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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

Portland Homeless Get Violent
Businesses are fleeing downtown Portland left and right. The liberal Oregon city’s growing homeless population has made keeping the doors[...]
Ready-for-Anything Lessons Out of Puerto Rico
When you think about a “stuff hits the fan” situation, does your mind run to a major grid collapse or[...]
If I Hear About One More College “Safe Space”
I’ve got to be honest. I worry about the future. The generation of adults just entering college and the work[...]
Mattis Warns Trump About North Korea EMP Threat
This week, President Trump heads to Asia. In its recent Party Congress, an event that happens once every five years,[...]
Is Your Grocery Store Making You Sick?
When you enter your grocery store, you might not realize you’re exposing yourself to germs, food borne illnesses and other[...]
Can Facebook Swing Elections?
The data suggest that it can. And not just Facebook. Google. The mainstream media. Twitter. They all have the power[...]

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