I Wonder Who Will Give Up Their Guns?

Since the Freddie Gray riots two years ago, crime in the city of Baltimore has spiked.

The homicide rate in 2015 climbed to 11 times the national average. Robberies are almost seven times higher than the national average. And assaults are more than three times higher.

The climbing crime rates are in part due to a high level of distrust directed at the Baltimore police department in the aftermath of the riots. It’s kept police officers from working effectively.

This week, to curb crime, the Baltimore City council has decided to pass a law mandating a year-long sentence for anyone convicted of carrying an illegal handgun.

City officials hope to end what they are calling a “slow motion massacre” in Baltimore. But I have to ask, who will be the first to give up their guns?

Will it be drug dealers and thieves and violent criminals? Or will it be the otherwise law-abiding citizens hoping to protect themselves from what has become a lawless city?

The answer seems obvious to me. And if you watch the video and read the story here, you’ll see that those who are most concerned about this law are members of Baltimore’s minority community… the same people who are suffering most from the breakdown of law and order in the city.