As Many Republicans as Possible…

Today, an angry left-winger approached the GOP practice for the upcoming Congressional baseball game and opened fire.

The man, a former volunteer for Bernie Sanders’s campaign, managed to shoot Representative Scalise, the House Majority Whip. He also shot a congressional staffer and at least two Capitol police officers.

The shooter was killed before the incident ended.

According to Representative Mark Walker of North Carolina, the man wanted to kill as many Republican members of congress as possible.

And according to Rand Paul, we would have had a massacre on our hands, except for one thing. As the Majority Whip, Rep. Scalise travels everywhere with his security detail. His security personnel returned fire, and that was all that kept the shooter from dealing a devastating blow to our nation. Multiple Republican representatives dead. That’s what we avoided today.

I’ve asked you in the past to not become complacent. With Trump as president, our right to bear arms is safe. And we may see some rollback on Obamacare and a decrease in our tax burden.

But that doesn’t mean that the world has become a safer place. In many ways, it’s more dangerous.

Today’s shooting proves — again — that citizens of our great country are ready to do violence to those who disagree with them politically.

Whenever you are anywhere that is tied in any way to anything political, make sure you are hyper alert. Your vigilance could be what makes the between a massacre and a news story in which the shooter is the only casualty.

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