Under Democrats and Republicans, Government Grows

What does the Department of Agriculture (USDA) do exactly?

Its main two programs are food stamps and sending subsidies to farmers.

What about the Commerce Department? It’s main job lately is to spend tax payer dollars (your dollars) on climate change research.

The amount of waste happening in these government bureaucracies is astounding.

For example, the $2.9 billion worth of food stamps handed out by the USDA last year went to dead people.

And those subsidies to farmers mostly go to gigantic corporate farms. Oh… and occasionally, the USDA will meddle in farming affairs to prop up produce prices… like forcing some cherry farmers to destroy their crops so that prices don’t fall beneath a certain level.

We have a Republican government right now… supposedly the party of smaller government. And yet despite promises to cut the budgets of these out-of-control bureaucracies, that hasn’t happened. Just watch this video to see what I mean…

Government spending keeps going up and up.

It’s not sustainable and all this ridiculous spending makes for a pretty dismal, long-term economic output. The stock market may be up, but we’re still on a shaky, crumbling foundation.

I urge you to get your finances in order. Pay off debt. Set up a second stream of income. Stash some cash to have on hand. And invest in silver to keep on hand too.

Do these four things and you’ll be in a much stronger position if our economy suddenly lurches downward.