Portland Homeless Get Violent

Businesses are fleeing downtown Portland left and right.

The liberal Oregon city’s growing homeless population has made keeping the doors open difficult for many downtown businesses.

Some of things these businesses have to contend with:

  • Threats of physical violence against employees as the come in to or leave work.
  • Rampant car break-ins. One company’s employees refer to parking downtown as a “laptop donor program.”
  • Human feces left in entryways during the night.
  • Blatant shoplifting.

Many of these businesses are moving as a matter of personal safety. They fear their employees may eventually have an encounter with a homeless person that results in violence and injury.

Others have had to close their doors because fewer people want to shop in areas where their car is likely to be vandalized and there’s a high chance of being threatened or intimidated while walking between stores.

How did the situation get to be so bad?

Well, Portland has a long history of liberal policies, including policies that make it very difficult to police homeless people… even those who are creating a bad situation for businesses.

These kinds of problems are common in the liberal strongholds like Detroit, New York City, and Los Angeles.

You can read more about the very real impact of homelessness on small business owners right here.