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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

Judge Who Blocks Trumps Temporary Ban on Immigrants Dead Wrong
Let’s start with a quick recap of the facts. On January 27th, Trump signed an executive order that restricted immigration[...]
No One Saw This Coming
I’ve been saying for years that our infrastructure — from our power grid to our municipal water systems — is[...]
Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Calls White People “Genetic Defects”
Not that you had any doubt about the racist undertones of the Black Lives Matter movement, but the views of[...]
Arrested for Homeschooling
Imagine this… Your kids aren’t doing well in school. You’ve done what you can to work with teachers and school[...]
Are Republicans Pushing for a Carbon Tax?
In a word, yes. Not all Republicans. But a group of Republicans has approached the White House with a plan[...]
Fake News in the Mainstream Media
For having made such a stink about fake news early in this year, the mainstream media sure has run a[...]

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