Government Unions on the Ropes

The Supreme Court is looking at whether it’s constitutional for government unions to force federal workers to join and pay dues.

The case came to a head during the last recession. In California, teachers were facing layoffs. One teacher did the math. She recognized that people all over the country were taking a hit in terms of pay. Rather than force some teachers out a job due to layoffs, she proposed having all teachers take a small pay cut so everyone could continue to work.

The teachers she spoke to initially were on board.

But the union refused to allow the teacher spearheading the effort to even survey other teachers.

She decided she no longer wanted to pay dues to a union that she didn’t feel represented the true interests of teachers.

And now the Supreme Court is hearing a case that disputes the right of public unions to force public employees to join and pay dues.

And if public sector unions can’t demand dues, that will likely lead to their downfall.

Watch this video to learn more about both sides of the case.