Health Alert: Time to Go Hands-Free

In the last two decades, incidence of a particular type of brain tumor have doubled.

It’s called Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). It’s an aggressive tumor that attacks the frontal lobe. It’s often fatal.

Overall, the incidence of all types of brain tumors has been falling, so doctors didn’t realize how sharply this specific type of brain tumor has increased in recent years.

Some of the researchers suspect that these tumors are being cause by radiation from cell phones and cordless phones.

So far, most government agencies have tried to downplay the potential ties between cell phone radiation and brain cancers.

Studies, at this point, are largely inconclusive, but there is plenty of research that suggests a link. Certainly enough to warrant further investigation. And definitely enough to merit taking some precautions of your own.

Now, don’t worry. I’m now about to tell you to give up your cell phone.

The biggest risks seem to come from holding the phone next to your head for prolonged periods of time. So, instead of talking on your phone in typical fashion, invest in a headset or use the phone’s speaker feature for your conversations.

If you can, text instead of calling.

When carrying your phone, opt to put in a briefcase, backpack, or purse, rather than in your pocket. More distance between your body and your phone is good.

If you keep your phone handy while sleeping, make sure it is several feet from you.

Cell phones are convenient, to be sure. But the long-term health effects are still being determined. And it doesn’t take much effort to protect yourself from cell phone radiation, so the steps I outline here are a no-brainer… forgive the pun.

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