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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

Immigration Activists Protect Domestic Abuser From Deportation
This happened in California recently. A man from India, here as an immigrant, was beating his wife. He was brought[...]
Police Have Their Hands on a New Secret Cellphone Tracking Technology
It’s called Stingray. What this technology does is “impersonate” cell phone towers, which means it can trick cell phones into[...]
Liberals Running Amok in Chicago
Well, that’s hardly news. But the latest way liberals are running amok is news. This is one of the crazier[...]
IRS Going After Conservatives Was a Bigger Deal Than Obama Let On
Remember, under the Obama administration, how the IRS became weaponized. It started harassing conservative groups applying for non-profit status. Asking[...]
Downed Tree = Downed Power
It doesn’t take much to trigger a lengthy and widespread power outage.  This week, it’s wind storms in Southern California.[...]
Doomsday Bunkers for the Super Rich
Since Trump became president, spending on building survival shelters has gone up by 300 percent. Plenty of people are worried[...]

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