“You Don’t Have a Right to Bear Bullets”

The Democrats are between a rock and a hard place.

Their very angry, very vocal base is demanding more gun control. They want a ban on semi-automatic rifles at a minimum. They would prefer a ban on all semi-automatic guns — effectively a complete gun ban.

But high-ranking democrats know that the last time they passed a gun ban, they lost control in Congress.

In the upcoming midterm election, the deck is stacked in the democrats’ favor. And they know that pushing a gun ban could be their undoing.

So, they’re testing a new law that will change how you purchase bullets.

The bill is named the Ammunition Background Check and it would require you undergo a background check every time you buy bullets. Every time.

Democrats are, of course, saying this is just common sense.

But for some businesses, this law will be a painful process. Some retailers sell bullets but do not sell guns. Since they don’t sell firearms, they are not set up with a federal firearms license (FFL) and do not have access to the National Instant Background Check System.

These businesses will have to find an FFL holder to partner with, go through the process of getting their FFL, or stop selling ammunition. Whichever option they choose is a pain in the neck.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who introduced the law, claims it may have stopped the Parkland shooting. I’m not sure why, when the shooter was able to pass a background check for a gun, Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz thinks he would have failed the check to buy bullets.

This law will likely create a black market for bullets. It will drive up the cost of ammunition. And it will stress the system.

This is one of those laws where the democrats all pat themselves on the back, but the law doesn’t accomplish what they promise. All it does is create a lot of expense and inconvenience for law-abiding citizens.

See more about the proposed law here.