Is Big Brother Living Next Door?

If you live in Newark, the answer is Yes!

It’s no secret that one of the large-scale privacy violations perpetrated by local and state governments all across the nation is the use of surveillance cameras.

Governments love these cameras. They want to be able to see you and whatever you’re up to whenever you venture out of your home. (They’d love to watch you in your home too… they just haven’t been able to make the case for that yet.)

Many, many cities have cameras up all over the place, “to prevent crime.”

The record on crime prevention isn’t great… but they keep these cameras in place anyway.

Well… Newark is going one better. They are giving anyone who wants to watch over their fellow citizens access to the surveillance camera feeds.

They’re building a “partnership.” That’s what Newark’s public safety director calls it.

It sounds to me like Newark is encouraging its citizens to spy on each other.

The more a government watches its people — and the more it encourages citizens to watch and report each — the less free a society becomes.

People fear being reported, so they don’t take risks. They don’t speak their mind. They try to become invisible.

And a nation full of people trying not to be noticed… well that won’t do anything for the economy, that’s for sure.

You can bet if Newark doesn’t get pushback on this policy, it will quickly spread to other cities. Speak up now and let your city council know what you think of this policy. Write to your state representatives and tell them what you think of surveillance cameras in general.

And see what Newark is doing when you click here.