Ready-for-Anything Lessons Out of Puerto Rico

When you think about a “stuff hits the fan” situation, does your mind run to a major grid collapse or huge cataclysmic, worldwide event?

Those kinds of disasters are certainly possible… and you should totally put some thought and effort into how you would deal with such an event.

But think about Puerto Rico for a minute. After the devastating hurricanes this summer, there is a real-life “stuff hits the fan” situation that unfolded right before our eyes.

It’s not a worldwide disaster, but the storms pretty much wiped out the island’s infrastructure. And with it, the supply chains have been disrupted. Which means essential goods are scarce… and there isn’t a set system for making transactions in aftermath and during the recovery.

A disaster like the one Puerto Rico — one that doesn’t wipe out society, but drastically disrupts the usual everyday way of doing business — is something you’re much more likely to face.

So, looking closely at Puerto Rico and what the biggest problems have been since the storms hit can be very instructional.

Take a look at this video to see what the two biggest problems have been and what you can do to make sure you’re insulated against them should you face your own localized infrastructure breakdown for any prolonged period of time.