Government Goes After Food Trucks

I like food trucks.

I like them for a lot of reasons.

They offer quick, cheap food that is usually way better in quality than typical fast food.

They increase competition among restaurants of all shapes and sizes… and competition is good.

They also encourage entrepreneurism. Investing in and opening a restaurant is an expensive proposition. One that is out of reach of many people… especially people in the lower middle class.

But a food truck? That’s a more manageable proposition.

Food trucks basically increase liberty. They give people a way to make a living. They give people an entry point into a market. They create jobs.

So, naturally state and city governments are making it harder to succeed as a food truck entrepreneur.

Some cities limit where food trucks can park, in order to “protect” existing restaurants. Or they restrict the hours a food truck can operate. It’s a developing case of government protectionism — favoring one type of business over another.

And as usual, the government’s actions are having a disproportionate effect on lower-income people.

You can see more about this developing issue in the video below.