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Special Medical Alert Bulletin
In this EXCLUSIVE ALERT, you'll learn:
How and Why
smart U.S. families are quietly securing "mini-hospital" survival essentials – including back-up prescription meds, field antibiotic makers, and NASA water purification technology.
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Dear Fellow Prudent Planner,
You've probably noticed that gun sales are booming at unprecedented levels. But there's another whole category of high-value merchandise that truly savvy Americans are quietly socking away.
These forward-thinking citizens are snatching up a laundry list of items to create all-contingency field "mini-hospitals" for their families. In this must-read extended edition of my HealthEdge Bulletin, I will show you step-by-step exactly how to assemble one of these home medical systems for yourself and your loved ones.
If you read nothing else, consider this one shocking paragraph and imagine the life-and-death implications if you or a loved one ever need critical medical care –
The U.S. experienced a record 267 different critical drug supply shortages (impeding the treatment of millions of individual patients) in 2011. Pharmacy shipment hijackings and drug store hold-ups continue to mount. Meanwhile 99.5% of U.S. hospitals have lodged complaints with the American Hospital Association over drug availability bottlenecks. All this under "normal" conditions!
When only one out of 200 hospitals in our nation has the drugs it needs to care for its patients, it is a clear warning sign of a very serious crisis. The question is, what can you and I do to protect our families?
You have precious little time to secure basic emergency back-up supplies for weathering rapidly growing threats to tightly stretched medical care and supply chains. Expect no warning from bureaucrats or their media allies. It's URGENT you not put this briefing aside – the day is coming when your life will depend on having read its contents, which I have gone to very considerable effort to assemble for you.
Shortly, for example, I'll reveal how to stockpile a minimum 90-day emergency stash of your personal prescription drugs without breaking any laws – my researchers are simply the best!
The Coming Medical Supply and Pharmacy Sucker-Punch –
Get Your Family Ready NOW
You should know that behind the scenes, federal emergency planners take the widespread medical service interruption scenario very seriously. And so does the Pentagon, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Department of Homeland Security.
Nor is it an accident that many states are passing stricter "safety requirements" for pharmacies due to a national wave of coordinated assaults against shrinking supplies of basic medicines and other over-the-counter health aids we all take for granted. I'll get to that shortly.
And in the first quarter of 2012 alone, aggressive regulatory meddling in medicine has accumulated into 211 shortage categories of critical prescription drugs. If it keeps getting worse, there will be government-mandated rationing – just another example of the Death Panels that will be the inevitable outcome of increasingly bureaucratized medicine.
As many U.S. cancer patients are learning the hard way, hospital pharmacies are already experiencing shortages of critical treatment drugs and other important basics, especially pain-killers. Regulators are coming down hard on major drug store chains such as Walgreens to stem public access to pain medications that black marketers are also selling.
Worse, this so-far little noticed, government-created drug shortage has only resulted in a tighter regulatory grip – which seems to intensify with each market-jarring intervention.
Looters, Addicts, and Petty Thieves Are Telegraphing Their Favorite Targets:
Your Local Pharmacy
Regulatory turbulence coupled with political micromanagement have significantly aggravated the growing medical supply chain crimps I mentioned. Unfortunately, the only ones who seem to have noticed this spiraling supply dilemma are organized crime syndicates who have taken to hijacking medical inventory shipments. A single truck hijacking can take millions of critically needed doses out of the legitimate supply chain.
Predators always emerge to exploit any government-created shortage. In addition to hijackers, Chinese, Russian, and Indian drug counterfeiters are jumping in on the politically created U.S. drug supply mess. So yes, the "Third World Problem" of drug supply chain issues has arrived on our shores, although for now it is mostly being noticed only by desperate cancer patients.
And it's all "trickling down" to a retail drug store or hospital pharmacy near you soon.
Pharmacy Hold-Ups Are on the Rise – Here's Why It's a Critical Warning Sign
Drug manufacturing and delivery bottlenecks created in Washington have sparked a national epidemic of pharmacy looting and shipment heists. Even flash mobs who are angry at what they see as "racial injustice" in the United States have been hitting pharmacies. Perhaps you dared to notice on some still-uncensored Internet sites a dramatic and disturbing video of a recent orchestrated attack on a Walgreens in North Miami Beach.
I'm sorry, I haven't a clue what the logic is behind this kind of mayhem. I just know it's happening.
Not the best thing when you throw in all the permanent massive unemployment and other frustrations building up in the country. But I say ignore the election year ugliness being stirred up by professional political agitators. Focus instead on your own medical back-up plan for the growing likelihood of widespread social chaos and the risk of diminished access to pharmacies and their wares. The potential for surprise developments in this area is rather high.
The way I see it, keeping your head in the game concerning the improvement of your personal circumstances is more important than fretting about all the nasty political people.
Medical Preparations for Rising Social Chaos Are a Total Must – Read This!
The prospects of social chaos are rising daily. The hard reality is that your family needs a plan to steer clear of pharmacies and medical care centers during a local or national outbreak of social chaos.
This led to me creating my own all-contingency medical back-up system found absolutely nowhere else. This briefing gives you details of how to build one on your own. I have a mere 300 units that were created to serve a tiny fraction of my 50,000 paid subscribers, and they'll likely be gone very soon.
These limited-edition field hospitals are all about you having highly valued, hard-to-find advanced medical items for personal use or barter situations. High quality items I've tested and used personally. Such as your own alternative, long lasting stockpile to the country's most popular prescription drugs.
Unlimited access to effective emergency antibiotics. Whether at home or in the field! A high-volume, portable water purification system based on NASA space craft cleansing technologies... plus lots of other elements of a comprehensive, highly advanced, bug-out emergency medical system for the entire family.
I designed this system for only meticulous planners who appreciate high-end preparation tools. It's not for everyone, and not intended to be! Only for the most discriminating and serious providers to their families, especially elderly parents and other medically vulnerable loved ones – who want serious back-up medical support either for staying in place or being on the move.
That's how special and exclusive my Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System really is.
BRAND NEW – First Time Offered: "Lee Bellinger's Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System"
If you are still with me, I am most personally appreciative! My new limited edition Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System has been personally designed by me to give you easy, affordable protection against a broad range of looming medical crises.
In a nutshell, I've just created for myself and my readers an unprecedented assembly of advanced home health supplies and medical self-reliance intelligence to help you secure your health and the health of the loved ones you care about. It's a whole-health system combining the best solutions my company has ever offered for health and medical challenges, plus a set of brand new solutions I'm pleased to announce to you today for the very first time...
My Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System is packed with hard-to-find, otherwise too expensive, life-saving items – an entire mini-care center for medical laymen that, with a bit of legwork, you can totally build on your own!
I am quite proud of my Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System (the development team calls it "MED-E-PACK" for short). It is a unique, rare and totally off-the-grid emergency medical system for entire families – and even extended families. I personally designed and oversaw the building of this amazing evacuation mini-hospital, portable antibiotic making equipment AND a NASA-used, silver-based sanitation system.
This urgent briefing gives you ALL the know-how you need to calmly assemble your family's very own bug-out field hospital. It is the very best "crisis insurance" in the world, literally. And all without over-reacting or going overboard.
As well as providing you with powerful bartering tools in times of crisis. Just imagine how valuable it would be to be able to make your own emergency antibiotics and purify all the water you need.
Your Own Portable Field Hospital for National Crises –
Must Have for YOUR Family!
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Frankly, the laundry list of illnesses and calamities my emergency home medical system protects you against is so long that it can't be summed up in just a few paragraphs. But stick with me, and I'm confident you'll see that acquiring this highly advanced medical bug-out system for your own home or on the run is not only smart insurance, it's a downright essential component of 'prepping' for the trying times that lie ahead under America's ailing medical establishment.
Here's a brief checklist of the top-level safeguards I've built into my Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System for you, each of which I'll explain in detail in the upcoming pages:
We have carefully thought through and built for you a truly comprehensive collection of dozens of carefully selected items that cover the waterfront in terms of safeguarding your personal health.
In any type of emergency, you need to know that you'll be able to maintain your body in peak physical condition, while keeping your mind alert. This is true whether you choose to "shelter in place" during periods of social chaos, public health quarantine, or police/military action... or if you're fleeing an area that's been hit hard by civil unrest, natural disaster, or terror attack.
This Briefing Is About Offering You a Real-World Solution
Anything to do with government-directed emergency planning is built around a one-size-fits-all mentality, in addition to being totally draconian. Plus, I think we all know deep down that sooner or later, some or all elements of government "emergency plans" are going to be implemented in a future crisis.
And then there is the issue of trusting your emergency health needs to overwhelmed government services. Which are already besieged by all the unprepared freeloaders – who, in an emergency, will flock to them in greater numbers than ever.
Let's put it this way: You need to be able to lay low for at least a month in the event any or all of the government's emergency quarantine plans ever get activated.
So please do take the time to read this Exclusive Alert. In it you will learn how to maintain ALL YOUR FAMILY'S ACCESS TO CRITICAL MEDICAL SUPPLIES in any form of widespread social chaos. Possible triggers include:
This matters to you directly because medical supply and service chains are already stretched as tight as a drum. Orchestrated black market attacks against pharmacies are on the rise. Chinese counterfeit drugs are flooding U.S. markets – so federal intervention could spark shortages of the real stuff. And the government's heavy-handed quarantine plans – especially in their bio-warfare attack scenarios – virtually guarantee medical supply disruptions and other unpleasantries you need to be able to side-step.
Suffice it to say I could fill the King James Bible with all the reasons that personally motivated me to create my limited edition Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System.
So Now Let's Talk About My Specialty – Real-World Solutions...
I think you know where I am coming from. As founder and publisher of Independent Living, I am not some voice crying in the wilderness or an alarmist merely shooting up random signal flares. I've been monitoring the many threats to personal liberty and independence in this country for quite some time – 23 years to be exact. The warning signs of social chaos and economic collapse are all flashing at once, and in no sector of our culture is that more evident than in the arena of medical care and prescription drugs.
By the time this becomes news, the crisis will be underway.
Now it's time you and I talk about solutions – not political solutions that take forever to implement and rarely do anything but make matters worse.
Frankly, I see no meaningful rebuke coming to the political potentates who have caused most of America's difficulties. Like everyone else, I hope for the best on the political front but am not counting on real change.
So until I see a clear indication the voters are going to insist on a restoration of limited government, my emphasis remains on personal solutions that clear-thinking Americans can implement quickly and easily. There are small steps we can take now to ensure our families are prepared to weather any circumstances that emerge as threats to our medical security.
You and I must come to terms without delay with the profound personal impact of two of the weakest links in our nation's infrastructure, and in our personal preparedness:
  1. the over-burdened, over-priced, and over-regulated healthcare system, and...
  2. the seriously compromised and unsafe pharmaceutical system.
I am taking action right now to assure that I'll be able to take care of my body, my health, my family, and my medical needs, and I urge you to do the same – so that we're 100% ready...
First, let's review the scenarios under which today's house-of-cards healthcare system can utterly break down – with life-threatening consequences. They are way too numerous to count...
These threats are widespread, documented, and getting worse.
In addition to all these potential choke points, we also face grave health risks posed by –
It's a toxic soup of severe threats to the integrity of the medical and pharmaceutical supply systems you and I rely on for our health and our very existence.
Suffice it to say that even if you and I have secured our financial assets and put away ample food reserves – but not taken effective steps to shore up our medical security – we are sitting ducks for pandemic disease, medical rationing, social chaos, resupply disruptions, and more.
Earlier, I promised you some very important and valuable information if you agreed to read through this critical Exclusive Alert. So what follows is an abbreviated version of my research findings into how to stockpile a minimum of 90 days of your most essential prescription drugs for emergencies. A must-acquire survival agenda item you need to get started on right away.
What Your Doctor Never Tells You – How to Legally Stockpile Your Prescription Drugs in Spite of Burdensome Rules That Say You Can't
If you or a loved one takes a prescription of any kind, you need to review what I'm about to tell you very carefully. You may at times have to "read between the lines," as we step right up to the boundary of what today's freedom-stealing legal system permits you to do with your own body.
Reliable access to a pharmacy is essential for maintaining your health. The thought of losing access to your prescription drugs is a frightening one, but frankly, it's one of the critical scenarios each of us must plan for. I myself take a prescription drug that I'd just as soon skip in order to save money and avoid any potential side effects, but my doctor has told me that this drug is important for protecting my long-term health, so I'm sticking with the program.
So why not resolve to take care of this life-critical matter today? I can offer several possible solutions and am only too pleased to share them with my valued readers.
First, let me recommend that you take steps to obtain at minimum a 90- to 180-day stockpile of your essential medications to get you through any Rx supply disruption. When 99.5% of hospitals are reporting drug shortages, it's a major red flag that you'd be foolish to ignore.
Your absolute best option is to keep taking the drugs your doctor prescribes as long as you possibly can. That means planning ahead for an extended supply. I trust you understand the reasons to put away a back-up food reserve; the reasons for doing the same with your Rx are just as compelling, if not more so.
The Untold Story of U.S. Drug/Medical Supply Chains Steadily Breaking Down
It's simply too risky, as I'll explain, to depend on the wholesale pharmaceutical supply chain, access to retail outlets (whether stand-alone pharmacies or those located inside mega retail centers such as Target or WalMart), and the ability to travel safely to them and home again.
Even grand theft larceny can keep vital drugs from reaching you! Organized crime has evolved for the 21st century. Large-scale, carefully planned heists of drugs in transit are now so common that drug makers have created what they call a 'Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Consortium' to try to keep a watchful eye on drug shipments and the criminals who would intercept them.
The PCSC even has an acronym for the theft of a full truck load of Rx; they call it an FTL. I'm not making this up! One such FTL theft occurred in October 2011 in Pennsylvania when a well-prepared criminal hopped into the cab of an 18-wheeler and simply drove off with 14 pallets of oxycodone (a high-demand street drug), six pallets of the anxiety drug alprazolam, and nine pallets of epilepsy meds. These ultra-valuable health products were hijacked as the lackadaisical trucker left the engine idling to run inside a truck stop to purchase – get this – a pack of cigarettes. Despite the crime-busting efforts of the PCSC, millions of doses of meds intended for patients with legitimate health needs simply vanish in this fashion into the black market.
Sadly, the medical bureaucracy in this country is set up to make it difficult for you to stockpile your prescriptions. The powers-that-be have deemed you untrustworthy to secure an extended supply of the drugs you need to stay alive and well. They've taken a vital freedom away from you – the right to control your own healthcare. So let's look at some possible "work-arounds" for this vexing issue of how to stock up on pharmaceuticals. Please follow along closely.
Yes, Get Those Backup Prescription Meds for an "Extended Trip" Right Now
One approach is to tell your doctor that you are planning an 'extended trip' and need a 'long-term prescription'. Now understand that in no way am I advising you to obtain meds under false pretenses. I suggest you actually plan what you'll do in the event you have to evacuate your home for three to six months or more. For example you might plan to spend an extended period in Canada, a nation that's easy to get to from anywhere in the U.S., with vast fresh water resources, extensive agricultural crops, a reasonable exchange rate, relative safety from foreign or terror attack, and where most people speak English and are friendly toward Americans.
But simply obtaining a 90- to 180-day supply may not be enough. Your doctor, pharmacist, or prescription plan will expect you to actually use up this supply, not store it for a "rainy day." You'll need a second script to cover that period, so you can stash your reserve for future use.
I suggest you seek out an online pharmacy. Expect to be asked a few questions to confirm you have a legitimate need for the drug. Also, you may have to pay the going rate because your prescription plan is unlikely to double-cover you for getting the same drug from two sources at the same time. A non-U.S. online pharmacy, such as those in Canada, may save you some money as well as the hassle of answering the questions U.S. pharmacies are legally mandated to ask you. If nothing else, you'll escape having your picture taken by a hidden security camera.
A variation on this approach (instead of asking your doctor to prescribe a long-term supply) is to simply see if an online pharmacy will sell you a 90- to 180-day supply, or find several of them at 30 to 60 days each. If the drug you are seeking is a painkiller, be especially cautious, as this area is fraught with crime, abuse, and increasing levels of government oversight.
Ordinary Citizens – Even 'Good Samaritans' – Are Now Treated Like Drug Addicts and Criminals at Every Pharmacy in America
You may also have privacy reasons to switch your drug purchases to a non-U.S. mail order pharmacy. For example if you purchase even a single box of the over-the-counter drugs Sudafed or Claritin, U.S. pharmacies MUST by law enter your name, address, and driver's license info into a database of suspected street-drug users and felony-level "crystal meth" (methamphetamine) manufacturers and dealers.
And if you return to buy a second box one day too soon, the suspicion on you as a drug dealer will double down; it happened to a close associate of mine, who is now on permanent record with the government as seeking a controlled drug "too frequently," even though he was merely acting as a Good Samaritan to pick up medications for a home-bound friend!
Make this mistake too often and you can expect an unfriendly visit from armed federal Drug Enforcement Agents. In America in 2012, free citizens can't even buy non-prescription cold medicine with a presumption of innocence!
Again, bear in mind that in no way am I advising you to obtain drugs unlawfully. It is not your intent to take a double dose, give or sell your drugs to someone else, or start a meth lab – queries you're likely to face if your attempts to secure a 90- to 180-day supply for future personal use become known. Rather it is your intent to do exactly as you say – to take one prescription now for your condition, and the other during your 'planned trip. 'It's all above board!
An even easier way to stockpile drugs is to skip a dose once a week and put that dose away for a rainy day. Now I do not advise you to take fewer doses than your doctor prescribes, especially if you have any type of critical condition. However in my own case, I've made the decision that I'd rather skip one dose a week than face an extended period with no medicine at all. This easy technique allows me to amass a seven-week supply in the course of a year, and without spending extra money or running afoul of picky government rules. (If you do go ahead and stockpile your drugs, be sure to rotate your inventory to keep them from hitting their expiration dates.)
I've spelled out all this information and more in step-by-step detail in a special report, Establishing Your Personal Prescription Drug Back-Up Supply Without Breaking the Law. Great for stockpiling your critical prescription medicines for your continued use in the event of social chaos, supply chain breakdowns, flu epidemics, bio-terror attacks or public health quarantines. This must read 10-page white paper was researched by my top health editor and fully vetted by a licensed physician's assistant who specializes in prescription medication management. I want you to have this valuable report as my gift when you order my Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System.
The Centerpiece of My Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System:
My "All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet"
What I've done is create for you an additional (and excellent!) option to bring to you an added layer of protection. It's 100% legal, and at least so far, nanny-state busybodies have not blocked your access to this outstanding choice. I call it my "All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet." This long-shelf-life bundle of emergency prescription replacements are one of the central components I'm excited to include in my Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System.
This alternative medicine cabinet brings you a 30-day supply of ten natural supplements and herbs that can be lawfully sold anywhere in the U.S. without a prescription, yet are considered by many highly regarded health experts – like WebMD and the National Institutes of Health – to be helpful for the very same conditions for which millions take prescription drugs. It's an option to turn to when your supply of prescription meds runs low and cannot be immediately replaced.
Let me be clear. In no way am I suggesting that you voluntarily stop taking your prescriptions and switch to these natural alternatives. In fact, I fully agree with the oft-repeated advice, which I follow myself– "consult with your physician before making any changes in your medication."
But that is my whole point. The day may come (with no warning) when your physician is simply not available. Or when the meds you take are sold out and on indefinite back order. Or when the pharmacy where your prescriptions are stored has been hacked, raided, looted, or shut down by any number of scenarios from supply chain failure to race riots to public health quarantine.
In these situations, you need an unassailable back-up plan. For myself and my family, I want to be fully prepared with our own safe, natural remedies. I want to have a reasonable 'Plan B' for the day that the drugs we take and the doctors we rely on simply vanish due to medical rationing, flu epidemic, government decree, a run on the stores, terror attack – or even the aforementioned "full-truck-load" grand theft larceny!
Purchase my Off-the-Grid Emergency Home Medical System under the very favorable terms I'll detail for you in a moment, and you'll get my All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet as part of the deal. It will help you through a pinch if you are not able to obtain your usual drugs, or if you are not able to put this back-up plan in place on your own.
A Fail-Safe for Drug Shortages and Other Medical Disruptions
My All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet includes your very own stand-bys: ten natural supplements in all. These all-natural supplements help support many of the normal functions of your body and your mind, so that you can remain healthy and alert even during difficult times.
All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet
Even better, it has a super-long effective shelf life of five years from the purchase date.
Until you can re-establish access to your regular prescriptions, the All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet helps to offset the negative impact of being without the drugs you depend on.
The kit contains ten scientifically tested and affirmed natural supplements and remedies meant to support and aid your body's own normal functions. They are widely considered safe and effective, and can help get you through a tight spot... As well as anyone in your family, extended family, and circle of friends who depend on regular access to critical prescription drugs. Or anyone else at risk if social chaos shuts down easy access to medicines and care.
Let me spell them out one by one. This is vital because one day, your good health could ride on these items, each carefully vetted by me...
Included! – High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet Item #1: Aggressive Natural Support for Your Circulatory System
If you are one of the tens of millions of Americans who have high blood pressure or heart disease, it's likely that you take prescription drugs to help manage your condition.
My All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet gives you a natural supplement to fall back on in the event you run out of your prescription and are unable to get more.
NattoHeart contains the enzyme nattokinase, derived from fermented soy. According to the highly regarded website WebMd, nattokinase has been used as a remedy for diseases of the heart and circulatory system for hundreds of years. It works by decreasing the ability of blood to clot. This thins the blood and is believed to protect against conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, angina, deep vein thrombosis, hardening of the arteries, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, poor circulation, and peripheral artery disease.
According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, "In summary, this study showed that [taking] nattokinase could be considered as a CVD nutraceutical" – that is, a natural drug for Cardio Vascular Disease. It all means you're less likely to experience discomfort or life-threatening complications while you're off your Rx.
Included! – High Blood Sugar Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet Item #2: Blood Sugar Management and Support
When you have type-2 diabetes, much of your day is dictated by blood sugar checks, food choices, and medication. Without careful control of your blood sugar levels, you can quickly find yourself in the midst of a personal medical crisis. If you or someone you care about rely on blood sugar medications, I strongly encourage you to talk with your doctor at your earliest opportunity about establishing a minimum 90-day supply of the medicine you depend on.
As a back-up, your All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet contains a 30-day supply of prickly pear. Prickly pear contains a unique combination of fiber and pectin. Again I consulted WebMd, and together, these two compounds absorb sugar in the stomach and intestines before your body's natural digestive processes carry it into your bloodstream as glucose. Prickly pear doesn't lower your blood sugar directly; it helps you control your blood sugar levels simply by seeing to it that much of the sugar and starch you consume does not convert to glucose and enter your bloodstream in the first place. When you take prickly pear, the sugars simply pass on through, so to speak.
Included! – Chronic Pain Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet Item #3: Natural Relief from Chronic Pain including Arthritis
Chronic pain can leave you reliant on prescription or over-the-counter relief just so you can function. Imagine for a moment that your access to your drug store is interrupted. How well would you face whatever crisis was at hand if you were also dealing with chronic and possibly debilitating pain day upon day, week after week?
Again, my All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet can help. I include a 30-day supply of turmeric. This traditional Indian spice has been used for thousands of years as a natural detoxifier, but recently scientists have begun researching it for its effects on painful inflammation-related conditions like arthritis or inflammatory bowel syndrome. They believe that turmeric may help your body maintain a healthy inflammatory response. Some doctors who have had their arthritis patients take a regular turmeric supplement have seen intriguing results. One doctor quoted by WebMD says, "I've had patients with arthritis who start using turmeric and are able to go off their NSAIDs (non-prescription pain relievers) entirely."  That is one powerful endorsement!
Included! – Inflammation Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet Item #4: Naturally Reduce Inflammation with another Potent Arthritis Remedy
Inflammatory diseases and joint pain impact so many people, we've included a second natural supplement that can help. MSM is a compound that occurs naturally in healthy ligaments, tendons, muscles and other pain-sensitive tissues. In a study reported by the National Institutes of Health, MSM supplements were found to help reduce pain and improve function in people with arthritis of the knee. With not just one but two pain- and inflammation-reducing options in the All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet, you'll have a great back-up plan against the many scenarios under which getting by without access to doctors and drug stores could take shape.
Included! – Heartburn and Gullet Discomfort Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet Item #5: Cool the Fire in Your Belly
One of the most widely used prescriptions in the United States is Prilosec, widely known as "the purple pill." Chronic heartburn sufferers know that heartburn can interfere with sleep and leave you in misery. Without your regularly prescribed heartburn medicine, and given the level of stress you would most certainly be experiencing due to whatever event caused the interruption in your drug supply, you'll be set up for some major discomfort.
Once again, my All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet comes through with real relief. Heartburn happens when stomach acid irritates your lower esophagus. Alkaline minerals such as the calcium, magnesium, and potassium found in our AlkaMax supplement neutralize acid to relive heartburn and stomach upset. As an added bonus, AlkaMax helps reduce systemic acidosis, which doctors suspect can cause a number of health problems. When your body's pH balance is in a chronic state of high acidity, you're more likely to get sick and show signs of premature aging. High acidity may result in joint pain, constipation, low energy, and a variety of diseases. AlkaMax helps to restore proper pH balance to your entire body. As with all medicines and supplements, be sure to read the label for key safety information before using.
Included! – Powerful Sleep Inducement Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet Item #6: Get Your Full 40 Winks, Even in a Crisis
Few things are harder on your body than sleep deprivation. If you rely at times on a sleep aid from the drug store, you may find yourself tossing and turning, unable to enjoy the restorative benefits of a good night's sleep.
With the 5-HTP supplement included in your All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet, you can count on a restful night's sleep, even if your usual sleep aid is unavailable. 5-HTP is a natural, plant-derived enzyme that supports your body's natural production of serotonin, a brain chemical that affects anxiety, appetite and sleep. You can use your emergency supply of 5-HTP to help you cope with stress so you can sleep better at night. It's also believed to help boost your mood, which could be important for you or a loved one in a crisis.
Included! – Broad Immunity Boosting Cocktail Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet Item #7: Protect Yourself from Illnesses Big and Small
In times of stress, your immune system is compromised and you become more vulnerable to illness. Sudden nutritional changes, unexpected disruptions to sleep, and an overabundance of stress all set up the perfect conditions for bacteria or viruses to get a foothold and make you sick. During any sort of social upheaval or personal crisis, whether big or small, it's a good time to give your immune system some extra support.
As part of your All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet, I'm including a supply of VitalYew tea. It's extracted from the same Pacific Yew tree that the active ingredient in the anti-cancer drug Taxol comes from. This tea is just what you need to give your immune system a bit of extra critical support. It contains a variety of phytochemicals that increase your body's resistance to illnesses like the cold and flu. It also promotes optimal cell growth, which offers your body long-term protection against the diseases we often associate with aging.
Included! – Poison and Toxin Treatment Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet Items #8 and 9: Treat Poison Emergencies
During crises like the ones you're planning and preparing for – or even during the course of everyday life – you might face a situation where you or someone you love consumes a dangerous substance. You need to be ready to treat poisonings without relying on a medical establishment that's sure to be overtaxed, if not completely overwhelmed.
Two items in your All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet will help. The first is activated charcoal, used for over a century to treat drug overdoses and poisonings. It's still the first line of defense against poisonings used in emergency rooms to this day. It's even used against highly toxic bio-terror agents such as ricin.
A second layer of defense against ingested toxins is N-acetyl cysteine, an amino acid that is a precursor to glutathione. Glutathione helps to cleanse and neutralize toxins. It also helps to protect you at the cellular level from damage associated with exposure to toxins.
While NAC is an excellent remedy in the face of drug overdoses, it has many other beneficial uses. For example, if you (or perhaps someone in your immediate family) have diabetes and you're unable to access your typical prescription, consider taking NAC during the interim.
Included! – Liver and Digestion Support Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet Item #10: Purify the Organ that Purifies Your Body
Your liver is one of your hardest working organs. It plays a role in nearly every function of your body, performing over 500 separate functions to keep you feeling your best. Environmental toxins, stress, additives in foods, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, alcohol and many other factors can tax your liver and affect its performance.
Milk thistle is the go-to supplement for liver support. For more than 2,000 years, milk thistle has been valued for its ability to support and benefit overall liver health. During times of high stress, your liver gets overworked. The milk thistle in my All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet gives you a way to support your liver during trying times, so that you can function at your best.
So in all, you'll get ten high-grade, all-natural supplements to help you make it through any interruption in access to the doctors and pharmacies you rely on! My Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System allows you to remain in the safety of your home while still taking care of most medical needs. And if you and your family don't personally need any of the items in the kit, they are all great for bartering, or merely to reach out in the spirit of sharing to a neighbor in need.
Don't Get Left High and Dry without Access to High Quality Antibiotics
Next I want to help you prepare to fend off nearly any germ that may come your way – whether in the form of a mutant strain of the flu bug... a contagious "guest worker"... or terrorist release of a killer agent – either airborne, in the water supply, in the food chain, or by other means.
A key component of your Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System is long-term, ongoing access to nature's best, all-purpose, time-tested antibiotic! NASA relies on this same agent to purify recycled water in space, and even the Wall Street Journal has reported on its effectiveness. It's safe, it's legal, and my family members and I have kept it in our homes for several years now. For reasons I'll explain here, you need this "Plan B" in your home right now.
In the event of a widespread medical emergency, our healthcare system is simply not equipped to handle the increased demand it would face. Should you need medical care, you'll face overflowing emergency rooms, overworked healthcare professionals (many of whom already work 24 to 36 hour shifts even under normal conditions), and drug and equipment shortages. In life-threatening circumstances, you'll be left without options... unless you take steps to prepare.
Amazing NASA System Purifies Water and Produces Emergency Antibiotics Too
Absolutely nothing in the past 100 years of medicine possesses more history, laboratory testing, and testimonials as a safe alternative to antibiotics than the remedy I want to tell you about here – colloidal silver. (And if like many of my readers you already own a colloidal silver generator, getting an extra gives you one of the most desirable emergency barter items imaginable!)
Many experts hail colloidal silver as nothing short of a miracle, capable of curing infections, stopping viruses and germs cold (even lethal Anthrax spores), healing wounds, purifying water, and boosting your immune system. The U.S. space program has used silver solutions since the Apollo era. NASA's own website states unequivocally, "When these ions encounter bacteria and algae, they destroy them through an alteration in their enzyme processes."
Layman's Emergency Triage and Surgical Basics Master Kit
Yet government bureaucrats work hand-in-glove with multi-national pharmaceutical interests to conceal the documented benefits and life-protecting history of colloidal silver, pushing only biased, one-sided information. But I want you to know the whole truth.
In response, I've taken extraordinary steps to ensure that you can get a high-quality colloidal silver generator complete with silver rods and an instruction manual that provides clear, easy steps to making your colloidal silver at home or on the road.
This critically urgent component of your comprehensive Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System means you'll be able to make your own colloidal silver solution and enjoy similar protection to that enjoyed by NASA astronauts, only without the astronomical price.
Many More Exclusive Benefits Await You When You Receive My 'Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System'
The prescription replacement set and colloidal silver generator are just the beginning of all that comes with your Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System. I've gone much further to help you prepare for any number of scenarios from public health crises to a pandemic to social chaos.
It's apparent to me that very few Americans really grasp how a single disaster could unleash Third World conditions in the U.S. without notice. And one of the most marked yet overlooked differences between America and Third World nations is access to sanitary drinking water.
Worldwide deaths from water-related diseases are inadequately monitored and reported. A wide range of estimates is available in the public domain, ranging from 2 million to 12 million deaths per year, though best estimates appear to fall between 2 and 5 million deaths annually. That's a lot of dead men, women, and children for lack of a simple commodity that you and I are accustomed to getting from the tap at will.
You and I enjoy clean, sanitary drinking water due to the operation of modern water utilities and sanitary sewers. Yet as good as these facilities are, they are dependent upon several weak links – disgruntled public employees now under pressure for lavish taxpayer funded benefits... the aged electric grid (hopelessly outdated and tenuously strapped together)... and continuous, predicable water flow (neither too much nor too little), something that can never be taken for granted, especially in these times of seemingly freakish weather.
Residents of El Paso, Texas – one of the twenty most populous cities in the nation – learned this bitter lesson just a year ago. When the city's power grid collapsed, the municipal water system shut down, too. 650,000 residents were told not to shower, wash dishes, or do laundry, and were ordered to boil all drinking water. In a candid admission of the woeful status of the city's aging infrastructure, a spokeswoman for El Paso Electric Company said there are "still a lot of repairs that need to be made to power plants. We suffered a lot of damage." The triggering event here was record temperatures – not the heat that El Paso is accustomed to and 'global warming' fanatics tell us to fear, but unusually cold temps that led to frozen pipes.
My Emergency Sanitation System Puts You in the Driver's Seat
Another truly weak link in modern sanitation is sewage treatment plants. The moment any sewer plant shuts down, the clock starts ticking toward back-up, overflow, and the release of untreated sewage, often into bodies of water that serve as sources of drinking water farther downstream.
Such a scenario played out recently in the central Pennsylvania borough of Carlisle, home of the strategically important U.S. Army War College. First the power grid went down due to another common weather event, lightning. Then the borough's emergency generator – used to keep the municipal sewer plant running – caught fire and burned up after hours of continuous operation. This fire, in turn, damaged power lines within the plant. The borough issued an emergency do-not-flush order via reverse 9-1-1 calls to residents who were otherwise enjoying a Memorial Day holiday weekend. Racing against the clock, workers barely managed to restore power before a threatened raw sewage overflow that would have tainted the Susquehanna River, drinking water source for the downstream communities of York and Lancaster, PA and Havre de Grace, MD.
So please don't put your faith in municipal water utilities to be able to deliver sanitary drinking water to your home in an emergency! If they can't even handle strange weather, imagine what will happen in the event of a massive terrorist sleeper-cell attack against the U.S. water infrastructure.
You need a personal back-up plan for providing sanitary water to your family. Your first line of defense is my Colloidal Silver Water Purification System that is based on the same cleansing technology principles that have been used in U.S. spacecraft for decades. In ADDITION, I've included 50 High-Quality Water Purification Tablets in my Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System. Each tablet disinfects one liter of unsanitary water. These little survival jewels will be impossible to get once an emergency situation begins. They're great for trading if you have secured a reliable supply of potable water.
I've Gone a Step Further: You'll Also Get a Crackerjack Field Surgical Kit Designed by Elite Military Medics
Like most medical laymen I don't like the sight of blood. But if a loved one is hurt and 9-1-1 is overloaded in an emergency, or can't respond due to transportation or communications system failures or other situations such as more bad weather, I want to be able to roll up my sleeves and help.
Layman's Emergency Triage and Surgical Basics Master Kit
That's why I obtained for my own use a well-planned 78-item Layman's Emergency Triage and Surgical Basics Master Kit. I've also included one in the Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System I want to send you.
This super-handy field surgical kit was custom designed by the request of elite military units, who were looking for a more compact and lightweight kit for their daily field operations.
The Rapid Response Bag measures 11" x 6" x 6.5", and the complete kit weighs only 2.5 lbs. The bag has military grade Molly straps on the back for security and easy mobility. The contents list is comprehensive and will set you up to deal with any number of medical crises:
  • Included! – 2 Bleed Stop Bandages
  • Included! – 2 Elastic Bandage, 2"
  • Included! – 2 Sterile Sponges, 4"x4"
  • Included! – 16 Bandage Strips, 1"x3"
  • Included! – 12 Antiseptic BZK Wipes
  • Included! – 1 Triangular Bandage
  • Included! – 5 Butterfly Closure Strips
  • Included! – 2 Ammonia Inhalants
  • Included! – 1 First Aid Cream Package
  • Included! – 1 Suture Set
  • Included! – 1 Multi Trauma Dressing, 12"x30"
  • Included! – 1 Stainless Steel Hemostat
  • Included! – 12 Iodine Wipes
  • Included! – 1 Pair of Stainless Steel Tweezers
  • Included! – 1 EMT Shears
  • Included! – 3 Abdominal Pads, 5"x9"
  • Included! – 1 Set of First Aid Instructions
  • Included! – 1 Airway Opener
  • Included! – 1 Pair of Latex Examination Gloves
  • Included! – 10 Pain Relievers
  • Included! – 1 Tape, Roll Adhesive
  • Included! – 1 Tourniquet, non-pneumatic
We've Added Still More Great Items to Make the MED-E-PACK Ultra-Practical
Together, the All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet, colloidal silver generator, 50 High-Quality Water Purification Tablets, and Layman's Emergency Triage and Surgical Basics Master Kit make up a broad and deep 'tool kit' that you'll be glad to have as back-up for any number of possible medical meltdowns or public health scares.
But I've gone beyond these advanced survival supplies to include highly practical 'everyday items' – basics you and I probably take for granted in our daily lives, yet will become priceless in an emergency. Your comfort and health can benefit greatly from each of these added items...
Included! – Carefully Thought-Through Hygiene Kit
Hygiene Kit
A pillar of basic health in emergency situations is simple cleanliness. The first-rate supplies I provide include everything you need to keep clean in the field. Such as toothbrush and container, toothpaste, twin blade razor, cotton wash cloth, cotton hand towel, shampoo, shaving cream, body lotion, mini deodorant stick, mini deodorant soap, and other essential supplies for staying clean on the run. I've gone even DEEPER to meet your trading and hygiene options! My Hygiene Kit even includes a steel dental pick so that your gums and teeth can be maintained at an optimal level of hygiene and health!
Duct Tape
Included! – One Roll of All-Purpose Duct Tape
Don't laugh! Every military person, outdoorsman and survivalist who has lived in the field loves duct tape. It can be used to bind wounds, mend shoes and clothes, make stop-gap auto repairs, fix tents (or even allow you to turn household sheets into a wind breaker), and too many other applications to mention.
Included! – Polar Fleece 50 x 60 Inch Emergency Blanket
Being able to give an injured person warmth at a critical moment is a simple but essential item in my portable field hospital. Nothing beats polar fleece for being compact and lightweight yet very warm and cozy. This blanket adds very little weight to slow you down, but will help you survive and stay comfortable if you're ever forced to evacuate your home, deal with a person going into shock, or have to shelter in place without heat.
Included! – Water Packets
No other survival item is as important to sustaining life as water. That's why in addition to the two water purification options included in my Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System, I'm enclosing three 8.45 oz. "juice boxes" of emergency drinking water with convenient straws attached. Even a few sips of water can help you keep going, physically and mentally. If you find yourself out of drinking water, that's the time to grab these packets, refresh yourself, and immediately head out in search of a steady water supply. The colloidal silver generator and the water purification tablets will prove invaluable in securing a longer term supply, but these handy water boxes will keep you from getting parched in the meantime. U.S. Coast Guard Approved to provide a 72-hour supply of emergency drinking water per person and guaranteed to store safely for 5 years even in extreme conditions.
All the Tools You Need and the Information to Go with Them!
But I also want to be certain you have the information resources to handle anything that comes your way. This may actually be the most valuable part of my Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System a comprehensive library of ten manuals, reports, and white papers (their original retail value: $323.00) that will give you the inside skinny on hundreds upon hundreds of medical and personal health issues you may someday face – and many that you may even be facing today.
This home medical library includes two of the most important full-length manuals published by Independent Living
Each of these comprehensive, deeply researched manuals provides a great deal of specific, actionable information that will help you anticipate and deal with a variety of medical issues. Except for very rare bootleg copies, fully updated versions are available only through my office and nowhere else. Let me spell out just a sampling of the incredibly valuable information you'll gain.
Nature's Original Preventative Medicine. Use it to Reverse Age-Related Immune System Deterioration!
My Ultimate Immune Boosting Manual will literally show you how to reverse the clock on your immune system and restore it to a state of optimal health and super strength. Inside this comprehensive guide, you'll learn:
Ultimate Immune Boosting Manual
This is not another fad-oriented health book. Instead, it is a unique and powerful manual distilled from reams of thoroughly documented, life-saving information. It's an absolutely critical component in your Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System, and it's even more powerful when you combine it with my Establishing Your Medical Self Reliance manual (more on that newly released blockbuster manual in a moment).
The Ultimate Immune Boosting Manual reveals how your body's immune system is an easily overlooked miracle of nature. Through a series of complex mechanisms, your body is built to defend against all kinds of intruders from bacteria to viruses to toxins.
When working properly, your immune system even attacks your own cells when they start to malfunction. For example, your body may have cancerous cells that have formed, but if your immune system can kill them faster than they multiply, the cancer will die before it gets a foothold. This powerful yet unseen advantage alone is more than enough justification for you to read my Ultimate Immune Boosting Manual from cover to cover!
Your immune system locates and responds to anything harmful and works to cleanse it from your body. But, as we age, our immune systems can get tired, even overwhelmed. And, that leaves us much more vulnerable to illnesses like the cold and flu and to diseases like cancer.
A healthy, robust immune system is quite simply your very best asset during a time of crisis and during everyday life, too. Already, we're seeing around 20,000 Americans per year dying from antibiotic-resistant "super-bugs." This shocking toll includes many healthy young adults and now surpasses the annual body count for AIDS.
If you have an elderly parent in assisted living, or family members, loved ones or friends who visit hospitals or doctors' offices, or fly on airplanes, you need The Ultimate Immune Boosting Manual now so you can learn and share the secrets of avoiding antibiotic-resistant super-bugs.
Guarding Against the Growing Threat of Deadly Illness (Reader Discretion Strongly Advised)
America's border crisis has not only resulted in a sharp rise in the illegal alien population. It has created a spike in deadly diseases they've brought with them – conditions we haven't seen in this country in generations, if ever. I'm talking about some really nasty ailments like...
You do not want to face these exotic killer diseases (or those who carry them) with a weakened, underperforming immune system. For full protection from the spreading medical crisis in America, you need to get your immune system in fighting form.
My Ultimate Immune Boosting Manual makes the world a whole lot safer for you, your family, and your loved ones. It gives you the practical, completely doable solutions you need right away and to always have on hand – in order to protect yourself against today's growing plague of illnesses that can leave you blind, disfigured... or dead.
This manual is not a re-hash of the usual "eat-right-and-exercise" line you get from government bureaucrats. And, it won't turn you into a hypochondriac. What it will do is prepare you to live a healthier life in our current reality.
The Ultimate Immune Boosting Manual is divided into three parts. The first is a no-holds-barred look at how leading medical companies and the powerful medical bureaucracies that back them have unwittingly opened a Pandora's Box of virtually uncontrollable infectious diseases that now threaten U.S. citizens.
The second brings you the very latest cutting-edge research on realistic methods you can use to stave off many of today's most deadly threats. The third shows you how to protect yourself and your family from bioterror attacks, a threat that the experts say is all but inevitable.
Don't Get Crushed under Our Increasingly Dysfunctional Medical Care System
Since the Great Depression, when the federal government began taking on more and more power, government bureaucrats have been chipping away at the healthcare system bit by bit.
Establishing Your Medical Self Reliance
One regulation after another – all meant for the greater good, or so they want us to believe – has left us with a system so bloated with bureaucrats and red tape that it barely functions. The regulations have just kept piling up until the system was bound to collapse sooner or later.
Between the declining quality of care and the total invasion of your privacy whenever you interact with the medical system, you have plenty of reasons to become more self-reliant when it comes to your healthcare. It's best to be prepared for everything. And, that's just what Establishing Your Medical Self Reliance helps you do...
A Complete Medical Reference Designed for Savvy Individuals Like You
I created Establishing Your Medical Self-Reliance to bring you not just an analysis of how medical care is delivered today and what you should do to live your life to the max – right now – but what we can expect in the future and how you can position yourself to survive and even thrive in the new medical order of the 21st century.
With the many potential breaking points in the American healthcare system as we have always known it, the only way to ensure you enjoy a good quality of life will be to become more and more medically self-reliant. This doesn't mean every American suddenly has to become a doctor. But it does mean every American should understand how to properly care for his or her own health.
That's why I have put together Establishing Your Medical Self-Reliance. This mega manual will help you incorporate medical self-reliance into your daily life.
Here's just a sampling of how this comprehensive guide helps you be more self-sufficient in terms of your health and the health of those you love. Inside you'll learn:
Your Health, Your Life – Everything – Depends on You Becoming More Medically Self Reliant Now,
While You Still Can
It's imperative that you act now to protect your health and the health of those you love against any number of potential threats. You could face a crisis in your local community, or the entire healthcare system could become gridlocked... but none of it will bring you down because with my limited edition Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System, you'll be prepared.
Not only do I plan to send you your own All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet... your own colloidal silver generator and water purification tablets...your own all-inclusive field surgical kit... a copy of my complete Immune Boosting Manual... AND the comprehensive mega-manual, Establishing Your Medical Self Reliance...
...I also have a series of reports and white papers that you can use as quick references for day-to-day healthy living and in the face of medical issues or emergencies.
Additional Volumes in Your Personal Library of Life-Saving,
Emergency Health Information
Included in your Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System are seven more reports and white papers to help you complete your preparations for many different medical scenarios.
FREE! – "15 Foreign Medical Breakthroughs Most U.S. Patients Won't Know About for Years"
All Manuals and Reports
The regulatory barriers to bringing both natural and pharmaceutical remedies to the U.S. market are huge in terms of both time and money. Cost to get FDA approval of new drugs run into the tens of millions of dollars, while power-crazed bureaucrats stamp all over U.S. walnut famers (just one example of bureaucratic heavy-handedness) for daring to label their foods as naturally good for you.
But, with the help of this report, you can find out about vital new health breakthroughs happening overseas. You'll discover promising ways to lower your blood pressure, treat high cholesterol, reduce your risk of Alzheimer's, free someone you love from depression... plus many other ways to help you live a healthier, longer, more satisfying life.
FREE! – "Establishing Your Personal Prescription Drug Back-Up Supply Without Breaking the Law"
This pithy 10-page white paper reveals how to stock up on your personal prescriptions legally – so that you have assured access to critical Rx Items in the event of social chaos, supply chain breakdown, flu epidemic, bio-terror attack or public health quarantine . Information found nowhere else – researched by my top health editor and fully vetted by a licensed physician's assistant who specializes in prescription medication management. I want you to have this valuable report as my gift when you order my Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System.
FREE! – "The Shocking Government-Created Obesity and Diabetes Epidemics That Enrich Corporate Farming Interests and Pharmaceutical Giants"
Government policies may be making you fat and sluggish... if not you, certainly someone you know. In fact, you probably know lots of victims of the insidious bureaucratic policies revealed in this report. But, with what you learn inside, you'll know how to avoid the government-created health trap that's sickening more than a third of the nation.
FREE! – "Life Saving Basics: Tapping Into the Vast Array of Home Remedies"
Inside you'll discover how FDA bureaucrats systematically thwart routine preparations for bio-terrorist attacks and global outbreaks of deadly viruses... and what you can do to protect yourself. Learn the powerful infection fighters you already have right in your pantry... discover how to prepare drug alternatives from the plants that grow in your yard... and so much more. In a medical emergency, the information in this report could save the life of you or someone you love.
FREE! – "Secrets for Surviving the Coming Terrorist Germ Warfare Attacks against U.S. Population Centers"
It is now very, very easy to obtain advanced portable labs needed for a deadly bio-terror attack. Even a small scale bio-terror assault could throw the whole country into one big lockdown. (Which most security experts tell me is a matter of when, not if.) This exhaustive report gets to the heart of the risks, showing you how to identify the risks and dangers and revealing strategies you can use to protect yourself – from the lifesaving equipment you should have on hand, to the steps you should take immediately in response to such an attack. This is one report you MUST have in your library if you hope to survive a biological attack and thrive in the aftermath.
FREE! – "20 Inexpensive Items to Buy Right Now to Build a Germ Warfare 'Clean Room' in Your House"
Experts predict it's only a matter of time – maybe only months – before we're on the receiving end of a biological attack. Protecting yourself from killer bugs (or dirty bombs or chemical weapons) is remarkably simple as long as you know what to do and have the proper supplies on hand. If you wait until after an attack, you'll be too late. Take precautions now. Find out my list of 20 things you need to store in your house and how to use them to build a "clean room" if the unthinkable happens.
FREE! – "Unknown Advantages of Expatriate Medicine"
You can slash your expenses for top-flight medicine in the face of runaway medical inflation in the U.S. healthcare system. Smart people are saving 90% on heart surgery, 70% on knee operations, and even getting transplants for a fraction of the normal cost by seeking world class medical care in foreign countries. These procedures are being done in first-rate, fully-certified, cutting-edge medical facilities that are often staffed with top-notch U.S. doctors.
You need a strong medical PLAN B in the event the healthcare system becomes even more dysfunctional and you suddenly need major medical treatments. You need my well-researched Unknown Advantages of Expatriate Medicine to discover your options.
Uncertain Times Call for
Uncommon Preparation
We're living in a new era. History has never seen anything like the uncertainty we face now... the global economy unraveling, terrorists waging an ongoing war, weapons technology becoming more advanced, more deadly, and more portable than ever, and in the U.S., the government grasping for unprecedented control of basic systems like healthcare.
All the while, cancerous bureaucracies are growing out of control and demanding a greater and greater amount of information about you, your personal life, and your state of health.
Sets that make up the Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System
It's time to take notice and to start getting ready for whatever may come. With your Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System, you'll be able to rely less on the failing healthcare system – limiting how much you have to interact with the nosy bureaucracies that have infested it – and you'll be ready in the event of a disaster, no matter what shape it takes.
And so will everyone you know or care about. Especially if they are dependent on prescription drugs or easy access to pharmacies and care providers.
Imagine the peace of mind you'll gain knowing that you have the tools and the information you need to keep you, your family, and your loved ones safe and healthy when the world around you seems to be falling apart.
Order your Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System and you'll get everything you need to be prepared and to become more medically self-reliant. Let me recap the unbeatable combination of tools and manuals it includes:
All together, the entire ten-volume set of three manuals plus the seven reports and white papers carry an original retail price of $323.00
A Medical ALL-CONTINGENCY Marvel You Literally Won't Find Anywhere Else – NOWHERE ELSE
Let me restate what I've created for my use in national emergencies and its unique features and repeat why there is so much potential 'barter/leverage' in either building or acquiring this family-size service kit:
A total "must-have" with pharmacy supply chains now vulnerable and dangerous to access in times of major social disruption.
One Last Way I'm Making This Offer Super Practical for Your
Convenience in an Emergency
For added practical convenience, I've gone one step further to meet your needs in an emergency.
I've packaged all these items into a Life Secure Extreme Survival Back Pack that you can easily tote along anywhere. Or stow this sturdy 600 Denier Polyester backpack in the trunk of your car. This durable, high-visibility emergency survival backpack is outfitted with padded shoulder straps and a sternum strap for stability in motion. Designed with quick-find emergency identification and 360° high-visibility reflective safety stripes, plus a battery powered disaster beacon.
This bag alone is nearly a $39.95 value, but I've spared no expense and overlooked nothing in order to give you an Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System that will make you truly ready for anything.
So There You Have It – My Comprehensive Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System!
Now if you were to write down every health benefit, every money-saving idea, every immune boosting option, every item for backing up your medical security and self-reliance, and every medical insight given in this letter and take that long list to your doctor (or any doctor) and ask him to match this offer, you can expect a cold, blank stare in return. If not a hearty belly laugh!
All items in the Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System
My Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System
is jam-packed with everything medical
you need during an emergency
Today's M.D.s are simply not educated, trained, or prepared to help us protect ourselves against the very real medical threats that you and I and our families face.
But I am. I've devoted untold hours of personal research to pulling this Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System together for you.
I have personally spoken with the U.S.A.-based suppliers of the resources that are in this system. I have assigned my top researchers and health editors to vet these products and the benefits associated with each.
But I've gone one step beyond due diligence. I've searched the marketplace and found zero sources for the combination of products and benefits in my Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System. This offer is unique in the marketplace. I've built only 300 units for ONLY my high-end subscribers who go the extra mile when it comes to advanced preparation.
You could budget to spend thousands of dollars to lock up your future medical security and never find an offer to match what I've put together for you today.
If you compare this offer with the many other ways you spend your healthcare dollar – insurance premiums, a year's worth of co-pays, prescription drug costs, long-term care coverage – you'd be well justified in spending $1,499 to get your Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System.
No one could fault you for investing as much as $1,299. And you'd likely to be very satisfied to find all this for as little as $999.
But I'm not going to ask my cherished readers to shell out anything like this kind of money, even though the Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System is essential to have and available nowhere else – a virtual monopoly, if you will, unless you want to try to do all this work and research yourself, and then negotiate to get bulk prices as I have for my readers.
20% Off
Today Only!

Free Shipping!
Instead, my price to you is a mere $497 $397 and shipping is COMPLETELY FREE. I think you'll agree that's a small price to pay for such a comprehensive system. Complete peace of mind has never come at such a bargain price!
My supplies are limited, so please order now. I'll fill orders on a first-come, first-served basis. I would hate to see your name on a waiting list when an incident occurs and you need these resources NOW.
Remember, virtually every offer I make comes with a full and complete guarantee. If you're unsatisfied, you can return your Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System in good condition within 30 days for a full refund.
Click the order button below... or call my 24-hour toll-free order line at 1-877-371-1807 to order by credit card for immediate shipment.
Incredible Free Shipping Offer!!
Free Shipping!
It's entirely possible you'll want to secure more than one of my Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical Systems. If you own a business, a second home, or an RV, you may wish to have one there. If you have loved ones, an extended family, or key employees and associates you want to protect, you may consider outfitting them with their own units; you can bet it will be one of the most thoughtful and memorable gifts they've ever received!
So whether you elect to order one, two, three, or even four units, each and every one is shipped free. This can be a substantial savings – the shipping weight on each Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical Systems is significant.
The most important thing is to take care of this matter now. It would be impossible for me to have one of these fully developed units in stock at any given time for each and every one of my loyal subscribers. And while I do have an inventory of units on hand at this time, they will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis, and could sell out at any time. Acting promptly is your only assurance against disappointment or being placed on a waiting list.
I'm certain you'll be happy to have this comprehensive system at your fingertips. And congratulations in advance for making a wise decision to protect yourself and those you love. It's one of the most important steps you'll ever take toward becoming self-reliant and being prepared for anything.
These Are Great Limited-Edition Emergency Field Hospitals
There are only 300 Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System units in existence. No one else builds them, and I know that for a fact because I designed it for my personal use in national emergencies and could find the equivalent nowhere else.
I know that most people aren't serious enough preppers to get or build their own Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical Systems for their families. But something tells me you and a few others are.
Take a moment to order your own Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System right now. There are only a handful in existence, and they will be priceless in any emergency, or even for routine use.
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One last thing: CLAIM YOUR SPEED ORDER BONUS: If you are among the first 99 people to place your order, you get a FREE COPY of the 182-page book, 25 Medical Tests Your Doctor Should Tell You About...And 15 You Can Do Yourself. This bonus item alone could save your life, or that of a loved one.
  Yours in Smart and Advanced Preparation,
Lee Bellinger
Lee Bellinger, Publisher
Independent Living
Here are three easy ways to place your order – I urge you to pick the one that's easiest for you to take care of right now, because I have only a limited number of units in stock and ready to go. You do not want to put this off. Once my current inventory sells out – or if any type of national or major regional crisis strikes – resupplying could take weeks if not months. The reasons for acting right now are compelling.
Because we live in such uncertain, unpredictable, and unstable times, I've put substantial resources into researching and developing a comprehensive system designed to help you stay healthy at home during a crisis. Every family should have access to my brand new Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System.
Let me sum up the comprehensive list of items I've pulled together for you – an offer that I guarantee you've never seen before and won't find anywhere else...
  • Included! – My long shelf life All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet with ten safe, natural supplements to help you get by in event you lose access to your usual Rx.
  • Included! – Fifty water purification tablets to assure safe drinking water no matter what.
  • Included! – Our very popular, time-tested colloidal silver generator so you can easily and quickly make your own antibiotic, anti-viral remedy in case of pandemic disease, or just to add a valuable line of defense in case you cannot obtain antibiotics through the usual means.
  • Included! – The jam-packed, medic-designed emergency field surgical kit, my Layman's Emergency Triage and Surgical Basics Master Kit – that's virtually overflowing with potentially lifesaving supplies, from high-grade surgical tools to all manner of wound care bandages, elastic compression bandages, antiseptic swabs, breathable tape, and more.
  • Included! – Emergency 'basics' such as a 50 by 60 inch polar-fleece blanket, a personal hygiene kit, a roll of duct tape, and three "juice boxes" of purified, long-lasting drinking water.
  • FREE! – Plus our exclusive library of ten hard-to-find publications – two full-length, potentially lifesaving medical manuals plus seven medical reports and white papers. A total retail value of $323.00!
    • FREE! – You also get your own copy of The Ultimate Immune Boosting Manual: The Totally Comprehensive Guide to Fend Off the Growing Epidemic of Antibiotic-Resistant "Super-Bugs" and Horrible Third World Diseases Coming Across U.S. Borders, your complete guide to building a strong, healthy immune system – your best insurance policy against the rampant and deadly diseases that are already quietly invading our population.
    • FREE! – And, you'll receive Establishing Your Medical Self Reliance: How to Safeguard Your Health in the Age of Socialized Medicine, Healthcare Rationing, and Worsening Care, a comprehensive medical manual that will put you on the path to self-reliant healthcare.
    • FREE! – 15 Foreign Medical Breakthroughs That Most U.S. Patients Won't Know About for Years
    • FREE! – Establishing Your Personal Prescription Drug Back-Up Supply Without Breaking the Law
    • FREE! – The Shocking Government-Created Obesity and Diabetes Epidemics that Enrich Corporate Farming Interests and Pharmaceutical Giants
    • FREE! – Life Saving Basics: Tapping Into the Vast Array of Home Remedies
    • FREE! – Secrets for Surviving the Coming Terrorist Germ Warfare Attacks against U.S. Population Centers
    • FREE! – 20 Inexpensive Items to Buy Right Now to Build a Germ Warfare "Clean Room" in Your House
    • FREE! – Unknown Advantages of Expatriate Medicine
  • Included! – And to make it all as convenient as possible for you, we've packaged the entire system in a quality Life Secure Extreme Survival Back Pack. The bag is sturdy, portable, and designed to be highly-visible and easy-to-find in emergency situations. Its battery powered signalling beacon and 360-degree reflective safety stripes mean you'll be able to locate it immediately when seconds count and you need quick access to the life-saving, health-enhancing products it contains.
Add it all up and you've got the Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System – a fabulous line of defense for you and your loved ones for the day that pandemic flu hits our nation... when socialized medicine makes timely access to a doctor impossible... when tenuous pharmacy supply chains and retail outlets shut down... or when social chaos makes leaving your home simply not worth the risk. It's very, very smart insurance indeed!
Please order right now while I still have units in stock – and remember, SHIPPING IS FREE:
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Off-the-Grid Emergency Medical System
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  • Included! All-Contingency Rx Replacement Medicine Cabinet ($127.90 Value)
  • Included! Colloidal Silver Generator ($179 Value)
  • Included! 50 High-Quality Water Purification Tablets ($5.95 Value)
  • Included! Layman's Emergency Triage and Surgical Basics Master Kit ($67.75 Value)
  • Included! Hygiene Kit ($67.75 Value)
  • Included! 50 by 60 Inch Polar-Fleece Blanket ($5 Value)
  • Included! Juice Box Water Supply ($5 Value)
  • Included! Roll of Duct Tape ($5 Value)
  • Included! Life Secure Extreme Survival Back Pack ($59 Value)
  • FREE! Gift #1: The Ultimate Immune Boosting Manual ($59 Value)
  • FREE! Gift #2: Establishing Your Medical Self Reliance ($69 Value)
  • FREE! Gift #3: Colloidal Silver: The Life-Protecting Wonder They Refuse to Tell You About ($69 Value)
  • FREE! Gift #4: 15 Foreign Medical Breakthroughs That Most U.S. Patients Won't Know About for Years ($21 Value)
  • FREE! Gift #5: Establishing Your Personal Prescription Drug Back-Up Supply Without Breaking the Law ($18 Value)
  • FREE! Gift #6: The Shocking Government-Created Obesity and Diabetes Epidemics that Enrich Corporate Farming Interests and Pharmaceutical Giants ($18 Value)
  • FREE! Gift #7: Life Saving Basics: Tapping Into the Vast Array of Home Remedies ($22 Value)
  • FREE! Gift #8: Secrets for Surviving the Coming Terrorist Germ Warfare Attacks against U.S. Population Centers ($19 Value)
  • FREE! Gift #9: 20 Inexpensive Items to Buy Right Now to Build a Germ Warfare "Clean Room" in Your House ($22 Value)
  • FREE! Gift #10: Unknown Advantages of Expatriate Medicine ($19 Value)
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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