Dems Lay Groundwork for Presidential Ouster

House democrats are already laying the groundwork for removing President Trump from office.

There’s been talk — a lot of talk — that if the democrats take the House in 2018, impeachment is inevitable.

But some democrats appear unwilling to wait for control of the house. They are working to put forth a bill that would create a bipartisan review committee called the Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity.

The idea is that the 11 members of this commission would medically examine the president to determine if he “is temporarily or permanently impaired by physical illness or disability, mental illness, mental deficiency, or alcohol or drug use to the extent that the person lacks sufficient understanding or capacity to execute the powers and duties of the office of President.”

There’s already an amendment in place for this kind of thing.

If the Vice President feels the President is capable of performing his duties, he can approach the Cabinet or Congress and if there’s a consenting majority, he can assume the power of the office until the President is able to fulfill his duties again.

So, why we need a smaller body to perform this same task… well, it seems very political to me. The democrats putting the bill forward say it isn’t just for Trump… it will be for all presidents in the future. It seems like lot of power to give to a small number of politicians. But read the article yourself and see what you think.

If you hate the idea, be sure to let your congressman know.