The Power of Bias

If you doubt that someone will praise something Obama says and then condemn Trump for saying the exact same thing, then you don’t know the leftist media and college-aged activists very well.

In the video below, you can see firsthand just how deeply bias runs among progressive individuals.

This video is amusing, but it’s also important because this is a deeply entrenched attitude that’s threatening our whole country — the notion that no one on left can do any wrong and nothing good can come out of the right.

If you really want to send your leftist friends into fits of rage during political arguments just point out all the times President Trump has held similar opinions to President Obama. Or ask them what they thought of something Trump said, and then give them an Obama quote like in the video. After they react, let them know about your mistaken attribution and watch them squirm.

Do this enough, and maybe you’ll get some of your most ideological acquaintances to start thinking for themselves. That can only be a good thing.