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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

What Happened in Charlottesville?
This was a sad week. A white supremacist rally in Charlottesville Virginia turned violent. And deadly. Protesters and counter protesters[...]
North Korea’s Saber Rattling – Reminder to Prepare
Tensions are on the rise between North Korea and the U.S. Just a few days ago, President Trump warned North[...]
Under Democrats and Republicans, Government Grows
What does the Department of Agriculture (USDA) do exactly? Its main two programs are food stamps and sending subsidies to[...]
I Wonder Who Will Give Up Their Guns?
Since the Freddie Gray riots two years ago, crime in the city of Baltimore has spiked. The homicide rate in[...]
Artificial Sweeteners Are Making You Fat
When foods are labeled with words like “diet” and “reduced sugar,” it sounds promising. It gives you the hope that[...]
The Anatomy of a Fake News Cycle
In case there was any doubt, new evidence has come to light that CNN has been pushing the story that[...]

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