Surviving a Mass Shooting

Mass shootings are rare events. But they can happen anywhere, their timing is completely unpredictable, and you could find yourself a target.

Do you know what to do if that happens?

Most people’s instincts when it comes to surviving the kind of terrible, terrible incident that happened in Las Vegas last weekend… well, they’re wrong. And in a mass shooting, having the wrong instincts can be deadly.

Your first defense is a ready-for-anything mindset. When you enter an area — particularly an area with a lot of people, and especially an area that is a gun-free zone — you need to take a moment to assess where the best exits are and what places offer the best cover.

Take time to observe and decide what you’ll do and where you’ll go if an emergency happens.

Get into the habit of doing this everywhere you go and of regularly updating the information you’ve taken in through observation.

Having this kind of mindset is crucial for two reasons. First, you’ll have already decided a course of action should anything happen. And second, by thinking about it, you’ll have a better chance to stave off panic. Panic during a mass shooting situation can be fatal.

When panic sets in, a lot of people freeze. If you’re in a mass shooting situation, in almost every imaginable scenario, you’re going to be better off if you’re on the move. Stationary targets are easy to hit. Moving targets are much more difficult.

And you need to be moving to put distance, and if possible, cover between you and the shooter.

Chances are you’ll never find yourself in a mass shooting situation, but if you do, you’re not helpless. Go here for more ways you can increase your chances of surviving such a nightmare scenario.