Ron Paul Predicts a 50% Pull Back in the Market

Our financial picture may seem rosy compared to what it was a few years ago.

Job creation is up.

Unemployment is way down.

And stock market keeps hitting new highs.

But don’t let these surface indicators food you. We’re still in trouble economically… and our wake-up call could come any day now according to Ron Paul.

The former Congressman points to a combination of factors threatening the economy. One is the dysfunctional climate in DC, which is preventing lawmakers from achieving any meaningful tax reform or reduction in regulations. Another is the continually climbing national debt. And another is Obamacare, which is crumbling at the seams, and threatening to become a wealth-devouring juggernaut.

Paul also points the size of the government (too big) and that it’s being financed through government-printed money and artificially low interest rates.

And he isn’t wrong.

One of the biggest threats to people like you and me right now is complacency. The democrats are out of office. Our second amendment right seems safe. There’s at least talk of significant tax reform. And the political globalization of our country has been massively slowed.

But stay on your toes. Pay attention to your investments. Avoid debt. And make sure you’re ready to deal with a severe economic crisis, because even though we voted the left out in the last election… we haven’t fixed any of problems. They will blow up in our face. That’s only a matter of time.

Watch the video and see what you think