Don’t Let Your Guard Down

I’ve noticed an unfortunate trend since Trump got elected. People who were committed to being prepared and self-reliant while Obama held the Oval Office have slipped into complacency.

I get it. It’s nice to relax a little with someone holding the presidency who doesn’t want to take away your right to bear arms and who understands the importance of secure borders.

But listen when I tell you that letting your guard down now is a mistake. Self-reliance and preparedness are as important now as ever. The left is working hard to take back the House of Representatives in 2018 and the White House in 2020.

And with the media securely in their pocket, they might be able to pull it off.

In fact, a recent Harvard study revealed just how much the media is working to derail Trump’s presidency.

If you thought the media was hostile to George W. Bush, that was nothing compared with how they are treating Trump. In some cases, as many as 98% of reports made by the mainstream media take a negative bias toward the Trump presidency. Even Fox News does more negative than positive reporting.

I’m not saying Trump shouldn’t be criticized, but what we’re seeing in the news is an orchestrated attempt to discredit the president and derail his policies. That could leave Washington wide open for another leftist takeover in 2020… so stay on your game.

You can see here that when Trump says the media’s negative coverage of him is unprecedented, he’s not exaggerating.