You Can Sue Trump Over Global Warming

At least that’s what the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week.

Their decision gives 21 children and young adults the right to sue the federal government because it has violated “their constitutional right to a stable climate” by not taking faster and more dramatic measures to slow the release of greenhouse gases.

Trump’s administration and several oil and gas groups appealed the original decision by an Oregon Court that allowed these young people to press their suit against the federal government. But the Ninth Circuit denied the appeal.

This decision opens the way for environmental groups to use the courts to impact energy policy… and that will have a dramatic impact on the economy. You can bet it won’t be a positive one.

The specific demand of this lawsuit is that the government’s failure to enact policies that will limit atmospheric CO2 to 350 parts per million by 2100 has harmed America’s youth and will continue to harm them in the future.

Never mind that America alone can’t control the global CO2 concentration.

Never mind that no matter how much the left screams “settled science” global warming is not a phenomenon we completely understand and so can’t hope to control.

Never mind that the there is no guarantee to a stable climate in the constitution.

They’ve been given the green light to press on with a law suit that is certain to do more harm than good.

You can read a full accounting of this ridiculous decision here.