14 Survival Tricks That Will 
Save Your Life When the
Power Grid Goes Down

Discover 14 powerful steps you can take in one weekend and instantly protect your life and the lives of the people closest to you. The U.S. power grid is criminally insecure and our enemies know it. It’s not a question of “IF”...it’s a question of “WHEN?”


What You Will Discover Inside This Manual

Over 120 pages packed with 14 of my personal survival strategies developed for my
family and thousands of Independent Living members. 

Where Will Your Food Come From?

When the grocery shelves are empty, you don’t want to be stuck without a plan. Start here.

What Will You Drink?

How can you drink clean water in a dirty world? It’s simpler than you might think.

The Money in Your Pocket

Find peace of mind no matter how much money you make today.

How Will You Travel?

If you need to move, you need to know how to keep a low profile. The nail that sticks out gets hit!

Staying in the Loop

How do you stay in the loop when they want to keep you out?

A New Source for Everything

It’s not just food and water that will be hard to find. Batteries, shoes, blankets, paper, tools, etc. Find out how to get these hard to find items.

Will You Face a Meltdown?

How far are you from a nuclear plant and how far is far enough?

The Internet is Down...Now What?

If the Internet goes down, expect people to panic. We’ll show you how to make a plan to survive without the web.

Obamacare Can’t Help You

How do you handle a medical emergency when it’s not safe to go outside? It all starts with following what we teach in this section of the manual.

No More Welfare Checks

If the already weak economy can’t provide welfare checks, it can get scary fast. Think looting and riots in the blink of an eye.

No Lights, No Heat

Let me show you how you provide light and warmth for your family even when everyone else is in the dark. They deserve it!

No One is Coming to Help You

Let me show you how you provide light and warmth for your family even when everyone else is in the dark. They deserve it!

National Vulnerabilities - Worst Case Scenario

Preparing for the worst can be scary. And the day may come when staying home isn’t the smartest move. What do you do then?

Your Personal Economy

As long as you’re alive, you can survive. Even if money loses 100% of its value there are still a few tricks we can show you to help you purchase the items you need most.

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Believe me, it doesn't take a doctorate from MIT to figure out how to make an EMP device that will take down not only a electrical substation, but transmission stations and the distribution stations... -Fox News

Christopher Heben 
Navy Seal

"...North Korea wants to launch a satellite with a nuclear device, and one of the greatest risks of the satellite is as it got over the United States they would set off what's called an EMP, an electromagnetic pulse which would take down the entire electrical grid on the Eastern seaboard, potentially killing millions. -GOP debate

Ted Cruz
Presidential Candidate

...terrorists or state actors that possess relatively unsophisticated missiles armed with nuclear weapons may well calculate that, instead of destroying a city or a military base, they may gain the greatest political-military utility from one or a few such weapons by using them—or threatening their use—in an EMP attack. -WSJ

William Graham 
U.S. EMP Commission Chair

After 12 months of research, this manual is absolute gold. Not only does it cover the topics most people don't think about, it's designed to actionable, easy to reference and far from politically correct. 

When you click the button below, you instantly put yourself ahead of the crowd. You show that you're not going to leave the safety of your family to chance. Please understand how rare that is. A lot of people say they'll do anything to protect their loved ones, but how many actually take action? You're wise to not turn a blind eye to the very real threats we face.

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