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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

This is our TREXIT
This presidential election looks like a carbon copy of the BREXIT vote in UK only months ago. We are seeing the[...]
Survival Skill: Building a Self-Feeding Fire
Whether you’re enjoying a bit of car camping, using a backyard fire pit, or lost in the woods and facing[...]
The Obamacare Meltdown
I remember a time when, if you needed to buy health insurance, you researched your options, purchased your plan, and[...]
Big Banks Have Their Hooks in the Democratic Party
While the mainstream media continues to ignore the real news in favor of finding new ways to bash Donald Trump,[...]
Russian Media Is Talking War
The Russian media was throwing around the ‘N’ word with alarming regularity this last week. Nuclear. Media outlets in Russia[...]
Chicago Cop Takes a Beating Rather Than Draw Weapon
The hysteria over race and police shootings is starting to reveal the law of unforeseen consequences. Although, really, anyone with[...]

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