Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Flint Michigan hasn’t been in the news so much lately. Probably because President Trump is taking the water crisis there seriously.

In March, under Trump’s leadership, the EPA awarded Flint $100 million to repair the water system in the city. And just this month, Trump’s Department of Labor provided the city with $4.1 million in funding to assist with labor costs related to the water restoration project. The media’s dedication to making Trump look bad means not reporting on these kinds of stories.

It’s good there’s progress, but it’s been a long road for the citizens of Flint, living without the luxury of safe drinking water that the rest of us take for granted.

The question is, should we be taking it for granted?

In a recent study conducted by Natural News, people all over the nation submitted water samples from their household taps for heavy metal testing.

The published results are alarming.

Municipalities all around the country have high levels of aluminum, arsenic, and lead in their water. Sometimes, the levels are over 50% of what the EPA designates as safe. In other cases, some cities have levels that don’t comply with the EPA’s guidelines at all.

This is serious. These metals have a neurotoxic effect on humans. They build up over time and interfere with healthy brain function.

And these results aren’t being released by the EPA or the federal government. It’s taken a third-party group to get the word out to the people who are at risk.

The results of this alarming study are here, sorted by zip code. It’s not an exhaustive list of zip codes, but it can give you an idea of whether or not you live in a water “hot zone.”

Whether you do or not, it’s a good idea to filter your water. Using a high-quality filter that removes heavy metals (along with dangerous microorganisms) from your drinking water is an easy, affordable way to protect your family’s health and well-being.

And, if the water supply is ever compromised by a terrorist attack or a power grid failure, your filter will provide great peace of mind in helping assure your family has access to safe drinking water even during a crisis.