Can Facebook Swing Elections?

The data suggest that it can.

And not just Facebook. Google. The mainstream media. Twitter. They all have the power to influence how people think and what they believe. And given that they all have a sharply left-leaning worldview, that’s bad-news for the libertarian-minded.

In the run-up to last year’s election, Google returned two times the number of articles and news items favorable to Hillary as Yahoo did.

Google insists that its algorithm doesn’t distinguish between conservative and liberal viewpoints. But it does try to provide searchers what they are looking for based on past search history. If in the past you were more likely to click on an article from the New York Times than Fox News, you’ll get more returns for New York Times as time goes on.

Sounds fair, but is it true?

But studies suggest a more troubling trend. Google’s news results dramatically favor outlets with a liberal tilt. And its organic search returns seem to suggest a bias, too.

Over at Facebook, workers have admitted to knowingly and deliberately suppressing trending news if it was positive for conservative candidates.

Does it matter?

Yes! It absolutely matters.

In other studies researchers have found that manipulated search results can change how people feel about candidates and switch who they support. What people are reading through Google and on social media has the potential to shift support for a candidate by as much as 63%!

This is why it is so important that you read a broad range of news sources, including independent reporting like I bring you in my Independent Living newsletter.

The power of the corporate left is frightening. See the full report here.