The Truth About Dreamers

The left likes to portray Dreamers as hard-working young would-be Americans who have been given the short end of the stick from every side.

A case can be made for granting Dreamers amnesty. These are immigrants who came to the United States illegally with their parents when they were still underage — they broke laws but through no fault of their own.

The Obama administration fully embraced that logic, issuing an executive order known as DACA that gave immigrants who fit this description a deferment on deportation and allowed them to seek work permits.

Trump rescinded DACA — much to the ire of the left — and invited Congress to work on legislation to replace it.

Whether through executive order or legislation, there are some problems with giving Dreamers — as they are often called — amnesty.

Recent studies show that immigrants eligible for deferred deportation under DACA commit crimes at a much higher rate than both natural born citizens of the same age group and immigrants who came here legally.

In Arizona, for example, illegal immigrants are 142% more likely to be convicted of a crime than immigrants who arrived here legally. And we’re talking violent crimes. They commit a higher-than-expected rate of homicide, sexual assault, and armed robbery. Those stats are for illegal immigrants of any age.

For illegal immigrants who fall into the Dreamer age group, the picture is actually worse. They are almost 10 times more likely to be convicted of a crime than a non-immigrant of the same age. That’s a big difference! And certainly worth considering as part of the discussion around allowing this particular group of immigrants blanket amnesty.

Add to that three separate incidents of Dreamers being caught smuggling additional illegal immigrants into the country, and any DACA-style legislation is definitely questionable.

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