Learn How I Secured
My Home’s Emergency
My One-Time "Double the Calories" Getting-Started Special.
Benefit from My Research At No Cost. I've Done All the Work for You. You Can Save 15-70% on Getting Your Family's Food Stash Right Now.
Only Limited Deep Pantry” Long-Life Food Reserve Units Remain in Stock. You Order, We Ship. First-Come, First-Served Only.
How to put away 15-70% more long-life food stores for your money.
The most calories and servings per dollar – we beat everyone!
Delicious, long-life emergency food, not awful-to-eat MREs!
This great tasting food reserve lasts indefinitely!
Dear Valued Reader:
Hello, my name is Lee Bellinger, founder of the private monthly advisory, Independent Living.
I very much appreciate and value your decision to be one of my subscribers. Thank you so much for that trust and respect.
Let me jump straight in. In the most polite way I need to say something...
“If you have not yet have at least a 30-day emergency food reserve to back-stop your household, get this ‘to-do’ item checked off right away.”
I am harping here, sorry. Not having a “deep food pantry” is a big mistake. It really is. At least I think so. Because it's just so easy to fix.
Society is stressed. You don't have to be Einstein to see it. Nasty third world diseases are hitting U.S. citizens here at home. Antibiotics losing potency. A faltering power grid. Permanent, huge unemployment. Shaky government finances. Roving teen flash-mobs. Food prices hiking up. Risk for major terror strikes way up. Anger in our streets.
And oh yes, bureaucratic big wigs just itching for a "crisis.
There are endless ways martial law can just happen.
A Crisis to Control You. Mr. Obama's Way Out.
Geez, what a mess. Your family needs options. It’s just too risky to put food security off. Grocery stores are a 72-hour supply chain. Anything can cause store mobbing. Remember Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina?
Don't worry -- you don't need a hidden compound or other big ticket survival schemes. What a joke! Just keep six months of high-quality emergency food. Or at least 30 days worth. This is basic. If you don't tide yourself for at least 30 days, you are asking for it.
Never have to go to mobbed stores. Who wants that drama? It is so darn easy to ride above a crisis.
Wall Street meltdowns are never far away. Big city bankruptcies are going national. A huge wall of debt hangs over everything the public depends on. And above all don't trust grinning politicos to fix it.
Your loved ones need real options. And as many as they can get. Backup food is basic. That's why so many are getting this "to-do" item quietly done. It's just common sense.
So please don’t make me nag. Let's just get this done -- I will help. You don't have to buy a thing from me, either. You can just act on what I show you very shortly.
You are among friends-- relax.
Emergencies Without Warning or Notice
Look, a “survive in place” family food reserve is a must. High quality comfort food secures your house. Ready for use -- just so long as it has a long shelf-life. Great taste forever. It must be easy to fix and healthy.
Any “stay -in-place” situation means you need great comfort food. Plenty of it and ready to use. Picture it sitting there in your pantry. Parked for emergency health quarantines, population curfews or major weather event. Just the right thing when you need it.
Anything can spark looting. And always grocery stores first! Supply chain disruptions and crowds gather with no warning.
So it's not dumb to wonder, "have I done enough?" Look, if not, don't worry. I totally get it. Listen to my learning story.
I've taken a close look at “emergency food” rations on the market now. Wow -- no wonder even smart people have put this off.
You Were Way Smart to Put This Off!
Most first-time emergency food buyers pay 15-70% more. Just say “emergency food preparation” out loud. Then plan ahead. Emergency food retailers treat you like an idiot -- or someone who can’t do simple math.
But I've been a specialty publisher for 26 years. I love discerning customers who insist on added value. We should all press hard when things don't add up.
My researchers got four 30-day emergency food offerings. All from major retailers. Then we broke down what was in each pack. We studied and compared for hours.
Our simple pocket calculator added and re-added calories. With damning results. All this crummy emergency food costs way too much. And they don't even send you enough. I'll get to that.
OKAY, there is no polite out. Emergency food suppliers overpromise. I say they are border-line scam artists. We looked closely at 30 day supply offerings. And it's yuck from top to bottom.
Too many first-time food buyers get roped into “package deals.” And they almost always get a whole lot fewer calories than they'd need. Way fewer. I don't think that's right.
Food "packaging" labels mislead. Cut through the crap, and you find the top three national emergency food retailers send you 95 calories per dollar. That's it. With me, you get more than 200 calories. I send you twice as many calories -- plus my food is much better.
Hey, stick around --what we've unearthed can save you real money. You can avoid my first-time buyer mistakes.
Buying smart makes you a winner. My 30-day reserve of long-shelf-life, high-quality emergency food is almost free! Look, I apologize. Right now this may sound “too good to be true.”
So stick with me. You deserve hard proof.
I'll show you everything you need, don't worry. My personal solution is yours too. Here’s the back story...
Total Shocker -- Hold onto Your Cookies
It started out simple. We scoured the internet for 30-day emergency survival food kits. My very best people too -- we did not want to overlook anything.
What I expected was easy options. Just whip out a credit card. Then order a 30-day stash to tide my family over. Boy, I was way wrong.
My first step really cut through it. Just figure out how many calories you get for your dollar. That is a true eye-opener.
The second is food quality. What the “food” retailers give you is like the USDA’s “free cheese” program. In an emergency, your family needs to tap wholesome, delicious, satisfying food. At least three times a day for at a month. It's not rocket science.
Emergency food does not have to stink. But most really does. Why discover that when things are going wrong?
Emergency food retailers just take your money. And only for token food backups. Some send freeze dried foods. Others are canned. Some come in pouches. Some are vacuum sealed, some are not. Lots of "food" options, indeed.
But I say “some protection” – that's where it gets sticky. Their "definition" of a “30-day supply” is a joke. All big emergency food retailers fall far short of 2,000 calories per person per day. That's what you have to have -- 2000 calories per day. Anything less is calorie shorting -- at your expense and risk.
Take a look at Wise Foods 30 Day Emergency Food package. You get a mere 19,920 calories for one month. A whole month! That's 664 calories per day -- almost enough for an infant. My 30-Day Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve hands you 60,000+ calories for a month. I send you 2134 adult calories per day.
My trusty calculator turned up another red flag. We averaged how many calories per dollar you get with Wise Emergency Foods (and their top two competitors). With them, your spending dollar gets you only 95 calories. With me, that same dollar gets you 200 calories. I send you twice as much food for the same money.
Yuck City -- Beware of "Mystery Meats” Sold As “Gourmet.”
Emergency food “30-day supply” packs lasts 10, 21, or 25 days. That is, unless you skip quite a few meals. Or go on “half rations.” Or go hungry several days a week. I’m sorry, skipping meals during crisis and stress is not an option. I will never "calorie-short" my family or readers!
Worse, their chintzy ingredients are passed off as “gourmet.” And with "gourmet" pricing too. How stupid do emergency food retailers think we are?
Apparently some. Take one leading national company’s Chicken Teriyaki, Creamy Chicken Pasta, and Chicken a la King. Sounds super yummy, right? Just one problem – none of them include so much as a single speck of actual chicken. Instead, its textured "protein." With strange flavorings -- sickening fare like “a la King sauce.” At least that's what the official label ingredients say....
Sending you faux meat is basic food retailing. Another big emergency food outfit sells “Imitation Beef Flavored Bits.” But give them credit -- they do at least put "imitation" on the label.
Another gut wrencher is “chicken fricassee.” An epic choke and puke special. Made with "chicken flavored meat substitute” (textured soy). And yes, one actual poultry-based ingredient – chicken fat.
The Choke and Puke Special: Please, No Sale!
Brace yourself. Other food "gourmet" food fillers include "Citric Textured Vegetable Paste, Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, and Sodium Dyglicerides. All total food junk.
Crisis or no crisis, I am not feeding this stuff to my family. Plus this junk food is priced way over the top. There is a better way -- my researchers have found it.
I live by a simple star: Keep your family's options open in any crisis. It gains you peace of mind. It's about foresight -- the great feeling knowing that your family has lots of ways to deal with the unknown.
Like weird weather events. And social chaos, supply chain disruption, natural disaster, martial law, roving looters, or public health quarantines. It's all about keeping their morale up. Fueling your bodies without stress. That's crucial to morale. Morale by itself is a smart survival skill.
Ban Apollo Moon Era Food From Your Pantry.
Sure, your kids can eat “rations.” It might even be fun -- at first. But emergency junk food just plain old stinks. Hardtack, surplus MREs and non-perishable foodstuffs. Problem is, it's worse than the old Apollo moon program's food. Do you really want them near textured soy protein, mystery sauce and chicken fat?
Phew, ok. Sure, this junk will keep you alive in an absolute emergency.
I expect more, and I know you do too. That’s why we invented our own emergency food system. By and for us. Less expensive quality eats. Food to enjoy even in a non-emergency. That's how to deepen your pantry.
It's really that simple. When your emergency food gets dated, you should still enjoy it. It's not too much to ask. Who says you must toss older backup food away? It can be different. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
I want to help you get a properly thought through family food reserve. Healthful stuff to rotate into your normal cooking. It's about so much more than physical survival. It's your peace of mind. Good tasting emergency provisions -- they can feed your body, mind, heart and your soul.
There's more. A good long-shelf-life family food reserve saves you big bucks. My enjoyable-to-eat foods fit the bill. Way better than anything out there.
My Emergency Food Story is a Mind Blower
Let me go deeper. So our 30-day food test samples finally came. We spread them out on our conference table. We waded into the content and calorie fine print. Then I took the most "promising" samples home. We made them ready to eat. And brought in my family and a house guest -- a brave house guest as it turned out.
It was my first big lesson about great food stashes. Here are my best getting started tips:
Plus, I buy my emergency food in bulk. All to share with my value-oriented readers. Because I don’t just tell you that you need. My options become your options.
Here's our lineup -- created with pride. A balanced comfort food plan. It tides you over in style for a full 30 days. A great way to get started. I call it my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve. See below!
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #1:Hugely Popular Macaroni & Cheese.
I live in the south. Where the food landscape is dominated by barbecue joints, mom & pop diners, and soul food places. What’s one comfort food you’ll find on the menu in all three? Macaroni and cheese! The mac ’n’ cheese in my new Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve is awesome and delicious. I eat it myself often. Great to have around because its shelf life is almost indefinite.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #2: USDA-Inspected Whole Eggs.
It’s hard to beat eggs for total nutrition. After all, every egg has the nutrients to bring one living chicken into the world! Only the shell and the water are gone. Eggs are a basic cooking ingredient. You don't want to go get them from busy supermarkets. Plus, Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve eggs last indefinitely. Right on your shelf -- when you need them, they are there. No hassle, no B.S.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #3: Fantastic Brownie Mix.
Just the aroma of brownies baking is enough to spread cheer throughout the house. If you must cook them in a blackout, I show you how to bake perfect brownies on a gas grill. Instructions are in your Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve Recipe Book. It's FREE with your order.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #4: Delicious and Nutritious Chicken Bullion Mix.
One pound of fabulous chicken bouillon soup mix. Fantastic comfort food that you will want time and time again. Chicken bouillon mix soup is a great food additive. It works with many other ingredients. And a great pick-me-up-fast meal you will love. A great source of protein. It's among the most popular items in my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve system.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #5: Healthy and Warming Quick Rolled Oats.
Picture a steaming bowl of oatmeal. Now that’s a cheery breakfast for adverse times! Then mix in brown sugar that comes with your Maximum Shelf Life Comfort Food Reserve. We've thought of everything. Five pounds of fantastic oats -- ready to cook and eat any time. Your family needs this healthy and enjoyable nutrition. Shelf life? Indefinite
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #6: Real and Pleasant to Eat Potato Flakes.
Most Americans eat at least one serving of potatoes daily. Your 30-day supply of vacuum packed potato flakes are awesome. A heaping, calorie rich two dried pounds of them. I had some for dinner last week. Ready at your disposal to enjoy. It keeps indefinitely -- as prices per calorie continue to climb.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #7: Versatile Instant Non-Fat Milk Crystals.
I prefer fresh milk 24-7. Even so, having a backup of vacuum packed milk is crucial. In hurricane zones, milk supplies dry up instantly. So getting fresh milk may not be an option. My instant milk tastes pretty darn good. It lasts a very long time and mixes well with cereal. Or in any number of other dishes. Never risk getting caught without milk again.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #8: A 21-bean Mega-Gourmet Health-Enhancing Blend.
Early on, we came across a specialty food wholesaler. They sell high-end restaurants gourmet foods -- such as Kobe beef rib-eyes and pricey Australian rock lobster tails. But they add one little gem that’s ultra-high in nutrition. Plus great taste for a low cost. Their 21-bean gourmet bean blend.
Beans pack a nutritional punch. They have healthy vegetable protein, B vitamins, and minerals. My blend brings together twenty one conventional and heirloom varieties. With a range of colors, flavors, textures, and natural photochemical nutrients. This true gourmet bean blend contains: Dried Anasazi, Cannellini, Jacobs Cattle/Trout, Flageolet, Maine Yellow Eye, Appaloosa, Black Turtle, Cranberry (aka Borlotti), Rattlesnake and Tongues of Fire beans. The 10-lb. supply comes in a heavy-duty clear-blue plastic bag. If you open the bag and pour them out into clean, dry Mason jars (screwing the lids on tightly), they become part of your kitchen décor. At least until you decide to use them.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve Item #9: Two Pounds of Awesome Corn Bread Mix.
Cornbread mix works with everything -- my cookbook shows you how. This is one of my best comfort foods and a deep pantry basic. Most love cornbread -- perfect for a home backup supply. Enjoy in any situation, even a non-crisis.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve Item #10: Five Pounds of Carefully Packed Rice that Lasts Forever.
Rice is basic to a home food reserve. It mixes well with so many foods. It also tastes great and lasts forever.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve Item #11: Awesome and Comforting Brown Sugar.
A full pound of great brown sugar. A basic additive to so many foods. This is a comfort food deep pantry "must-have" item.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve Item #12: Great 3,800 Calorie Super Desserts for Nutrition on the Move.
Food for when you are on the move or don't have time to cook. My super nutritious energy bars make excellent emergency dessert cakes, too. At a recent company gathering, one inventive co-worker did just that. And all from ingredients in my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve.
If you ever have to "bug out" -- or don't have time to fix dinner -- use it. Or as a tasty and different dessert for your family to enjoy.
BONUS SUPPLEMENTAL ITEM: “Canned Spiced Ham,” two 12-oz cans
I respect health-conscious people -- many live a vegetarian lifestyle. But I am not a vegetarian. And don't want to become one just because of a crisis. So I've supplemented my emergency food reserve with actual meat. And not chicken fat, or reconstituted meat flakes, or textured, artificially flavored soy protein.
Here's the best choice. A tasty, high-protein, all-meat favorite. For seven decades, it's been taste-tested and enjoyed by millions. Officially, it’s canned spiced ham. Now don’t laugh when I tell you -- because this American-made spiced ham product has long been the "butt" of jokes. You probably know its commercial name – Spam®.
Spam is very popular -- as a convenient source of meat in a can. It brings you the most long-shelf-life meat for the money. And has an almost cult-like following. I’ve supplemented my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve with two 12-ounce cans of calorie-dense spiced ham. My recipe book includes many Spam serving ideas. You get 6 servings per 12-ounce can, 180 calories per serving.
Put all these great foods together and you get a full 2,134 calories per day. Way above the minimum daily an adult needs.
It isn't just the food that's great. There's much more. You also get THREE BIG BENEFITS with my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve:
Big Benefit to Your Family #1: You Get More Calories Per Dollar Than Anywhere Else -- Wise Foods and other big food retailers give you a paltry 95 calories for every dollar. Supermarkets are way more. My Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve gives your family over 200 calories per dollar. (2,134 calories per day.)
The Wise Foods "30-day" food bucket has under 20,000 calories. Unacceptable! My Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve units give you over 60,000 calories. More than enough to feed one adult for 30 days.
Big Benefit to Your Family #2: No More Supermarket "Shrink-Flation: You beat supermarket pricing tricks. That old five pound bag of sugar now has only four pounds for the same price, Mayonnaise jar sizes have shrunk from 34 ounces to 30. A one dollar can of tuna has dropped from six ounces to five ounces. Those 64-ounce orange juice jugs are now 59 ounces for the same price. And on and on.
My Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve holds its value. And more. Food prices go up by 5-8% per year. That's a big tax free gain. Long lasting food just gains value -- sitting right there in the back of your pantry.
Big Benefit to Your Family #3: Free Bonus Reports. With Even Bigger Money Saving Tips. Benefit from My Exclusive and Proprietary Research:
First, you get an actual cookbook. You learn how to use all the great ingredients in your Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve system. Everything you need to know.
Plus you get 3 more FREE bonus reports:
Free Bonus Report #1: 10 Ways to Turn Your Pantry into a Tax-Free Profit Center -- Learn how you'll gain a free strategic food stockpile. Backup edibles no matter what -- for job loss or other unexpected financial emergencies. Smart food buying is catching on. You won't find this anywhere else. Get an annual 5-8% gain in your food spending dollar. Cashing in on hidden food inflation is tax free.
Free Bonus Report #2: 17 Ways to Make Your Home a Fortress -- Great simple ways to boost your defenses. Almost no money needed -- I use these 17 ideas myself. Just make your home less attractive to thugs. Great, actionable ideas to put in place now.
Free Bonus Report #3: UPDATED! Save 50% on Your Groceries -- It's among my most popular reports. All updated and yours free. Even if you only use just a few ideas, you save big -- way more than an investment in an Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve unit. Hang onto more of your dollars. You'll save thousands more each year. It's all about defeating food price trickery.
Free Bonus Report #4: 20 Inflation Busting Steps Your Household Can Implement Now -- Pump up your spending power. Works every time. Very important skills for fixed incomes! Pass this along to everyone in your extended family. These are very easy to do ideas -- and they save you big bucks
Each Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve feeds one adult for 30 full days. Get one for each adult in your house. That way you save you even more. Plus you get more peace of mind -- ready to ride out any crisis
You Can't Beat This -- Try and See for Yourself
My Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve is only $299. Plus all the bonuses. Twice the calories for your spending dollar! Remember, with me you get over 200 calories per your spending dollar. The top three survival food suppliers give you a paltry 95 calories per dollar.
Plus my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve gives you 2,134 calories per day. All others fall far short.
And other goodies. Starting with Save 50% on Your Groceries. All updated. It pays back your investment in just a few weeks. Then it is all profit. Big gains you don't have to share it with Uncle Sam.
Even better, I’ll “eat” all extra shipping costs. Just get two or more food reserve units. Free shipping is a big deal. My food packages are heavy! We totally" whup" all other “30-day” emergency food stashes. Free shipping matters when you buy from me.
See This About FREE SHIPPING. For All Second, Third, and Fourth Food Reserve Units.
I’ve taken one more step. You pay absolutely no shipping for your second, third, or fourth set of my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve units. Each unit lasts one grown adult a FULL 30 days. You pay shipping and handling fee on your first unit only. I pay for shipping on additional sets.
Pump up your food spending power. Save time. Fewer trips to the grocery store. No waiting in line. All with free shipping. And you are protected against future price hikes.
Supermarket prices are soaring. Food portions are shrinking. You are paying more and more for fancy packaging -- and getting less food per dollar. My Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve unit is a GREAT inflation hedge. It's as good as gold. All delicious long shelf life foods you can eat and enjoy. So they never go to waste!
My Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve units "skunks” all other major emergency 30-day food. You get more high-quality calories for the dollar than anywhere else.
No Surprise “Mystery Meat”
Keep chicken fat and other mystery meats out of your house. My hands on research blows the lid off overpriced “gourmet” offerings. That's junk you would never serve your family. Who wants to eat junk when they are desperate?
So that’s it! I’ve done the homework, the research, the quality control. All the legwork is done. And discounts from quality suppliers. Great food for my family and readers. And double the calories for your spending dollar.
Look, if you don’t get started with me, use my research. Launch your own search for value. Do your own thinking. All that matters is a safer household. Provision yourself ASAP. Get at least 30 days of great, long-shelf life food reserves.
It is Too Late When Your Supermarket is a Zoo
My Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve units can ship now -- expect prompt delivery. If we run out, we’ll notify you. You are at the top of the list when we re-stock.
But hurry. Once my backup food units are gone, there could be delays.
Your Big Moment is Here
I’ve put my own money down. And proudly stand behind my value packed offer. Big emergency food outfits short you on calorie -- I don't. You get over 2,000 calories per day. That's not what they do -- with them its fake meats and overcharging. My backup food is wholesome, good to eat, and long lasting.
You get double the calories per dollar than anywhere else. I send you fruits, vegetables, beans, pasta, dairy, and 1.5 pounds of meat. If you buy more than one unit for your family, shipping is free. My offer is unbeatable.
I've done my homework and stand by it. It's what I've done to step up for my family. Even if you do match this deal elsewhere, you still get three exclusive gifts. Like 10 Ways to Turn Your Pantry into a Tax Free Profit Center. This report alone can return your food investment back in just weeks!
See the many threats out there. Any panic could suddenly turn your supermarket into a zoo. Putting aside a basic 30-day supply of comfort food is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. So stock your shelves with great-tasting, long-life macaroni and cheese, brownie mix, gourmet dried beans, dried fruits and vegetables, real meat and more.
Order your Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve today! You won't regret it.
Lee Bellinger
Lee Bellinger
Independent Living
P.S. I stash six months of great backup food in my house. You really should have at least 30 days worth to feed everyone. Please don’t put this off. Having extra food to tide your family over is basic. I've done the research. With me you get 200+ calories per dollar. With the "big" emergency food retailers, you just get 95 calories per dollar. If you don't buy from me, at least use my check list to get started. You now have everything you need. Do you own thinking. Your own research. The last step is to act -- now is the time, please.
Remember, my reports show you how to make your investment in a 30-day Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve unit pretty much for free. And you get an actual 30 days of food. I don't short you or my family on calories you've paid for. Real ingredients. Great prices. Total food security. The time to act is now – before an emergency strikes.
Supplies are limited. A single 30-day Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve unit (complete with two great reports plus a how-to recipe book) costs a mere $299. AND REMEMBER, YOU GET FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ADDITIONAL UNITS YOU ORDER!
Time is of the essence. The potential for social instability is at its highest point since 1968. Radicals in the streets. Failing power grid. Widespread poverty. Anger in the streets. Rising terrorism risks. Don't wait for runs on stores. Martial law could happen now. Don’t wait for events to leave you unprepared. Preparation means action in advance. And that moment is now.
Best Of All
Getting Started Option #3
My Best Offer!

Retail: $1,017 Now Only: $789
That's a savings of $228!
  • Included! Three 30-Day Maximum Shelf Life Comfort Food Reserves
  • FREE! 20 Inflation Busting Steps Your Household Can Implement Now
  • FREE! 17 Ways to Make Your Home a Fortress
  • FREE! Maximum Shelf Life Comfort Food Reserve Recipe Guide
  • FREE! Fully Updated 2014 Edition of Save 50% on Your Groceries
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Even Better
Getting Started Option #2

Retail: $680 Now Only: $546
That's a savings of $154!
  • Included! Two 30-Day Maximum Shelf Life Comfort Food Reserves
  • FREE! Bonus Report #1: 5 Steps to Establishing Total Food Security
  • FREE! Bonus Report #2: Frankenfoods and Phony Labeling in Every Supermarket Aisle
  • FREE! Bonus Report #3: To Be a Survivor, Think Like a Survivor
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Very Good
Getting Started Option #1

Retail: $339 Now Only: $299
That's a savings of $40!
  • Included! 30-Day Maximum Shelf Life Comfort Food Reserve
  • FREE! Maximum Shelf Life Comfort Food Reserve Recipe Guide
  • FREE! 10 Ways to Turn Your Pantry into a Tax Free Profit Center
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Guaranteed!

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