More Gun Laws Aren’t the Answer

There few things that make my stomach turn like a school shooting.

There is just so much wrong with innocent children, working on their education in what should be a safe place, being shot and killed by a peer.

The Parkland, Florida school shooting was a stark reminder that we need to do better by our students.

But the call to ban semi-automatic rifles is a knee-jerk reaction on the part of some and a calculated step toward complete gun control by others. It makes my blood boil when politicians and activists use a tragedy like this to push their agenda.

In this case, there are so many problems we could and should look at before we even put a gun ban on the table for discussion…

Teachers, neighbors, classmates, and legal authorities all knew this student had an obsession with guns. They knew he’d acted violently against small animals — a classic “red flag” behavior.

The FBI had been alerted to someone of the same name threatening to become a school shooter on YouTube in the comments of a video.

The shooter had been expelled from school because he wasn’t safe to have around.

Neighbors had called the police — multiple times — about his behavior.

And tragically, when the shooting started, the Florida school’s SRO choose to remain outside rather than engage the shooter.

Before we talk about a gun ban — a violation of a fundamental constitutional right — we need to talk about why law enforcement missed so many opportunities to intervene. Were their hands tied? If so, how do we untie them? Were they just negligent? If so, how to do change their training and culture so that never happens again.

There are other, more focused measures we should also consider, like highly targeted gun-violence restraining orders, before we talk about ending everyone’s right to own a certain kind of weapon.

What the gun control activists recommend is like putting a person in a body cast because they broke a pinky. Semi-automatic rifles are responsible for fewer than 400 homicides a year… out of more than 17,000 total. These weapons aren’t the problem activists make them out to be ,and it’s important to understand why they want them out of the hands of law-abiding citizens so badly.

I suspect it’s because it seems like an easy first step to a more complete ban on guns. Stay vigilant and protect your second amendment rights while offering real solutions to needless and tragic school shootings.

And see just how massive law enforcements failure was in this case when you click here