Mattis Warns Trump About North Korea EMP Threat

This week, President Trump heads to Asia.

In its recent Party Congress, an event that happens once every five years, China predicted that capitalism will lose its appeal around the globe… and that China will lead the next big wave of global socialism.

That’s one problem we’re facing in the region.

But that problem pales with the ongoing and rising tension with North Korea.

Trump and General Mattis (the head of the pentagon) are taking the North Korean threat very seriously. Trump has requested a broad range or quick-response military options to deal with different contingencies. And Mattis has stated that the “US army must stand ready.”

Rumor has it that Mattis has one concern above all others when it comes to North Korea. And that is the small country’s capability of detonating a nuclear bomb in US air space — the resulting electromagnetic pulse would knock out our infrastructure and be the biggest disaster out nation has ever faced.

It would take us ten years to recover, and the loss of life in that time frame is almost unthinkable.

The question is, does North Korea have the capability to pull of this kind of attack?

The answer is a definite maybe.

They have submarines capable of launching such a missile. And those submarines have the necessary range to place the bomb in a way to cause maximum damage to our infrastructure — to bring down the entire nation’s power grid. What we don’t know is if they are capable of making a bomb small enough but powerful enough to pull off such an attack.

What’s important is our top officials are concerned… and so you should be too. If you haven’t taken steps to begin preparing to weather the collapse of the infrastructure, the time to start is now.

You can read more about the scope of the North Korean threat here.