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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Independent Living’s track record?
While Independent Living offers its subscribers much more than simply investment guidance, its track record in this area alone is phenomenal. The powerful combination of our unique perspective and our tenacious pursuit of powerful yet little publicized information has resulted in a windfall of valuable, actionable intelligence for our readers:

  • It wasn’t necessarily what readers wanted to hear, but in 2006, while most homeowners were in a state of disbelief over the housing bubble, Independent Living suggested that anyone who had a home for sale offer a steep discount before the market demanded even lower prices. Home values have since plunged 29% nationwide according to Standard & Poor’s.
  • While the Wall Street/Washington-beholden media were still touting a strong economy in ’07, Independent Living said we were entering a recession (as the feds finally admitted a year later).
  • When most experts saw crude oil as overpriced at $50, Independent Living called $100+ oil “inevitable.”
  • Then as crude surged toward $145 in spring ’08, Independent Living warned prices could fall back below $80 as the economic contraction intensified.
  • Independent Living warned readers that even after the initial plunge of REITs in summer ’07, they were still grossly overvalued. REIT values have fallen by half in the ensuing 24 months.
  • We urged subscribers to avoid the U.S. financial sector before the floor fell out. Long before the collapses of Bear Stearns, Countrywide Financial, and Indymac, Independent Living specifically warned that the banking system was a house of cards and led readers to get out of the riskiest banks and brokerages.
  • Our readers were specifically urged not to get suckered in by the apparently high yields offered by the stocks of American Home Mortgage and New Century Financial. Months later, these flim-flam companies ingloriously went down in flames.
  • While investors fled out of risky assets and into the “safety” of U.S. Treasuries, we said investors were merely blowing up a new bubble that was about to burst. In the first half of 2009, the Treasury market took its worst hit since 1994. Instead of taking losses, Independent Living readers were clearly directed to specialty “inverse” instruments that yielded profits of 30-50%.
  • While a panicky Wall Street (along with a slew of investment newsletters) told people to sell stocks at the very bottom of the crash, Independent Living readers were urged in early 2009 to snap up mining stocks, gold, silver, energy, and other prime assets that had been thrown out with the bathwater. Most of the sectors we picked are up more than 100% in the following 18 months!

How long have you been in business?
The American Sentinel had been continuously published since 1971 – keeping readers fully apprised of the ongoing assault on their liberties. Lee Bellinger became editor of The American Sentinel in the late 80’s and became its publisher in 1989. The American Sentinel was also originally known as “The Pink Sheet on the Left.” The publication had a proud history of serving its readers and standing up against Big Government. In 1980, the publication won a federal court decision ordering Federal Election Commission bureaucrats to stop interfering in the newsletter’s lawful First Amendment publishing activities, which included exposing the radical leftist agenda of then presidential candidate Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Independent Living has been helping its subscribers protect their assets, health, freedom, and privacy since 2006. Confidential Tax Bulletin, another newsletter published by American Lantern Press, joined forces with – and merged into – Independent Living in 2006.

When should I expect my subscriptions to arrive?
Subscribers should receive the Independent Living newsletter before the 10th of every month.
Money, Metals, and Mining subscribers should receive their newsletter by the 15th of every month.

How are my subscriptions delivered?
All shipping is through the U.S. Postal Service.