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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

Surviving a Mass Shooting
Mass shootings are rare events. But they can happen anywhere, their timing is completely unpredictable, and you could find yourself[...]
Kneeling Against… What Exactly?
If you don’t live in a cave, you probably noticed the recent uproar in the NFL over people kneeling during[...]
Twenty Percent Ready to Shut Down Free Speech
“Speech is violent. We won’t be silent.” When Ben Shapiro recently spoke at U.C. Berkley, it cost $600,000 to provide[...]
Global Warming Alarmists Think Irma Is the End of the World
We’re smack in the middle of hurricane season. And after 12 years with no major hurricanes hitting the United States,[...]
Constitution Under Attack
I’ve warned so many times that while the left is the biggest threat to freedom in this nation… the right[...]
Cash = Privacy
And when you can’t buy things with cash, your privacy will be gone. The IRS, the FBI, big corporations, online[...]

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