the reality of building these units one at a time. And we really do use the very best components available. (I prefer to put you on back-order rather than compromise reliability and performance by going with second-tier suppliers.) Thanks for understanding! But order quickly so I can ship from existing inventory. Then this will not be an issue for you.
Is It Gorilla Proof? You’ll Love This One...
Imagine this: I even tested the skills of our shipping and receiving team. I told them to test-ship a prototype PowerWhisperer from South Carolina to Idaho to New Hampshire and back to South Carolina again. A total of 16 days and 6,000 miles of banging, dropping and other punishment meted out by ground shipping! This dry run helped us fine-tune exactly how to package and ship these heavy-duty units. Just so we know that your unit will arrive in excellent condition.
And priced to please, too. Especially when you consider the PowerWhisperer’s great, redundant, electrical system components. All very well thought through. To the point that you never have to worry about getting replacement fuses for the unit. All the key circuits have reset buttons. Something no other system I could find has.
LIMITED TIME DISCOUNTED SHIPPING on These PowerWhisperers, Throw a Net Over One NOW
All orders beyond my initial inventory will go on a waiting list. And though they are normally priced at $3,997, I am taking an additional 25% off to move these units out the door. This drops your price to only $2,997! There would normally be an additional shipping charge of $148.
But I will take 25% off the shipping too if you act in time to get your PowerWhisperer out of my current inventory. (Free shipping available in “Lower-48” only.) Please do hurry and make sure the operator assigns you an order number.
Each PowerWhisperer comes with a whole lot of extra goodies, including:
FREE! – A comprehensive User’s Manual. This manual is practical and engaging, not dry and boring. It’s written in plain English. Not badly mistranslated from Mandarin or Korean! I urge you to read it cover-to-cover the day your unit arrives. You’ll be fully prepped to run the PowerWhisperer as soon as any need arises.
FREE! – Once your PowerWhisperer arrives, you will of course have a great and easy to follow “getting started guide.” As well as a detailed operating manual. But you can also call and make a free appointment to talk with qualified technical support. That is a new service I make available to all PowerWhisperer owners.
FREE! – Total instructions on how to manage the unit’s power usage. That way with practice you can run your freezer or other key household items indefinitely. Something you have to figure out on your own when buying someone else’s solar generator. So this product is great for emergencies and non-emergencies. And saves you big money on your power bills.
FREE! – Smart Meter Conspiracy. This 20-page report is for anyone who has a smart meter installed on their home now. Or is likely to in the near future. Yep, pretty much everyone. Learn how these spy devices and rationing meters are intended to be used against you.
FREE! – Cashing in on Uncle Sam’s Solar Tax Credit Bonanza. It’s rare that Uncle Sam offers hardworking taxpayers a tangible reward. And for actually doing something productive. But in this case the government actually pays you for taking advantage of many energy efficiency options. I say take the money!
FREE! – 17 Practical Uses for Your PowerWhisperer. Anytime I ask you to put your faith and your finances into anything I have to offer, I tell you how to get the most out of it. My report on 17 great uses of your power unit is basically a “cookbook” of how-to ideas for PowerWhisperer owners. I don’t ask anyone to put out good money for something that’s just going to collect dust in the garage. I want you to benefit from having it. That’s why this device comes with a practical library of useful ways to get your maximum value.
FREE! – The Rolling-Blackout Survival Guide. This report covers the most important power back-up options for your home. Because it’s no longer a question of if you’ll be targeted for a rolling blackout. It’s only a matter of when. Denying power to millions of utility customers is a strategy, not an accident. Sure, I totally believe my PowerWhisperer is a powerful combination of practicality and affordability. But I don’t pretend it’s your only option.
FREE! – 10 Ways to Cut Your Power and Heating Bills in Half. Tens of thousands of copies of my report, Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half!, are now in circulation. Now my researchers and I have turned our sites on utility bills. With great ways to save 20%, 40%, even 50% off your home energy bills. And you don’t have to go crazy and become an extreme conserver. Even a half-hearted effort could save you a tidy 25%!
Other great features include:
FREE! – An option to re-charge your PowerWhisperer using your car. And a camouflage net to better conceal your PowerWhisperer from the curious.
FREE! – A handy storage place for your two roll up solar panels inside the unit itself. When you transport the unit, everything you need to operate it is in one place.
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Time is short. I have a limited number of PowerWhisperers in stock right now. All aluminum, American-built. Ready for immediate shipment and use. All built from top-of-the-line hi-tech components. And by the way, we do source American components whenever possible.
I’ve given you the information you need.
Remember, if you opt to build your own PowerWhisperer, be certain to have it assembled and carefully tested by a qualified technician the way I have.
Simply call 1-877-371-1807 and ask for the two free PowerWhisperer reports and the system component list. And if you don’t want to go it on your own against rolling black-outs and power outages, then ask the operator if we still have PowerWhisperers in stock.
Your PowerWhisperer Is Triple-Crown Guaranteed
My goal is not to sell you, but to satisfy you. This has to fit your needs. If you agree with my analysis, you should act. Choice One is to take the free reports I’ve promised to send you. And if you want, the entire parts list of the PowerWhisperer. Going it on your own is doable with the information I provide you. But not so easy.
Or your second choice is to acquire my limited edition PowerWhisperer. And the library of critical information that comes with it. As well as many other benefits.
Which you totally deserve. To me, those seeking greater financial, personal and health independence are the true heroes of the American Story. Those who step up for their families with advance knowledge and prudent precaution.
Blackouts Are Coming...
Can Your Loved Ones Count on You?
We are proud of the PowerWhisperer. No unit leaves my premises without this Triple Crown Guarantee…which states that…
First, I guarantee your PowerWhisperer will arrive in good condition. You can start using it immediately. No assembly required. Its arrival is going to signal a new era of independence and self-reliance in your household.
This rugged and heavyweight piece of equipment (shipping weight, 121.5) is probably unlike any other package you’ve had delivered to your home. You may even wish to have an able-bodied helper on hand to meet the driver and help you move your unit into your garage. (Though once removed from its industrial strength box, it’s easy to move because of the built-in 10-inch wheels and heavy-duty all aluminum, USA construction.)
Second, I guarantee it’s simple to set up and operate. The PowerWhisperer comes no-assembly-required! The battery is charged and ready to go. Simply remove few safety devices installed as a precaution to make the unit safe for shipment. Read the manual in full. And it’s good to go right out of the box. Power it up and let it start paying you back immediately.
Third, I guarantee the PowerWhisperer will do everything outlined in this bulletin provided you follow simple manual instructions. Take 180 (6 months) days to put it to the test. Cycle the battery as many times as you wish according to manual directions. Charge it up, run it down, charge it up again. Because I really want you to use and fully understand your unit. Let’s even say you don’t want the PowerWhisperer simply because you change your mind. There is a very reasonable restocking fee involved in shipping it back.
But you needn’t worry about that because you are going to love having a PowerWhisperer. The exceptional reports, key use information and technical support that I can provide over the phone are first rate. Plus, each PowerWhisperer Mobile Power Supply System comes with complete instructions. You will know how to safely use this device. Please do follow ALL of these instructions. They contain everything you need to safely use this equipment. AND to get the absolute most for your money.
Don’t Wait for Panic to Come Looking for You... See This
This is my Triple Crown Guarantee. I am proud to sign my name to it and stand behind it 100%.
Now is the time to step up for your family. And to make sure your interests are protected. Rolling blackouts and other power grid instability is getting worse.
Remember, when a crisis strikes, all bets are off. People will snatch and hoard these PowerWhisperers the moment blackouts become news. Don’t let yourself get caught flat footed!
You now have everything you need. There’s no more that I can do except to wish you well in whatever choices you make. Thanks for listening and good luck.
Yours for savvy preparedness,
Lee Bellinger
Lee Bellinger, Publisher
Independent Living
P.S. You need to act right away. The National Academy of Sciences has ever so quietly warned that “We could easily be without power across a multi-state region for many weeks or months.” Frankly, I must advise you to buy flashlights and batteries by the case. Plus bulk quantities of any canned foods you enjoy eating cold. Because for any who ignore this warning, those may be the last/best alternatives.
All orders beyond my initial inventory will go on a waiting list. And though they are normally priced at $3,997, I am taking an additional 25% off to move these units out the door. That drops your price to only $2,997! There would normally be an additional shipping charge of $148. But I will cut 25% off your shipping too if you act in time to get your PowerWhisperer out of my current inventory. (Discounted shipping available in “Lower-48” only.) Please do hurry and make sure the operator assigns you an order number.
You need one of my PowerWhisperers in your possession as soon as possible. This is a backup system for power grid outages and failures that you just CAN’T do without. Grab yours now, before my reamining units are gone.
Click here to download your three free reports.
The PowerWhisperer is currently available for pre-order.
Please allow up to 12 weeks for shipment of your PowerWhisperer.
Exclusive PowerWhisperer
Power Supply System

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  • Included! PowerWhisperer M-Type Power Supply System
  • FREE UPGRADE! All Aluminum Construction
  • FREE UPGRADE! EMP-Resistant Design
  • FREE UPGRADE! Removable Transport Handles
  • FREE UPGRADE! EMP-Resistant Storage Space
  • FREE UPGRADE! Car Charging Option
  • FREE! Comprehensive User's Manual
  • FREE! Easy-to-Follow "Getting Started Guide"
  • FREE! Total instructions on how to manage the unit’s power usage
  • FREE! Gift #1: Smart Meter Conspiracy
  • FREE! Gift #2: Cashing in on Uncle Sam's Solar Tax Credit Bonanza
  • FREE! Gift #3: 17 Practical Uses for Your PowerWhisperer
  • FREE! Gift #4: The Rolling-Blackout Survival Guide
  • FREE! Gift #5: 10 Ways to Cut Your Power and Heating Bills in Half
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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