Our Mission

Independent Living News is America’s exclusive private intelligence advisory for a growing national community of savvy individualists. Law-abiding Americans’ one-stop shop for attaining all aspects of smarter, greater self-reliance in modern times. And with it a higher quality of stress-free living amidst dangerous social, political and economic trends.

Independent Living constantly updates an action-oriented, step-by-step blueprint for discreetly employing cutting-edge strategies to secure personal, financial, medical and privacy interests. Our readers constantly get updated information on how to legally and discreetly attain a less interesting profile than 99% of the general public.

We strive to help savvy individualists make their personal lives more resilient and secure. Not to threaten others but to thrive in an era of unprecedented public debt and dangerous levels of public dependence on an increasingly aggressive, freedom-scoffing government.

All of our advice is practical, to help our readers navigate a dangerous freedom-and retirement-threatening environment. And with an emphasis on intelligent, discreet, effective, and always legal tactics. Our pledge is that we, the publisher and editors ofIndependent Living, personally believe in and follow the same directives we ask our community of readers to seriously consider.

You have my word,