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Your Home's Emergency
Save 15-70% on My One-Time
"Getting-Started" Special
I Have Only a Limited Number of "Deep Pantry" Long-Life Food Reserve Units in Stock – You Order, We Ship. First-Come, First-Served Only.
  • How to put away 15-70% more long-life food stores for your money.
  • The most calories and servings per dollar – we beat everyone!
  • Delicious emergency food with a 20+ year shelf life!
  • Great tasting food, not awful-to-eat MREs!
Dear Concerned Individual:
In the politest possible way I need to say something...
"If you have not yet secured at least a 30-day emergency food reserve to back-stop your household, you need to get this 'to-do' item checked off immediately."
Not having high quality, super-long-life food stores in your "deep pantry" is a fundamental mistake. It really is.
It's just downright irresponsible to put this one off. Grocery stores have a mere 72-hour supply chain, which leaves them totally susceptible to being emptied even by a modest 'run' on their stocks.
I keep at least six months of long-lasting high-quality emergency food reserves in my house at all times. If you don't have at least enough long-lasting emergency food to comfortably tide yourself over for 30 days or more, you are dangerously vulnerable to whatever comes from the mounting social unrest and financial mayhem unfolding daily in this country.
This is a commonsense, smart, prudent, defensive step that people who pay attention are taking in larger and larger numbers.
So please don't make me nag. You know you need to get this done. I will help.
I Don't Need to Dwell on the Importance of Securing a Long-Term-Storage Emergency Food Reserve
I could spend hours re-capping why you need to get a high quality "survive in place" emergency food reserve now. One that you can keep in your house indefinitely. Ready for use at a moment's notice, with no compromise in shelf-life, utility, taste, or nutritional value.
Suffice it to say that this country's fundamentals are under great stress. Massive unemployment. Shaky government finances. Roving teen flash-mobs. Breakdown of infrastructure. Widespread social anger. And a shockingly high potential for martial law.
Other "survive-in-place" situations where you'll want a ready supply of great comfort food at the back of your pantry include emergency health quarantines, population curfews in the wake of a major terror attack, rampant looting of grocery stores, a hyperinflationary breakdown, or just unexpected supply chain disruptions and shortages.
Of course, when I recently took a close look at what passes for "emergency food" rations on the market today, I have to admit that your putting this issue off up until now is understandable.
Most Emergency Food Buyers Pay 15-70%
Too Much for "30-Day" Packages
I have researched this market exhaustively on your behalf. The first thing I found is that most first-time emergency food buyers pay a whopping 15-70% more than they need to. Just slap the words "emergency food preparation" together and many long-storage food pack sellers seem to think that those who plan ahead are a bunch of idiots who can't add.
But I am a longtime specialty publisher and retailer for discerning customers who appreciate numbers and insist on added value. And know how to press for answers when something just does not add up.
That's why I and my researchers ordered four 30-day emergency food supply offerings by major distributors. Then we broke down the components of each pack and compared them very closely. The detailed results of our investigation were shocking...
A few hours compiling the number of calories and servings with a simple pocket calculator provided devastating evidence that most people pay WAY too much money for too few emergency foods. More on this in a moment.
Second off, our hands-on analysis revealed the emergency food supply industry to be dominated by over-promisers and border-line unscrupulous operators. I say that because in my analysis of 4 significant national suppliers and their offerings, I discovered that far too many first-time buyers of emergency food stashes get roped into "package deals" to end up with a whole lot fewer calories than they would actually use in 30 days.
I was frankly horrified. I'll share the behind-the-scenes stuff of our investigation later on. I suggest you stick around for the details because it involves a whole lot of money. Especially in terms of savings for YOU.
In fact, I'll show you how to obtain a 30-day reserve of long-shelf-life, high-quality emergency food with a 20+ year shelf life virtually for free! I apologize in advance that this may sound "too good to be true," but stick with me and I'll prove it.
More about that at the end of this letter. Now it's time to share my solution with you. Here's the back story...
I Scoured The Marketplace
For 30-Day Emergency Food Supplies.
What I Discovered Turned My Stomach...
I recently conducted an intensive internet search for 30-day emergency survival food kits. Not only that, I assigned two of my best researchers to the project because I didn't want to risk overlooking anything.
What I expected to find was plenty of easy options to secure my own personal 30-day stash of emergency food simply by whipping out my credit card. Instead, what the three of us actually discovered was, frankly, a shock to us all.
In addition to costing a whopping 15-70% MORE than the true 30-day emergency food reserve package I want to send you, much of the "food" offered by these four major suppliers is more suited for the USDA's "free cheese" handout program than for successful Americans who have earned and come to expect a wholesome, delicious, satisfying meal three times a day.
Of course, we did find plenty of companies that would be happy to take our money in exchange for some quantity of emergency food supplies. Some offer freeze dried foods. Some have canned foods. Some use pouches. Some are vacuum sealed, some are not. Lots of options, indeed.
But I say "some quantity" – the variation in what different sources dub a "30-day supply" is remarkably wide. And yet every one of them we could find seem to have one thing in common – they all fall woefully short of meeting the basic guideline of 2,000 calories per person per day.
Most 30-Day Food Suppliers Parade Meager "Mystery Meat" Rations As "Gourmet" – And Still Come Up Way Short Of A Month's Worth Of Calories
What these suppliers peddle as a "30-day supply" is only going to last you 10, 21, or 25 days at the most – unless you skip quite a few meals, go on "half rations," or simply go hungry several days a week. I'm sorry, skipping meals during times of crisis and stress is just not an option I'm willing to subject myself or my family to, much less recommend to my readers!
There's another troubling factor at work here – the abysmal quality of some of the chintzy ingredients that are being passed off as "gourmet" survival food. Take one leading national company's offering of Chicken Teriyaki, Creamy Chicken Pasta, and Chicken a la King. Sounds yummy, right? Just one problem – none of these items contains a single speck of actual chicken. Instead, they're made with soy protein and mysterious flavorings, such as "a la King sauce," according to the official list of label ingredients.
The practice of using faux meat is not exclusive to this one nationally recognized emergency food distributor – in fact it's almost standard operating procedure throughout the emergency food industry. Another emergency food outfit sells "Imitation Beef Flavored Bits" – though I have to give them credit for at least putting the word imitation on the label. Another offering is "chicken fricassee" made with "chicken flavored meat substitute" (soy) and yes, one actual poultry-based ingredient – chicken fat.
Okay, I am not feeding this stuff to my family. And certainly not at those high prices.
Just Because Times Get Rough
Doesn't Mean You Have To 'Rough It'
Lee and Donna Enjoy Cooking Their Emergency Food Reserve Together
The simple act of cooking together can help you keep
your focus in a crisis. Foods you prepare yourself are
a lot more satisfying than pre-packaged,
freeze-dried mixes or MREs.
In times of crisis – social chaos, supply chain disruption, natural disaster, martial law, roving looters, or public health quarantine – keeping your morale up while you fuel your body is a critical survival skill.
Yes, the human body can survive on "rations" – hardtack, surplus MREs, non-perishable foodstuffs that appear to have been created for the Apollo moon program; textured soy protein and chicken fat will keep you physically alive in an absolute emergency.
But my standards are higher than that, and I know yours are too. That's why my staff and I decided to create our own lineup of emergency food that you would actually enjoy eating in a non-emergency to deepen our pantries with.
After all, when your emergency food provisions eventually get closer to their expiration dates in the distant future, you want to be able to enjoy them and not just toss your investment away!
A properly thought through emergency food reserve for your house offers so much more than mere physical survival. Good tasting emergency provisions that feed your mind, your heart, and your soul as well as your body. Obtaining a smartly designed, long-shelf-life food reserve can save you big bucks. And the enjoyable-to-eat foods I have carefully chosen fit the bill way better than anything else on the market, as my choices are far more moderate in cost and high in calories.
After doing hours of research, I ordered survival food samples from numerous national distributors. When they finally arrived, I spread out the samples on a conference table and started reading labels and all the fine print. Then I took the most promising samples home and prepared them for my family and a house guest.
My requirements for creating my personal emergency food reserve were:
  • It had to be real foods that my family and I would actually enjoy eating and even serving to guests. Foods that could be mainstay items in my pantry or foods I could simply chose to reserve for emergencies.
  • The total calorie count had to be at least 2,000 per day (which ruled out all available "30-day survival food kits" we found).
  • It had to be as easy to store and prepare as our everyday foods.
  • It had to have a virtually indefinite shelf life, so I could essentially forget it's there... but still have the quiet satisfaction that I've got my bases covered.
  • It had to be value priced, not inflated by too much hype and fancy packaging.
The Emergency Food Reserve Neatly Placed Inside of Lee's Cabinets at Home
Stocking your pantry with my Maximum Shelf Life
Emergency Food Reserve provides essential food
security for uncertain times. And they'll never go to
waste – just use them up and replace them when
they approach their expiration dates, more than 20
years away in most cases.
I had one more requirement. Every item had to be readily available from reliable suppliers so that I could order enough emergency food units in bulk to share with my most value-oriented readers. Because as you know, I don't just tell you that you need to become more self-reliant – I actually help you do it.
Here is the line-up we created – a cart-full of items that ensure a balanced diet and will get you through a pinch for a full 30 days – the absolute minimum period you need to be prepared for. I call it my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve.
The list goes like this: (Note: unlike some of the commercial sources of long shelf life comfort food I found online, I'm putting the calorie counts right up front, not burying them in the fine print; check my math and you'll see that I'm giving you a full 2,196 calories per day, comfortably above the minimum daily requirement for an adult.)
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #1:
Hugely Popular Macaroni & Cheese
I live in the south, where the food landscape is dominated by barbecue joints, mom & pop diners, and soul food places. What's one comfort food you'll find on the menu in all three? Macaroni and cheese! The 50 ounce, #10 can of mac 'n' cheese in my new Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve comprises 18 servings of 255 calories each.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #2:
USDA-Inspected Whole Eggs
It's hard to beat eggs for total nutrition. After all, every egg contains 100% of the nutrients needed to bring one living chicken into the world! Each 48 oz., #10 can contains the dried equivalent of nine dozen eggs; only the shell and the water have been removed. That's 96 servings at 84 calories each. By the way, every #10 can in my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve comes with its own snug-fitting plastic lid, making each can re-sealable and vastly extending shelf life even after the original seal is broken.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #3:
Fantastic Brownie Mix
Just the aroma of brownies baking in the oven is enough to spread cheer throughout the house! You'll get enough mix in an 84 oz., #10 can to make three cake-pan size sheets of about 20 brownies each (166 calories per brownie). If your oven is out of commission in a power outage, I found instructions for baking perfect brownies on a gas grill! Instructions are included in your copy of my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve Recipe Book.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #4:
Delicious and Nutritious Split Green Peas
Stay with me, because this may be one food you turned your nose up at as a kid. The fact is, split green peas are the plant equivalent of eggs. They are loaded with low-fat calories and are a great source of protein. If you don't like the texture, you can puree them until smooth or add more water for great home-made soup. The 92 oz., #10 can has 53 servings of 148 calories each.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #5:
Sweet and Tasty Dried Banana Slices
We taste-tested dried banana chips versus dried apple slices in the office. Dried apples tend to lose their flavor, but drying bananas seems to intensify the flavor. Each #10 can gives you 36 one-ounce servings of 147 calories each.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #6:
Healthy and Warming Quick Rolled Oats
Picture a steaming bowl of oatmeal. Now that's a cheery breakfast for adverse times! Add brown sugar from your pantry – or the previously mentioned banana chips. 104 calories per serving, 42 servings per 40 oz., #10 can. Shelf life? Indefinite.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #7:
Real and Pleasant to Eat Potato Flakes
Most Americans eat at least one serving of potatoes daily. Your 30-day supply of potato flakes (30 oz., # 10 can) amounts to 41 servings of 80 calories each.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #8:
Versatile Instant Non-Fat Milk Crystals
74 servings, 80 calories each in a 60 oz., # 10 can. This makes a total of eight #10 cans in my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve, but I still have more great items to tell you about.
Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve item #9:
A 21-bean Mega-Gourmet Health-Enhancing Blend
In the course of our research, we came across a specialty food wholesaler that supplies high-end restaurants with gourmet foods such as Kobe beef rib-eyes and pricey Australian rock lobster tails. But there's one little gem on their price list that's ultra-high in nutrition and taste and very competitive in cost – their 21-bean gourmet blend.
21-Bean Mega-Gourmet
120 servings in a 10-pound bag of beans,
increased by more than 100% after hydrating.
Beans pack a nutritional punch combining vegetable protein, B vitamins, and minerals.  This blend brings together a whopping twenty one conventional and heirloom varieties, with a range of colors, flavors, textures, and natural phytochemical nutrients.  This true gourmet bean blend contains: Dried Anasazi, Cannellini, Jacobs Cattle/Trout, Flageolet, Maine Yellow Eye, Appaloosa, Black Turtle, Cranberry (aka Borlotti), Rattlesnake and Tongues of Fire beans. The 10-lb. supply comes in a heavy-duty clear-blue plastic bag, but if you open the bag and pour them out into clean, dry Mason jars (screwing the lids on tightly), they'll make an attractive element of your kitchen decor until you need to use them. Makes 120 servings, 120 calories each.
"Canned Spiced Ham," two 12-oz cans
I respect health-conscious people who have adopted a vegetarian lifestyle. But I am not a vegetarian and don't plan to become one, even temporarily during a crisis. So I decided to supplement my emergency food reserve with meat – and I mean real meat, not chicken fat, reconstituted meat flakes, or textured, artificially flavored soy protein.
After checking dozens of options, the choice became very clear. There's a tasty, high-protein, all-meat product on the market that's been taste-tested and enjoyed by millions of Americans for over seven decades. The chief ingredient is pork shoulder. Officially, it's canned spiced ham. Now don't laugh when I tell you this, because this American-made spiced ham product has been the butt of many jokes... you probably know this product by its commercial name – Spam®.
Spam is popular for several good reasons. It's is known worldwide as a convenient source of meat in a can. It brings you the most long-shelf-life meat for the money and has an almost cult-like following. I've supplemented my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve with two 12-ounce cans of calorie-dense spiced ham. The accompanying recipe book includes numerous serving suggestions. Bottom line: 6 servings per 12-ounce can, 180 calories per serving.
Our Emergency Food Reserve vs. Competitor - Prices and Calorie Count
As I mentioned earlier, there really is no other 30-day "e-food" supply out there that compares with my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve, which weighs in at 65,878 calories. That's 2,196 calories per day to meet the nutritional needs of the typical adult. And in just a moment, I'm going to tell you how to get your very own Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve virtually for free!
Here are the calorie counts of the other "30-day" emergency food supplies my staff and I were able to locate. See for yourself how they stack up against your body's need for 2,000 calories per day:
Brand A: 615 calories per day. (Cost: $197)
According to WebMD, that's not enough to feed a 2-year-old.
Brand B: 1,440 calories per day. (Cost: $265)
Just pick eight days out of the month to go hungry and this plan may work out.
Brand C: 1,545 calories per day. (Cost: $422)
This is okay if you want to use the emergency to go on a 30-day crash diet.
Brand D: 1,725 calories per day. (Cost: $197)
Closer but still not enough to meet the nutritional needs of the average adult.
Average these four together and you get 1,332 calories per day (one-third less than the 2,000 you need for good nutrition). The average cost is $270 for what they call a 30-day supply (though it's really only 10 to 25 days). In a moment you'll see that there's no comparison to the value you'll get in my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve, but first let me tell you about some bonuses I've arranged for you to receive.
Our Emergency Food Reserve gives 65% more calories per day than competitors!
How To Get Your Emergency 30-Day Food Reserve Unit Virtually For Free!
You see, I can supply you with something that Companies A, B, C, and D above cannot – valuable, practical, actionable information. In fact, I've specialized for nearly 25 years in providing useful information to help savvy individualists become more self-sufficient. So with your Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve, you'll receive these bonuses:
Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half!
BONUS GIFT #1: Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half! This white paper is written to help my valued readers avoid one of the most colossal wastes of money committed by millions of consumers every week – doing all your food shopping in conventional grocery stores! Today's supermarket is specifically designed to get you to spend more money while taking home less food. You have to be a very disciplined shopper to avoid the traps they've set for you in every aisle!
In Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half!, I turn the tables and put you back in control. As with the items that are in my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve (a full set of which is now in my own home's pantry), I have personally implemented the steps outlined in this white paper and can tell you that my tactics for buying quality food at dramatically lower prices works. You'll start saving on your grocery bill the first week. It's got serious money-saving and value-enhancing information you'll want to share with family and friends right away.
Save about $20 a week (easy to do) and you'll pay for your Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve in just ten weeks. That essentially makes your emergency foods purchase free! No other emergency food source can touch this offer!
Smart Hoarding 101
BONUS GIFT #2: Smart Hoarding 101 This second free white paper is your comprehensive guide to stocking up for a wide variety of scenarios that have the potential to play out in our nation – or in your neighborhood.
It covers how to protect yourself against shortages and price spikes in essential items like drinking water, vitamin supplements, basic tools and equipment, and even fuel. Readers of my complimentary e-newsletter service, the Ready-for-Anything Report, recently read how an early season snow storm led to long lines at gasoline stations – in New Hampshire, a state that typically takes winter storms in stride. It just goes to show that sudden shortages of essential items can pop up anywhere at any time. With this white paper in hand, you'll be prepared for any eventuality.
BONUS GIFT #3: Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve Cookbook – I don't want to leave you scratching your head over what to do with a set of #10 cans – each of which is larger than most other canned items in your pantry, even a large can of coffee. This cookbook will help you use your emergency foods efficiently and wisely, with delicious recipes to suit everyone in your family. I'm glad to include it as my gift, in appreciation for your purchase.
Emergency Comfort Food Reserve Cookbook
Each Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve unit is designed to feed one adult for 30 full days. Simply order one set for each member of your household and gain the peace of mind in knowing that you are better prepared for a crisis.
The cost for each Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve is affordably priced at only $199. Please note how favorably this compares with the average price of $270 from the companies I mentioned earlier – even though they give you only two-thirds the number of calories you need per day, when by comparison my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve gives you even more than the full daily complement of 2,000 calories.
You'll get the three bonus reports just mentioned, including Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half! which can literally pay you back your purchase price in just a few weeks (and after that, you're actually making a profit)! You'll also get a complimentary 12-month subscription to Independent Living newsletter, America's largest self-reliance advisory.
Even better, I'll "eat" all the additional shipping costs if you order two, three, or four food reserve units. This free shipping offer is a bigger deal than you might think – especially if you want to get a true 30-day supply for other members of your family – because my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve units are considerably heavier and bulkier than the calorie-scarce "30-day" emergency food stashes offered by other national distributors of crisis food essentials.
FREE SHIPPING for Your Second, Third, and Fourth Food Reserve Units
I've taken one more step to make this offer irresistible for you. Let me re-state this: You pay absolutely no shipping for your second, third, or fourth set of my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve. Each lasts one grown adult a FULL 30 days. You pay a reasonable shipping and handling fee one time on your first unit, then we pay for shipping on up to three additional sets.
(Due to inventory constraints, orders for five or more 30-day food reserve units may be delayed so we can assure that every subscriber gets at least one kit right away. Thanks for understanding! But anticipating strong demand, we are prepared to ship up to four of my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve units per order at the present time, which not only saves you on shipping, but protects you against any price increases that may be passed along by the many suppliers we rely on to be able to bring you this unique and comprehensive kit.)
And remember, with food prices in the supermarket soaring (sometimes in the form of fancy packaging to conceal smaller portions), my Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve unit is also a GREAT inflation play. It consists of delicious long shelf life foods you can actually cook and use in the normal course. Which means they will not go to waste under any circumstances!
My Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve units beat supermarket prices hands down while totally "skunking" all major emergency 30-day food suppliers on the market – especially when it comes to providing you with more high-quality calories for the dollar than anyone else.
No "Mystery Meat" Surprises In Anything I Sell or Use Myself, Thank You
Cooked 21-bean Mega-Gourmet and the Rest of the Emergency Food Reserve
These foods are in stock and ready to ship. However
in any type of national or large-scale regional crisis,
emergency provisions sell out fast. Order today
and cross this essential preparation step
off your to-do list!
My Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve units are completely different from what so many mass-based national emergency food distributors sell to the general public. My hands on research conclusively shows even the most popular suppliers pack their overpriced "gourmet" offerings with dubious ingredients such as chicken fat and other mystery meats – stuff you would never serve your family except in moments of severe desperation.
That's it! I've done the homework, the research, the quality control and the legwork to get this done for you. I negotiated volume discounts from quality suppliers so I could create a great deal for my readers – a deal that no other supplier I know of can even hold a candle to!
Look, if you don't want to obtain a Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve unit from me, at least get some contingency rations from someone. You can even use the research I described earlier – in which we bought and evaluated the 30-day offerings of four major emergency food distributors – to launch your own search for value. All that matters is that you get your house completely provisioned ASAP with at least 30 days of great, long-shelf life food reserves.
Delay Glitches Are Already Affecting
Many Emergency Food Distributors
I noticed significant delays in delivery from two of the four national distributors we ordered from. Sometimes it took three weeks to get my stuff. Some friends have reported waiting six weeks for an emergency survival delivery.
When you order the Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve system from me, these units are in-stock and ready to go. You may expect prompt delivery from me. If we run out, we won't accept your order; we'll notify you and if you wish, place you at the front of the line to get your emergency food supply as soon as we can re-stock.
But that's also why you must hurry. Once the limited number of units I am offering right now are gone, we won't accept any more orders until we can replenish our inventory.
With so many threats on the horizon that could instantly cut off your family's access to groceries, putting away a basic 30-day supply of long-lasting food is not a luxury, it's a necessity. So stock your shelves with great-tasting, long-life macaroni and cheese, brownie mix, gourmet dried beans, dried fruits and vegetables, real meat and more – order your Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve today!

Lee Bellinger,
Publisher, Independent Living

Emergency Food Reserve Cookbook
P.S. Don't put this off. It just makes good sense to have a long-term food contingency plan, and with the super value deal I have put together, you no longer have any excuse!
In my letter, I told you how you can get my 30-day Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve virtually for free! Plus it's the only 30-day emergency food supply we know of that meets your full nutritional requirement of 2,000 calories per day and is based on actual comfort food and real ingredients. And most items store safely for more than 20 years! I told you how you'll get three free gifts, plus how you can get free shipping when ordering more than one unit.
The time to act is now – before an emergency strikes. Here are two ways to order:
  1. Call my 24-hour toll-free order line at 1-877-371-1807 (provide offer code: FOOD MOVIE).
  2. Or click and choose how many you wish to buy below!
A single 30-day Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve unit (complete with two great reports plus a how-to recipe book) costs a mere $199. AND REMEMBER, YOU GET FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR SECOND, THIRD, AND FOURTH UNITS!
Order Today, and I'll throw in a complimentary 12-month subscription to Independent Living newsletter, America's largest self-reliance advisory.
Time is of the essence. The potential for social instability is at its highest point since 1968. Radicals in the streets. Antiquated power infrastructure. Widespread poverty and runs on stores. And government officials just waiting for a crisis to crack down. Don't wait for events to leave you unprepared.
Preparation means action in advance.
And that moment is now
Exclusive 30-Day Emergency Food Reserve Package
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Now Only: $247
  • Included! 30-Day Emergency Food Reserve Package
  • Included! 12 Issues of Independent Living
  • FREE! Bonus Gift #1: Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half! (expanded 2013 edition)
  • FREE! Bonus Gift #2: Smart Hoarding 101
  • FREE! Bonus Gift #3: Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve Cookbook
  • FREE shipping on 4 or more!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Maximum Shelf Life Emergency Food Reserve

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